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Cock Comparison

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    It was a new year, and Dad and I were back in London. And what a way to get it started! Merely hours after the year began, I had been in Dad's bed, jerking off, with him by my side, encouraging me.

    Was that normal?! Surely it didn't happen too often. I mean, most people would agree that masturbation is normal, but my dad was unique in that he let me keep going at it in his bed. The thought of my mum walking in on me jerking off filled me with embarrassment and made me cringe. Was it different with Dad because he was a man? I wished I could ask my schoolmates about it. "Have you and your dad ever talked about it, or walked in on each other?" Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone that I was close enough with to have that sort of conversation. Anyone... except Dad.

    It had been two weeks since New Year's. I was now back in school, and I hadn't had a chance to get together with Dad since we got back to London. Since today was a Sunday, we were scheduled to meet at yet another Soho restaurant for lunch. 

    "How's school?" my father asked as soon as we'd put in our order.

    "It's good. Everyone wanted to know about San Francisco, and see pictures and stuff."

    "Oh yeah?"

    "Yeah. I don't think I know anyone who's been to California."

    "Well, you can go back anytime you want. Technically, you're half-Californian yourself."

    "I... never thought of it that way, I guess," I said as our food arrived and we started to eat.

    "I mean, San Francisco's much nicer in the summer, so you have to go then," Dad said after blowing on his soup. "I... I've been thinking of talking to an immigration lawyer."

    "I thought you already had a work visa to stay here?"

    "Not for me," Dad said. "For you. In case you ever want to be a dual citizen. It oughta make traveling much easier. And that way if you wanna study abroad in the States or anything, you'd have more options."

    "Oh, wow..." I was speechless for a moment. "That sounds like a complicated process."

    "I mean, I'd need to acknowledge you as my son, legally. Adopt you, if that's what it's considered. Not to take away custody from your mom, of course! Just to make it official, I guess."

    Once again, intense emotions were whirling within me. "Make it official," my father had said. I loved London and had no particular desire to move to America, but it was the gesture that mattered. Especially after being fatherless for 16 years.

    "I'll think about it," I nodded.

    "Of course, no rush! Up to you. But if you want it, Dad and I will hire the lawyers, and you won't need to lift a finger."

    "Thank you," I smiled. After that, we changed the topic and went back to talking about school.

    "All my friends had a big party on New Year's Eve," I said. "They tried to make me jealous about missing it."

    "Did they succeed?"

    "Nah. I had a fun night," I said. "I actually... wanted to talk to you about it. About what happened that night."

    "You mean, you walking in on me fucking that chick?" my father laughed.

    That was not what I meant, but again, I was stunned by Dad's bluntness and casualness. I didn't say anything for a moment, so he continued and said,

    "I hope that wasn't awkward for you or anything."

    "Nah. No, it's cool. I mean, you got your needs."

    (Way to go Callum! "You got your needs"?? Who the fuck says that?!)

    "Do I ever!" Dad laughed out loud. "I know you think puberty is bad, but trust me, for some of us it never goes away."

    "What never goes away?" I asked, as I felt my cock start to pulse under the table.

    "Being horny 24/7," my father answered. "So if that's ever the case, know that you got it from me," he winked and pointed at me with a finger fun.

    This conversation was enough to get me fully hard by now. 

    "Haha," I chuckled, trying to be casual. "Well, that's what I wanted to say. Thanks for not freaking out when you... caught me..."

    "Jerking off? Oh please honey, there's nothing to be ashamed of," he said nonchalantly, even though we were in public. Luckily, the restaurant was loud so nobody else heard him. "When I was your age, I would jerk off ten times a day sometimes, literally. Now, I wouldn't do it while my father was lying in bed next to me," he laughed, "but I did it plenty of places I shouldn't be."

    "Yeah? Like what?" I probed, completely ignoring the fact this was my father I was talking to. I dropped one hand under the table and started discreetly rubbing my boner through my jeans.

    "Oh, I did it in school – in the middle of class, not just the bathrooms! – I did it in church, at the beach, on a bus... All sorts of crazy places."

    "Holy shit, for real?!" As soon as those words were out my mouth, I realised that's not something I would normally say. I was even starting to sound like my father now.

    "Yeah. Once I did it at the public pool. IN the pool. I..." – he leaned closer to me and lowered his tone – "I shot my load in the pool, but one of the lifeguards saw me. He came up to me and I was like, 'This is it, I'm dead!' I thought I would get in trouble with the police and everything; I mean, there were other people using the pool. Turns out, the guy was into me. He just said not to do that again, and asked if I wanted to meet him in one of the showers."

    "What did you say?!" I asked, stroking my cock this entire time.

    "I turned him down. But he was cool with it. Gotta love San Francisco in the '90s."


    "My dad was there, swimming laps in the pool as well. Luckily, he didn't see me. He would've ripped my dick off."

    "Did he ever catch you?" I was getting bolder with my questions.

    "Not that I know of. But I did catch him," Dad winked.

    "For real?!"

    "Oh yeah. I mean, he's on his third wife and they just keep getting younger, so you can imagine. He's a hornball as well. I've walked in on him fucking both of my step-mothers, Kris's and Blake's moms. Not that I saw much, then. But one time, I got quite the eyeful when I caught him jerking off."

    "Damn," I said, stroking myself faster and faster under the table, doing my best not to be noticed by anyone, including my father, who was sitting across from me.

    "Yeah. I was 14 or 15, so a bit younger than you now. I walked into his room without knocking and caught him on the bed, spread-eagle, fucking going at it." Dad made a jerk-off motion with his hand, and I almost started to cum right there and then. "That's when I noticed... Nevermind."

    "Oh, c'mon, tell me!" 

    For the first time, my dad hesitated for a minute, but then he continued.

    "Well, my father and I look nothing alike, you've seen that. We never did. At times I felt quite insecure about it. But on that day, I realized I did inherit one thing from him. Our cocks are fucking identical."

    Just then, as I listened to my father talk to me about seeing and analysing his own dad's cock, comparing it with his own, I started to cum in my pants! Every muscle on my face wanted to show the pleasure I was feeling, but I fought it as I kept stroking. For half a minute, I blew a huge load in my underwear, all the while looking my father dead in the eyes across the table while he grinned.

    Finally, as my orgasm started to subside, I realised how sticky and uncomfortable my pants felt. "I need to go to the bathroom," I said, using my long sweater to cover up my crotch. Luckily, I knew this restaurant had single-stall bathrooms, where I could take my underwear off and clean up a bit.



    Sharing some of my sordid stories had an effect on me and I started to pop a boner under the table at the restaurant. There were two things that turned me on in life: hot women, but also: risky, naughty, taboo situations. I'd been that way my whole life. When I was younger, I was ashamed of my sexuality and my twisted mind, but I soon learned to embrace it and have fun with it.

    When my son left the table to go to the restroom, I wondered if he was heading there to jerk off. After all, my stories had turned me on; maybe they had the same effect on him?? I knew it was weird to be sharing experiences like this with my own son, but he was the one who kept asking for more details. Maybe it was also the fact that I met Callum at this age. I never knew him when he was an "innocent little boy," so I didn't look at him that way.

    At the table by myself, I felt the daredevil in me take over. Slowly, I pulled down my zipper and took out my hard cock, looking around and making sure nobody was paying attention. Then, I snapped a picture and sent it to my favorite sexting buddy: Cat.

    "I'm so hard at lunch right now!" I said, and sent the message along with the photo. Coincidentally, my son's phone, which he'd left on the table, chimed at the same time.

    "We need to meet soon, so I can shove this in your pussy," I said to Cat in a new text.

    (Again, Callum's phone chimed.)

    "And down your throat."

    (Callum's phone chimed once again.)

    "And in your ass."

    (Another notification.)

    "What the fuck?" I thought. I couldn't help but check the screen on Callum's phone. There, in the message previews, were all of my texts to Cat.

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