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Bathtub Breeding

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    As much as I wanted to got to San Francisco for Christmas again, just like last year, I simply couldn't leave Mum over the holidays for the second year in a row. So, I was prepared to have a quiet Christmas season with her and my grandparents in London, while my dad flew to California on his own in the middle of December.

    As soon as he left, I wondered what he and the rest of his family might be up to. After my sexual encounters with my Uncle Blake and Grandpa Ron, I felt excluded from that side of the family, all alone in Britain. And then, something happened that made me feel even more left out: my Uncle Kris had a baby.

    My sister-in-law Mia gave birth precisely a week before Christmas. I did the maths and realised she probably got pregnant during our trip to Ireland, when we all went to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day. When dad and I listened to her and Uncle Kris fucking on the other side of the thin wall. We could tell that he was breeding her – turned out it was quite literal!

    The baby was a boy, who they named Ronald, after Grandpa. It was a tradition in Dad's family to name the first grandson after the paternal grandfather, and I suddenly realised that I was the one who was supposed to carry that name. I never really thought of myself as "illegitimate" previously, since that was such an outdated concept, but now… as fucked up as that is, I found myself jealous of Little Ronnie.

    Even though I was feeling moody and depressed, I managed to have a decent Christmas with Mum. I expected to wake up to a "Happy Christmas" text from Dad, but that didn't arrive until later in the afternoon, since he was eight time zones behind. I also got a text from Blake and an email from Grandpa. The email came as a bit of a surprise, since it was the first time I'd ever received an email from Dad's dad. Attached to it was an even bigger surprise: a ticket to San Francisco for New Year's weekend!

    "Figured you might wanna spend a couple of days here," Grandpa said in the email. "Merry Christmas."

    The flight departed on the 31st, with a return flight scheduled for that Sunday, the 2nd of January. I had plans to go to a New Year's Eve party with my mates, but I quickly cancelled on them. Since I wouldn't need to miss any school, Mum didn't object to my trip. So once again, I found myself flying westwards.

    In California, my family was preparing for a party on New Year's Eve, which would also be Little Ronnie's introduction to the whole family. Mia's Mexican family came in from LA, and I found myself very far from being the centre of attention. Usually while visiting San Francisco, I was the one who things revolved around. Now, with a new baby in the fam, my novelty had worn off. Even my dad was busier tending to everyone else and he hardly even noticed me, which was frustrating, since I was only here for a couple of days. 

    I felt jet-lagged and frustrated. I thought coming to California would make me feel better but it had made everything so much worse! I spent all of New Year's Eve sulking, not that anyone even noticed. Then, the following day, everyone was hungover and tired, so I got up and walked around Grandpa's house on my own. I went to the kitchen and helped myself to a bunch of American junk food for breakfast. I followed it up by going to the living room with the intention of watching some TV, but I got overwhelmed by how many channels there were so instead of picking one, I just switched the TV off and walked away in a huff.

    I went back upstairs to one of the fancy large bathrooms. This one had a hot tub in it, and since I needed a shower anyway, I decided to take a bath. For ten or fifteen minutes, I had fun pressing all the buttons and turning all the nobs, playing with the different jets and scented bubbles. Finally, I picked up the remote next to the tub and used it to switch on the TV screen located on the wall in front of me. Feeling more relaxed than I did in the living room, I now had no problem settling on a channel. I played some cartoons and I leaned back in the luxurious tub, finally loosening up.

    A short while later, somebody entered the bathroom without knocking. I panicked and rushed to cover myself up with the foam, until I realised it was Grandpa Ron.

    "Grandpa. You're up early," I said. "I mean, considering it's New Year's Day."

    "Yeah well, my bedroom's on the other side of that wall," he replied, looking groggy in his plush robe and pointing at the wall with the TV. "You woke me up."

    "Oh shit, sorry," I said, quickly reaching for the remote and turning the volume down.

    "That's alright," he said. He smiled as he watched me lean back in the tub, as if I were sitting on a throne. "You look mighty comfortable there. Can I get you a drink or something?"

    I wasn't sure if Grandpa was joking or not, but I decided to be cheeky and take him up on it. "I could go for a soda."

    My grandfather shook his head and left the bathroom. I wasn't sure where he was headed; possibly back to bed with his wife. However, five minutes later he returned, holding a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a cold can of Cherry Coke in the other.

    "How did you know this was my favourite soda?" I asked.

    "I didn't. I just reached for whatever was closest in the fridge," Grandpa said while bending down and handing me the can. As he did so, his robe opened up and I got a view of his large cock and balls swinging between his legs. My first look at a cook of 2022.

    "Wanna join me in the tub?" I asked my grandfather.

    "Oh, sure," he replied and disrobed. This was the first time I was seeing my grandpa naked. Even though I'd sucked his dick once (and walked in on my father doing the same thing), Grandpa wore his clothes when that happened. Now, I got a full view of his body for the first time. A lot of the people I met here in California were ridiculously good looking – including my father – so it actually felt good to see someone who looked more like a real, average person. One thing about Grandpa was definitely not average, though: his circumcised penis, which I stared at admiringly until it disappeared under the surface of the water.

    "You're a junior, right?" my grandfather asked me, sitting across from me in the tub, which was large enough to fit both of us with only our feet touching. We took a sip of our drinks before I answered.

    "I don't know what that is. But I have a year and a half of school left, if that's what you mean."

    "Yeah. So you need to start applying for colleges," he told me.

    "Not really, I got plenty of time," I said.

    "I don't know about England, but here you gotta start early. Now, I could probably get you into any school of your choice, but there's still going to be an application process."

    "Grandpa… I'm not sure I want to go to college here," I admitted. "I'm not even sure what I wanna study."

    "Well, what do you want to do someday?"

    "I don't know. As in, I have no fucking clue."

    "See, that's why I'd prefer to have you in the States. I've got more connections here. You can try out a few different companies, do some internships or whatever. It'd help you figure out what you want."

    "Thanks," I smiled. "I still have some time to decide, but I'll keep that in mind."

    We sat in the tub and enjoyed our drinks for a while, until my grandpa suddenly said,

    "You know, I went to see my lawyer last week."

    "Oh?" I said, unsure how else to react.

    "It was to change my will."

    "Everything okay? You're not sick or anything?" I worried.

    "Nah, I'm fine. But when you've got as much money and properties as I do, you have to stay on top of it. Now that Little Ronnie's here… and you as well… I needed to make some changes."

    As flattered as I was to hear this, it still felt awkward to be talking about my grandfather's will.

    "Grandpa… Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

    "Because, I want you to know you're a part of the family. 100% a part of it," he replied. "You didn't grow up with us but you're ours now. If you want to take our name, or become an American citizen, we can make it happen."

    I almost got teary-eyed. After an emotional couple of weeks, this was just what I needed to hear.

    "I've thought about that, changing my name," I confessed. "But I think I also want to keep Mum's name. So maybe I can use both?"

    "Whatever you'd like," Grandpa said. "As far as I'm concerned, it would be my honour."

    I smiled, raised my upper body, and waddled my way across the tub to give my grandpa a tight hug. When he saw me approaching, he set his mug down and put his arms around me, taking me into his lap. I actually ended up straddling Grandpa's thighs and sitting in his lap, face-to-face. With my legs spread around his waist, I hugged my grandpa for a couple of minutes, resting my head on his shoulder, which had some hair on it that tickled my nose. Grandpa held onto my back with ease, as if I weighed as little as Little Ronnie.

    Taking my head off of my grandfather's shoulder, I tilted it until our two noses were touching. Making this skin-to-skin contact, fully naked and submerged in hot water, was even more erotic than the time I got to suck Grandpa's cock. That day, we never kissed. Now, I parted my lips but didn't say a word. My grandfather showed me his tongue… and then placed it inside my mouth, kissing me passionately. His left hand went to the back of my head, supporting me so I wouldn't fall back while he leaned in closer, our chests and bellies stuck to each other. 

    We made out like this for several minutes, more than enough time for my cock to get hard. 

    "You alright there, mate?" Grandpa teased me in a bad British accent.

    "I dunno. I could go for a wank," I replied with a smirk.

    "You cheeky bugger," he said, and he grabbed my hard cock with his right hand. In between my buttocks, I could feel Grandpa's cock growing to full erection as well, pressing up onto my arsecrack. I started to clench my cheeks together, all the while rocking back and forth with my hips. This way, I was both fucking my grandpa's hand as well as letting his boner rub against my arse. He noticed what I was doing, and reacted with a long "Mmmm, that's nice, Son."

    "I like it too, Grandpa," I said softly. Sensing my arousal, he only gripped my cock harder, sliding the foreskin back and forth. 

    "You've grown so big," Grandpa said, nuzzling his nose against the little hair I had on my chest. His right hand let go of my cock and I felt it handling my nuts for a few moments before returning to my prick. Meanwhile, Gramp's left hand remained on the back of my head, supporting me.

    Eager to return the handjob my grandfather was giving me, I reached around behind my back and managed to take his cock in my hand. It was fully hard by now, and bare of any foreskin. I did my best to give him a wank, but I wasn't very dexterous with my hands behind my back like this. Instead, I felt Grandpa's engorged cockhead pressing against my crack… so I brought it right up against my arsehole.

    "What're you doing, boy?" Grandpa moan-grunted at me.

    "Just showing you how much I love you," I breathed onto Grandpa's face just as I brought my hips up as high as I could. Then, I sat back down, this time with my grandfather's cock pointing up, piercing my hole and sliding inside of it.

    "FUCK!" he grunted and then he let out a growl. "Goddamn it, boy!"

    He sounded upset, but I knew that wasn't the case. His cock was harder than ever; even harder than it'd been inside my mouth that time in London. I felt it throbbing inside of me, growing thicker and thicker and stretching my hole out even more.

    "Your daddy would be so upset if he walked in on us right now," Grandpa said. "I never told him that you sucked my dick."

    I leaned in and kissed Grandpa Ron, partly so that he wouldn't see the shit-eating grin on my face as I said, "Oh, I don't think Dad would mind."

    Finding my groove, I began to bounce up and down on Grandpa's lap. Going as far down as I could, I felt his cockhead stabbing my insides and jabbing against my prostate, which drove my dick nuts. It didn't help that my grandfather's fist was still wrapped around my uncut tool, giving me the wank I'd needed.

    "Fuck me, Grandpa. Fuck that pussy. Fuck, that feels so good," I panted.

    "Yeah, you like that? You like when Grandpa does that to you?" he said, lifting his hips as much as he could. While bouncing on his dick, I placed my hand on his nipples, surrounded by a forest of grey hair, and I twisted them in opposite directions. 

    "Fuck yeah. Yeah," I moaned, feeling my grandpa deeper and deeper inside of me. My cock was in heaven; I was ready to cum. My grandfather sensed it so he whispered,

    "Just a bit longer. Hold on a bit longer, Son. Grandpa's gonna cum as well. Grandpa's gonna cum inside your pussy. Grandpa's gonna cummmmm!"

    With that, my grandfather filled my hole with his seed. My eyes bulged and I shot out my own load, which floated around us in the tub. Grandpa's hand worked my dick tightly, milking every last drop of jizz from it, all the while breeding my arse.

    "Take that load. Take that load, boy. Take it!" he said before he leaned in for another deep, passionate kiss while he finished unloading inside my arse. This time tomorrow, I'd be on a flight back to London, with some of that cum still inside of me. The jet lag was totally worth it. 

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