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"Beach Bonding 3: Small World" is a special crossover story that takes place between

Chapters 29 & 30 of My Boyfriend and My Two Dads and after

Chapter 10 of Model Dad: Like Father, Like Son

It is an illustrated story with YOU in it: it is written Choose Your Own Action-style

with you as a character; you get in on the fun and decide what happens next.

At over 15,000 words, it is the longest story I've written to date!

The main characters of both stories go to San Francisco to celebrate Pride. With multiple sex scenes, narration by all characters, and seven sexy illustrations, it follows "Beach Bonding" and "Beach Bonding 2" and heats things up even more!

The story is instantly available for Supporters of any tier.

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    Leaning against the reception desk, Sven caught my eye when he propped one leg up and I saw something shiny peek out the leg of his shorts. Of course, Sven was freeballing, and wearing a pair of old-school athletic shorts that were so fucking short that the tip of his Prince Albert was peeking out.

    "Hey, Daddy," I walked to him and gave him a kiss, rubbing his smooth chest in front of everyone in the lobby. 

    "Hey, Boo," he hugged me and reciprocated the kiss, making the hotel manager give us a sly look and smile in approval.

    I continued to caress Sven's chest, slowly moving in toward one of his nipples and giving it a pinch. It worked as a charm every single time: as soon as you touched one of Sven's nips, his dick started to get hard. This time was no exception.

    I looked down, amused by the sight of Sven's bulging erection in such an obscenely small pair of shorts. Next to us, an elderly straight couple was talking to the other receptionist. The lobby was bustling. Down in Sven's pants, you could see more than just his piercing: the tip of his dick was starting to poke out as well.

    Usually, Sven was the one teasing and putting people in this kind of situations. Seems I was picking some things up from him.

    "Dad, did you pack the speedos at the top or the bottom of the suitcase?" I heard Eric ask his dad David, while I played with Sven's body.


    "I wanted to go to the pool," Eric said, pointing at the sign giving directions to it.

    "That's a great idea!" David said. In my mind, I enjoyed the visual of the two of them wearing David's shamelessly tiny speedos at this public hotel pool... (continues)


    Ben got another phone call and went to take it outside. A few minutes later, I excused myself to go to the restroom.

    Instead of the bathroom, I headed outside. It was a nice summer evening. Stepping out on the quiet street was an immediate change of atmosphere from the bustling restaurant. Other than Ben, there were only a couple of other people standing around here.

    "Okay, yes, do that. Talk to you soon," he said when he saw me approaching, and hung up his phone. 

    Feeling the buzz from the few drinks I'd had with dinner, I walked up to him slowly.

    "Who would've thought we'd meet again?" I said.

    "And yet here we are," Ben shot me his enchanting smile. Fuck, this man couldn't stop being charismatic even if he tried.

    "I'm a betrothed man now," I said.

    "And I'm a father."

    "You were a father when I met you as well," I said, stepping closer with with each word.

    "Is that why you called me 'Daddy'?" Ben maintained eye contact with me the entire time.

    "I couldn't help it," I said, standing just a couple of feet from him, then taking one final step into his personal space... (continues)

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