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    Most of my life I felt like an only child, even though technically I had an older brother. Russell was 14 when I was born, so by the time I was old enough to remember he was already out of the house. He would come to visit a couple of times a year for the major holidays, but honestly he mostly felt like a stranger to me whenever he was around.

    I loved being an "only child" because I could do what I wanted and get away with it. Since my parents were older, they were not very tech savvy. I had access to porn early on and spent most of my free time beating off in my room. My favorite time of year was obviously the summer, since I could do it undisturbed from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. I'd often cum five, six, ten times a day, counting my loads and trying to break my own record.

    As the school year ended, I was looking forward to another hot summer. I was going to be a senior in the fall, which meant I'd have to do some college prep this summer, but it wasn't all that much so I didn't worry about it getting in the way of my jacking off. Unfortunately, there was another obstacle that would change my plans. 

    "We're renovating the house, top to bottom," my dad announced one day in May. Our house was old and it honestly needed a lot of work. But why did they have to do it over the summer?!

    "What does that mean?" I asked, worried about my jack-off season.

    "It means there'll be workers here most of the day, daily. There's a lot to be done," Dad explained. "Including your room and bathroom. So we think you should go stay with your brother for a few weeks."

    "What?! NO WAY!" I protested. "Why can't you wait until next year when I'm in college?"

    "Because we got a good deal from the construction company for this year. Your mother and I will be staying here and you're welcome to stay as well, just don't complain when the workers wake you up at seven o'clock each morning."

    I thought about it for a while. I hated being woken up early over the summer, mostly because I often stayed jerking off until 3 or 4 AM. Plus, with workers around the house all day, I'd have a lot less privacy. On the other hand, my brother Russell lived by himself. He was now 31 and divorced, and his kids usually stayed with his ex-wife. He went to work, so I'd have his house all to myself most of the time. Hmm… now that I thought about it, this might work out even better.

    "Okay, I'll go stay with Russell," I agreed. "But you owe me for this!"

    On a Saturday morning two weeks later I flew across the country all by myself; my first time on a plane without my parents. During the flight, I couldn't help but go to the tiny bathroom and jerk off to some porn I had saved on my phone. It was a video of two guys a few years older than me, sucking each other's large dicks before fucking. I fast-forwarded to the best part, since I didn't have a lot of time and the atmosphere wasn't particularly nice. I shot a load in the toilet, cleaned up, and walked back to my seat past a line of people waiting to use the restroom.

    Russell was at the airport waiting to pick me up. I hadn't seen him in over a year, and I was surprised by how much older he looked. All my life, my brother was "20-something," but he was officially in his 30s now and getting his first wrinkles and a receding hairline. Still, there was something handsome about him, in that average cornfed-boy kinda way. He didn't look like the guys in my porn video but he sure looked like he could beat 'em in a bar brawl, and there was something hot about that. At least to me, since I could probably get my ass kicked by a feisty tween girl.

    "Hey there," my brother said when he spotted me, patting the back of my neck and firmly pinching the skin there.

    "Ouch, that hurts! Hello to you too," I replied, allowing him to pick up my suitcase and carry it to his truck. During the drive we talked about my flight, Mom and Dad, and the work they were doing on the house. It would take over an hour and a half to get to Russell's house and I was tempted to ask for a bathroom break just so I could bust another nut. The only reason why I didn't was because I had a feeling that rather than look for a gas station, Russell might pull up and tell me to piss on the side of the road. 

    "Can you not?" I asked as my brother pulled out a pack of Marlboros and put one in his mouth while he drove.

    "You barely just got here and you're already a pain in my ass," he said, but he acquiesced and put the cigarette back in the box.

    "Fresh ink?" I said, pointing at Russell's right bicep which was wrapped in Saran Wrap.

    "Yeah, just got it yesterday. You like it?" my brother asked, stretching the thin plastic to show off his tattoo: a portrait of his youngest son. I thought it looked gaudy as fuck, but he had tatts of his two other kids as well so I guess it was mandatory at this point. 

    "It's… alright, I guess," I answered. 

    "Haha. You're a horrible liar, you know that?" my brother shook his head and smiled at me.

    "Well don't ask questions if you don't wanna hear the answer," I laughed. I was never close to my brother, by so far this summer we were off to a good start. It really helped that Russell did not take offense easily. 

    We finally made it to Russell's house, located at the type of suburb that was so quiet it felt abandoned. I'd only been here once before, when I was a kid and my brother was still married. Now, the first thing I did was rush to the bathroom for an epic piss. By the time I was out, my suitcase was already in the house, and my brother was nowhere to be seen.

    "Russ?" I called out.


    I followed the voice to my brother's bedroom, but when I got there it was empty.

    "Where are you?" I asked loudly.

    "Over here, man, what's up?"

    The response came from a few feet away, in Russell's en-suite bathroom. I realized I was standing behind my brother, who was taking a piss. I couldn't see his dick from where I was standing, but I did  see the stream between his legs and heard it hitting the toilet.

    "Umm, I– I was wondering which room to take?"

    "And that couldn't wait until I take a fucking piss?!"

    "I– I didn't know," I stuttered.

    "Relax, bro, I'm just playing," Russell looked back at me over his shoulder and winked. While he did so, he was done pissing and I could tell his right arm was shaking his cock for a few seconds longer than necessary. "Come, I'll show you."

    For a split second, I hoped Russell would turn around and then zip up, so I could steal a glimpse of his dick, which I'd never seen. Unfortunately, he tucked it away and then washed his hands before showing me around the house. I had the choice of two bedrooms, one of which used to belong to my nephew and the other one to my niece. I picked my nephew's room, and Russell brought my suitcase there.

    "I can carry my own bag, you know?" I said, even though I had absolutely no problem being catered to.

    "With those skinny arms? Doubt it," Russell stuck his tongue out at me, and he left the room so I could unpack.

    "Fuck, he was right," I thought when I was on my own, struggling to lift the suitcase and place it on the bed.

    With all the traveling and unpacking, the day went by remarkably fast. By the time I knew it, it was already dinnertime and my brother was calling out for me from downstairs.

    "Hope you like pizza," he said when I saw him in the living room. He had changed out of his clothes and he was now wearing nothing but a pair of green basketball shorts and opening up two pizza boxes. I looked at his body, covered in several tattoos which weren't too easy to spot through my brother's body hair, especially the patches covering his chest and stomach.

    "You've been working out," I noted. Russell's pecs and arms were significantly larger than when I saw him last year, and I could even tell his legs and ass had gotten more muscular. His gut was a bit flabby, but I could tell there were strong abs under the fat.

    "Yeah, well, not much to do since the divorce so I've been hitting the gym," my brother said, holding a paper plate with a slice of pizza in one hand and adjusting his balls with the other. From what I could tell, I was fairly certain he was fireballing. 

    "Paper plates, how refined," I said as I helped myself to a slice. I didn't give a shit about the tableware, I was just busting my brother's balls. We didn't grow up together, but I knew that's what siblings are supposed to do.

    We sat on the couch to eat and watch whatever program my brother had on. It was some Netflix show I'd never heard of; when it came to streaming, my taste was usually X-rated. Although to be fair, the show had quite a few racy scenes.

    "Holy shit," my brother said as the straight couple on screen started fucking.

    "I didn't know Netflix allowed nudity," I said as we watched the actor squeeze the actress's naked tits.

    "Course they do. This ain't considered porn," Russell said with a mouthful of food. It may not be porn, but judging by the reaction in Russell's shorts it seemed to have an effect on him. His bulge definitely looked bigger than a few moments ago. I could even make out the head of his cock now, clearly outlined through the thin material. "Why, is this giving you a boner?" my brother said jokingly after swallowing.

    "Fuck off," I replied. I didn't usually swear in front of my parents or Russell, but he'd just literally asked me about my boner so if anyone was being inappropriate it was him. 

    I used my plate to cover up my crotch. Truth was, Russell was right: I was popping a boner, but not because of the straight couple on TV (even though, okay, the actor was pretty hot). I was getting hard for two reasons. One: I hadn't jerked off for most of the day, since my wank on the airplane. And two: watching a sex scene with my big brother was… kinda hot.

    "C'mon, admit it, you'd love to be sucking on those titties," my brother continued being an ass. The actor on screen was now kissing the woman's breasts, and Russell assumed that's what I'd gladly be doing. My brother, just like my parents, had no idea I was gay.

    "Okay, okay, I'll stop," Russell finally said when he noticed me blushing. "I'm just fucking with ya. We're all guys here."

    "Yeah, whatever," I said, eating my pizza. My brother was done with his slice, and he got up and walked in front of me to help himself to some more. As he walked, I noticed his cock was definitely plumper now, looking like he had a semi. After he was done eating, my brother reached for a cigarette, but then he looked at my judgmental expression and said "Fine. I'll take it outside. Fucking pain in the ass."

    I watched Russell from behind while he walked away from me. His shorts were slipping dangerously low, and my brother made no effort to pull them up. It was only due to the fact his ass was so thick that they didn't fall off completely. He was definitely freeballing, since half of his ass was out now, with no underwear in sight.

    That night after dinner, I had one of the most frustrating jerk-off sessions in my life. The wifi in my nephew's room was abysmal, and I had to wait for every video to buffer like it was the fucking '90s. (Did they have Internet in the '90s? I think they did.) I wanted to ask Russell to reset the modem or something but he was already asleep, and if I woke him up at this hour he'd know exactly what I was doing. So I struggled through a couple of hours of choppy videos and I finally decided to move down to the living room, since the wifi was much stronger there.

    In my underwear, I tiptoed past Russell's room so I wouldn't wake him up. Unfortunately the floorboards and the stairs were a bit creaky, but I made it to the living room with my laptop. I set it up on the table and made myself comfortable on the couch, in the same spot where my brother sat when we had dinner. I could even smell him: the spot smelled like sweat and cigarettes, and it almost made me feel like Russell was here. I closed my eyes for a second and saw his low-slung shorts and his bulge in my mind. After all the edging tonight, my cock was hard and begging to cum. I held it through the tight fabric of my boxer briefs, stroking until I had a large patch of precum on my underwear. As I stroked, I couldn't get the vision of my big brother and how sexy he looked tonight out of my head. But then, I shook my head and forced myself to think about something else! This was my fucking brother after all. We can goof along and bust each other's balls, but fantasizing about him at a time like this was definitely too far. 

    I played a video on my laptop, and it loaded with absolutely no delay here. There were four guys – two tops and two bottoms – and they were fucking. 

    "Shit," I whispered when I realized I'd forgotten to bring headphones. I didn't wanna watch the vid on mute so I tried striking a balance where the volume wasn't too loud, but it was enough for me to hear.

    "Fuck yeah, bro," one of the bottoms whimpered.

    "Take that dick, bro," the top replied, fucking him harder. Next to them, the other couple was speeding up as well, as if they were in a competition to outfuck each other.

    I slid my boxer briefs down to my ankles, and grabbed my cock in all its hardness. Often I liked using lube when jerking off, but I'd left that in the room as well and I could do without. I used my precum to lubricate my boner instead, forcing myself to take a break every few seconds. Being circumcised, I was working with no foreskin, and my cock felt super sensitive. I was so turned on, that I was right on the very edge the entire time.

    As much as I tried to focus on the hot guys on my laptop, for some goddamn reason I couldn't get my brother out of my head! It was probably because the couch smelled like him, but in my mind I could see his cockhead outlined in his shorts again. I wondered if Russell always went commando, or only when he was walking around the house. "We're all guys here," he'd said to me. He obviously had no qualms letting loose with me here. I wondered if he'd be the same if he knew I was gay.

    After jerking off for ten more minutes, I couldn't take it anymore. It was late anyway, and it was time to bust my nut and go to sleep. The two tops on my laptop screen were grunting, announcing their upcoming cumshots as well.

    "Fuck yeah, bro, cum inside my ass," one of the bottoms was begging loudly. At this point, the volume was probably a tad high, but I was confident Russell couldn't hear it all the way from upstairs.

    "Cum inside my hole, bro! Fucking breed my ass!" the bottom continued panting, pushing me over the edge. I started to blow one of the largest loads I'd ever produced! After all that edging, a full-on fountain shot out of my dick, landing all over my shirtless torso and even the couch, as much as I tried to avoid it. 

    "Fuck, yeah!" I moaned, pulling my ball sack with my left hand and stroking my dick with my right, rubbing all my jizz out of it. A second, third, and fourth wad came squirting out, glazing my body in teenage cum.

    Finally, I'd reached the peak. This felt so much better! With my foot on the table, I closed my laptop and the noise immediately stopped.

    "Well that was something," a voice in the darkness behind me said calmly. I was startled and jumped up, almost tripping with my underwear around my ankles. Cum went dripping down my body. I turned to see my older brother in his basketball shorts, looking at me.

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