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Brotherly Bate

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    The week after the Fourth of July, my brother surprised me by asking if he could use my bike while he's here. I'd literally never seen Aidan on a bike his entire life, which is why I found this request weird, but I guess it was the only way to get around here if you don't have a car. I'd thought Aidan was all too happy to be cooped up in the house all day jacking off, so at least I was happy he was showing some initiative and getting out.

    My bike had a small tracking device on it in case it ever got stolen; a device which I'd failed to mention to Aidan. One day, bored at work, I texted my brother but he ignored my texts. He was doing more and more of that lately. Feeling curious, I checked the bike's location on my phone just to see if Aidan was at the house. Turns out, he wasn't; he was at Greensburg Park, a park in the neighboring town.

    "I guess that makes sense," I thought. "Maybe he's taking a walk or something."

    The next day, I checked on the bike again, to find it parked in the same spot. I checked several times that day, as well as the following one. Aidan seemed to go to the park for hours every single day. He would leave the house shortly before noon, and go back home right before I left the office. I followed his activity for a couple of weeks, and it struck me as more and more unusual by the day.

    I started to grow concerned. Greensburg Park was a place where you could easily score drugs. I made sure to check up on Aidan in the evening. He never acted high, but his eyes were often red. I brought it up to him once, trying to sound casual, and he just blamed it on allergies, which I knew he didn't have. This was even more worrying. That Saturday, I decided to confront him.

    I knew I had to go about this carefully if I wanted my brother to tell me the truth. What teenager is gonna say "Yes, I'm getting high," even if we're only talking pot? I sure as hell was smoking at his age, but my parents were clueless and I didn't have an older brother to catch me. Still, this was Aidan we were talking about! He never struck me as the kind of kid to be interested in pot, let alone anything stronger. 

    I hoped if I asked him the right way, Aidan would be honest. After a few weeks of sharing my house, we were more comfortable around each other than ever! We often lounged around in our underwear, and I didn't care if he saw me naked in the morning when I got ready for work. Sometimes, if I was lying in bed with the door open and I started to get horny, I would start to jerk off right then without bothering to shut the door. I wasn't trying to get caught by my brother, but I knew that if I did it wouldn't be a huge deal anyway, especially since I'd already caught him wanking and sucking dick already anyway.

    That Saturday morning, I asked Aidan to join me on the couch. Like most mornings, we were both still in our underwear.

    "I have a question," I said. "And if you promise to tell me the truth, I promise not to get upset, no matter what it is." I actually surprised myself by how paternal I sounded. My kids were too young to have this kind of conversations with, but I guess doing it with Aidan was a trial run. 

    "Uh-oh, what's wrong?" Aidan immediately looked concerned.

    "Remember, I promise not to get upset," I repeated. "But I need to know what you're doing at Greensburg Park every day."

    "Oh, that," he said, looking down. Although he didn't look thrilled, he didn't seem too panicked either. "How do you know about that?"

    I figured if I expect him to be honest, I should do the same thing.

    "I can track the location of my bike on my phone," I said. "Sorry for not telling you earlier."

    "So you've been tracking me?" Aidan asked, making eye contact.

    "Well, yes. But only because you've been ignoring a lot of my texts, and because I was worried when I realized how much time you spend there. That park's a well-known place to get drugs…"

    "I'm not using drugs," Aidan immediately interrupted, and I believed him.

    "Are you selling drugs?" I asked.

    "NO!" he laughed out loud. "But I take it as a compliment that you think I'm savvy enough to know how to do that."

    "Then what the fuck are you doing at the park every day?"

    Aidan sighed, preparing his confession.

    "I go there to hook up with guys," he finally admitted. "There's a place where you can do that."

    "What place?"
   "You know the men's room there, by the parking lot?"

    "Yes," I nodded. I'd been there once or twice when driving past it. Now that I think about it, there was always an… unusual vibe about the place, but I never thought about it too much.

    "So you… hook up in a public restroom? What does 'hooking up' even mean?" I asked.

    "Well you know… sucking dick. Fucking," my brother replied, looking down again and turning red.

    "You're having sex there?! With who, with strangers??"

    "Remember: you promised not to get upset!" 

    Shit. He was right.

    "I'm not upset," I lied and tried to calm down. I owed it to Aidan. "So, tell me more about… this place."

    "I found out about it through Dean. Apparently he used to go there when he was my age. It's perfect for stuff like that, cuz very few people use it unless they're cruising, which is what going there for sex is called."

    I'd had sex with girls in public bathrooms before, when I was younger, but that was always at bars or nightclubs. It took me a while to wrap my mind around all this, especially since it was my baby brother in the picture.

    "Why there, though?" I asked Aidan.

    "Were you having sex when you were my age?" he asked back.

    "Yes, of course," I admitted. It'd started a couple of years younger than Aidan, even.

    "And where did you do it then? And with who?"

    "With girls from school, and friends of friends. Either at their house or at Mom and Dad's, when we could get away with it."

    "See, I don't have 'girls from school' or 'friends of friends' to do it with. Shit works differently when you're gay. Especially in this town, where I don't know anyone."

    "Okay, okay, I get it," I said. Honestly, even though I was worried about my bro having sex with strangers, I was just relieved it didn't have anything to do with drugs. Which reminded me…

    "Remember when I asked about your eyes being red in the evening and you said it was allergies? You lied, didn't you?" I asked Aidan. Once again, he looked down.

    "Yes," he said shamefully.

    "What was it?" 

    "Hold on, I'll show you," he said and he got up off the couch. He walked to his room and came back a few moments later.

    "It's this," he said, placing a small glass bottle in my hand.

    "What is it?" I asked, trying to read the colorful label, which seemed confusing more than anything.

    "They're called poppers. They're not drugs… well, not really. They just help you relax."

    "That sure sounds like drugs to me!"

    "No. Here, I'll show you," my brother said and took back the glass bottle. He twisted it open and held it up to each of his nostrils, taking a sniff. "Now you try it."

    I did as I was told, imitating his sniffing gesture and feeling a warm, woozy feeling taking over me. It definitely had a drug-like effect, but it faded really quickly, leaving me feeling completely normal after that.

    "I got them from Dean," Aidan continued. "Like I said, they just help you relax when you're fucking, especially if you're the bottom. That's–"

    "The guy taking it up the ass," I added knowingly.

    "Well, yes. It basically helps your ass relax."

    "And you need that, when you're fucking? Because you're… the bottom?" I asked carefully.

    "I don't need it, but it helps," Aidan laughed. 

    Still holding the bottle and feeling unsure about all this, I decided to take another hit to size up the effect. I took a bigger huff this time, feeling it go straight to my brain, down my body, and to my dick. Before I knew it, I was popping a boner and feeling it pulse in my boxers.

    "Whoa!" I said, looking down at my growing hard-on throbbing.

    "Yeah, they have that effect as well," my brother laughed, also looking down at my crotch. "They make you hornier. Some people use 'em just to jack off."

    "Really?" I asked. I could definitely see myself going to town on my dick while sniffing on this. Even now, my dick was getting harder and harder, in record time. The head was already poking out of the leg of my boxers.

    "Yeah. I mean, if you want to, you can keep em," my little brother offered generously. "They're the only ones I have, but I can get more from Dean."

    "Tell ya what, for now we can share," I suggested. Feeling incredibly turned on, I took another huff of the poppers, which made my dick fully hard.

    "Haha. Well I don't use them when I'm in the house," Aidan said. "I take em with me to the park."

    "So you never use em when you're jerking off at home?" I asked.

    "No. Haven't tried it yet," he said. 

    "You should. This feels great," I suggested. By now, one hand was holding the poppers while my other hand was grabbing my boner through my underwear, slowly stroking it up and down. I was so horny, I didn't even give a fuck that my little brother was sitting next to me on the couch. After all, we were just talking about him taking it up the ass, so this wasn't all that inappropriate in comparison.

    "Maybe I should try," Aidan noted. I passed him the poppers, our fingers brushing as I handed him the bottle. He took a whiff, and I looked down to see if they had the same effect on his dick as well. Sure enough, the junk in Aidan's underwear started stirring, growing larger by the second. 

    Looking up, my brother and I made eye contact and we both bursted out laughing. It was pretty funny, sitting here together, huffing on poppers – which I didn't even know were a thing a moment ago – and getting hard together.

    Somehow, we'd struck a silent accord that it was okay to start touching our dicks. We rubbed ourselves through our underwear. I noticed my brother checking out my crotch, and I looked at his to see when he would get fully hard as well. For now, I kinda enjoyed being the "bigger" one, since I was literally the big brother. While rubbing my dick, I made sure to do it with just two fingers, so Aidan could get a good view of the outline of my rod in my underwear, as well as its head which was peeking out and leaking precum on my hairy thigh.

    After a few short moments, my brother was just as hard as I was. I had to admit, it was kinda fun sitting here and doing this together. Growing up, I had some buddies who I knew sometimes jerked off together, but I never joined them. Now, all these years later, it felt like I was catching up. And who better to do it with than my actual bro?!

    With Aidan's dick trapped in his boxer briefs, he was leaking precum and leaving a wet patch on them. He decided, rather than leave a stain, to pull his underwear down, exposing his boner to me. It wasn't the first time I was seeing it, but this time I got a much better and closer view.

    "Nice," I said, paying my brother a sincere compliment.

    "Thanks. Want some?" he asked, and it took me a second to realize he was referring to the poppers. I took the bottle from him and huffed again, making my dick pulse. I pulled down my own boxers and dropped them to the floor, right next to Aidan's underwear.

    We jerked off like this, side-by-side, for a while, passing the poppers back and forth. Every now and then we would crack a joke about it. My brother referred to what we were doing as "bating" (a term I'd heard before) and "gooning" (a term I hadn't). After a while, I did start to feel a high, but I wasn't sure if it was the poppers or just the horniness and sexual tension in the room.

    The problem with sniffing poppers was that you usually needed two hands to do it: one to hold the bottle and one to close your other nostril. That meant having to let go of your dick for a moment, something Aidan and I were reluctant to do. I watched as my brother tried to take a whiff single-handedly while still bating, and I decided to chime in and lend him a hand.

    "Here, gimme," I said, taking the poppers from him. While Aidan continued to stroke, I held the bottle in front of his nose and I closed his other nostril. This skin-on-skin contact felt immensely erotic, and I watched my brother's eyes turn to the back of his head as he took a big, satisfying whiff.

    A while later, he returned the favor. We were losing track of time, but neither of us gave a fuck. We bated like this for over an hour. Once again, my brother held up the poppers to his nose, letting go of his dick, slick with precum. I decided to lend a hand once more… but this time I went straight for his pole.

    I wrapped my fist around my brother's dick while he huffed on the poppers. This took him by surprise and his rod pulsed in my grip, gushing out a huge amount of precum on my hand. I smiled, and used the precum as lube to rub the highly-sensitive tip of Aidan's dick with the palm of my hand in circular motions. He squirmed in pain and pleasure, an undoubtedly intense sensation. I enjoyed teasing and torturing my little brother like this. I continued rubbing clockwise, bringing him to the very edge and only then letting go.

    "HOLY FUCK, that was intense!" Aidan shouted. Apparently no one at his "cruising spot" had shown him this trick yet.

    "Yeah. I once dated a girl who was an expert in it," I said, recalling many many years ago. "I still do it to myself all the time, but it's different when someone else does it for you."

    Always one to play fair, my brother decided to return the favor. He handed me the poppers and while I inhaled, he grabbed my dick and stroked it up and down until I started leaking precum like a faucet, and then he used it to rub and torture my glans, going in circular motions like I taught him, switching directions every now and then.

    "Stop, stop, stop!" I begged, panting a few minutes later. I was on the very verge of erupting, and I wanted to extend the moment just a bit further. Now that we'd gotten this far, we might as well take advantage of it and enjoy it as long as possible.

    Aidan and I continued to goon and bate each other for probably another hour. At his age this might not be unusual, but I was impressed with my own ability to keep up. Of course, the best part was whenever we edged the tips of each other's dicks, pushing each other to the very edge before letting go. Taking into account my sexless lifestyle since my divorce… this was by far the most fun I'd had in a very long time.

    Finally, there was no more holding back. Gooned up on poppers, my brother and I took one last whiff before putting the bottle away. My right hand found its way to my brother's dick, just as his left hand reached for mine.

    "Let's go!" I said, jerking Aidan off while making intense eye contact with him. Our hands moved up and down at the same tempo. I sped up, and felt my brother speeding up on my dick as well. Like a conductor, I directed the show and went faster and faster, feeling my balls about to explode. 

    "Fuck. Shit. Fuck," I swore, my mouth open like an idiot, still looking at my brother's eyes. He had the same expression I probably had: one of horniness and desperation to cum. Fapping noises filled the room. Faster and faster, gripping one another tighter and tighter until…

    "AHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as a huge jizz fountain shot out of my dick, milked by my brother. Without blinking, both of us stared at each other and Aidan started cumming as well, shooting his equally-impressive load. Cumming simultaneously with another man like this was a completely new experience for me! Feeling his hand hold my dick while I held his felt surreal. It was like I was jerking off myself, but better! The best of both worlds.

    I continued to shoot, wad after wad of cum erupting out of my penis and landing all over my bare torso, as well as my brother's. His jizz shot all over both of us as well. On our chests and bellies, our loads mixed together so you couldn't tell which is which anymore.

    After we were done cumming, Aidan and I didn't let go of each other's pricks for another minute or two, slowly stroking one another during our post-orgasmic bliss. Finally, it was time to let go.

    "Do you mind?" my brother asked, and he brought his hand to my chest.

    "No," I replied, even though I wasn't really sure what he was asking.

    Aidan used his hand to scoop up the jizz that was on my chest and bring it to his lips and swallow it, followed by a hearty "Mmm" on his behalf.

    "How does that taste?" I couldn't help but ask.

    "Try it," he suggested, bringing his chest closer to me. 

    I decided to heed his advice, but rather than scoop it up with my hands, I leaned in and stuck out my tongue, licking the cum directly off my brother's chest.

    "Tastes nice," I concluded, swallowing both of our family DNA. "But I'm gonna need more than that because I am starving. C'mon, lunchtime."

    With that, I stood up and I pulled up my boxers. Before going to the kitchen, I noticed the bottle of poppers in between the cushions on the couch.

    "You're right, I think I'm gonna keep this," I said and I grabbed the poppers, winking at my brother and bate buddy.

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