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Fraternal Help

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    "Wait, wait, so Dean got fucked by his father?!" I asked, still in shock.

    "Yes, that's what I said. Now remember, you promised you wouldn't say anything," my little brother reminded me.

    It was a Monday evening. I'd had an excellent day, closing a huge sale, partly thanks to my lucky underwear that I wore to work that day, even though they'd been worn by Aidan the day before. As soon as I arrived back home I jumped in the shower and went to the couch (still naked) to have a celebratory drink with my brother. However, he had a story for me that immediately distracted me from my achievement at work.

    Aidan told me about his big day "cruising" the men's room at Greensburg Park – a hobby of my brother's that I'd gotten used to. Apparently earlier today, he was joined there by my buddy Dean, and then two of them engaged in their usual slew of sexual activities with strangers. Of course, when I first heard about my younger brother doing things like this I was concerned, but now I found it… kinda hot even. In a weird way, I was proud of Aidan's confidence to go out and get what he wanted. Most of his life, I thought of him as a bit of an awkward loner, and if this is what it takes to get him out of his shell then so be it.

    However, it was no surprise that eventually their anonymous hookups would bite them in the ass (or fuck them in the ass, in this case). This time, Dean and his father were the victims of this situation. Apparently Dean's dad had a tendency to also visit Greensburg Park, where he sometimes fucked men without ever laying eyes on their face. Earlier today, his sex partner just so happened to be his elder son. 

    I wasn't friends with Dean's dad, even though I'd seen him around town plenty over the years. It felt a bit crazy to me that my little brother – who'd only been here since the beginning of summer – already knew all about the older man's dick. Aidan described the "huge dick" that fucked Dean up the ass today, as I had my drink and quietly listened to my little bro's insane sex story.

    "And where were you during all this?" I asked, adjusting my cock and balls in my lap.

    "While Dean was getting fucked by his dad? In the bathroom stall with Dean," my brother explained. "I told ya, Dean and I were sucking his dick first, and then they moved on to fucking."

    Now that these sexual conversations were commonplace among my brother and me, Aidan got into more and more detail when recapping his experiences. He sat next to me on the couch, telling me all about crouching in the men's room at lunchtime with Dean, sucking a few men's dicks before being treated to Dean's dad's tool. Aidan's eyes lit up even just talking about it. Apparently his prick was so long and good-looking that he and Dean basically had to fight over it. Today, Dean was the one who'd won the fight.

    "But that's okay, cuz I've already been fucked by his dad in the past," my brother added. "Ha, funnily enough, he was the first man to take my virginity," he smiled facetiously. 

    "Wait, what?! Dean's father was the first guy to fuck you?" I asked.

    "Yes. Of course, I didn't know it was his dad at the time. It was the first time Dean ever took me to Greensburg Park."

    "But didn't you say he had a huge dick? Like… for your first time, isn't that supposed to be really… painful?" I worded my question delicately.

    "Well, it's not painful for everyone. Some people are just natural-born bottoms," my brother stuck out his tongue. "But in all seriousness, yes, it was uncomfortable and it took getting used to when I was taking him up the ass. Thankfully Dean was there with me, basically mentoring me. He had lube and poppers and everything necessary to make the process easier. And don't forget: I've seen so much porn in my life that it kinda felt like second nature. Like, I kinda knew what I was getting myself into."

    My recent dry spell with women was definitely having an impact on me. Even just listening to my brother's stories was starting to chub up my cock. Lately, Aidan was the only person who I did anything sexual with. He was the last person to make me cum. Imagining him getting fucked for the first time by Dean's dad donkey dick… well, I couldn't help but begin to pop a boner.

    "So what happened after?" I asked Aidan while slowly stroking my growing member. "After Dean's father fucked him this afternoon?"

    "Well, they saw each other and he bolted out of the restroom. Dean and I just stood there in shock. Then Dean said he was going to the park for a walk, to clear his head. He ended up walking for an hour. I waited for him in the men's room until he came to pick me up and drive us back home."

    "And what did you do while waiting?" I asked next. The entire time while listening to my brother talk, I was stroking my dick, which was now at peak erection.

    "Oh, I sucked a few more cocks," my brother replied. He was acting nonchalant, almost like he couldn't see me jerking off right next to him, but the side-eye glances he was giving me gave him away. Then he added, "Everyone was in the mood for a blowjob today."

    "Yeah well, I don't blame them," I chuckled, looking down at my rod, with precum gathering and glistening on its tip.

    "Why, that includes you?" Aidan asked, trying to act coy.

    "What's it look like to you?" I said while pointing at my hard-on.

    "Well, if you want… I mean, I've already sucked like a dozen dicks today. I can… I dunno… just help you take care of that."

    By now, my brother and I had jerked each other off two times. Each of those events was unplanned and spontaneous. But letting him actually suck my dick was a whole different ball game. Not only had I never been sucked by another man before, this was my little brother we were talking about! 

    Alas, "thinking with your other head" certainly is a thing. At moments of extreme horniness like this, I couldn't tell what was right or wrong, appropriate or not. Aidan had offered to help me take care of my problem, and it made my cock throb just to hear that. And unlike Dean and his dad, my brother and I knew what we were getting ourselves into. It was an informed and consensual decision, right? Could I actually let Aidan do this??

    My brother saw the cogs turning in my head and decided to intervene and take the wheel in his own hands; the wheel in this case being my rock-hard dick. Aidan – sitting fully dressed next to my naked body – leaned over and wrapped his right fist around my shaft, right under my fist which was already there. He used his left hand to swat away my fist like it was a pesky fly. I let go of my cock, leaving it solely within my brother's grasp.

    Wrapping his left hand around it as well, Aidan started to stroke me up and down. This was nothing new to us; not that long ago we spent an entire morning bating and jacking each other off on this very couch while huffing on poppers like two addicts. My brother managed to extract even more precum from my piss slit, squeezing it out of my dick like milk out of a teat. Feeling thirsty, he leaned down and started to lap it up, tonguing my cockhead in the process. A few seconds later, I could feel Aidan's lips make contact with my glans as well, and they slipped down until all of my circumcised mushroom head was inside of his mouth. And just like that, my little brother was giving me a blowjob.

    "Awwww, yeah," I sighed deeply, enjoying the first oral sex I was getting in weeks, if not months. I leaned back on the couch, trying to let go of my worries and all of the nagging voices in my head. "Aidan loves doing this," I reminded myself. He'd already sucked a dozen dicks today; a number some people never reached in their whole lives. Whether my little brother was a slut or not was up to him to decide. For now, what he was was an eager cocksucker, which was precisely what I needed. After a day like today, what better way to celebrate and relax?

    I smiled while tilting my head up to the ceiling and closing my eyes. I put my hands under my head, interlacing the fingers and feeling my stress melt away. My body relaxed, with the exception of my prick which was more rigid than ever, with all of my blood pumping in its direction. 

    Sucking dozens of dicks a day will really train a person what to do. My brother was a top-notch pro by this point. He nursed on my cockhead before slowly sliding down my shaft, reaching its mid-point and then returning back up. More sucking action focused on my glans was then followed by more rolling down my shaft, taking three quarters of it in this time before retreating. Finally, on the third go, Aidan's head traveled all the way down until my brother's nose was buried in my forest of pubes. 

    "Nice, bro," I moaned softly. I wasn't even sure if Aidan could hear me, but he knew just how well he was doing. Sex helped Aidan find his confidence, and now he was letting me see the results. 

    My brother sucked my cock for several minutes. He was doing such a damn good job at it that I started to near the edge. When Aidan sensed that, he took my dick out of his mouth. While still stroking my meat, he gave my lower belly a kiss, right above my patch of pubic hair. The next kiss was placed a few inches higher, followed by another one. Next, Aidan was kissing my belly button, inserting his tongue inside the indentation for a moment and teasing it. 

    My brother's lips continued to move up my body while his hand pumped my cock. Aidan kissed my chest and then my nipples, sucking on them like a hungry baby. I'd never paid much attention to my nipples in the past, which is why I was so surprised to see the effect it had on me. Bolts of pleasure started streaming all over my body. My brother felt that as well, so he started to suck harder and even gave them a few gentle nibbles. 

    "Aww, fuck, man!" I said loudly as Aidan bit down on my right nip.

    "What, too hard?" he looked up and asked.

    "No. Keep going," I said, opening my eyes and putting one hand on the back of my brother's head, pushing it back down. My nipple was now erect and even more sensitive. Aidan's tongue flicked it up and down like a light switch, sending shockwaves down to my balls that almost caused me to cum.

    "Careful! Fuck, I might shoot," I warned Aidan, who immediately let go of my boner. My cock throbbed and leaked, but I didn't shoot just yet. My brother focused on sucking on my nipple before moving on to the other one, all the while pinching and twisting whichever nip he wasn't currently pleasing with his lips. 

    I squirmed and wriggled, experiencing a current of sexual energy taking over my whole body. Aidan let go of my nips and he brought his head up so we were face-to-face. He smiled at me, giving me a devilish, shit-eating grin that I'd never seen on my young brother's face before. Then, he placed his left hand in the middle of my chest and petted the rug of hair that was on there. His right hand reached back between my legs, and I expected to feel it on my throbbing cock again. Instead, Aidan took hold of my balls, stroking them with his fingertips, almost tickling them. 

    "Ahh. AHHHH!!" I panted as my brother grabbed hold of my nut suck and gave it a hearty tug. He repeated the act several times, squeezing my balls to the point where it hurt, but just enough to feel pleasurable. Then, he let go and placed his fingers on the area beneath my sack, pressing hard on my taint. I could feel all the sweat between my legs, lubricating the way for Aidan's hand to move on down until he almost reached my asshole. 

    "Mmmm," I moaned, my hairy hole pulsing in anticipation. It was unentered, uncharted virgin territory.

    Before I had a chance to do or say anything else, my brother went down and took my precum-gushing dick in his mouth again. In the very same second, Aidan's index finger slipped into my asshole. 

    "AH, FUCK!" I shouted, feeling an unfamiliar sensation. However, the shock only lasted a second. Next thing I know, I could actually feel my hole pulsing, pulling Aidan's finger farther in. 

    "Mmm," my brother moaned while deep-throating my cock. With his finger shaped like a hook, he probed inside my asshole and tickled my insides. 

    "Holy shit, that feels good!" I explained, laughing out loud triumphantly. I set my heels on the table in front of the couch and watched my hairy toes curl in pleasure. This was not just my first blowjob from a guy. THIS WAS THE BEST BLOWJOB OF MY LIFE!

    "Keep going. Keep going. Fuck, keep going!" I begged my little brother, feeling my nuts about to explode. This time, he put in just as much effort into fingering my ass as he did sucking my dick, doing both things with gusto. With my hand still on the back of Aidan's head, I combed my fingers through his hair, admiring its silky-smooth texture. But as things got even more heated, I grabbed a handful of hair in my fist and pulled on it – a gesture I liked to do whenever a girl was sucking my cock. I pushed down my brother's head, making him gag and drool on my nuts. Instead of letting go, I repeated this several times, going harder and harder each time. In return, Aidan fingered my hairy hole even deeper, showing it no mercy.

    "Fuck bro, you gon make me cum. You gon make me cum, man. You gon make me cummmmmm!!" I howled, busting my nut down my brother's dicksucking throat. I kicked my legs, feeling ecstatic like I'd just scored a touchdown and led my team to victory. My reaction was only encouraging my brother to go even harder, sucking my dick like a vacuum cleaner and poking inside my ass as far as his finger could reach. There was no more drooling. All of my cum went straight down Aidan's gullet and into his stomach, giving him a taste of his big brother DNA.

    "Fuck, man! That was incredible," I said a couple of minutes later when Aidan and I finally managed to catch our breath. Slowly, he pulled his digit out of my ass and shot me a beaming smile.

    "I don't know what they teach you over at Greensburg Park," I continued, still feeling the aftereffect of my intense orgasm, "but they sure did a good job at it. Wow!"

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