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Blowjob Tutorial, Pt. II

    After half a year of being housed by his brother, Eddie Tremblay could finally afford to get his own place once again. The summer had been off to a good start business-wise, and thanks to all of the connections that he had in the Gay Village, Eddie was able to find an apartment on Wellesley Street just a couple of blocks from where he used to live. 

    Of course, as much as he loved living downtown and being independent, a part of Eddie would miss living with his brother and his nephew. Being under one roof made the Tremblay men much closer together, no doubt about it. He was happy not to have to live in the suburbs anymore, but Eddie was now determined to go visit Del and Quin much more often than he used to.

    To celebrate the move, Eddie went out to his favorite party venue: Q, the bar where his buddy Luiz worked as a gogo dancer. It was a Saturday afternoon, and Eddie invited Del and Quin, as well as Quin's boyfriend Lamar. However, it turned out that Lamar had to work that day, and Del was apparently in no mood to go out partying. So, Quin got on a bus and made his way downtown by himself, eager to go out partying with his uncle again.

    Eddie and Quin got to the gay bar (once again thanks to Eddie being friends with the bouncer, who let Quin sneak in) but they were underwhelmed when they saw there were very few other people there. Since it was the weekend, Eddie expected the bar to be full all day, but it looked like a slow day. Of course, all that meant was that the bartenders and gogo boys could pay extra attention to Eddie and his teenage nephew. Quin got a couple of lap dances from Luiz and a fellow gogo boy, which made the teen bone up in his shorts. If he had to spend the day away from his boyfriend, Quin figured this was a pretty fun way to do it.

    "So, how've you been?" Eddie pulled his nephew in for a chat when it was just the two of them again. "I've been busy the past couple of weeks, we haven't really had a chance to talk, what with the move and everything."

    "Yeah. No worries, Uncle E, I've been busy as well. Just going to work, spending time with Lamar…"

    "Oh, I bet I know how you two spend your time, now that you've gone all the way," Eddie winked.

    "Yeah, yeah, we're fucking now," Quin nodded, stating the obvious.

    "Hope you're not driving your father insane with all that noise in the house."

    "Not at all. Actually… well something interesting happened a while back that I didn't get a chance to tell you about."

    "Oooh, what is it?" Eddie leaned in closer, excited to get what sounded like juicy gossip.

    "Well, to put it bluntly: Dad fucked Lamar."

    With that, Eddie literally spit the drink that was in his mouth.


    "Yeah. You know how I don't really feel like topping Lamar, at least not yet? And I also know he has a thing for older men, and calling them 'daddy' and stuff like that. And apparently Dad was on board and it sorta… happened between them."

    "Wait, wait, wait. What do you mean 'it sorta happened'? Where were you when this was all happening?" Eddie asked, feeling bewildered. Just a few months ago, his big brother was "100% straight"; and now THIS?!

    "I was asleep," Quin answered. For once, he was the cooler of the two when conversing with his uncle.

    "And who seduced who?" Eddie probed.

    "'Seduced'?" Quin laughed at his uncle's word choice. "I think they both wanted it, and they let each other know."

    "And how do you feel about all this?"

    "I'm not mad, if that's what you're getting at," Quin assured Eddie. "If anything… I think it's kinda hot."

    "Whoa. See, stuff like this is why I low-key regret moving out of the house," Eddie said, barely able to wrap his mind around his older brother's newly-developed adventurous lifestyle and attitude.

    As afternoon turned to evening, the bar started to fill up. Luiz's shift was over, and he wasn't in particularly good spirits. He always hated working the afternoon shift; the tips were shit and it was barely worth showing up, but he couldn't always avoid it. After he was done with work, rather than stay and drink at the bar, Luiz wanted to get away from it as fast as possible. Thankfully, Eddie agreed to go, so the two of them and Quin headed to Eddie's new apartment to keep on drinking there instead.

    Eddie's place was full of boxes. It looked like the only things he had managed to unpack were the bare necessities: jocks, lube, poppers, sex toys; which were strewn all over the place. Both Quin and Luiz laughed when they walked to the couch, only to find a large dildo resting on a towel there.

    "Just put it anywhere," Eddie said while getting them drinks. "I was having some fun while watching TV last night."

    Soon, the three of them were sitting on the couch with Quin in the middle, drinking a strong cocktail Eddie had made them.

    "Where do I get one of those?" Quin asked, eyeing the dildo which was now on the floor by the couch.

    "You can have that one if you want," Eddie offered. "Just wash it before you use it."

    "I think I'll get my own, thanks," Quin laughed. "Or rather, I'll let you get me one."

    "Oh, is that so?" Eddie shook his head in amusement.

    Soon enough, the conversation had turned to Quin and his young boyfriend.

    "So… are you guys in an open relationship now or what? Since you're hooking up with other guys," Uncle Eddie asked. He didn't want to bring up the fact that Del fucked Lamar in front of Luiz, since he knew Luiz would want to know all the details about that story and for now at least, it felt like a fun family secret.

    "I don't know if I'd call it an 'open relationship,'" Quin explained, "as much as we're not too concerned about stuff like that."

    "So have you hooked up with anyone else lately?" Luiz asked the teenager.

    "No. Although to be honest… I kinda want to. Is that bad? Like, I don't want Lamar to be the only person I've done it with. I don't know, I don't even know if I'm ready to get fucked by anyone else yet, but maybe give someone a blowjob or something…"

    "Why don't you do it?" Luiz suggested. 

    "To who?" asked Quin.

    "How about your uncle?"

    Quin and Eddie looked at each other and laughed out loud.

    "I'm serious!" Luiz continued. "Remember when you watched me suck your uncle's dick so you could learn? This is your chance to show us how much you've learned."

    "Stop fucking around," Eddie added in amusement. What came from his nephew next surprised him.

    "Actually… I mean, I'm down if you are," said Quin humbly.

    "What?!" was Eddie's response.

    "It could be fun," Quin explained. 

    The truth was, ever since he caught his father sucking Uncle Eddie's dick, a part of Quin felt excluded from the family fun. To this day, he could vividly envision the scene in his mind: his father gagging on Uncle Eddie's dick, while Eddie encouraged him to "breathe through your nose," before placing his hands on the back of Del's head and face-fucking him like there was no tomorrow. To see two brothers doing this – his father and uncle of all people! – put Quin's horniness in overdrive.

    Ever since then, he'd been thinking of a way to suggest that he'd like to do something similar. Of course, he felt like he couldn't just bring it up. Now, thanks to Luiz (who was just as turned on by incest as Quin was), the teen finally got close to crossing that line with his uncle.

    "Are you serious?" Eddie checked again, making sure this was something that his nephew really wanted.

    "Yes! I wanna… give it a go," Quin insisted, trying to sound casual when in reality he had crazy butterflies in his stomach.

    "C'mon, go for it!" Luiz leaned in and he took Quin's right hand, placing it on Uncle Eddie's crotch. The uncle and nephew were both nervous, but neither of them moved away.

    After successfully stirring the pot, Luiz moved as far as possible on the couch, all too happy to be a voyeur and watch the uncle and nephew without intruding. He whipped his uncut dick from his pants and started stroking it, turned on by the scene.

    For a second, Uncle Eddie and Quin both looked at Luiz's prick as it came out. They both liked what they were seeing, but their focus was somewhere else. Quin's hand was still on his uncle's dick, squeezing it through the material of Eddie's tight shorts. Eddie's dick was responding to the stimuli by growing, which was quickly becoming uncomfortable in such tight pants. 

    Soon, Eddie had no choice but to pull down his zipper. Next, his nephew took over and he pulled down Uncle Eddie's shorts, followed by lowering the underwear Eddie was wearing. Finally, Eddie's dick was out in the open and free. Now, with Quin's hand on it skin-on-skin, it only took Eddie a matter of seconds to reach peak erection.

    "Fuck," Luiz moaned from the side, unable to control himself. 

    The expletive didn't even register in Quin's mind. He was way too dickstracted by the tool in his hand, radiating heat. Quin could feel his uncle's pulse, his blood rushing through his dick. He squeezed harder, making Eddie wince, and then very slowly, the teen began to move his fist up and down the rock-hard prick.

    Quin's hand moved all the way up to Eddie's circumcised cockhead, before sliding down to his shaved balls. When he moved back up, Quin successfully got Eddie's dick to start leaking out precum, coating Eddie's glans as well as Quin's dexterous fingers.

    The teenager switched hands, taking the tool with his left hand instead so he'd have a chance to bring his right hand up to his lips and lick off the precum that was there. Watching his nephew lapping up his precum turned Eddie on even more, and soon more liquid came gushing out of his piss slit, glazing Quin's left hand as well. 

    Using both hands now, Quin worked his uncle's prick top-to-bottom. "Fuck!" Eddie started to pant, losing himself in the pleasure of the moment. But they were just getting started…

    Quin stroked Uncle Eddie's dick until it could get no harder, and then he gave it a few seconds' break, making sure he doesn't cum too quickly. In the meanwhile, Quin moved down to the floor, kneeling between his uncle's legs, just like Luiz had done when he was giving Quin a tutorial on how to give a blowjob. Now, Quin was way past the point of needing tutorials. He was confident in his skills, but he was nonetheless nervous of doing it with Uncle Eddie, who had immeasurable experience when it came to sex.

    Now that he was on the floor, Quin had a much closer view of his uncle's tool. The teen licked his lips in anticipation, some of his uncle's precum still on them. Now, he'd get a chance to taste it straight from the source. He leaned in and…

    "MMMMM!!!!" Eddie moaned out loud as his nephew's lips were wrapped around his hard dick. A second later, Eddie felt Quin's warm mouth enveloping his erection completely. With that, Eddie couldn't help but shoot out a few more wads of precum, which went immediately down young Quin's throat.

    Indeed, Eddie had had his dick sucked by countless guys before: young, old, experienced, or newbies. Maybe it was just nepotistic bias, but Eddie was happy to see that Quin was right there on top among the best of them! The way that Quin worked his tongue slowly then fast, sucking while stroking with his hand and pulling on Eddie's balls… it was better than any tutorial could ever teach him.

    Uncle Eddie placed his hands on the back of his nephew's head, combing his fingers through his hair as much as Quin's thick curls would allow. "Yes. Yes," Eddie said as Quin's head bobbed up and down, encouraging him and letting him know he was doing a good job.

    "How's he doing?" Luiz asked from his side of the couch.

    "Oh, he's amazing," Eddie answered, looking at his friend who was working his own hard dick while watching them.

    "Mmm," Quin muttered in self-satisfaction, happy to hear he was being complimented.

    "Oh yeah, you're doing a great job. Keep going! Just keep going. Mmm, just like that! Fuck, that's so good!!" Uncle Eddie panted as Quin's head bobbed up and down faster, his tongue working the underside of Eddie's dick. The tip of the dick was meanwhile all the way up against the back of Quin's throat. Eddie raised his hips off the couch and started fucking Quin's mouth, making him gag a couple of times.

    "That's it, fuck his throat," Luiz egged them on from the sidelines.

    "I'm not gonna be able to make it much longer," Eddie admitted. "I'm getting close. I'm gonna nut soon."

    "Go for it! Nut down your nephew's throat! You know he wants it," Luiz said, jacking faster.

    "You want it boy?" Eddie asked, looking down.

    "Mhm!" Quin nodded enthusiastically with a mouthful of avuncular dick.

    "Fuck yeah, you gonna get it then. Fuck yeah, here it comes. Oh, shit! Fuck. Almost there. Just keep going. Keep going! Mmmmmmm, aaaahhhhh!!!"

    With that, Uncle Eddie blasted inside his nephew's cocksucking throat. The sperm shot right down Quin's gullet and into his stomach, tasting sweeter than any cum the teenager had ever tasted before. Quin continued to work hard on it, with both his hands, lips, and tongue; determined to extract every last drop of his uncle's jizz and swallow it all down.

    It took Eddie over a minute to finish shooting and begin to calm down. Finally, Quin slowly moved his head off of Uncle Eddie's dick, letting it plop out of his mouth. Eddie looked at Luiz, who had shot a load all over himself while watching the teen swallow his own uncle's seed. 

    The three guys all stood up to have some water and get dressed. Feeling tired after cumming and working a shift, Luiz soon headed out and went home to get some sleep. With that, uncle and nephew were left alone, wondering what to do and say after what just happened.

    "Do you wanna… spend the night? We could do a sleepover?" Uncle Eddie suggested.

    A huge smile appeared on Quin's face.

    "I'd love to," he replied, already looking forward to the night ahead.

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