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Loaded Lap Dance

    When his Uncle Eddie moved in with them, Quin wished he could take a week off school just to hang out with him. Having Uncle Eddie around was always so much fun, but unfortunately, with Quin spending all day at school and Eddie always disappearing in the evenings, that only left the uncle and nephew time to chat in the mornings.

    Every morning, Uncle Eddie wore a different pair of sexy underwear in the kitchen. Quin was becoming obsessed with checking them out; even though, of course, he never admitted it. He told himself that he's curious "about the clothes," not the man that was in them. All of his uncle's underwear was super tight and revealed more than it hid. Quin tried to act cool, but he had to start getting dressed before going down to the kitchen these days, since he always popped a boner when he saw Eddie in his briefs, and it was easier to hide a boner in jeans and a hoodie rather than just boxer shorts.

    Thankfully, the weekend rolled up soon enough, which meant that Eddie and Quin finally had some time to catch up. "I wanna talk to you about something," Uncle Eddie said, inviting Quin to sit down with him for some coffee on Saturday morning.

    "Sure," Quin replied, discreetly looking at the thin purple briefs his uncle was wearing today. The front of the underwear had a special pouch that housed Uncle Eddie's junk, which bounced left-to-right in a VERY obvious manner while Eddie made the coffee. Quin found this hypnotizing, and did his best not to be too obvious while staring.

    "I had a talk with your dad," Eddie said after both of them had sat at the table with a cup of hot coffee each. "He told me you... came out to him a couple of weeks ago."

    "Oh. Yeah, I guess," Quin smiled.

    "Well good for you," Eddie smiled back. "I gotta say, I'm kinda surprised you didn't come to me first."

    "Well, I wasn't really intending on 'coming out' or anything. Dad just started talking to me about sex with girls and I really didn't wanna put either of us through that conversation."

    "Yeah, I don't blame ya. So, he mentioned you've known a couple of years?" Eddie asked casually before blowing on his coffee and taking a sip.

    "That's what I told him. But honestly... I've always known. Like, ever since I was little. I didn't know how to explain that to Dad, but you probably understand."

    "I do, yes," Eddie nodded before asking, "So, are there any special guys at your school?"

    "Fuck, no!" Quin laughed out loud. "Like, there's only a couple of gay guys I know of, and I don't wanna go after any of them. Not at school, ew, no!"

    "I know what you mean. I was always chasing after college guys when I was your age. NOT that that's what you should be doing," Uncle Eddie quickly corrected himself, trying to sound more stern and paternal, but still shooting his nephew a mischievous wink.

    "Riiiight," Quin just shook his head and smiled, taking a sip of coffee to hide his grin.

    "For what it's worth, I think your dad should've asked your permission before telling me, but I understand why he did it. Listen, if you need to talk about anything, and I mean ANYTHING, feel free to come to me with any questions," Eddie said reassuringly. 

    "Thanks, Uncle Eddie. And hey... I'm sorry to hear you're in a rough spot money-wise but I gotta say, I'm really happy to have you staying with us here."

    "Aww, thanks, sweetie," Eddie rubbed the back of his nephew's shoulder.

    "I just wish I didn't have to go to school all day so we could have more time to hang out."

    "Hey, school's important! If anything, I'm the one who should learn to stay at home in the evenings every now and then. But being in this house all day AND night would drive me insane. But hey, why don't you come out with me tonight? I'm going to Q, that gay bar in the Village."

    "Can I get in?"

    "Oh, please! I know everyone there. Just stick with me and you can get in anywhere. I think you'll like it. It's a younger crowd, so most people won't be much older than you."

    Quin was thrilled by the invitation, but hesitant about imposing on his uncle.

    "Are you sure? Cuz I don't wanna be a cockblock," he asked, using a word he could only use when his dad wasn't around.

    "Of course. Plus, I've been spending a fortune on Ubers since moving here. You can be my designated driver tonight."

    "Deal," Quin agreed. "Listen, I got a lot of math homework and if we're going out tonight I wanna get cracking and get as much of it done as possible. But I'll see you in a bit."

    Quin took his coffee, gave his uncle a hug, and went to his room with a smile on his face. Once there, however, he couldn't focus on homework, and opened up his uncle's blog on his computer instead.

    "Events... Saturday night... Q... There we go!" Quin searched through the listings. The entry read: "The best venue in the Village to get the party started on a Saturday! 2-for-1 on select cocktails until 10pm and the hottest gogo boys dancing all night long!" Next to it was a photo of a hot young guy, not much older than Quin himself, dancing on top of the bar and smiling at the camera, wearing nothing but a pair of tiny white speedos, while surrounded by hundreds of bar patrons. The dancer's almost-naked body was phenomenal, and Quin had no idea why most of the customers were ignoring him. "I would be all over that if I were there," Quin thought. 

    It was Uncle Eddie's blog that helped Quin realize that he was gay in the first place. It was linked in all of his uncle's social media profiles, so it was never a secret. Quin started visiting it as early as he could remember. Many of the articles had gone over his head at the time, whether they were about same-sex marriage being legalized in various countries around the world or issues like gay representation in the media.

    The other half of the articles was much easier to understand, however. Titles like "10 Hot Canadian Athletes You Didn't Know Were Gay" or "Toronto Firemen Pose Naked for Charity Calendar" got young Quin's attention. Some of them came with an 18+ warning, that Quin ignored and clicked through anyway. He had no idea what admiring these sexy men might mean at the time, but he made sure to check his uncle's blog daily for regular updates.

    Del had never installed any kind of "child protection" programs on any of the devices in the house. For a while after his wife's death, Del was in too much of a haze to think about stuff like that. As Quin grew up, he was such a responsible and polite child, that his father never worried about him looking up anything "inappropriate" online, and when Quin became a teenager Del knew that he could probably hack through most of those programs anyway.

    Still, finding gay porn on his teenage son's computer had come as a shock to Del. "What was I expecting? Just because I don't look at porn, doesn't mean my son wouldn't," Del tried telling himself. He was fully aware that the vast majority of men DO indeed look up porn, including teenagers... especially teenagers! 

    There was something about this whole scenario that made Del feel... inadequate. All those keywords and categories he'd seen on his son's computer left him feeling confused. From what he could remember back in his day, porn consisted of three categories: blonde, brunette, or ebony. Now his son was looking up cruising and rimming, whatever the hell that was?!!

    Every time he passed his son's room now, Del felt a weird force luring him in, tempting him to sit in front of Quin's computer again. And tonight, it was stronger than ever! It was a Saturday night, and Quin and Eddie had gone out together without offering many details on where they were going or when they'd be back, other than "Don't wait up for us." That gave Del several hours home alone and, like an addict, he looked at Quin's half-open door every time he passed it.

    Finally, Del succumbed to the temptation and went into his son's room. Quin's bed was full of clothes he had tried on before going out. Wherever it was Eddie was taking him, Quin clearly wanted to dress to impress. His computer was running in sleep mode. Just like the father had never bothered installing child safeguards, the son had never bothered locking his computer with a password.

    Del clicked through a couple of tabs of computer games and YouTube videos, until he stumbled upon half a dozen tabs of porn. From what he could remember, all of them were different than what he'd seen last time on Quin's computer. Some of them were of gay couples fucking or sucking each other's dicks. One video was of a gay threesome. It was paused during a scene where all of the men were kissing, three tongues touching at the same time. The final video was the longest, over 45 minutes, but only featured one guy. "Jerk off with me #4," the title said.

    Feeling curious, Del played the video. The guy looked young, in his early 20s. He was very conventionally attractive, with blond hair and blue eyes, but the best feature on his face was his radiant smile. He was sitting at his desk in nothing but a pair of bright-blue briefs. They were the kind that Del's brother wore; the kind that left nothing to the imagination. Del could see why his son would find someone like this attractive. The boy was not only cute, but he had a banging body! Besides, even though Del wasn't gay, he couldn't help but admire how the guy's bulge looked in his underwear.

    "Hey guys, welcome to another wank with me video," the guy said, and the name Eric briefly flashed on the screen. "It's a really hot summer here in Boston –" (Del realized this must be an older video) "– and my parents and boyfriend are out, so I decided to shoot another free video for you guys. Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a supporter on my page, it really means the world. I'll have another video for you guys up as well, so check your feed. In the meanwhile, you know what we need: poppers, if you have any, and some lube."

    The boy held up a small bottle into the camera and took a whiff. Del had no idea what poppers were, but he looked around his son's desk as if he would find some. He didn't, but he noticed something equally as interesting: a jar of Vaseline. "Why would Quin keep Vaseline on his desk, unless..." Del opened the jar and noticed that it was half empty.

    "Now, go ahead and get naked with me," Eric said in the video. "C'mon, don't be shy! Do it."

    Del felt like the boy was speaking to him, almost as if he could see him. He looked around, making sure he was alone in the room, even though he knew he was. 

    "Hurry up!" Eric prompted with a cute smile, and for some reason unknown to him, Del decided to obey. He took off his sweatpants and sweatshirt, standing in his son's room in his boxer briefs and socks now.

    "Take everything off. Your underwear, socks, shoes, everything!" Eric said. "And I'll do the same."

    The handsome boy got up and pulled down his blue briefs, unleashing a nice-looking cut cock with neatly-trimmed pubes around it. Del, who hadn't seen many men's dicks in his life, found himself admiring the courage and beauty of the boy on screen.

    Del decided to do what he was told, and took off his socks before sliding down his underwear and leaving it on the floor.

    "Sit down and take a whiff of poppers," the boy said, inhaling again. Del had nothing to do so he waited, sitting bare-assed on his son's chair.

    "Now, put your dominant hand on your cock and slowly start stroking it," Eric continued as faint music started to play in the background. He watched as the boy started rubbing his cock, which grew longer and thicker.

    "Go slowly," Eric directed, and Del finally looked down at his own cock. For the first time in a couple of weeks (other than while taking a piss or a shower) Del touched his own dick. He went slowly, just like the boy told him to. After a few minutes of stroking slowly, Eric helped himself to some lube out of a flip-cap bottle. Looking around his son's desk, Del reached for the jar of Vaseline and took out a handful, rubbing it on his semi-hard dick. As he did, he imagined Quin sitting in this very chair, helping himself to the very same jar of Vaseline, maybe even jerking off while watching this very same video.

    Del never used lube when jerking off, and it was an interesting, new sensation. Soon, he was fully hard, sporting his entire 9 inches. He took some more Vaseline and rubbed it on his shaft top-to-bottom. Looking at the screen, Eric was rock-hard as well, showing his cock off for the camera, all the while donning a cheeky smile on his face.

    Del watched as the boy's smooth balls bounced around while he stroked. Then, Eric got up from his chair and turned around, giving the camera a view of his ass. 

    "Fuck!" Del said out loud, even though he rarely swore. He wasn't used to seeing men with asses this nice! Eric seemed aware of his own assets, and he made his booty jiggle and flex on camera, before turning around again and showing off his hard cock again, glistening with lube and by now, probably, precum.

    Del and Eric went on for over half an hour, jerking off together like this. For most of the video, the American boy looked right in the camera and Del looked at the screen; if they were in the same room, they would've been making eye contact. 

    Del had never gone this long masturbating as an adult, but having someone to guide him through it made it easier. Eric came up with directions like "go slower for a few minutes" and "now, speed up," which kept Del on the edge without letting him cum prematurely. He found his heart pumping faster than usual, as shots of pleasure traveled from his cock all the way through his body.

    Soon, there were less than 5 minutes of video left. Eric kept encouraging Del to go faster, and stop only when he was at the very edge. Then, just as Del started to feel like he was at the point of no return, Eric turned around and showed off his ass, before bending down and spreading his cheeks open, flashing a pink, pulsing hole. 

    "FUCK!" Del shouted as he started to spray his load all over his son's desk. As if he could tell he was cumming, Eric quickly turned around and started to shoot his own load in front of the camera. Both men came simultaneously, and Del breathed deeply, shooting his biggest nut in a VERY long time.

    "Thanks for cumming with me," Eric winked into the camera. "Have a lovely rest of your day." He blew a kiss and the screen went black.

    As he calmed down from his amazing orgasm, Del started to look at the mess he'd made. "Shit shit shit. Shit!" he swore, looking at the math homework on Quin's desk. It was soaked in his dad's cum now!

    Even though Del felt like a terrible father for this, he couldn't help but laugh out loud for a few seconds at the absurdity. Quickly, he got a towel and dabbed the papers dry. Even though the writing was salvaged, it was still obvious the papers had been soaked in something. "I really came this much?" Del wondered, admiring the amount of jizz he'd shot out.

    "He's with me," Eddie said with his arm around his teenage nephew, and the bouncer let them in. The bar was fairly full by now, and Eddie was feeling nice and tipsy after the drinks he had in the car while Quin drove them here from the suburbs. 

    In the crowd, multiple people waved and smiled at Eddie when they saw him come in. It made him happy, especially now that he no longer lived right around the corner. He might be staying at his brother's house, but this, this felt like home.

    Eddie spotted a few familiar faces who had a table all to themselves. He walked up and joined them, introducing everyone to Quin. If anyone thought Quin looked too young to be here, they knew to ignore it, or maybe they all assumed he was already 19. Eddie got them a couple of drinks (just soda for Quin) and they sat down at the table, talking loudly over the music and the crowd.

    "Cheers. To our first night out as two gay guys," Eddie raised his glass.

    "Cheers to that," Quin nodded, wishing he could have some alcohol as well but taking his duty as designated driver seriously. 

    "So what'd you think about this place?" Eddie spoke loudly in Quin's ear, as his nephew looked around at the crowd of mostly young gay men and some of their girlfriends.

    "It's cool. I think I've been here before. You brought us here a few years ago, during Pride. It was the middle of the day so it looked different, but I'm pretty sure it's the same spot."

    "Oh yeah, you're right," Eddie agreed. It had been a day when "anything goes," so Quin was allowed in even back then, waving a huge rainbow flag, even before anyone knew he was gay.

    Quin was sad to see there was no hot shirtless boy dancing on the bar, although there were a couple of patrons who had taken their shirts off, something that nobody seemed to object to. The naked torsos drew Quin's attention immediately, and he admired them from a distance, wishing he had the courage to talk to some of them. Meanwhile, across from them at the table, two of Eddie's friends who seemed to be a couple started making out. Quin always thought that some of the straight couples at his school took their PDA overboard when in the hallways, but these two guys were REALLY going for it. As he watched their tongues go in and out of each other's mouths just a few feet away, Quin started to pop a boner under the table, and looked down to make sure it wasn't obvious to anyone, especially his uncle sitting right next to him.

    A short while later, the music got even louder. The crowd started to cheer and it took Quin a few moments to realize what was happening. Three gogo boys were climbing on top of the bar, and Quin was shocked to see they were wearing nothing but jockstraps! The crowd went wild. Quin had expected dancers in speedos or underwear, but jocks?! His cock got even stiffer under the table, and he was now rock hard. The boys started to dance to the music, but then the one who was nearest to them noticed Uncle Eddie. Quin looked as his uncle and the dancer waved and winked at each other. Next, the gogo boy got off the bar and made his way through the crowd, climbing on top of their table when he reached it.

    "Wooo! Yeah!!" the couple which had been making out stopped kissing just long enough to cheer on the dancer, who was now shaking his ass between them and Quin and Eddie.

    "Go, Luiz!" Eddie shouted. Feeling naughty, Luiz squatted so his bare ass was at Eddie's eye level, and started twerking. Eddie laughed, and smacked his buddy's ass right there at the table. 

    What Luiz hadn't noticed was that the boy sitting next to Eddie was Eddie's nephew. He'd seen a photo of him, but Luiz didn't recognize Quin right away, not until he got a better view. When he finally realized who it was, Luiz was turned on even more by the fact that he was dancing like this right in front of an uncle and nephew who were here together. He had no idea how Eddie had gotten the teenager in here, but he wasn't surprised.

    Still squatting, Luiz turned around so that instead of his ass, it was now his bulge that was right in Eddie's face. The gogo boy started to thrust his hips back and forth, making his cock bounce up and down, almost hitting Eddie in the nose, while Eddie cheered and wolf-whistled. Instead of looking at him, Luiz was busy looking at Quin's face, which seemed absolutely mesmerized by the sexy dance and by everything going on.

    Next thing, Eddie put his hands on Luiz's thighs and started squeezing them, almost reaching as high up as his bulge. Luiz turned around again to shake his ass some more, making his cheeks clap and open as wide as possible, wondering if he was giving the uncle and nephew a view of his shaved hole.

    Eddie had pulled out his wallet, and was now tucking a $5 bill in the strap under one of Luiz's cheeks before giving it another smack.

    "Here," Eddie said to his nephew and handed him another $5 bill. Luiz slid across the table, so his ass was in Quin's face now. He continued twerking, and Quin tucked the money in the strap under the dancer's other ass cheek. 

    Luiz got up and continued to dance on the table, getting tips from a few more people. His cock was chubbing up by now, and Quin couldn't believe his eyes. As exciting as this was for the gogo boy, after about 20 minutes, he needed to take a break. He and Eddie made eye contact and Luiz nodded his head toward the back of the bar.

    Eddie got the message. "I'll be right back," he told his nephew, before finishing his drink and following Luiz to the backroom, that only dancers and bartenders had access to.

    "You want some?" Luiz reached for his jeans which lay abandoned on a chair and pulled out a bag of coke. The two men did two lines each, and started to make out, even more fervently than the couple that was currently making out on the table in front of Quin.

    "You looked so hot out there," Eddie said to the gogo boy. "Gave me a fucking hardon."

    Luiz saw Eddie rubbing his bulge, and he didn't waste any time. The dancer opened Eddie's fly and sucked his hard cock for a couple of minutes, during which the two other gogo boys entered the room. They weren't surprised to see their colleague sucking dick; they'd seen it plenty of times before, and did the same thing themselves. They took their phones out of their clothes and left the room again with a "Have fun!"

    Luiz stood up and turned around, poking his ass out in Eddie's crotch, saying "I'm ready. Fuck me."

    Eddie didn't need asking twice. He took his dick and aimed it at Luiz's hole, which opened up fairly quickly. They didn't have much time; Luiz needed to get back to dancing and Quin would be waiting for Eddie. Still, it was enough for a coke-fueled, 5-minute fuck, as Eddie's cock slammed back-and-forth inside Luiz's hole at a much higher speed than usual. 

    Luiz moaned at the top of his lungs, which wouldn't be heard at the bar only because of the loud music. "Fucking breed me!" he shouted at Eddie.

    "Yeah? You want my fucking cum, huh?" Eddie yelled back. "You want that load, you fucking cumdump?"

    Eddie held onto the waistband of the jock like a reign while fucking the gogo dancer's brains out. The loud music from the other room matched the rhythm of their fuck perfectly. 

    "I'm gonna blow my load inside you! I'm gonna blow my load inside you!!" Eddie started to shout, and two seconds later he was filling his young lover's guts with his seed.

    "Mmm," Luiz took the load, turning his head around so he and Eddie could kiss. When they were done, Luiz stepped forward until he felt Eddie's cock plop out. "I gotta get back to work," he said. He had an idea, and he wanted to do it while the load was still warm.

    They went back to their table, and Eddie took his seat next to Quin. Everyone at the bar was oblivious to what just happened, which made the thing hotter for both Eddie and Luiz. Then, Luiz straddled Eddie and started giving him a short lap dance, while random people in the crowd cheered them on. Eddie enjoyed the dance and slapped Luiz's ass a couple of times, stuffing another bill inside his underwear.

    But then, Luiz left Eddie's lap and moved on to his nephew instead. The gogo boy straddled Quin and started giving him a lap dance, dancing face-to-face at first, rubbing his bulge against him.

    At first, Quin seemed shy and kept his hands to himself. As the crowd continued to cheer, he finally got the guts to put his hands on the dancer's body, and squeezed Luiz's arms a couple of times. Luiz shot him a devilish grin, and moved Quin's hands onto his bare torso. 

    For the first time in his life, Quin was properly feeling up another man's chest and playing with his nipples, something that the gogo boy didn't seem to mind. Indeed, he seemed to encourage it with that grin on his face. Next, the dancer turned around, so that he had his ass in Quin's face now. 

    "Should I do it?" Quin asked himself, and finally found the courage to put his hands on the gogo boy's ass. Quin had been hard throughout the entire dance, but now, he felt like he might explode any minute while kneading the dancer's bare asscheeks, all while the crowd cheered them on. 

    Finally, Luiz bent down, poking his ass out even more. This way, Quin could see in between the dancer's ass cheeks as well as... if he wasn't mistaken.... NO! IT COULDN'T BE!

    Luiz spread his cheeks and pushed something that looked just like cum out his hole. Nobody could see it but Quin, whose head felt like it might explode. Luiz looked back, that devilish smirk still on his face, which seemed to say "Touch it."

    So Quin did. He brought his fingertips closer to Luiz's hole and touched some of the cum that was leaking out of his ass, right there at the table in the middle of the bar while the music played and drunken people danced and made out all around them. Now that he was touching it, Quin KNEW this was cum; he had played with his own enough to tell. It was warm, which meant it was a fresh load. And that's when Quin realized...

    His uncle and the dancer had left the table and come back at the same time just now. This... This was his uncle's load.

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