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The Moment of Truth

    For years now, Del had been slightly jealous of his son's close relationship with his brother Eddie. Del and Quin were always close when Quin was little, spending as much time together as possible. As Quin got older he started to drift away, but Del thought this was normal and just ascribed it to adolescence, even though he wasn't happy about it. Eddie, on the other hand, was the "cool gay uncle," the one Quin could always go to and talk about skipping school or drinking… or giving blowjobs, apparently. 

    Now, Del was starting to wonder if it was time to loosen up when it came to his son. Maybe he didn't need to be a strict dad in order to stir Quin on the right path? All that seemed to do is just cause a rift between them. Now, with just a couple of years until Quin moved out for good, Del wanted to take advantage of the time they had left. Why can't things be the way they used to be when Quin was little?

    On Saturday morning, Del woke up after a restless night. He'd been having the weirdest dreams. Dreams in which he was watching gay porn (something he'd been doing more and more in real life) but also dreams in which he was jerking off with his brother Eddie, and even getting a blowjob from him! With his head whirling, Del got up and stepped on a white stain on the black carpet. Eddie's jizz from last night. It wasn't a dream! His brother had blown his load right here on the floor, while swallowing Del's sperm. Fuck!

    Del went to the kitchen, surprised to find dishes in the sink. Someone had already had breakfast. While standing there in his pajama pants, Del was suddenly joined by his teenage son, wearing nothing but a pair of basketball shorts, the same ones from last night.

    "Morning, Dad," Quin said cheerfully and did something uncharacteristic: kissed Del on the cheek.

    "M– Morning," Del mumbled. "You had breakfast already?"

    "Yeah. Lamar and I were up early and I cooked him breakfast. He left, but he said to say thank you for inviting him. He had a great time."

    That's right, Quin's boyfriend was here last night. Del started to remember everything, his head throbbing from the cocktails he'd drunk. Lamar even spent the night in Quin's bed. "He had a great time" … Del wondered what that meant.

    "What did you and Uncle Eddie do last night?"

    "Huh?" Del shook his head, still feeling groggy.

    "I said, what did you and Uncle Eddie do last night after we went to my room?" Quin repeated himself.

    "We… we just had some drinks and watched a movie," Del said. Truth was: there were two movies; the rom-com in the living room, and the late-night porn in Del's bedroom. Yet he couldn't possibly reveal that to his son. "Wh– What did you and Lamar do?" Del asked instead.

    "Oh, we just watched a movie in my room," Quin said, trying to hide his smirk, as the father and son sat across from each other at the table with two cups of coffee.

    "What… What kinda movie?" Del said, taking a sip of his coffee and starting to come back to reality.

    "Dad! It wasn't that kinda movie," Quin laughed, scratching his balls absent-mindedly. "We just watched Netflix, I swear. We just didn't wanna hang out with you geezers in the living room."

    The fact that they were even joking about porn felt like a step in the right direction for Del. He was tired of this "good cop, bad cop" routine, where Eddie was the fun one and Del was the stick in the mud. He wanted his son to feel free to come to him for anything as well. 

    "So, Lamar seems nice," Del said, which brought a smile to his son's face. "How did you guys meet?"

    "Um, promise you won't get mad?"

    "Sure," Dal said, determined to rebuild his reputation as a cool dad.

    "We met at a bar."

    "What? How… How did you get into a bar?" Del asked as coolly as possible.

    "Uncle Eddie snuck me in," the teen laughed.

    "Of course he did," Quin's dad rolled his eyes. "And why wasn't I invited?" he asked next. That's something a cool person would say, right?

    "Oh. Guess we never thought you'd be interested. It was a gay bar."

    "I have no problem with gay bars."

    "Have you ever been in one?" Quin laughed.

    "I'm sure your uncle's dragged me to one at some point," Del said. "If not, you can –"

    But Del never got to finish his sentence, because his son spilled his coffee all over his shorts.

    "Shit!" Quin stood up quickly. Thankfully the coffee wasn't scorching hot anymore, but it was still an uncomfortable feeling. Without thinking too much, Quin took off his basketball shorts, standing there in just his briefs.

    "Guess these are going in the laundry," the teen said and set his shorts aside.

    "Are you wearing… your uncle's underwear?" Del enquired. He was surprised to see his son in a purple pair that perfectly outlined Quin's cock, leaving next to nothing to the imagination; the type of obscene underwear Eddie usually pranced around in.

    "Oh. He let me have these, and a bunch more," Quin said, adjusting his bulge and trying to make himself look more "discreet," as if that were possible considering what he was wearing. "He has hundreds of pairs, companies send them to him for free."

    "Oh, okay," Del said, remembering the days he and Quin would go shopping together, and Quin would ask him for Superman or Batman undies. Times sure have changed.

    "Anyway, I think Uncle Eddie's going out to the Village again tonight. If you want, we can join him? Saturday nights are always fun," Quin offered.

    "Sure," Del smiled, happy to be invited by his son. The plan seemed to be working.

    "I'll go drop these in the hamper," Quin said, picking up his wet shorts. 

    "Hey, Son," Del yelled after him, "you think I could have one of those… those briefs? Like the ones you have on?" he asked spontaneously, sick of feeling excluded from the sexy-underwear club.

    "Sure, Dad," Quin smiled and disappeared upstairs. A couple of minutes later, he was back in the kitchen with two pairs of underwear. 

    "These ones make your ass look bigger," he said, handing them to his father. "And these ones are for your junk. Depends on what you're tryna accentuate."

    "Ha. I'll keep that in mind," Del thanked his son. He reached to pat Quin on the lower back but just then, Quin moved, and Del's hand ended up right on his son's ass.

    That day, Del and Eddie never mentioned what happened between them the night before. Del felt grateful for that, since he had no idea what the hell to say anyway. Eddie was in good spirits all day, and he agreed to sneak Quin in at the bar again so the three of them could all go out.

    The night out at the gay bar had exceeded Del's expectations. The place was MUCH wilder than he anticipated, with gogo boys dancing practically naked, in underwear that concealed even LESS than Eddie's usual outfits. One of them, a dancer named Luiz who was close to Eddie, seemed particularly interested in making Del's acquaintance and had even given him a short lap dance. Luckily, the bar was dark, so nobody could see that Del popped a boner while receiving the dance, mesmerized by the dancer's bare asscheeks while the boy twerked in nothing but a jockstrap right in Del's face.

    But the most important part of the evening was all the time Quin and Del spent together. Quin's boyfriend Lamar wasn't out tonight, so the father and son had plenty of time to chat at the bar, since Uncle Eddie was busy with his usual throng of friends and hangers-on. After a few hours, Eddie announced that he's moving on to a club next and then spending the night at Luiz's, which meant Quin and his dad would be headed home alone. "Just as well," Del thought, since he was about ready to bounce. As fun as the night was, it was way too late for him.

    The father and son took a cab back to the suburbs, and laughed about things only drunk people find funny. Yes, Del had even allowed Quin to drink in front of him, and he felt proud that his son had cut himself off after only a few drinks, rather than binge-drink all night like a typical teen given a carte blanche. 

    Back at their house, Del and Quin laughed and chatted all the way to the couch, where they both slumped side-by-side.

    "Tonight was great, Dad! Thanks for coming out. And thanks for letting me go," Quin said.

    "No problem. Just don't forget to drink plenty of water before going to sleep," Del said, unable to control his fatherly instincts.

    "I will. As a matter of fact, I'll get us some now," Quin said, and headed to the kitchen. When he came back a couple of minutes later, carrying two bottles of water, Quin had most of his clothes off and was only wearing socks and another pair of sexy briefs that his uncle had given him.

    "I had to get more comfortable, I was so fucking hot," Quin said, twisting his water bottle open. He wasn't usually the type of kid who swore in front of his dad, but things were obviously changing between then. 

    "That's okay," Del said. "Listen, there's something I wanted to talk to you about. Remember how a couple of months ago I was going to have… a sex talk with you?"

    "Yeah, when you asked me if there are any girls at school that I like," Quin laughed, facing his father and spreading his legs open absent-mindedly.

    "Yes, well, and then you told me you were into guys and I sorta… abandoned the conversation. The thing is, Son, I shouldn't have done that. Guys or girls, I shouldn't treat it any differently, even if I have no experience –"

    "Dad, it's fine!" Quin interrupted. "I'm more than okay not having a birds-and-the-bees kinda conversation with you. Like, maybe that was necessary back in the day, but like, we learn stuff from the Internet now."

    "Well that's just it. You shouldn't learn stuff from the Internet! That's not like in real life. It can mess you up even more," Del said, feeling less nervous to talk about all this now that he had a few drinks in his system. Besides, if he could get his dick sucked by his own brother, he could do something as simple as having a sex talk with his son.

    "Dad, I don't watch porn thinking it's real life. Besides, I have people I can talk to about stuff like that, real people."

    "Like your Uncle Eddie?" 

    "Well, yes," Quin said quietly. For the first time tonight, he looked embarrassed.

    "Quin, it's okay!" Del moved closer to his son on the couch and put one hand on his bare knee. "Eddie told me about it."

    "HE DID?"
    "Yeah, he said you wanted to…" – it took Del a second to get the words out – "give your boyfriend a blowjob, and that you had some questions so you went to him."

    "And you're not mad?!" Quin seemed amazed.

    "That you went to Eddie? Of course not, I'm just glad you had someone you could turn to."

    "Oh, Dad, you're the best," Quin smiled and put his arms around his father. "I didn't wanna tell you cuz I was so worried. Like, it all happened so spontaneously. I was just gonna ask some questions but then Luiz said they could show me in person and wow, I couldn't believe what was going on…" Quin carried on a mile a minute.

    It was hard for Del to keep up, but he could tell there was more to this story than Eddie had told him.

    "Why don't you tell me how it happened?" Del asked his son. "And no matter what I won't be mad, I promise."

    "Okay. Well, I wanted to just have a chat with Uncle Eddie about it. About… giving blowjobs. And I met him and he was with Luiz, you know the dancer from tonight? Well, I've known Luiz for a while and I didn't mind talking in front of him. I told them I wanted to… suck Lamar's dick but I wasn't sure how, and Luiz suggested we can go to his place, and he can suck Uncle Eddie off and show me how it's done."

    Del couldn't BELIEVE what he was hearing. He used every ounce of willpower to remain calm.

    "And what did you say?" he asked before finishing his bottle of water in one gulp.

    "I said yes, as long as everyone's okay with it. It was actually really useful! Like, Luiz really guided me through it, as silly as it sounds. Then, when I was at Lamar's place one day and he asked me to… well, to suck his dick, I felt SO MUCH more comfortable, having seen Luiz and Eddie do it. Like, I felt like I knew what I was doing, I was less anxious."

    "Well, it sounds like… it sounds like your uncle did you a real favor," Del said slowly, still wrapping his mind around all this.

    "He did, he really did. But that's not how most people would see it, obviously, which is why I didn't wanna tell you. Oh, Dad, I'm so happy we could talk about things like this now!" Quin bounced on the couch, his bulge shaking up and down as he did so.

    "Yeah. Yes. I'm happy too," Del said, trying to take a sip of water but his bottle was empty. Not sure what to say next, Del asked the first thing that came to mind. "So, is that as far as you and Lamar have gotten, blowjobs? Or, last night when he was here, did you…?"

    "No, we haven't fucked yet," Quin shook his head, visibly much more comfortable talking to his father about this now. Del had no idea how to feel about all this. True, he wanted to bond with his son, but he didn't know it would happen quite so… quickly. 

    "When he was here last night," Quin continued, "we just… sucked each other off again and then jerked off together this morning. I'm upset he couldn't come out tonight, but he's got a study group early tomorrow and he's freaking out about this exam. I really wanted to see him tonight. I was very…"

    "You were very what?" the dad asked.

    "I was very horny," Quin chuckled. "Still am. Did this happen to you when you were my age? I can barely think about anything else."

    "Yeah, well, it definitely comes with the territory of being a teenager. But it's different for different people," Del said and looking down, he noticed the bulge in his son's tight briefs was bigger than before.

    Quin noticed his father looking. Normally, popping a boner in front of his dad would be mortifying, but today seemed to be the day that their relationship was changing, opening up, breaking taboos.

    "See, even right now, I can't control it," Quin laughed, trying to adjust his bulge. "We started talking about blowjobs and jerking off and… it has a mind of its own. It happens even if I don't want it to."

    "I know what you mean. It happened to me just earlier tonight."

    "No way! When?" Quin asked, still fumbling around with his junk on the couch.

    "While that dancer – what did you say his name was, Luiz? – while he was giving me a lap dance," Del decided to be vulnerable and honest with his son.

    "Oh, wow. I mean, I don't blame you, his ass is phenomenal. I guess it means you really need a girlfriend, if you're popping boners to guys now," Quin laughed, but a second later another thought came to his mind. "Dad… have you ever done anything with another guy?"

    This was it. The moment of truth, Del thought. "Can I really admit what happened, or should I lie to my son? What kind of parent do I want to be?"

    "No, I hadn't. Not until… last night."

    "What?!" Quin asked in shock. 

    "While you and your boyfriend were in your room, your uncle walked in on me watching porn. And instead of leaving… well, he decided to join me."

    "YOU ARE SHITTING ME!" Quin yelled out. At first, Del feared that his son was upset and that's why he was shouting, until Quin started to laugh out loud. "I didn't know you guys did stuff like that!"

    "We don't! We never did. I told you, last night was a first."

    "I mean, you hear stories about brothers jackin' off together, or the older brother teaching the younger one how to jerk off and stuff like that, but I never knew if stuff like that actually happens or if it's just fantasies," Quin said. Interestingly enough, his hand remained on his bulge this entire time and his dick was only getting bigger, so much so that it was even starting to poke out of his briefs – a sight which didn't escape his father.

    "It never happened to us growing up," Del assured his son. "And then last night… it just sorta did."

    "Dayum! I'm jealous."


    "I mean, if I were there, it would've been the whole family."

    "Haha, yes, I guess so," Del chuckled uncomfortably. What was his son insinuating?

    "You know… Lamar has this friend down in the States, and the friend's dad is a model or something like that. The two of them just met recently, and… they've hooked up. The father and son."

    "Quin, why are you telling me all this?" Del asked.

    "Well, it's just that Lamar was telling me the story and showing me some photos and stuff, and I dunno… I thought it was kinda weird but also kinda… hot? Like, I dunno, whatever. I just thought… how crazy it must feel, like, if you and I ever, jerked off together or whatever."

    It had been one surprise after the other for Del tonight, but this was the last thing he expected to hear!

    "Son… Have you been… having fantasies about that?" he asked concernedly.

    "No! It's just that… Lamar brought it up, and he really gets off on the story of what happened to Sam and Ben, the father and son I mentioned. And he also… Lamar also thinks you're really hot, so he was just asking me if you and I had ever 'done anything' together or walked in on each other and stuff like that. We just kinda role-played and stuff for a while. It's no big deal, forget I ever mentioned it."

    "What kinda role-play?" Del felt curious.

    "Well… We like role-playing brothers. Which is easy, cuz we kinda look alike. And he's the older brother teaching me how to jerk off. And sometimes we pretend… that our dad walks in on me sucking my brother's dick."

    "And during this role-play, you picture me as the dad?"

    "Well, yes. But nevermind. It's just a game. I'm embarrassed I brought it up."

    Del noticed that his son's bulge definitely didn't look embarrassed: Quin was now fully hard! After years of watching kinky porn online with no parental supervision, Quin was apparently developing a taste for the wilder side of things.

    "Son, no matter what, just know that I don't judge you, okay? And there's no need to feel embarrassed in front of me, ever," Del went into paternal mode, looking straight in his son's eyes (even though it was hard keeping his eyes off Quin's erection).

    "I mean…" Quin said, "since you and Uncle Eddie already did it… Do you think we can jerk off together?"

    Del was almost fully unprepared for this. Almost, but not completely. One part of him was already ready: his cock, which was growing harder in his jeans. Lately, and quite unexpectedly, Del had developed a passion for kinky gay porn himself. Thanks to cam boy Eric and his two dads, Del was acquainted with the whole father-son fetish. Of course, he'd never looked at his own son that way. But now here Quin was, discovering his own sexuality and asking for this himself.

    "Is that something you'd like?" Del asked. "For us to… jerk off together?"

    "I mean, it sounds like fun," Quin admitted with a huge smile.

    Encouraged by what had happened last night with Eddie, Del agreed to cross the line with yet another family member. He got up off the couch and pulled down his jeans, taking off his sweatshirt and standing there in the briefs his son had given him this morning; the pair which increased Del's bulge.

    "I see you decided to wear those," Quin smiled.

    "Yeah, well, every man wants a bigger dick," Del smiled as well.

    "It doesn't look like you need much help in that department."

    Unsure how to respond to that, Del asked "Should we play some porn?"

    "No need," Quin answered. "I mean, we can just kinda do it and then go to sleep."

    "No muss no fuss," Del said awkwardly as his dick grew, starting to poke out of the underwear. 

    "That's right, no biggie," Quin added, and pulled down the front of his own briefs, finally revealing his erection in all its glory.

    Del was amazed! If he and his brother looked like twins in the penis department, Quin's dick reminded Del of a teenage version of himself. The hair around it was was much more sparse, and Quin kept it neatly trimmed. His son's balls hung higher than Del's, and the teenager's dick looked smoother; as if you'd taken Del's dick and photoshopped it to look prettier.

    "C'mon, out with it," Quin encouraged his dad, feeling weird by being the only one with his dick out. "Whoa!" the teen reacted when his father did as he was told and pulled out his 41-year-old dick, now fully hard.

    "Impressive, huh?" he said, slapping his boner against his hand a few times. Del wasn't usually a show-off – far from it – but if there was ever a time to be cocky, this was it. Quite literally.

    The dad sat back down on the couch next to his son, the two of them facing each other. Last night, the two brothers had the porn playing on the computer to look at, but this time there were no distractions.

    "I thought I'd be jerking off with Lamar tonight, but this feels nice as well," Quin chuckled, working his fist up and down on his boner, looking his day in the eyes.

    "Yeah, this feels good," Del agreed, succumbing to the pleasure, working his dick at the same pace as his son.

    Their looks went up and down, left to right, but mostly they focused on one another's dicks. Quin was getting a glimpse of what his dick might grow up to be like in the future, and Del was experiencing a throwback to his past. It was like penis-induced time travel. 

    "All jokes aside, you do have a nice dick, Dad," Quin complimented his father.

    "Thank you. I'm happy to see you take after me."

    "Uncle Eddie's is pretty similar to yours as well."

    That's right! With everything happening, Del had already forgotten that his son had seen Eddie hard and getting his dick sucked. This was the most surreal 24 hours of Del's life!

    "What else did you guys do last night?" Quin asked as he and his dad stroked their cocks for several minutes, their knees bumping against each other occasionally.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, did you just jerk off, like this?" the teen wanted to know.

    "We were watching porn as well. And then…"

    "And then what?" Quin moaned, stroking his dick faster and gripping it tighter. He could tell there was more to the story and he wanted to hear every detail as he got closer to the edge of an orgasm.

    "And then – I wasn't expecting this! – but then, your uncle went down and took my dick in his mouth."

    "Mmm, no way!" Quin stroked faster and faster, almost blowing his load upon hearing that. The entire time, Del's stroking speed matched his son's, so Del was nearing climax as well. "Uncle Eddie sucked you off?"

    "Yeah. Just as – mmm – just as I was about to cum. And fuck, he was good! Ufff, no surprise there. It was quite crazy, really. He reached down and he – mmmmm – and he swallowed my dick until I blew my load inside his mouth."


    With that, the father and son both started cumming simultaneously, busting their nut all over each other's bare legs, unsure whose cum was flying in which direction. The thought of his Uncle Eddie swallowing his dad's cum is what pushed Quin over the edge. He'd been having dirty, family-oriented conversations with his boyfriend thinking they were all fantasies; meanwhile, this was all happening under the same roof. Eddie swallowing Del's cum. Del and Quin jerking off together. 

    "Mmm, fuck! Shit!" Del and his son shouted obscenities while showering each other in their family DNA. Del's goal for the evening had been to bond with his son. And my, had he gotten his wish!

    "Oh my god, that was amazing," Quin said as they finally started to calm down, after a few minutes of intense orgasming for both father and son. Next, Quin got up and went to give his dad a hug. "I love you, Dad."

    "I love you too, Son," Del said, their thighs touching, mixing all the jizz that was on there together. "Now get your ass in bed!"

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