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Toronto Pride

    When Quin's father Del made the offer for Quin's boyfriend to stay at their house during the summer, Quin felt like the luckiest teenager in the world! With the academic year coming to an end, Lamar would have had to go back to the States unless he found a place to stay, and that would've meant the two teens would be separated for a few months, which to them felt like eternity. 

    Luckily, all of that would be avoided thanks to Del's generous offer. Quin couldn't wait to tell Lamar! He went to his apartment near U of T and found it full of boxes and suitcases, since all of the students who lived there were getting ready to move out. The two teen boyfriends had a lovely evening together, sucking each other's dicks. They even almost fucked for the first time – they kept getting closer and closer to it each time they were together – but at the last minute Quin said "not tonight." Lamar was always very understanding and never pushed it further than that.

    When Quin returned home that night, he was in for the surprise of his life. He walked in on his father sucking his Uncle Eddie's dick in the living room, both of them sitting on the couch and completely ignoring the movie playing on the TV. With all the noise, the two brothers didn't even notice Quin walking into the room. 

    "That's it, suck that dick!" Eddie said to his older brother. "Breathe through your nose."

    "It seems… It seems like Uncle Eddie is teaching Dad how to suck a dick," Quin silently concluded. He himself had received a blowjob tutorial from his uncle and a sexy gogo dancer, but this was next level! Quin's own dick grew hard immediately, even though he'd just blown a load down his boyfriend's throat not too long ago. Quin pulled it out and started jacking off as he watched the scene stealthily.

    Uncle Eddie had both of his hands on the back of Del's head, fucking his face with gusto. "I'm gonna bust down your throat!" he announced soon. As he sucked his younger brother's dick, Del was jerking himself off, going faster and faster and nearing the edge as well.

    "AH, FUCK!!!" Eddie shouted, and it was clear to Quin that he was cumming inside his dad's mouth. Del also blew his load, shooting it all over the floor while swallowing his brother's nut. As he watched, Quin couldn't help himself. He started cumming on the floor as well, even letting a "Fuck" escape his lips.

    The expletive was enough to make the two brothers look up and spot the teen standing in the room behind them. All three of them suddenly looked like deer caught in headlights.

    "Hey," Uncle Eddie was the first to react. He had a smile on his face as he looked at his nephew and pulled his own dick out of Quin's dad's mouth with an audible plop. As per usual, Eddie's nonchalant reaction seemed to suggest "this is no big deal."

    "I– I just got back," Quin said stupidly as he stuffed his dick back in his pants.

    "Cool. How is Lamar?" Uncle Eddie asked next, pulling up his underwear.

    "He– He's alright. Really happy he can stay here for the summer," Quin stuttered.

    "Well it'll be fun to have him. For you in particular, I'm sure," Eddie winked at his nephew.

    Meanwhile, Del sat on the couch incredulously, unsure what to do or say. Finally, he packed his own dick away in his pants, getting up and noticing the jizz he'd sprayed on the floor.

    "I'll go clean this up," Del said, heading to the kitchen to get some paper towels.

    "Don't forget that one as well," Eddie said, pointing to the load Quin had also shot on the floor.

    Del and his son made eye contact for a super awkward moment, before Del disappeared to the kitchen. Not wanting to make this any weirder, and feeling guilty after being caught spying, Quin said he was going up to his room and going to sleep.

    "Have a good night," his uncle winked at him once again. "Sleep well."

    After two back-to-back orgasms, Quin had no doubt that he'd do just that.

    The next three weeks went by with no mention of what happened that night. Lamar moved into the Tremblays' house, grateful that he had a place to stay but also that he was allowed to be sharing a bed with Quin.

    "Your dad's definitely cooler than mine," the young American said to his boyfriend.

    The four men lived under one roof, but they only got to see each other in the evenings. Del and Eddie were busy with work (especially Eddie, whose blog was the most popular during Pride season) and Lamar had his summer internship. Even Quin decided to get a summer job, so he wouldn't sit around the house all day. Since he was a decent cook, Eddie hooked Quin up with a job at a gay-owned diner in the Village which advertised on Eddie's blog. Quin found the work in the kitchen intense but exciting, and he even started toying with the idea of doing this long-term in the future.

    After a few busy weeks, everyone decided to take a break just in time for Toronto Pride. They went to watch the parade together, and Eddie sounded like a full-on tour guide with background info on a bunch of local organizations and businesses. Quin had been coming to Pride with his uncle since he was little, but Lamar had only been to one Pride parade before, in Boston. He was amazed that Toronto allowed full nudity, as he watched dozens of people (mostly men) parade naked, some of them even wearing cockrings and sporting semis, all the while families cheered them on.

    "You'd never see that in America," Lamar noted.

    "Sure you do. San Francisco, Seattle… You just need to know where to look," Eddie winked.

    "Uncle Eddie goes to every Pride parade he can every year," Quin filled Lamar in.

    "Yeah, except this year, cuz I'm broke," Eddie said, and clapped his hands as the nude procession continued in front of them. 

    After watching the parade, everyone decided to go to a bar and they picked Q. Personally, Del found the place way too crowded to be enjoyable, and he was looking forward to being back home in the evening. Luckily, there was some eye candy which provided a good distraction, including Luiz, the gogo boy who was the first man Del ever fucked. As the alcohol started to hit, Del even hoped that he might get to sneak off to the backroom with Luiz again, but with the crazy crowd that was here for Pride there was little chance of that happening.

    Finally, Del and his crew agreed to head back home shortly before midnight. As soon as they were in the house, Quin and Lamar ran off to Quin's room, leaving the Tremblay brothers alone on the couch.

    "Wonder what they're up to, huh?" Eddie teased his brother. Eddie enjoyed stirring the pot like this, wondering how it made Del feel to know his son was probably sucking dick upstairs this very moment.

    "I'm sure they're just reading the Bible," Del joked. He wasn't the type to goof off usually, but tonight he was in good spirits after all the drinks (and Luiz's jockstrapped bulge in his face at the bar earlier). 

    The two brothers turned on the TV, and Del even agreed to try one of Eddie's fruity little homemade cocktails rather than beer. About half an hour later, they heard footsteps coming down the stairs and Quin appeared in the living room wearing nothing but a pair of tight green briefs with a white waistband, a boner clearly outlined in them.

    "Uncle Eddie, umm… can I ask you something?" the teenager asked awkwardly, standing in front of his dad and uncle with sweat running down his body.

    "Sure, ask away," Eddie said, looking down and up from Quin's hard-on to his eyes.

    "Umm… I… Can I have another bottle of your poppers? I don't know where I put the ones you gave me."

    "Sure. Top drawer in my nightstand. Help yourself," said Eddie, and his nephew ran off again, his butt stretching the tight briefs.

    "What're poppers?" Del asked his brother. He'd watched his favorite cam boy Eric take them in some of his videos, but he still had no idea what it actually was.

    "Okay, I'll tell you but you can't freak out," Eddie said, and explained the effect of poppers to his brother. Del did feel like freaking out at first, but Eddie convinced him it's not a "hard drug" by any stretch, even though it was illegal in Canada.

    "You know I wouldn't give 'em to him otherwise, c'mon, you know I don't play with shit like that," Eddie reassured Del.

    "But what do they do, why take them?" Del was still confused.

    "Well, they're mostly used by bottoms – guys about to get fucked – to help them relax their muscles."

    "You mean…?"

    "Their asshole, yes," Eddie added matter-of-factly.

    Upstairs, they heard Quin come out of Eddie's bedroom and walk back to his own room. 

    "Do you think he is…?" Del asked his brother.

    "Taking it up the ass? As far as I know they haven't fucked yet, only blowjobs. But… Quin's told me that when they do it, he wants to try being the bottom."

    "Is… being a bottom difficult?" Del asked, still unsure about the intricacies of gay sex, regardless of how many vids he'd recently seen.

    "I'm not gonna lie, it's tricky," said Eddie. "Mostly because it's hard to find good information when you're that age, especially if you're gay. It can hurt, and there's the issue of cleanliness which a lot of people don't know about and it really ruins it. But Quin seems to be pretty informed," he nodded confidently.

    "I'm not sure about this," Del admitted.

    "Why? You said if they're gonna have sex, you'd prefer it to be here where they're safe and comfortable."

    Del didn't know what to say. He looked at the TV, trying to distract himself and not think about his little boy fucking for the first time upstairs. Of course, Quin was no little boy anymore… but it's different when you're a parent.

    About 15 minutes later, Eddie's phone pinged.

    "It's a text from Quin," he said. "I'm gonna go upstairs for a minute."

    Del was shocked to hear this, and curious to find out what it was all about, but Eddie was already gone. Del turned the volume of the TV almost all the way down, and he listened as Eddie walked to Quin's bedroom and opened the door. Next, someone (probably Eddie?) walked from Quin's to Eddie's room, and then back. All of this back and forth felt like torture to Del, who had no idea what was going on.

    "Everything okay up there?!" he finally yelled out, but there was no response. 

    Unable to just sit and do nothing, Del decided to take action. He walked up to his son's room, and saw the door cracked open.

    "Are you guys alright?" Del asked as he entered the room, taken aback by what he saw.

    Quin was completely naked and on all fours on the bed. Behind him, Lamar was just as naked, on his knees, his hard dick rubbing between Del's son's asscheeks. Next to the bed, Eddie was standing fully dressed, observing the two boys like some sorta safety inspector.

    "Everything okay?" Del repeated, slightly panicked.

    "Everything's fine," Eddie reassured him. "They just needed some lube and I brought them some from my room."

    Focusing on Lamar's dick, Del noticed that it was glistening with a liquid that was undoubtedly lube, possibly mixed with some precum that Lamar was leaking. Being seen like this didn't seem to bother Lamar at all; if anything, his dick pulsed and got even larger. It was almost as if he was flexing for Quin's dad.

    Before Del had a chance to move, Lamar put the head of his dick inside Quin's hole. "AH!" Del's son screamed out loud.

    "Are you okay?" Del asked his son.

    "Yes," Quin nodded. "It's just a bit of a shock but it's alright. Hold on."

    Next, Quin reached for the bottle of poppers on the bed. Del watched as his son took a hit of whatever was in the bottle through one nostril, and then the other.

    "Ahhhhh," Quin moaned in pleasure. 

    "Gimme that," Del said, taking the poppers from Quin. If his son was gonna be taking drugs, Del wanted to know what it was. He imitated Quin's action, and took a hit of the poppers from both nostrils.

    "Whoa!" Del said, feeling dizzy for a second and getting wobbly on his feet. After a pleasant, few-second high, the effect was over and it was like it'd never happened. It seemed to have, like Eddie swore, no long-term effects.

    "Ahhh, try going a bit deeper now," Quin said to his boyfriend. The fact that his father and his uncle were in the room didn't bother the teen at all. Quite the contrary: it made him feel safer and closer to them, but it also turned him on to have them watching as he took a dick for the first time. 

    Lamar did what he was told, and he pushed another inch of his dick inside Quin. Del watched the expression on his son's face with concern, hoping this wasn't pain that Quin was experiencing. It was hard to tell, it looked… It looked like both pain and pleasure. Del looked at his son's ass again, taking the lubed up dick little by little.

    "Here, take some more," he said, and he handed his son the bottle of poppers back. Quin accepted it, smiling at his dad as they made eye contact and their hands touched. Quin took two more hits, and let out a loud "Fuck, yeah! Go." With that, Lamar pushed in again, burying almost all of his prick in Quin now.

    "You alright?" Lamar asked his boyfriend, rubbing his back tenderly. "I'm almost all the way in."

    "Yeah. I'm getting used to it," Quin said. He wasn't just talking to Lamar, but to everyone in the room, trying to reassure his dad and his uncle as well. Slowly, he started to rock back and forth, fucking himself on Lamar's dick and asking, "More lube."

    Eddie jumped at that, like he were a servant waiting to be given a task. He was holding the bottle of lube in his hand and he squirted some on Lamar's dick himself, before adding some on Quin's ass as well, watching it slide down his crack and onto his hole.

    The two teens were slowly getting into the swing of things by now. They were both rocking back and forth, appearing more confident with each thrust. Quin took another hit of poppers but then let the bottle fall on the bed and ignored it. Lamar was now in balls-deep. He held Quin's cheeks spread open, moving harder and harder each second.

    There was no need for Del and Eddie to stand here and supervise, but Del found himself rooted to the spot, unable to move. Eddie sensed his brother's nervousness, so he took Del's hand and held it. The two of them smiled at each other, before turning to Quin's bed again and watching the action. The boys were now almost fully in their element. They weren't just "trying to" fuck. They were doing it!

    Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for the teenagers to start panting and saying they were close to cumming. Del realized he had a raging boner in his pants, but he ignored it, which was easy to do because the action on the bed was so distracting. Quin closed his eyes and moaned out loud in what was now pleasure, no pain. Lamar was thrusting harder, really giving Del's boy a good dicking. Eddie squeezed his brother's hand, as if to say "Ain't ya proud of them?"

    "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!" Lamar was shouting a moment later, his eyes closed as he got ready to breed Quin's ass. Del stood by the bed, watching as his son took his first load of cum. Lamar let out a loud grunt and started spilling his jizz inside Quin's guts. Del couldn't see the cumshot, but he knew at this very moment it was filling his son's insides.

    "FUCK YES! That feels great!" Quin yelled and opened his eyes, making eye contact with his dad. Quin felt his boyfriend's load shooting inside him and it felt amazing! As he felt cum seeping inside his ass for the first time, Quin looked in his father's eyes. There was no judgment there, just pride.

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