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We're Family, Bro!


    Living together with Rory was going even more smoothly than I expected, and that made me extremely happy. After all, I took a risk when I offered to move in with him. We'd become such good buddies over the past year, but you never know: sometimes moving in with someone could upend everything.

    Besides, I was in no rush to leave my previous roommates. I got along with them, and they tolerated my nudity. I didn't think of myself as "a nudist" specifically, but I was naked more often than not when at home. Luckily, this was New York. People had seen it all and heard it all.

    For the most part, nudity was just comfortable for me. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a certain kick out of it as well. Yes, I knew Rory's straight, and I definitely didn't want to fuck up my friendship with him. Yet even around him, I enjoyed showing off, and I got a thrill when I'd notice him sneak a peek once in a while. We'd had a few chances to play together in the past (although, never everything too hardcore) and I cherished having those memories with the guy I considered my best buddy.

    Whenever Rory had guests over though, I'd cover up to be respectful. At least when I knew that someone was there.

    "Oh, shit!" I said on my way to the kitchen when I realized there was a guy sitting there. I pulled down my headphones and left them hanging around my neck. They were the only item I had on my naked body.

    "Sorry. I didn't hear anyone come in," I apologized.

    "No worries," the young guy who was sitting at our kitchen table smiled and got up to offer me his hand. "I assume you're Ian?"

    Since he was approaching me, he didn't seem to be freaked out by my nakedness.

    "Yes," I smiled back and shook his hand, feeling my balls swinging between my legs.

    "I'm Cole. A friend of Rory's."

    Cole's smile was captivating, and I couldn't quite tell if it was merely friendly or flirty. I was flirty with almost everyone, so maybe I was imagining it. Up until now, I'd never met another friend of Rory's and I was happy to do so (and maybe just a teensy bit jealous).

    I heard the toilet flush and turned around to see Rory coming out of the bathroom, zipping up his fly. 

    "Oh. I see you guys've already met."

    "Yup," Cole nodded.

    "I was just coming to check what's in the fridge for dinner," I gave an excuse for my nudity, even though no one asked me.

    "We were just gonna order some food. Wanna join us?" Rory asked me.

    "Um, yeah, that sounds great," I accepted the invitation. "Lemme just go put some clothes on."

    "Don't do it just for my sake," Cole added. He kept smiling, so I wasn't sure if he was joking or not.

    "You sure?" I asked.

    "Yeah, man. It's your place after all."

    "Then how about I mix us some drinks instead?" I added, and went to the fridge.

    It was a good thing that we were ordering food, because the only thing in our fridge was alcohol and soft drinks. I improvised and made us Cosmos, served in wine glasses since that's all we had.

    "Cheers!" we all said, sitting on the couch in front of the TV, with Rory in the middle.

    "So how do you guys know each other?" I asked.

    "Cole's one of the guys from my Daddy & Me classes," my roommate answered.

    "Oh really?!" I was surprised to hear that. With his arms covered in tattoos and his smoldering smile, Cole didn't look like someone's dad. Granted, what does that even mean anymore? I mean, not like Rory fit the old-fashioned stereotype.

    During our conversation (both before and after the food arrived), Cole and I really hit it off. He was a native New Yorker as well, just a few months younger than me, and we seemed to have a lot in common. I made sure to drop hints that I was into guys. Irritatingly, though, Cole kept referring to his ex as "his partner" and never offered anything more than that. Honestly, my intuition told me he was probably (and regrettably) straight, but I didn't want to give up so easily.

    After dinner, just as we were starting to get tipsy, Rory's phone rang.

    "Hello," he answered. "No, he's not here."

    While my roommate was on the phone, Cole and I kept quiet and made eye contact. I reached between my legs and "casually" adjusted my balls, watching to see if Cole's eyes moved to look. For a brief second, I could swear they did. 

    "No, I have no idea," Rory continued. "Is everything okay?"

    Cole looked back up at me and licked his lips. Was it a coincidence, or was he reacting to my advances? I was usually into older guys, but he was so fucking hot. Besides, he was technically a daddy as well.

    "Okay. Are you sure you're okay? What are you doing tonight? 'Cause I can drop by if you want me to," Rory told whoever was on the phone, and a short while later they hung up.

    "That was Owen. My brother-in-law," he explained for Cole. "He was calling to check if my brother was here. To be honest, he sounds kinda... off. I think I might go to his place and check up on him."

    "Oh. Okay..." Cole reacted.

    "Feel free to hang out here," Rory said, to my great pleasure. I'd just made a fresh batch of drinks and I was hoping to get to spend some more time with Cole. Even if he wasn't into guys; he seemed like a cool person to hang out with.

    "Sure man, if you don't mind," Cole looked from Rory to me.

    "Yes, stay. We can finish up our drinks," I said and got up to give Rory a hug goodbye. "Let us know if you need anything," I told him.

    "Will do," he said, patting my bare back. "You behave," he whispered in my ear, then lowered his hand and gave me a smack on the ass.

    A few moments later, Rory was out the door, and Cole and I were back on the couch, sitting next to each other now. I sat down on his left, with my legs spread open.

    "Cheers," he raised his glass with his right hand and proposed a toast, "to new acquaintances."

    "Cheers to that," I said mischievously and took a sip. 

    As we drank, Cole's left hand slid toward me and ended up on the inside of my hairy thigh. He smiled at me again and this time I knew I wasn't imagining his interest.



    I was exhausted! I'd committed to taking every shift I can, and signing up even more clients, which meant I'd now been working for twelve days straight without a break. Thinking of the money I was making kept me motivated, but I was also thankful to finally have a day off tomorrow. 

    I needed to make things up to my husband. But, when I got home, Taylor wasn't there. I took all my clothes off to get comfortable, and then I reached for my phone. I tried texting him, but noticed the texts weren't being delivered. I tried calling next and sure enough: his phone was off.

    My first thought was that my husband was out cruising for some dick. Had he been out all day, is that why his battery died? I pictured him on his knees in a cruisy park somewhere, letting one guy after the other come up to him and get their cocks serviced. It made my own cock stir. I was hornier than I liked to admit.

    "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," I told myself and thought I'd first check with some friends, in case Taylor was with them. Sawyer and Brock were out on a date, and they had no idea where Taylor might be. I wished them a pleasant evening and hung up, feeling envious of their date night. 

    Taylor and I hadn't been on a date since that time Rory joined us at Sawyer's restaurant. Come to think of it... that was also the last time my husband and I had sex. Almost three weeks now. That was eternity for us! Possibly our longest dry spell ever.

    Thinking of Rory, I figured I'd call him next. He had no information on his brother's whereabouts either, but he sensed something was wrong.

    "Are you sure you're okay? What are you doing tonight? 'Cause I can drop by if you want me to," he offered. I told him there was no need, but truth be told, I was kind of hoping he'd show up. Compared to the bright lights at the busy gym, this apartment felt dark and empty, and I couldn't stomach waiting for Taylor by myself tonight.

    Less than half an hour later, my young brother-in-law was on my doorstep. Without saying a word, I gave him a tight hug and felt both his hands patting my back.

    "Hey there. You okay, buddy?" he asked on his way in. I shut the door before any of the neighbors got a chance to see I was fully naked.

    "Yeah. I'm just not used to not being able to reach Taylor."

    "Do you think anything bad might've happened?"

    "No, not at all. It's Saturday, he's probably been out all day and didn't get a chance to charge his phone. His battery's been shit lately."

    "Well, why don't I hang out with you until he gets back?" Rory offered, and I felt like giving him another hug just for that.

    "Can I get you something to drink?" I asked.

    "I was having vodka earlier," he said. "So let's keep going with that."

    "Shit, were you hanging out with anyone? Sorry, man, I really didn't want to disturb you."

    "Don't be ridiculous. We're family, bro! C'mon, finish those drinks and come to the living room."

    We sat down on the couch, and I started to talk. I shared how I felt like I was going through a weird time. I'd been working more than ever, and it was making me worry that I was neglecting Taylor. My husband didn't seem like himself either, lately. And it was difficult to talk about this with anyone, because most of the friends we had were mutual friends and I didn't want to put them in an awkward position.

    Halfway through my monologue, we'd finished our drinks and I made us a second round. As I shared my feelings with Rory I felt naked, in more ways than one.

    "Things just feel... strange right now," I concluded, closing my eyes.

    "I understand," Rory said, and when he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in, I felt like he really did understand. "Sometimes things get out of balance. You just need to nudge them a little; it may not be as tough as you think. It just feels way worse than it actually is because you're on this pessimistic spiral right now. But don't worry, you'll bounce back up. I believe in you."

    "Thanks," I said, cuddling up to my brother-in-law. I leaned more into him, my head on his shoulder, almost resting on his chest. His other arm came around my front and he was embracing me. With pretty much everyone, I was always the bigger guy, the big spoon, the one who did the holding. It felt good to fall into someone else a little. And with Rory especially, it felt safe.

    "Thanks for coming over," I told him. "And for talking to me. How'd you get to be so wise?" I teased, but I was being honest.

    "I dunno, maybe it just happens when you have a kid. I remember freaking out right before Phoenix arrived as well. And then... it's like nothing else matters anymore. You start to let all the petty shit go. And hey, I'll never forget you were there for me as well. You let me stay with you when I came to New York. You were there all the way until the day my son was born, remember?"

    "Do I?!" I chuckled, thinking back of the blowjob I'd given Rory in the hospital. Somehow, it felt like that was what he was referring to. I'd felt so incredibly close to him at that moment. I felt the same way right now.

    Maybe it was the drinks I'd had tonight, or all the jumble of feelings inside me, but I found myself reaching for Rory's crotch. And maybe it was all the drinks he'd had, or him remembering me on my knees that day in the hospital, but I felt a hard cock throbbing in his pants. I heard him laugh quietly as I squeezed it. Not from embarrassment or awkwardness; we'd moved past things like that. I think he was just laughing because it felt good.

    I nuzzled my face into his chest a little more and began stroking him with one hand and undoing his fly with the other. When I felt his hand start rubbing my back, I knew he wasn't going to tell me to stop. My hands kept up their work as I slowly slid down onto the floor, and Rory leaned back into the couch, scooting his lower body forward. Pretty quickly, I had his erection right in front of my face. I always seemed to forget what a great cock my brother-in-law had, since it wasn't often I saw it in its fully-hard state. He was hung, and right now I wanted it all in my mouth.

    I felt Rory's hands on the back of my head, and what I heard next caught me by surprise.

    "Fuck, yeah," he said in a low and sexy voice. "Swallow my cock!"

    I looked up and the two of us made intense eye contact as I obeyed Rory's order. I swallowed his cock and pushed further, taking him all in my throat, burying my face into his lower abdomen and inhaling his scent.

    "Fuck, yeah. Take all of it," my young brother-in-law grunted, turning me on even more. I moaned, and went deeper until I felt the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat. My own cock was rock-hard by now as well, but I ignored it. This was all about Rory. "Suck it!" he continued to grunt confidently. 

    That day at the hospital, Rory hadn't said a word the entire time while I knelt on that bathroom floor and blew him. He kept his eyes closed, and I figured maybe he was imagining a girl going down on him. Now, I could feel his gaze upon me as I choked on his dick, while his hands stroked my short hair in a way that felt both tender and dominant. 

    "Fuck!" he gasped as his cock slid even further down my throat. "Lick my balls!"

    I pulled back and off him slowly, letting his wet cock slide out of my mouth. I moved lower and went to work on his nuts one at a time with my tongue, using one hand to tug on his scrotum while the other kept stroking him. He still had his hands on my head and I loved seeing this more aggressive side of him. He'd heard me fucking his brother countless times and he knew how aggressive I could get. Maybe I was rubbing off on him. This thought made me feel both horny and proud. I finally felt like a big brother, teaching my little bro new things.

    I wasn't the only person feeling more turned on. I felt Rory's cockhead get more slippery as precum began to ooze out in greater amounts, and my hand focused on spreading that around as much as I could. That seemed to get him to the next level fast.

    "Oh shit, Owen... I'm gonna cum right now!" he shouted, and I felt him reach for his cock with one hand and move my head with the other, making it clear he wanted to be back in my mouth when he unloaded. I was happy to comply. I barely had the cockhead between my lips when the first spurt shot onto my tongue. Rory's hand remained on the back of my head. I was making sure to work my tongue around the end of his dick as he continued to cum. I wanted to make him feel as good as possible. His grunts and groans of pleasure made it clear I was doing my job well.

    As I felt my brother-in-law's baby-making cum gushing down my throat, I suddenly started to shoot my own load without even touching my cock. I came all over the floor, moaning as loudly as I could with Rory's cock inside my mouth.

    Finally, he finished, letting out a deep breath, and I let his cock slide out of me as I swallowed all of his cum. I moved back up to the couch, into a sitting position. Rory was next to me and practically horizontal. He looked up at me with sleepy eyes and a smile.

    "That was... unexpected," he chuckled. "And incredible." 

    "Yup," was all I could say, so I smiled instead of talking. Rory and I cuddled up again, and remained that way for the next 20 minutes, until my husband showed up with a dead phone and a surprised look on his face to catch us this way.

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