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Bet I Can Cum Before You Do


    Walking in on my husband and my little brother cuddled up on the sofa was... unexpected to say the least. Granted, it shouldn't have come as that much of a surprise. My husband had already told me what happened between him and Rory at the hospital on the day Rory's son was born

    At the time, hearing the story from Owen was surprising, but it got overshadowed by my nephew's birth. "I know it sounds like a huge deal, but it kinda... wasn't," Owen had told me at the time. "He had his eyes shut the entire time. I think he was thinking about a girl blowing him."

    I know many people would expect me to be outraged over my husband blowing my brother. But Owen and I had already had such an outrageous sex life together, that this felt like just a drop in the bucket. I never brought it up to Rory; I didn't want to embarrass him, and he had his hands full with his newborn.

    But it's funny how seeing two people cuddling could seem so much more intimate than them full-on fucking. When I walked back into the apartment that evening, I had multiple strangers' cum inside my ass. Several others had shot down my throat. It was a Saturday and my husband was working, so I'd decided to go out to a cruising spot. With it being potentially the last sunny weekend of the year the place was more popular than usual, and I'd ended up spending all day there.

    Seeing Owen and Rory on the couch, my husband fully naked, my brother with his shoes off and a satisfied grin on his face, they looked... they looked cute, I had to admit. I wanted to join them but unfortunately the couch wasn't big enough for three.

    "You boys alright?" I said, dumping my keys and looking around for a charger for my dead phone.

    "Great. Even better now that you're here," my husband said, still wrapped around in my brother's arms. "We were worried about you for a second. How are you?"

    "I'm good, just starving," I replied. "Gonna order some food. You guys hungry?"

    "I ate at work, thanks," said Owen. 

    "No, thank you, I had dinner at home earlier," my brother replied, still cuddled up with my husband. There was a movie playing on the TV, that they seemed to half-pay attention to.

    I went to the kitchen to plug in my phone, and waited for it to come on so I could order food. In the meanwhile, I could hear Rory and Owen taking to each other on the couch. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I could clearly hear their laughs and giggles between sentences. Since when did Owen giggle?

    By the time I went to the living room, my brother was getting up, saying he needed to go take a piss. He left the room, and I went over to give Owen a kiss. 

    "Where were you, babe? Out cruising?" he said, kissing me while running his fingers through my hair.

    "Aha," I admitted, noticing I wasn't the only person with an unusual taste in his mouth. "You taste like cum," I said to my husband.

    "You got your little brother to thank for that," Owen said, looking me straight in the eyes, his hand still pulling my hair.

    "You... you serious?" 

    Owen nodded, grinning.

    For some fucked up reason, the thought turned me on. I gave my husband an even bigger kiss, tasting him, which is how Rory found us when he came back into the room.

    "You can have your spot back," I said to him, moving away so he could get back to where he had been lying on the couch.

    "You sure? You don't wanna sit there?"

    "I'll take this chair by the table. Easier to eat when my food gets here."

    "Alright," Rory said and lay back behind Owen, spooning him.

    "So what're we watching?" I sat down and said, even though I wasn't paying much attention to the movie. I was too distracted by the view of my naked husband and my brother on the couch.



    Since I'd joined the Dad Squad, I wanted to have all the guys over at my place some evening. With everyone's schedules, it was a nightmare to organize. Finally, as September turned into October, everyone seemed to have a Sunday night free. Or so we thought.

    "Shit. Gill and Deacon's babysitter canceled last minute," I announced to everyone in the room after receiving the text. Payton was with me in my living room, opening bags of Halloween candy that stores had started selling already. Over in the kitchen area, Cole was mixing drinks with my roommate Ian (who for once, was wearing clothes).

    "Aw, that's too bad. So they're not gonna make it?" Cole asked.

    "Nope," I replied, as Payton came to sit next to me.

    "Not to be nosy," Payton whispered to me, "but is there anything going on between those two?"

    He pointed to Cole and Ian in the kitchen.

    I laughed. Although not necessarily nosy, Payton seemed to know everyone's business at our Daddy & Me class.

    "You know... I think there might be," I said, looking at my roommate and Cole. They did look pretty close, and I knew for a fact they'd seen each other a few times recently. 

    Over the past weeks, I'd learned that Cole's ex was indeed a woman and the mother to his daughter. But he clearly seemed to be into guys as well, judging by his body language when he was around Ian.

    Even without Gill and Deacon there, it was a nice evening. Payton filled us in on a trip he and his girlfriend were taking later in the year. Everyone wanted to know if things had gotten more serious between Jordan and me.

    "We're still seeing each other, when she's not too busy with school," I said after a few glasses of wine. "We're not official or exclusive yet, but... who knows?!"

    A few glasses later, Ian and Cole seemed to come up with a plan that only included the two of them.

    "If you excuse us," Ian asked, getting up while holding Cole's hand, and leading him to his bedroom.

    "Of course," Payton and I replied, looking at each other and trying not to snicker out loud.

    All of a sudden, as soon as it was only two of us left in the living room, it felt much quieter. Within a couple of minutes, moans and grunting started to come out of Ian's room. 

    "Yup. They're going at it, alright," Payton noted with a smile, and we clinked glasses to our friends getting laid in the other room.

    Payton and I tried to focus on the TV as a distraction, which was really difficult, seeing as the moaning was turning into full-on shouting of "Fuck, yeah!"

    "This happen often?" Payton asked with a smirk, spreading his hairy legs a bit wider next to me on the couch.

    "Let's just say my roommate has a healthy sex life," I chuckled. "But I'm used to it by now. I used to live with my brother and his husband, and they were newlyweds. So you can imagine what that was like!"

    "There was this every night, huh?" he pointed to Ian's room, where we could now hear my roommate shouting "Fuck me!"

    "That, and worse. My brother... he's out there. He and my brother-in-law both."

    "Man, that's crazy," Payton said, taking a sip of his drink. 

    We sat silent for a moment, as rhythmic echoes of "Ah, ah, ah!" filled the room.

    "My girlfriend and I used to go at it all the time," Payton said out of nowhere. I don't know if I was imagining it, but as he spoke, I thought I noticed his hand rummage between his legs. "Before our son was born. And if we ever went a day without fucking, I'd just take care of business myself. Now, it's not so easy. We live in a studio so... I'm back to jerking off over the toilet like in high school," he laughed. 

    By now, Payton's hand was definitely grabbing at his crotch. Payton wore a pair of cotton shorts, and I could tell his bulge was growing. I spread my legs a bit wider in the gray sweats I was wearing.

    "Ah, fuck yeah! Fuck me," Ian moaned loudly in his room.

    "Uhh! Take that cock!" Cole's voice sounded, to my surprise. He was usually on the quiet side. Not when fucking, apparently.

    Payton and I had both started to rub our bulges through our shorts. It hadn't been long since my brother-in-law sucked me off for the second time, on the couch in their living room. All my experiences with Owen were putting me more and more at ease when it comes to doing stuff with other guys. Since coming to New York, I realized I'd fooled around with Owen, or his friends, or Ian, who were all gay. Now, could Payton turn out to be my latest jerkoff buddy?

    I lowered my sweatpants that I was freeballing in, and my semi-hard cock popped out. For a split second, I wondered how Payton might react, but it didn't take him long to pull down his shorts and his underwear, exposing a hairy, cut dick which was almost fully hard.

    "Fuuuck, I haven't had a good session in a while," he said, tilting his head back and starting to stroke his cock. I could feel the pleasure he was emitting, as our two bodies gently rubbed against each other, side-by-side on the couch.

    "Go for it, buddy!" I encouraged him, picking up speed and stroking my cock, which was quickly growing as hard as Payton's.

    As I jerked off, I looked at my buddy's lap and at the cock he was stroking. I wasn't turned on by it necessarily, it was more like... it felt incredibly close and intimate that we were doing this together. Payton was the first person who talked to me in class. He introduced me to his friends, who were now friends of mine as well. I liked the fact that he felt comfortable enough to do this; it felt like it was strengthening the bond between us. 

    "Ah, that's good!" Payton moaned loudly next to me.

    "Do you want some lube?" I asked, like a good host.

    "Nah, thanks. I'm leaking enough precum for that."

    I looked down and indeed, Payton's cock was slathered in shiny precum. I don't think I've ever seen a guy leak so much. I smiled, feeling a tad envious.

    "Awww, fu-u-uck!!!" my roommate was now moaning uninterruptedly in the other room. Cole was probably fucking him like a jackhammer.

    "Shit. I need a place like this where I can just come and jerk off," Payton smiled at me.

    "You're welcome here anytime, bro," I smiled back, as we both started to stroke our cocks faster.

    "I'm going to cum soon," Payton suddenly told me with a very intense look in his eyes. We were making eye contact and moving even closer to each other. 

    "Bet I can cum before you do!" I said, bringing in a dose of competitiveness to the mix.

    "You're on!" he grinned and then bit his lower lip. Even though I was looking at his eyes, I could tell his arm was moving faster and faster by the second. His whole body started vibrating, as did mine, facing him.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Ian's moans got even louder. I'd heard him getting fucked dozens of times since moving in together, but Cole seemed to be the best partner he's had yet.

    Licking my lips, Payton and I looked at each other, each of us determined to win our competition. Our friends in the other room seemed to be close to the edge, judging by their noises. I felt close to cumming as well. And then...

    "FUCK!" Payton shouted louder than I'd ever heard him. All of a sudden, cum started erupting out of his dick, spraying out with amazing strength. His huge load shot out my way, landing on my sweatpants as well as my hand and my own cock.

    "Fuck, man!" I moaned out as my own orgasm started, shooting my cum in my lap. It spurted up before drenching my sweats. Meanwhile, I continued stroking my cock, using Payton's cum that had landed there as lube.

    "Fuck! Cum in my ass!" came from Ian's room.

    "Ahhhh! Take that load. Shit!" Cole moaned.

    Payton and I still stroked our cocks, finally slowing down our movements. I don't know about him, but I felt phenomenal.

    Loud "AHS!" and "FUCKS!" announced that Ian and Cole were cumming as well.

    "Shit, man. Sorry about your sweatpants," Payton suddenly laughed out loud. 

    "No worries," I chuckled. "It's not all your fault," I said, reaching for a napkin and wiping all the cum that was on my pants, which had come out of Payton as well as me. When I was done, I crinkled up the napkin into a ball and jokingly threw it in Payton's face.

    "Fucker!" my buddy laughed, and leaned back on the couch to finally catch his breath.

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