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Cumdump Pride

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    It was a gorgeous sunny day in downtown San Francisco, and it felt like the city was welcoming me back home. This was my first Pride here in over a decade, and despite having experienced the annual festivities in plenty of other places since then, it was especially good to be here. As I turned the corner and walked into the still-growing crowd at Civic Center Plaza, I wondered if I would recognize anyone, though it had been so long, that seemed unlikely.

    That last Pride in 2009 had been a memorable one. I'd been 23 and eager to show off the chiseled, muscular body I'd worked so hard to achieve. I'd also been horny as all hell and determined to take as many loads as I could that weekend. After having my then-roommate write "Cumdump" across my ass cheeks, I had slipped on a jock and headed out to the parade and festival. That had proven to be an effective strategy, paving the way for me taking over thirty loads that day, most in my ass but a good number down my throat, too. 

    My experiences that day had been a real awakening and set me on a very pleasurable, gratifying, and sticky path. I found myself in a field of work that required lots of travel, and I became something of a nomad, not putting down roots anywhere in particular but always making time for sex in whatever place I was passing through. I'd get on apps and hookup sites and let anyone who was interested know that there was a cumdump taking loads at whatever hotel I found myself in that week. It got to the point where I began keeping running tallies of how many loads I'd taken in each city. And on the occasions when I'd get to choose my next destination for professional travel, I'd use those numbers as a guide. Sometimes I'd visit a city where my count was low, feeling that I needed to even out the numbers. Or sometimes I'd feel more like returning to the site of past record-breaking sprees and seeing if I could do better than the last time.

    So San Francisco always had a special place in my heart, since it was where I felt I'd gotten my start as a cumdump. I'd been back plenty of times, of course. But when I had the chance to be here for Pride once again, I jumped at the opportunity. The memories of that day still felt fresh, even as recollections from other cities had begun to blur together over the years. I remembered one hot daddy in particular, who was walking around holding his son's hand. The man and I made eye contact and I immediately knew I had him hooked. He found me a few minutes later (on his own, presumably having left his son with someone) and gave me the best fuck of the day up against a truck out of sight of most of the crowd. It was intense, sensual, and still one of my favorite sex memories to date. Something about that stud, the way he looked at me, his kind eyes full of lust… I'd been so into it that I blasted a load up his chest, cumming hands-free right as he nutted deep in my ass. That was the first load I'd blown that day, and definitely the best one.

    I was hoping for some encounters like that today, and I even dressed the same – nothing on but a jock and my shoes – hoping to score as many loads as I could. The only difference was that I no longer needed someone to write on my butt cheeks with a pen. A few years back, I had bitten the bullet and fully embraced the slut that I had become. "Cumdump" was now tattooed across my ass, branding me so that there was no question what I was looking for as I walked around with my backside exposed.

    After a few hours of wandering around the plaza, I was doing pretty well. I'd been fucked by seven guys and sucked about as many cocks (some of those right after they'd been shoved up my ass). Most of the fun had taken place in doorways of buildings, or behind vehicles, and in one case: halfway down the stairs to the subway. But the best so far were the last two guys, who had decided to spit-roast me right on their picnic blanket in the middle of the crowd, with quite a few people watching. I loved hearing onlookers comment on my tattoo, saying how fitting it was and how hot I looked with two cocks in me. Each load I got felt like a precious prize, and just made me hungrier for the next one.

    I'd just finished a bottle of water and was heading toward a recycle bin when I bumped into a tall, hairy guy wearing jeans and a leather harness. We apologized to one another and when I looked up at his face, my jaw dropped open. Could it be... that same guy? The daddy who fucked me up against the truck all the years ago? When I saw the same look of recognition on his face, my heart started racing.

    "Holy shit..." the man said, a huge smile growing across his face. "No way. I remember you! And I remember that amazing ass, too." I was blown away. Not only had I somehow encountered this guy again, but it seemed I'd made an impression on him as well. I felt my face flush a little, with both excitement and pride.

    “You're pretty memorable yourself, Daddy," I replied, still reeling from the shock of it all. He pulled me into a hug and I enjoyed burying my face in his hairy chest. After releasing me, he finally told me his name (Thorne) and introduced the handsome younger guy with him as his boyfriend, Dylan.

    "This little muscle stud was showing off his hot ass at Pride like ten years ago," he added, "just like he is now... but I see you made that ink more permanent, huh?" Thorne's smile got even bigger as he turned me around so his boyfriend could see how committed I was to my true vocation.

    "Damn, my dick's getting hard just looking at that," Dylan said. I'm guessing you got a nice, thick daddy load not long after you guys crossed paths?"

    "You know it," I replied. Before I could say anything else, another young guy popped up and came to stand next to Thorne. He seemed vaguely familiar, like I'd seen him when he was much younger…

    "This is my son Brody," Thorne said. "He's also Dylan's other boyfriend."

    "Well damn... that sounds like a very nice arrangement for all of you," I replied, trying to sound smooth and feeling my dick twitch as I took in the full meaning of what he was saying. We chatted for a few minutes and all commented that the day was getting unexpectedly hot. When the father suggested that we could all head back to their apartment, I quickly agreed and figured I could enjoy a fun reunion and add another three loads to my count, in addition to having some fun with an actual father and son! Man, it really was great to be back in San Francisco.



    The afternoon heat meant we were sweaty as we walked into the apartment, and the air inside had become stuffy during the day.  We opened up the windows in the living room to let the gentle breeze cool us off. On the walk back here, Dad had filled me in on his history with the stud we were bringing home. It was exciting to walk behind him in the street and see the reactions his tattooed ass was getting. Although I wasn't brave enough to tattoo something like "cumdump" on my ass, I thought it was hot as fuck.

    We didn't waste much time once we were in the apartment, and all of us took turns making out and removing one another's clothes (which didn't take very long since none of us had that much on). Our visitor was hungrily swapping spit with Dylan but then paused for a moment to appreciate the sight of me and Dad kissing deeply.

    "I never get tired of seeing that..." I heard Dylan say to him, and I understood that sentiment very well. Every time I kissed my father like this, it was like electricity flowing through us both. And it was even hotter to do it in front of other people.

    The muscular guy got down on his knees and started sucking my cock, something that I'd been expecting we'd do, but it still startled me with its suddenness. After savoring the precum that I'd been oozing for the last few minutes, he started sliding me slowly down his throat, further and further. The way he looked up at me, his eyes hungry and starting to glow with satisfaction – it was something I knew well. That need to be servicing a man, to be a place where cocks find pleasure. Dad stood behind me and was watching while he rubbed my chest and played with my nipples. I felt his erection pressing against one side of my ass.

    Dylan stepped up behind our visitor and grabbed his hips, shoving his hard cock into the guy's ass with one firm thrust. The dude didn't even flinch and just started to suck me with more vigor as my boyfriend started to pump in and out of him. 

    "Oh fuck... his hole is so nice and wet... mmm," Dylan moaned out in admiration. No doubt this guy had a good number of loads in his ass already, and I knew firsthand how much Dylan loved sliding into a cummy hole. 

    "Which of my boyfriends should I fuck?" I heard Dad say from behind me, as he reached down and mussed the cocksucker's short hair, making it clear the question was directed at him. He withdrew my dick from his mouth just long enough to give the answer we all knew he would.

    "I wanna see you fuck your son," he said, licking his lips. "Bury your cock in him while I suck a load out of him." And then he was back to work, deep throating me with ease.

    I braced myself and felt my father's hands grasping my hips as he got into position. And then he was pushing into me. It felt perfect, like it always did, and combined with the blowjob it felt like the lower half of my body was a throbbing swirl of pleasure. The four of us got a sensual rhythm going and for a few minutes there were just grunts and moans and the wet sounds of dicks in holes. After a while, our guest released me from his mouth for a quick breather.

    "You get to be a cumdump for your daddy," he said, looking up at me with both excitement and envy. "That's hot as fuck, man. You're a lucky boy." He just smiled for a moment more, and then went back to work on my cock, continuing with the amazing blowjob. Dad was grinding the head of his dick into my prostate now, and I knew that I was treating my cocksucker to a steady stream of salty precum. His low moans let me know that he was loving the taste.

    As I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in all sensations once again, the guy's words were bouncing around in my head. I was a cumdump for my own father... and that WAS hot as fuck. At this point, I was swallowing my father's load a few days a week, and taking it up my ass even more often. And I loved it every single time. Sometimes I'd spend the entire day thinking about his cock and his cum, really craving having him inside me.

    Thinking about how much I needed Dad, WHILE getting fucked by him, feeling his hairy chest against my back, his arm wrapped around my chest... it all got to be too much, and I started unloading in this slutty guy's mouth. He gulped it down greedily and I moaned as Dad held me tight and kissed my neck while my muscles tensed and relaxed with each spurt. I knew my ass was squeezing his cock while I was shooting and I figured that pretty soon I'd be getting my own helping of our family seed.

    But our guest surprised me again when he released me from his mouth and throat, took a deep breath, looked up at my father and spoke.

    "I really wanna have the father and son loads mixing together in my belly, Daddy... Can I get yours next?"
   Hearing that sent a fresh surge of blood to my cock, and as I slowly stepped to one side and felt Dad's shaft slip out of my hole, I knew my cock wasn't going to go soft anytime soon. Dylan was picking up the pace of his fucking and was really starting to slam into the dude's tanned ass. I locked eyes with my boyfriend and saw that animal lust that I loved burning in his eyes. He'd gotten turned on by all of this talk as well. I stepped around and knelt behind Dylan, wrapping my arm around his chest and holding him close to me, kissing his shoulder, neck and face. Even as he kept up his vigorous thrusting, I heard him exhale deeply and felt him relax back against me.

    "Fuck yeah," Dad said as the cocksucker inched forward to gobble down his shaft, still slick and wet from being up my ass. "Taste my boy while I fuck your mouth." It was so sexy to see him grab the guy's hair and really go hard on his face. The balls that made me slapped repeatedly on his chin, and I could see how happy our new friend was with cocks nailing him at both ends. I leaned to one side a little, which allowed me to reach past both his and Dylan's hips and find his erection, dripping and bouncing around as he moved back and forth. He moaned loudly, his mouth and throat full, as I quickly slicked him up with his own precum and started jerking him off.

    "Here comes that daddy load you wanted," my father said, and then he stopped thrusting, his cock buried in the man's throat while Dad had both hands holding his head pressed against him. Dylan kept thrusting which only pushed our guest's face harder into Dad's pelvis. When Dylan started moaning as well, I was envious that our friend was getting my boyfriends' loads in both holes, despite the fact that I'd been in that same position less than 24 hours before. When you're a cumdump, it's never enough.

    I felt the cock in my hand start to shoot, a further sign that he was right where he needed and wanted to be. For about a minute, the sounds of three orgasms filled the room and I wished that I'd been able to hold on to mine a little longer. But then this guy wouldn't have had the chance to get a double dose of our DNA down his throat, and I was glad to have made that happen for him.

    Dylan gave the cumdump's tattooed ass cheeks a final slap before withdrawing from his well-used hole. The guy collapsed onto the floor, with a huge smile on his face and the last of his load dripping from the tip of his cock. Through the open windows, we could hear a few groups of people out on the street celebrating. As the four of us tumbled down into a sweaty, cummy group cuddle, my father whispered to me,

    "Don't worry. I'll have another load for you later. It'll go right up your ass."

    "Mmm, thanks Daddy," I moaned, giving him a kiss. My father knew that his son was a cumdump. And today of all days, I felt proud of it.

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