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Hungry Little Cumdump, Pt. I

Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 


    That fateful day in October when my brother-in-law jerked off in front of me and had me lick his cum off his body changed my whole life. It was my first sexual experience with another guy. I'd often tried my own jizz, but Jaxon's tasted different, whether it was because he was older or because he was a smoker. Either way, from that day on I began to crave cum!

    But that wasn't the only thing that changed. That night, Jaxon invited me for another boys' night out with him and his buddy Hector. At the bar, I finally admitted to them that I was gay; the first time I'd ever said those words out loud to another person. I was nervous (even though the beer they'd smuggled to me was helping) and I expected some huge reaction from them, which never came. All they did was say they were proud of me and raised a glass. They weren't even upset that I lied to them about my "ex-girlfriends." Hector, who was bi and a few years older, offered me his number and said I could talk to him anytime, whether it was about sexuality or anything else. Feeling grateful, I leaned in to give him a hug, which also led to him giving me a quick kiss on the lips, making me blush. 

    My sister and baby J.J. returned from their trip to my parents' house. With them in the house, I wasn't free to be licking up Jaxon's cum off his body anymore. I never learned how much my sister knew about the whole ordeal, if anything. She never brought it up to me and I was all too happy to keep it that way. I knew she and Jaxon were both on the "freaky side," but I was definitely not ready to talk about something like this openly.

    However, I still got a chance to taste Jaxon's cum off his underwear, almost daily. He continued to discard his worn boxers on the bathroom floor, and I continued to jerk off with them over my face, only now there was delicious straight-man cum on them! That didn't use to be the case. Jaxon must know I was using his underwear to masturbate, so he had started using it as a jizz rag during his daily wank sessions while Rachel was at work and I was at school. It was another one of our unspoken, dirty little secrets, making life with my brother-in-law so much fun.

    I continued to see more of Hector as well. At first, we would always hang out with Jaxon there, but then we began to see each other even when Jaxon wasn't around. Soon enough, we were holding hands and kissing and acting like boyfriends. Right before Thanksgiving, I had my first time. Hector was an excellent top! He took things slowly and explained everything to me along the way. He was just what I needed. After that night, we agreed to become a couple, even though Hector said he wanted us to hook up with other people as well. Even though I hadn't considered it before, once I thought about it I realized I didn't have a problem with that. The day after Thanksgiving at my parents' house, I told the whole family I was gay, which felt easier now that I had a boyfriend.

    That Christmas, Rachel and Jaxon took J.J. and went down to Australia, looking to escape the New York winter as much as possible. That gave me free reign of the apartment for a couple of weeks, which meant Hector was over pretty much every day for uninterrupted fucking. Quickly, I went from careful and hesitant, to more and more adventurous and confident when it came to sex. In a way, I felt like I had my brother-in-law to thank for that as well.

    On Easter, instead of going back to Australia, Jaxon decided to invite his dad Jack to stay with us in New York for a few days. Rather than having him crash on the couch, I offered Jack my bed and said I'd be happy to sleep in the living room instead. Just like his son, Jack was a boulder of a man, easily three times my size, so I figured I'd have a much easier time on the sofa.

    This was also about the time that Jaxon finally got his visa and was able to start work. It meant that the few days leading up to Easter, Jack and I would have the apartment to ourselves during the day, since I was on spring break from school. My parents invited me to go stay at their house, but honestly, I preferred sleeping on the couch rather than spending so much time upstate. There was something about New York City that made you never wanna leave, making the rest of the world seem boring and unsexy. 

    On day one of Jack's visit, I took him out for a walk through Brooklyn before hopping on the train and heading to Manhattan. Honestly, at first I was nervous about spending time with him since we couldn't be more different. There was the age gap, as well as the fact he was a proper "man's man," plus his accent made him hard for me to understand at times. However, things flowed much better than expected. It was Jack's first time in America and he LOVED New York. It was fun, seeing this big man with tattoos all over get giddy like a child. While taking pictures of him next to all the tourist attractions, it was like I could see Jaxon twenty years in the future. When I was younger, men like them terrified me; I always thought they'd try to beat me up if they found out I was gay. Now, I realized they weren't all that bad, and maybe I was the one who was prejudiced at times instead.

    Three days before Easter, I woke up and looked around the apartment. Rachel and Jaxon were already at work, and J.J. was in daycare. I got up and tried to piss and make breakfast as quietly as possible, since Jack was still asleep. Another thing he and his son had in common: they loved sleeping in as late as they could. An hour later, he finally came out of my room… stark naked with his cock hard in all of its morning glory!

    "Oi, sorry mate. Didn't think anyone was in. It was so quiet," Jaxon's dad said when he spotted me, his uncut cock pointing to me like a signpost. 

    "Umm, no worries," I said, acting nonchalant but trying to take it all in. I could definitely see where Jaxon gets it from, both his cock as well as his shamelessness! Jack's dick was similar to his son's, except that he had a bushy patch of pubes on top. After apologizing, he didn't seem too bothered and he walked to the bathroom without covering up, even pissing with the door open. Hearing his piss hit the toilet, and still seeing an image of his cock in my head, I started to get hard myself. Jack had the same exact effect on me as his son.

    "Do you… wanna go out sightseeing again today?" I asked loudly.

    "What?" Jack asked from the bathroom after flushing. Rather than shout, I walked to the open bathroom door so I could have a chat with him. I saw that his cock was now slightly softer than before, but still in a state of half-chub. It swung left-to-right hypnotizingly as Jack started to brush his teeth. I repeated my question to him.

    "I'm tired after yesterday, mate. Maybe later. Let's stay in. Jaxon said he'd be back from work early, so let's go out after that."

    "Sure," I said, pretending to look at the man's eyes when what I was mostly staring at was his cock and his fuzzy butt whenever he turned around. When Jaxon's dad bent down to spit out the toothpaste, I noticed all the hair between his asscheeks, just like his son, only there was much more of it. Even though I considered myself a bottom, a part of me wanted to get to my knees and bury my nose in between his cheeks and inhale deeply.

    "We can watch some TV until then or whatever," I suggested, trying to sound as casual as possible.

    "Nice. Let me just find some fucking underwear to put on," the man said, looking around the bathroom like he was expecting to find it here.

    "Don't worry. I mean, don't do it just for my sake. If you prefer to stay naked I don't mind," I quickly blurted.

    "Cheers, mate," he said, washing his face and not even looking at me. "I live alone, so it's become a habit. Even when Jaxon comes to stay, I don't bother with clothes much. Sydney can get fucking hot!"

    "Yeah, I know what you mean, same here in the summer," I forced a chuckle and hid my raging boner behind my T-shirt. All I could think about was the Aussie father and son naked together. Their tatted, muscled bodies side-by-side, with their large cocks swinging between their legs.

    Jack poured himself a bowl of cereal and came to sit next to me on the couch, as I switched on the TV.

    "American TV's so stupid," I said, still hiding my boner and hoping it would start to go away before I embarrassed myself in front of Jack.

    "Ha! You should see the shit we get in Australia, mate," he said with his mouth full. Jack and his son were definitely uncouth… but in a weird way, I liked that about them. 

    Jack's cock was now soft, but it didn't look any less attractive to me. It was so damn thick! And his foreskin seemed so big to me. Just then, I got a message: a dick pic from Hector.

    "Is that your boyfriend? Nice," Jack laughed, able to see the photo over my shoulder.

    "Um, yeah," I chuckled uncomfortably, quickly putting my phone away. As I did so, my T-shirt rode up and revealed the huge bulge in my shorts, giving away my erection.

    "Well that picture worked on you in no time!" Jack continued to laugh in good nature. "Ah, to be your age and able to pop a boner in a mere second."

    Little did he know, I'd had that boner ever since I saw him coming out of my room this morning.

    "I hope you don't mind Jaxon told me you have a boyfriend," Jack said, putting away his empty bowl.

    "N– No," I shook my head, covering up my crotch with my shirt again.

    "He and I talk about everything, pretty much," Jack continued. "He told me about you two as well."

    "What about us two?" I asked nervously.

    "That you like to have fun," Jack winked. "But don't worry about it, it's cool. I like to have fun as well."

    Was this just banter, or was he suggesting something? I looked at his naked body next to me on the couch, and his cock seemed to give a little twitch.

    "What kinda fun do you like to have?" I asked, swallowing saliva and trying to sound cooler than I felt.

    "What do you have in mind?" asked Jack, putting one hand on his junk and squeezing it.

    "I could… I could suck you off," I suggested. I had to take advantage of this situation, otherwise I knew I would regret it. I'd already tasted Jaxon's cum, and this was an opportunity to taste the cum that had made him. Fuck! Besides, it's not like my boyfriend would mind. 

    "I'd like that, mate," Jack made eye contact with me while stroking his cock. "I haven't had a good blowjob in a while. I just wasn't sure if you're into an old man like me."

    "Are you kidding me?! You're fucking gorgeous," I said, putting my hand on Jack's pecs and worshiping them. He could easily rival any of the football players at my school.

    "Ha, thanks," he chuckled, stroking his cock, which was semi-hard once again.

    "I mean it. You're not old. And your body's fucking amazing!" I drooled, putting my other hand on Jack's body as well, worshipping his large biceps on both arms.

    "The upside of manual labor," he kept on stroking, almost fully hard.

    "And your tattoos are amazing," I said, sliding my fingers over the mosaic on Jack's body.

    "Cheers. Jaxon was obsessed with them when he was a kid, kept nagging me to let him get one. He had his first one when he was 12, I had a buddy of mine do it. Just a little thing on his stomach, so he wouldn't get in trouble at school."

    "No way," I said, my hands now traveling down Jack's belly, feeling up his impressive abs. With his hand pumping up and down his cock, I could see Jack's cockhead poke out from his foreskin now. It drew me to it and I leaned down, taking his cock in my mouth before he was even fully hard.

    "Mmm, nice, mate!" Jack sighed in pleasure. I let my tongue explore his foreskin, which I found fascinating. I slid my tongue right in between it and his cockhead, going around in circles. Even though my boyfriend was uncircumcised as well, Jack seemed to have more foreskin to work with, and I savored it as much as possible, even nibbling on it very gently without causing him any pain.

    "You Americans love foreskin, don't ya?" Jack noticed.

    "This American does," I smiled and went back to sucking Jaxon's dad's dick. He was now fully hard and his foreskin was pulled back, so I enjoyed slurping up the precum he was producing, right off his piss slut.

    As I sucked him off, I tugged on Jack's nuts, which felt large and hefty in my hand. I couldn't wait to taste the cum they could produce, and I hoped Jaxon's dad would deem me worthy of feeding it to me today. I felt like a hungry little cumdump – a term my boyfriend had taught me as the sex between us started to get kinkier. And what was kinkier than this: sucking Jaxon's father, who was straight as an arrow and strong enough to break all my bones with one hand. I continued to suck Jack while my hands went back to exploring his large body, worshipping his muscles.

    "You like that, don't ya boy?" Jack grunted, amused by how impressed I was by his physique.

    "Mhm," I nodded with a mouthful of tradie cock. I sucked him for five more minutes before taking his nuts in my mouth. His sack was hairy, which made me take breaks to get hairs out my mouth, but I savored the taste of it. Jack hadn't taken a shower yet this morning, and he tasted amazing.

    After sucking on his balls, I went back to Jack's cock, which was now leaking out even more precum. With my eyes closed, I imagined Jack fucking Jaxon's mom, cumming inside her and getting her pregnant with my hunky brother-in-law. In my head, I could hear the sounds of Jaxon and Rachel fucking, which I was subjected to almost every night. They'd once let it slip that they had sex on the beach when my sister got knocked up with J.J. – Jack Junior, named after his grandpa whose precum I was currently lapping up.

    "Fucking right, boy. I'm getting close," Jack said as he started fucking my throat faster, making me gag. 

    I came out for air and asked, "Do you wanna cum?" I wasn't sure if he might want to keep going as long as possible.

    "Yeah, I need to blow. Besides, I'm famous back home for being able to go more than once without a break," Jack winked at me. He kept getting sexier and sexier by the second.

    I took his cock in my mouth and his hairy balls in my hands, and really went to town. Jack let go as well, fucking my face like there was no tomorrow, until he started to yell,

    "Fuck! Fuck yeah! Fucking hell, you cunt, you're gonna make me cum!"

    Jack's latest expletive turned me on, and I went even harder, until I heard him grunting loudly and felt his balls contracting in my hands. A moment later, he was shooting out a huge wad in my mouth, feeding me Jaxon's little brothers and sisters. I took Jack's cock as far down my throat as possible and swallowed every last drop of cum. With my eyes closed and my nose buried in Jack's bush, I was in for the shock of my life when I heard,

    "Whoa! What's going on here, heh?" said Jaxon's voice, in the room with us.

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