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"I knew nothing about the guy (except how fucking hot he was) and now… now we'd be living together?"
Casey is thrilled to start college and move to New York City all by himself. But, his plans are soon thwarted when he realizes he'll be living with his older sister... and her hot new husband Jaxon.
Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 

Chapter 1

18-year-old Casey finds out he'll be living together with his older sister and her new husband Jaxon. Meanwhile, Jaxon and his dad Jack make their way to the airport. Casey is shocked from the second he meets his (nearly naked) brother-in-law.

Chapter 2

Jaxon is put on daddy duty, but he finds a way to enjoy himself in the process. After watching Jaxon get with his sister, Casey finds his sexy brother-in-law's used underwear on the bathroom floor and helps himself to it.

Chapter 3

Casey tries to get Jaxon out of his head (unsuccessfully). He is introduced to a new friend of Jaxon's. Later, the two brothers-in-law end up sharing a bathroom, with Jaxon casually getting naked and hopping in the shower.

Chapter 4

Jaxon makes a new friend in New York and the two waste no time in getting close. Casey talks to his brother-in-law about Hector. After the boys' night out, Jaxon witnesses a surprising scene back home in the bathroom.

Chapter 5

Casey wakes up with a hangover, and is treated to quite an eyeful when his brother-in-law parades in front of him naked. When Jaxon asks his wife to give him a massage, she suggests her brother do it instead.

Chapter 6

Jaxon and Hector have a chat about Casey's sexuality. With Rachel and J.J. gone for the weekend, the two brothers-in-law are home alone. When Casey sees Jaxon's door is open, he steps closer with no idea what awaits him there.

Chapter 7

After their very close encounter, brothers-in-law Casey and Jaxon start to bond. When Jaxon's dad Jack comes to visit from Australia, Casey is left in charge of entertaining him for the day. Pretty soon, the entertainment turns X-rated.

Chapter 8

When Jaxon catches his dad Jack and his brother-in-law Casey in the living room, he walks up and joins them. Aware of his young brother-in-law's developing kinks, Jaxon pushes Casey to the edge, giving him something he'd been craving.

Chapter 9

As time goes by, Casey plans on taking the next step. His sexy brother-in-law Jaxon is there all along the way, in ways Casey never saw coming. One day, Casey understands just how far he and Jaxon are ready to go.

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