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Ready to Take Both


    With only one year between us, my brother Reed and I were almost like twins, spending most of our time together. Even when he only went away for a couple of hours to do something on his own, I was unused to being on my own. However, now that we were on spring break, we both decided to spend the time productively and make some money, which required us to work separately. 

    I started a social media profile where I advertised my art, and I got quite a few commissions which kept me busy. As for Reed, he was away giving people tattoos every day. One of his clients was our own dad, who got a tatt of a phoenix I'd designed just for him. I couldn't wait to see how it turned out! I wanted to go watch him get it done in person, but I was so busy with my art commissions that I had to focus on those instead.

    That afternoon, Reed and Dad showed up at the house after Dad's tattoo appointment, both of them grinning ear-to-ear.

    "How did it turn out?" I asked eagerly, jumping off the kitchen table where I was doing my work.

    "You tell me," Dad said, taking off his shirt to show me the tatt on his lower belly.

    "You decided to get it done there?" I asked, stroking Dad's stomach with my fingers. He still had saran wrap over the tattoo so I couldn't make out the details, but I was proud to see something I'd drawn be permanently etched onto my father's body.

    "Your brother did an excellent job," Dad said to me, ruffling Reed's hair. "I'm proud of both of you."

    "Darren's at work until six," said Reed. "Do you wanna hang out here until then, Dad?"

    "Sure," Dad nodded. It was unfortunate that our older half-brother Darren hadn't warmed up to our father just yet, the way Reed and I had. However, I hoped it was only a matter of time before the two of them got to rebuild their relationship.

    "Perfect. I'll get some cool drinks for everyone," Reed offered, walking to the fridge to take out some soda. In typical Nevada fashion, it was a swelteringly hot day. I took my shirt off so I was shirtless just like my dad, but then he upped the ante by pulling down his sweatpants and boxers, standing in front of me stark naked.

    "You don't mind if I get comfy, do ya?" he said with a shit-eating grin, shaking his hips left-to-right and making his dick swing in a way that hypnotized me.

    "You just wanna show off," I called him out. 

    "Me? Nah, I'm quite modest," he said sarcastically.

    "Bullshit," I chuckled.

    "Okay, okay, if it makes you uncomfortable I'll put on some clothes then," Dad said, reaching down for his boxers.

    "Don't!" I quickly stopped him. Dad smirked, and I realized he was just testing me.

    "You like seeing my cock, don't ya?" he asked. 

    "I do," I admitted. Then, I decided to be brazen and I added, "Only thing I like more than seeing it is tasting it."

    I dropped to my knees at my father's feet just as Reed walked back into the room with a couple of sodas. I had Dad's dick in my mouth in a flash and heard my brother snicker in delight. Reed pulled off his shirt before standing next to Dad and dropping his shorts. He started stroking his semi-hard cock while watching me swallow our father's meat. 

    I reached up and pushed my brother's hand out of the way and I took over jerking him off. The only thing that could've made this better is if Darren was here with us. Just the thought of having a dick in my mouth and one in each hand set my own cock raging. I moaned around my dad's cock while working Reed's tool to full hardness. Once my brother was fully erect, I swapped to him, deep-throating him with ease, like I'd been doing for years.

    Overhead, my dad and Reed started kissing. They were running their hands all over each other's bodies, being careful not to disturb Dad's still-very-fresh tattoo. For a few moments, I sat back and watched them make out while jerking them both off at the same time. And then… I was completely taken aback when Dad reached his hand down and started fingering Reed's hole! 

    After a few seconds, when Dad brought his hand forward, his fingers were coated with creamy goo that could only be one thing: cum. I licked my lips, wondering whose it might've been. My dad brought his fingers to my lips, and I sucked them clean, savoring the salty treat. 

    "You like tasting your daddy's load?" Dad asked with a smug grin. 

    "Your… Your load? You… fucked Reed?" I stuttered, my dick throbbing. 

    "Yup," Dad smirked. Then, he smacked Reed's ass and got my brother to turn around, so his ass was inches from my nose. Dad then spread Reed's asscheeks open and pushed my face between them. With my tongue buried in my brother's hole, I got to taste even more of our father's cum fresh out of Reed's ass. Reed moaned and squirmed while I rimmed him as dad looked on with a combined look of pride and lust.

    I was determined to get as much of my father's load as possible so I tongue-fucked my brother as best as I could. Reed reached back and pushed my nose further into his ass, grinding backward at the same time. Meanwhile, Dad got on his knees behind me, pulling my shorts and underwear down to expose my ass. I wriggled my hips, hoping he's get the hint that I wanted desperately for him to fuck me silly.

    Reed rotated himself around and I had his cock back in my mouth in a flash. I felt Dad slap his own meat against my hole and I pushed my ass back, urging him to enter me. I felt my father spit on my hole and then, his fat head pushed against my sphincter. I relaxed and he was able to penetrate me with little resistance. There on the living room floor, with my shirt still on and my shorts around my ankles, my brother and my dad proceeded to spit-roast me.

    Reed seemed totally spurred on by watching our father fuck my ass, as he was relentless with my mouth. I was used to it after all these years and managed not to gag as my brother pummeled my throat with his cock. I was drooling and slobbering so much that my spit was dripping onto the floor. I held onto my brother's ass for dear life as he and Dad both used my holes as aggressively as they wanted.

    "Oh, fuuuck son. Your hole is just as good as your brother's," Dad groaned behind me, holding tightly onto my waist while slamming into my ass. 

    Dad continued fucking me while I blew my brother for another fifteen minutes, when it became clear that Reed was ready for his turn. Reed lay on his back on the floor, his throbbing cock pointing up at the ceiling. Dad pulled out of me and I finally took off my clothes completely. Naked, I straddled Reed's hips, facing him as I sat on his dick, feeling fulfilled again with him inside my ass. Dad stood in front of me, directly over Reed's face, and guided my mouth to his own cock that had now fucked both my brother and me in the same day.

    I started fucking myself on my brother's cock while blowing my father. Dad ran his fingers through my hair, making sure to keep the entire length of his cock down my gullet. My own cock was bouncing in a circle, leaving streams of precum on my brother's abs. I couldn't stroke myself, otherwise I would've cum right then and there.

    "That's right. Good boy, make your brother feel good," Dad purred. "Think you're ready to take both of us?"

    "Ah fuck yeah little bro, you can do it," Reed agreed.

    I knew exactly what they were suggesting: double penetration. I'd seen videos online of it and had often fantasized doing it with Reed and Darren but was always too nervous to bring it up. Now, however, the opportunity was right in front of me. I nodded in agreement with my mouth full of cock. 

    Dad got on his knees behind me, in between Reed's legs. He pushed gently on my back, so I was chest-to-chest with my brother. Reed hugged me tight while kissing my neck. I felt Dad's cockhead at my hole and I did my best to relax. I felt him start to push in alongside my brother's cock. It hurt, but it was manageable, and to my surprise, my already-stretched hole accepted him. My eyes rolled back as Dad slid inside me so that both him and my brother could fuck me at the same time!

    "Holy shit, Dad! I can feel your cock against mine," Reed exclaimed as I moaned loudly into his shoulder.

    "You're doing amazing, Landon. This is gonna feel so good for you," Dad encouraged.

    He slowly started thrusting in and out of my now incredibly loose hole; though with both of their dicks inside me, I felt as tight as a virgin. Feeling both of them rub against my prostate was mind-blowing. I'd never felt this level of pleasure before, and I fucking loved it. Sensing I was feeling more comfortable accommodating them, and hearing my moans of pleasure, Dad sped up a bit more. None of us could speak, instead we just moaned and gasped with all these new sensations.

    "Oh shit. Oh shit. I'm gonna cum," Reed whispered.

    "Me too, son!"

    Both my father and my brother came inside me at the same time, flooding my guts with their hot sperm. The friction from my dad thrusting into me while my brother held me tight finally caused me to explode and I shot my load between my brother and me. Afterward, we all collapsed in a big sweaty, cummy pile. 

    "I'm glad you boys are in my life again," Dad said, a big smile on his face. "Let's go hit the shower and see if you're ready for another round."

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