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Father-Son Smoke


    I took my father's glasses off, rubbing my eyes and massaging the bridge of my nose. I was attempting to study but I found it difficult thanks to the bad eyesight and chronic backache I'd inherited as the new inhabitant of my dad's body. I wanted to study all weekend to pass the time until this shit was over and things were back to normal, but I just couldn't concentrate. I slammed the textbook shut and walked to my window.

    Outside, several of the neighbors were out walking, enjoying a chilly but sunny Saturday. Tomorrow was Halloween and some of the neighborhood houses were decorated quite intricately, making passing-by parents stop and take photos of their children in front of the spooky mansions. I'd been invited to a couple of Halloween parties tonight that I had to cancel thanks to the fact I was now a middle-aged man. My phone was blowing up with "get well soon" texts from friends who believed I was sick. As I stared down at the carpet of orange and gold foliage covering our front lawn, it started to rain. At least it was fitting with my mood.

    A knock on the door distracted me and I yelled "Come in." I already knew it was Marcus; my father rarely had a habit of knocking.

    Dad's boyfriend came into my room and smiled, shutting the door behind him. "How ya doing?" he asked.

    "Oh, splendid," I said sarcastically, turning away from the window and sitting down on my bed.

    "I called a friend of mine in Delhi," said Marcus, coming to sit next to me on the bed. "She's out tryna find the man who sold me the wishing stones."

    "Unless he's a genie who disappeared," I said, unsure if I was kidding or not anymore. On my nightstand sat the stone which had caused all this. Last night it had been silvery green, but its surface was now a polished black. I hadn't noticed it at the time, but I assumed it changed colors when I made my wish. I took it in my hands and fumbled with it, once again taken aback to see that my hands were now hairy, callused, and wrinkly.

    "Can I get you anything?" Marcus asked me caringly. 

    "Something for my back," I answered. "It's fucking killing me."

    "Your dad's got some painkillers you can take if you want. But he tries avoiding 'em cuz they can be quite addictive."


    "Yeah, it's why he smokes so much weed. Finds it helps him as well and it's the lesser evil," Marcus filled me in.

    "I reckoned he just likes getting high," I said in my dad's deep voice.

    "Well, I'm sure he doesn't mind that part either," Marcus chuckled. 

    "Why doesn't he see a doctor? He can't keep living like this."

    "Doctors can't do nothing but prescribe him meds and offer a surgery that his insurance won't cover."

    "Well just fucking pay for the surgery then! What else does he spend all his money on? He just sits at home all day," I said loudly in frustration.

    "You know," Marcus sighed and continued, "for someone with a 4.0 GPA you know very little about the world. That surgery costs more than your father makes in a year. And the reason why he never goes out, why he doesn't have no hobbies or nothing, is cuz he saves all the money he makes in a college fund for you."

    "I don't need his money for college. I'm getting a full ride," I tried to assert my independence.

    "Yeah, and is that also gonna cover a plane ticket to whatever school you go to? And the clothes you'll need to wear? And what happens if there's an emergency one day? You still need money," Marcus told me.

    "I'll get a part-time job or something, universities have those," I argued.

    "Yeah well, I think your father wants you to be able to focus on your studies. Knowing you, you'll probably start taking senior-level classes in your first semester."

    "I've looked into it, but I don't think I can do that," I admitted with a chuckle.

    My dad's boyfriend sighed one more time and said, "Anyway, I think this is all something you and your dad should talk about. Just… take it easy on him. I'm off now but I'll be back later to check in on y'all."

    Marcus placed his hand on my knee and gave it a squeeze before getting up and leaving the house. I waited a few minutes and then I headed to my dad's room, where I saw my teenage body lying in bed, wearing nothing but a pair of my boxer briefs.

    "Hey," Dad spoke to me in my voice. "Do you need something?"

    "Yeah, something for my back," I replied, and he knew immediately what I meant.

    "Want me to get you a pill?"

    "Actually, I was thinking… I can try some of your other medicine," I hinted.

    "Aight, sure," he said and jumped out of bed, reaching for a joint that was already rolled, as if waiting for me. As I stepped into the room I realized it smelled like pot already. I sat next to my young-bodied father in bed and watched as he lit up the joint and passed it on to me after taking a toke. "Ever had one before?" he asked.

    "Meh, kinda. Just fooling around with some friends, but I barely inhaled," I admitted.

    "Well if you want it to hit you gotta do it this way," he said and he showed me how to inhale deeply. Twenty minutes and three joints later, we both had a nice buzz going and my backache was already better.

    We didn't talk too much during that time but we didn't need to; we were just vibing. After a while, I was too tired and hazy to sit so I lay back on the bed, when I felt a wetness on the back of my neck. I touched myself there to wipe it off and I realized…

    "Ewww. Is this jizz?!" I said loudly, immediately recognizing the substance. "Did you fuck Marcus while you're in my body?"

    "Hahaha. Yeah," Dad dared to laugh, like this was funny.

    "Fuck you, man! That's just nasty!"

    "Calm down. Tell me this: did you or did you not beat off this morning?!"

    I thought back to a few hours ago when I'd spied on Dad in the shower. Turned on by the sight of my own naked body under the running water, I'd jacked off in the doorway even though it was really my dad's dick I was holding. I thought I'd managed to do it without him catching me, but I guess he'd seen me do it after all.

    "You mighty quiet now," Dad chuckled. "See, we're both fucked up."

    "At least I didn't fuck anyone!" I protested. "So… you saw me, huh?"

    "Saw you do what?"

    "Beating off while you were in the shower," I said.

    "Nah, I just guessed that you must've jerked off this morning. Wait, you did it while I was in the shower?"

    I was high and it was getting hard to think so I figured I'd just come out with the truth.

    "Yeah. Honestly, I was kinda… turned on, seeing myself naked from that perspective."

    "I don't blame ya. You got a fine body. I mean, fit. You're in good shape," he corrected himself, trying not to sound too inappropriate.

    "Thanks, Dad. You too," I smiled.

    "Whatcha talking about? I'm falling apart," he dismissed my compliment. 

    "Hey c'mon, you ain't that bad. And at least you packing some heat," I said, grabbing my bulge to make sure he knew just what I meant.

    "Haha yeah, I do have that little thing going for me," he smiled. 

    "Little?! That shit is HUGE. And I'm comparing to myself, which is already a pretty high standard."

    "Yeah, I've noticed," Dad agreed before lying down on the bed next to me and turning to face me. "So how come you got this big dick and no girlfriend?"

    "I spend too much time studying," I replied. Then, I realized this is as good a time as any to come out with the truth. "Also, Dad, this ain't a big deal or anything but… I'm also into guys. Like, I'm bi."

    Looking at my own smooth-shaved face in front of me, I could see the shock as my dad heard those words, but he did his very best to react nonchalantly. 

    "Good for you, man. So, you're seeing guys as well?"

    "I mean, I've hooked up with a few guys but nothing serious," I replied.

    "And by 'hooked up' you mean…?"

    "I've fucked a few guys. A bit late for that talk, if that's where you were going."

    "Hey, I just want you to know we can talk about anything you want," he said in a fatherly manner, which was weird considering he was in a teenager's body currently.

    "Yeah, it's different than fucking a girl," I said, "but I found my way around."

    "And you're always the one… doing the fucking?" 

    "So far, yeah. I mean, I've been curious to try both, but… I guess I just haven't."

    Dad lit up another joint and we smoked side-by-side, passing it back and forth and looking at the ceiling.

    "You always the one fucking Marcus? That's what it sounds like whenever I hear y'all," I stated.

    "He's fucked me a few times, but he prefers to bottom. He's damn good at it as well," Dad said, reaching down to adjust his bulge in the boxer briefs. For a moment, I glanced down and noticed he had a semi; I could easily recognize it since it was my own dick, after all.

    "Sorry," Dad said when he caught me looking, "all this sex talk's got me worked up."

    "Nah, it's fine," I said, inhaling deeply. "I might go beat off for the second time today," I added jokingly.

    "Or you can… do it here if you want," Dad suddenly suggested.


    "C'mon, think about it. You've seen my dick, I've seen yours. We're in each other's bodies. Like… how often do you get to see yourself so closely?"

    "It's… kinda interesting," I admitted, turned on by the thought. "But it's too fucking weird, man."

    "It's only as weird as we make it," Dad said, his hand inside the boxer briefs by now, stroking the teen dick that was in there. As per usual, my dick got hard in no time and now I got to see it from an outside perspective, even closer than when I was creeping on it in the shower earlier.

    "Ah, fuck it!" I said, taking off the clothes I had on, which belonged to my father, of course. I was actually the first one to get fully naked, presenting my father's naked body to him.

    "Maybe you're right: I ain't that bad," he said, taking in the sight. He pulled down the boxer briefs and exposed my hard dick, which made me start to salivate.

    "You know there's some guys that can suck their own dicks? I've seen videos. Fuck, I wish I could do that! I've tried so many times but I just ain't bendy enough," I admitted.

    "Ha yeah, I remember trying that years ago. No chance in hell now," Dad added.

    Straight or gay, I guess every guy was curious about sucking his own dick. Maybe it was a good thing most of us couldn't do it, otherwise we'd never leave the house. But now, I was presented with a unique possibility: my dick was right in front of me, wagging in my face. I was SO tempted to open my mouth and start sucking it. But that would be super weird! I mean, it was my father who would feel all the pleasure as I did it. I tried to shoo away my inappropriate thoughts, but my father read me like an open book.

    "You thinking about sucking your own dick?" he said, stroking it slowly right in front of me, as if tempting me.

    "I'm probably just high," I told him (and myself).

    "But you still wanna do it," he said, still stroking sensually.

    I looked up at him to see him lick his lips; my lips. He was facing me, his body open, his body language saying "go for it."

    I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help it. It'd been a few weeks since I'd sucked a dick anyway. Now, I scooted down until I was faced with my own teenage tool, staring me right in the face and dripping precum. I took Dad's glasses off my face. From this close by I didn't even need them to see. I could still make up every detail on my dick in a way I've never been able to before. I swallowed saliva… and then I took it in my mouth.

    "Ahhhh, fuck yeah that's good!" Dad moaned out like he'd been waiting for this his whole life. He got to enjoy as I sucked on my own dickhead – a surreal sensation, especially as it started leaking precum. I tasted my own discharge and I knew there and then: I had to keep going until I get to taste my own cum.

    I started going fast, swallowing my dick to the hilt right away. Since I was in Dad's body, I felt his dick rise and I wrapped a fist around it, once again in awe of its thickness and size.

    "Shh, slow down," he told me, placing his hands on my face. I felt his smooth fingers scratch the goatee I now had, which was an interesting sensation. I stroked Dad's dick while sucking my own; losing track of which is which and who is who. Then after about ten minutes, my father interrupted me by saying,

    "Let me do it now."

    I was surprised by his offer, but I was curious. I lay on my back and looked down to see Dad's dick pointing up like a flag pole. Seconds later, my own teenage face was next to it, sucking it top-to-bottom like a Popsicle.

    "This is soooo weird," I said. "It's like I'm watching myself giving you head. Mmm, and fuck, I can feel it as well!"

    I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation for a few minutes. Older and more experienced than me, Dad was clearly an expert cocksucker. This was hands-down the best blowjob I'd ever received! After a few minutes I opened my eyes again to see my own face bobbing up and down, making eye contact with me with a devilish sparkle in my eyes which I'd never seen there before. I smirked and started thrusting from the hips. Dad stopped moving and let me be the one in control for a while as I fucked his throat until I couldn't move anymore. I laid back down on the mattress and allowed him to continue to impress me with his oral skills.

    "Fuck, Dad. Wow," was all I could say. 

    "Enjoy it, D," he replied in my adolescent voice and continued to bob up and down. 

    Overtime, I felt Dad's balls start to tighten. It was… a different sensation than what I normally experienced before cumming; somehow less intense at first, but then bursting with power later on. Little by little, I felt it coming and I shouted,

    "I'm about to cum!"

    It was my way of giving Dad notice; letting him decide if he wants to pull back or not. Unsurprisingly, he was keen on tasting his own seed fresh out the source as well, so he kept going and going, sucking faster until…

    "MMM, AAAAAHH, SHHHIIIITT!" I shouted and bust a nut in Dad's mouth. He and I continued to make eye contact as he drained his own nuts, swallowing all of the semen shooting out. I could see him jerking off at an increased speed and I warned him, "Don't cum! I wanna swallow it as well."

    Dad smirked, and continued sucking until I'd shot out every last drop. Then, he quickly moved to put my own teenage dick in my face, giving me a chance to take it in my mouth again. Merely a second later it exploded with cum, shooting it straight down my throat much faster than I anticipated. It was like a flood; making me almost choke, but I was proud to say I managed to take all of it. I'd tasted my own cum before, but it was completely different doing it this way, with my dick in my mouth rather than licking it off my fingers. The notion that my own father was enjoying the sensation of this orgasm made it even better.

    "Phew," Dad finally said when we'd both drained our nuts down each other's throats and he plopped next to me. "We need to smoke together more often."

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