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A Horny Halloween


    That Saturday, my boyfriend Marcus and I spent the evening eating in front of the TV and watching scary movies together with my son. It was Dustin's first time hanging out with us, and we kept repeating "this is so fucking weird" and laughing as I – in my son's teenage body – cuddled with Marcus, while middle-age-bodied Dustin sat next to us.

    Marcus left around midnight, and my son and I decided to watch one more movie together. When Dustin was a kid, Halloween was his favorite holiday and we used to stay up late, eating candy and watching horror films every year. Unfortunately, my son was one of those kids that "grow up early." I think he was only 10 or 11 when he decided he was "too old for Halloween" and he stopped trick-or-treating and hanging out with me. Now, in a funny way, it almost felt like we were back in those old days; able to just chill, not stress about school or grades or money.

    When the movie was over we each went upstairs to our own bedrooms. I awoke the following morning with a throbbing dick between my legs, pulsing so strongly that it woke me up like an alarm clock. I stretched and I reached down to tug on it, feeling all its impressive teenage stamina. With my eyes still closed, I began stroking slowly, pumping up and down as I gripped my son's dick tightly… Dustin was just at the beginning of his journey through life. He was fit, and healthy… and sexy as fuck! Of course a part of me envied him, but mostly I was happy for him. I continued stroking faster and faster, all the while thinking about my son, until I shot a load over my now-ridged abs and passed the fuck out, going back to sleep without even cleaning up the jizz.

    By that evening, the anxiety levels at the house started to rise. Marcus's friend in Delhi had been unable to track down the merchant who sold him the wishing stones. It had been almost two whole days since my son and I had switched bodies. Did that mean we would switch back soon? And how would it happen; did we have to be asleep for it? Luckily, the trick-or-treaters that kept coming to our door were a good distraction from all of our nerve-wrecking thoughts.

    But, as it got later and later in the night, the trick-or-treating stopped. Our neighborhood went from bustling with noise to being eerily quiet. Not sure what else to do, I invited Dustin to have a smoke with me in the living room.

    "Oh, what the hell," he said and he sat down next to me and we shared a joint. The original Halloween movie played on TV, but my son and I were too worried about our own personal fate to care too much about Jamie Lee Curtis's.

    "Not a single one of these high school girls is even remotely cute," my son said after a while, commenting on the actresses on screen. That led to a conversation about the girls – and boys – at his own school.

    "There's this guy in my STEM club," my son filled me in with uncharacteristic candidness. "He's cool. But we don't wanna get too serious. We don't know where we'll be going to school next year, we might end up on opposite sides of the country."

    "There's almost a whole school year to go until then," I told Dustin. "Why you limiting yourselves? Besides, you said it yourself, you don't know where you'll go to school. Maybe it'll be the same place."

    "Well, we have applied to a few of the same schools, so it is possible," Dustin agreed. "I dunno. I'm really feelin' him but like…"

    "But what?" I asked.

    "Well," Dustin turned to face me. Even though he was in a middle-aged man's body, he still looked like a conflicted teenager at that moment. "He and I have fucked a few times, and it was great. Probably better than all the rest. But it's always me fucking him, and he wants to trying switching. And I don't know. I think… I think I might be too tight for it."

    "How big's his dick?" I asked my son.

    "Like, maybe a bit bigger than average? But nothing crazy."

    "I mean, obviously you ain't gotta do nothing you don't want to, but that whole 'too tight to get fucked' is an urban myth. It's all about how much you relax your hole."

    "Really? Are you sure?" Dustin asked.

    "Yes. I don't know what kinda porn you watch, but I've seen what some of these holes can take—"

    "Oh, I've seen it as well!" my son interrupted and laughed.

    "Yes, so if someone can take two fists elbow-deep at the same time, you can take a single dick," I chuckled. "It just takes getting used to."

    "So… why don't you get fucked more often?" Dustin asked next.

    "I do, every now and then. It all depends on the dynamic with the person you're with. Remember the guy I was seeing before Marcus? I was almost exclusively a bottom with him."


    "Oh, yeah. And he had a huge dick."

    "Fuck. Even bigger than yours?" my son asked in awe.

    "Yup. It was a fucking monster. But I took it almost every day. That's why we usually fucked at his place," I admitted. "He made me scream like a motherfucker."

    "Damn," Dustin said, reaching down between his legs. "And it felt good?"

    "Felt fucking amazing," I smirked.

    "Too bad Marcus ain't down for fucking you more," said my son, rubbing his bulge as he spoke to me.

    "Eh, I take what I can get. Sometimes I have other guys fuck me instead," I admitted to Dustin.

    "Yeah? Like who?"

    "Just random guys off apps. Marcus and I are open like that. Most of them are alright. But it's always better when it's someone you know and love," I grinned.

    "You know… I haven't fucked anyone in a while," my son suddenly suggested with a smirk.

    "What's that supposed to mean?" I teased him.

    "I'm just saying…" Dustin got up and started pacing in front of the couch. "While we're in each other's bodies… wouldn't it be cool to see what it's like fucking ourselves?"

    I could tell he was hard as a rock: his dick kept swinging in the basketball shorts he had on as he walked. I was already horny but the sight of that put my hormones into overdrive. I was now in a teenager's body and I was sporting a full woody in less than ten seconds.

    "I'm down if you are," I continued to smirk.

    "Let's do it!" Dustin spoke. "This has been the craziest weekend of our lives. Let's fucking go for it."

    When I heard that, I got up and put the TV on mute, reaching down between my legs and stroking the teenage boner that was there while making uninterrupted eye contact with my son. He mirrored my action; it truly felt like I was looking in a mirror, seeing my mature body jacking off in front of me. We were even dressed similarly: basketball shorts and baggy T-shirts. Before too long, the clothes were off. We stood staring at each other's naked bodies – at our own naked bodies.

    "Want me to suck you off for a while?" I offered like a good bottom that was about to get fucked.

    "Fuck yeah," my son nodded and I dropped to my knees in a second – which was much easier in this young body free of backache. I was faced with my huge, mature dick in front of me; about to take it in my mouth for the second time in two days. I licked my lips before parting them wide, shoving the hard prick in my mouth until it was hitting the back of my throat. A familiar grunt came from above me. It sounded like me, but it was my son moaning in pleasure as he started fucking my face.

    "Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah," he continued, thrusting his hips and piston-fucking my throat. After a few minutes, with saliva and precum running down my throat, I pulled the dick out of my mouth and went to lie on my back on the couch, holding my legs up and flashing Dustin's own asshole at him.

    "Fuck, that's one tight hole," he noted, precum dripping out of his piss slit.

    "I promise I can take it," I assured him. He might have a tight asshole, but I had experience taking dick. 

    As he moved forward, Dustin looked me in the eyes, as if silently asking "are you sure?" If he thought I would change my mind last minute he was crazy. 

    "Fuck me!" I grunted at him. "See what it's like to fuck your tight hole."

    With ignited passion in his eyes, Dustin shoved his [my!] huge dick inside me. Even though I was ready for the pain, it even took me by surprise how uncomfortable it was for a second. But I knew what to do. I took a deep breath and tried to open up and relax my asshole. It certainly was more difficult than when I was in my body; my own hole had seen plenty of action over the years and was much looser. 

    "Oh shit, this feels amazing," Dustin grunted in my own deep voice, and it only made me more determined to take it like a man, to show him what a real good fuck was like. I relaxed my hole, feeling the sphincter open up until the huge dick inside me started to feel… good.

    "Oh fuck, that's a nice dick," I moaned.

    "Your own dick, Dad. How does that feel?" my son asked me.

    "Fucking amazing. Keep fucking," I requested. My hole was relaxed now, but the teen dick between my legs was more rigid than ever! It was leaking precum all over my flat belly, making me feel like I might cum just from fucking, something which hadn't happened to me in a few years.

    The smell of pot still filled the room, making me feel nice and hazy. I made eye contact with my boy as he fucked me – he was all man now, regardless what body he was in. The energy between us was electrifying, and Dustin could feel it as well. He leaned forward and next thing I know he was giving me a big, sloppy, passionate kiss. 

    "Mmm," I moaned as I closed my eyes, feeling our tongues going in and out of each other's mouths. The dick pumping back and forth inside of me did so expertly. In the heat of the moment I felt a shortness of breath, so much so that for a split second I worried I might be having a heart attack. And then, miraculously…

    The tension in my asshole was gone; it now felt desperately empty. My dick on the other hand felt more engaged than ever, engrossed by a warm, tight hole. I opened my eyes and saw my son's young face looking at me, his tongue still wrestling with mine.

    "Dustin?" I asked, my typical, deep voice echoing in the room.

    "Dad?!" the young boy lying beneath me said. 

    We were back! We were back in our own bodies, in the midst of fucking!

    "Ahhhhhhh fuck, that hurts!" Dustin shouted, feeling a dick up his ass for the first time in his life. And not just any dick: my huge dick. His own father's dick!

    "Relax, relax," I soothed him. I knew I had the option to pull out, but I was already in balls-deep and felt like this was a good opportunity for Dustin to learn. Besides, me pulling out too quickly right now would only cause him more pain.

    "Dad, Dad… Ahhh, fuck," my boy continued panting. The hole around my dick clenched it so tightly that it was uncomfortable for both of us, but within a few moments I felt it relaxing again.

    "That's it. That's it, baby," I said softly. "If I could take it so can you, there's nothing wrong with your hole. It's all about how much you relax. There you go, loosen up. You want me to pull out?" I checked.

    "N– No. Ahhh, mmmm. Fuck me," my son moaned and then grabbed me by the neck, pulling me in for another hot, sloppy kiss. As my saliva dripped down into his mouth, I felt my precum leaking into his tight ass.

    "Fuck. If we keep going I'm gonna cum inside you," I announced. As crazy and as heated as this situation was, the words that came out of my son's mouth next took me by surprise.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad! Cum inside me. I wanna feel you cum inside my ass!" Dustin growled. "Fill me up with your nut, c'mon! Shit, that dick of yours is huge. Make it cum in me, man. Fucking breed me. Breed your son. Drop your babies off, c'mon! I wanna feel 'em all inside me. I wanna feel your cum in my ass. Deep inside me, that's it. That's it, keep going! Oh yeah. Fuck me, Dad. Cum for me. CUM!"

    "Ahhhhh!!!" I groaned as I started to bust my nut inside my son's tight teenage hole. "Fuck, Dustin. Dustin…"

    "Cum for me, Dad! C'mon, fill me up!!"

    "Dustin. Dustin. Dustin…"


    "Dustin. Dustin. Dustin!!!"

    I stirred suddenly awake, a hand shaking my shoulder. The whole room was spinning. My mouth felt drier than ever in my life.

    "Wha– What day is it?" I mumbled, barely audible.

    "What you mean what day is it? It's Friday. You're gonna be late for school," my dad's voice spoke. "What's wrong with you, you're never late?"

    "Fuck. I slept in," I tried to get myself together but my head was still whirling.

    "Of course you slept in, that's what you get for going out on a school night. Whose party did you go to last night anyway? Fuck, D, did you take anything? You look rough."

    "I… I… Dad, don't be mad but I took these edibles… It was my first time and I think I'm still tripping. And I had the WILDEST dream."

    My statement was followed by a roaring laughter on behalf of my father. He laughed for a good minute or two, giving me some more time to get my shit together.

    "Shit, D," he laughed, "I been begging you to let loose a little bit and this is what you end up doing? You gon be alright. You wanna stay at home today?"

    "I don't wanna miss school, but I feel…" I said, and I couldn't even finish the sentence.

    "Stay in bed. I'll call your school and tell 'em you're sick. Your record's impeccable, I'm sure it won't be affected by one day. Go back to sleep. Marcus is back from his trip to India and he'll be here tonight. If you want you can have dinner with us."

    "Yea– Yeah, I'd like that," I answered. In my head, I was trying to hold on to the crazy dream I'd just had. A dream in which my father and I had switched bodies. A dream in which he had… fucked me. "Are you sure it's okay for me to miss school?" I mumbled, all confused.

    "It's fine, D. Besides, looks like you got something to take care of," my father said to me.


    "That thing down there," he replied, nodding down to my crotch. I realized that under the thin cover I was hard as a rock, my dick standing up in all of its morning glory, throbbing under the tenting sheet and even leaving a wet patch of precum on it that was seeping through the material, making the sheet see-through and revealing my dick. My father just laughed when he saw it. This was something he NEVER got to see from me when I was sober. "I'll leave you and your big guy alone," he said.

    "Not as big as yours," I said, still somewhat under the influence of the edibles and the pervy dream I'd had.

    "What did you say?" my father asked. He sounded taken aback, but not mad.

    "I just… I figured yours might be bigger," I said shyly, surprising myself by being so open in real life.

    "I mean, it is pretty big, but yours seems to be in the ballpark as well," he said. He was standing next to my bed in his raggedy red boxers, his favorite pair, and I thought I saw him popping a morning woody as well.

    "If you want," I said dry-mouthed, "we can compare. And we can… beat off together."

    My father looked down at me like I was crazy. But then, a naughty smirk appeared on his face.


The End

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