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Three Simultaneous Cumshots


    After my wife died, I went for over a year without sex. Losing her was one thing, but the kids... For months I felt like a zombie, doing only the most basic tasks, staring at the TV for 16 hours a day.

    Dating was out of the question. Eventually, I started going online and hiring sex workers, to keep my mind off things more so than to fulfill a need. Some of them were very nice, but they were also the ones who weren't usually available. Others I didn't like so much, and I was left feeling even worse after they'd gone.

    While browsing through ads one day, something interesting caught my eye.

    "DISCREET Blow-&-Go GH. Perfect for Straight Men."

    I read through the ad, even though it was posted by a man and I'd never been interested in guys before. It said:

    "Expert cocksucker with a very discreet and safe gloryhole in my garage in Colma. Cum get your dick sucked anonymously and be on your way, no questions asked. I'm 22 and in good shape, but what matters to you most is that I have a very receptive throat."

    I looked at the attached photos and I was impressed by the setup this person had in his garage. He'd really put some thought into this! For some reason, that made me feel safe. Besides, I drove right through Colma every Sunday on my way to the cemetery. I started to wonder: Could getting a blowjob by a guy really feel the same as getting a blowjob from a woman? Or even better, as many claimed? What was really the harm in going to this guy's garage and trying it out? Whoever he was, I sent him an email:

    "Hey, man... I've never done this but I think I might be interested. How does this work? I'm usually free on Sundays. M."

    A short while later, I got the guy's phone number and we switched to texting. I went by M and he went by V, always. That Sunday, I made my first visit to the gloryhole. It was indeed, one of the best blowjobs I'd ever received! V and I never exchanged any words other than "hey" and "thanks." I imagined a woman on the other side of the hole, and it worked. I blew my load and I was off, to return the following Sunday.

    Soon, it became a ritual. More than that, it was the highlight of my week. Over time, V and I started having short conversations. And then, they weren't so short anymore. Sometimes I'd stay over in his garage all afternoon, talking while never laying eyes on each other. V was always kind and funny, and he never knew how much he was helping me get through my rough patch. When he asked if I would fuck his ass, I said yes with very little hesitation. It felt even better than the blowjobs, and it took my connection with this stranger to the next level. And I had no idea how much further it would go...

    My cousin Kris's bachelor party was hands-down the biggest one I'd ever been to. My bachelor party had only consisted of five other guys, and Kris wasn't even one of them because he was too young back then. This party was at a private club that we had all to ourselves. Within minutes of entering, I could see guests snorting coke off the glass tabletops and I was offered pills I didn't even know the names of, which I'd declined, determined to just stick to booze tonight.

    The waitresses were all topless, as was the female DJ and all the bartenders. I wasn't really surprised to see this happen at Kris's party. Kris's dad Ron was on his third marriage, and even though I'd never been to any of his three bachelor parties, I'd heard rumors they were all debaucherous beyond belief. Uncle Ron was currently sitting at the main table, motorboating a blonde's huge (probably fake) boobs and stroking her pussy through her panties, even though his two sons were sitting right next to him. 

    I got a couple of lap dances and sucked on a few tits just for fun. The embarrassment of doing this in front of friends – and even family – quickly wore off. It was hardly the most obscene thing happening round here tonight. As the night went on, some guys had their cocks out and were getting serviced right there at their tables, before retreating to the more discreet rooms in the back. For some reason I thought of V, and fought the urge to text him. Maybe next time I see him I'll tell him all about this party. I wondered if he would be at all surprised, or if this was nothing compared to the things he's done in his life. He was the kind of person to have a gloryhole in his garage, after all.

    I noticed that the only other semi-sober person at this party seemed to be Victor, Kris's buddy who was organizing the whole shebang. I'd heard from Kris that he was gay, so I guess he wasn't that impressed by all the tits flying around. I'd only exchanged a few words with Victor when I first arrived, and I was just about to go strike up a conversation with him when the lights on the stage went on to reveal Kris sitting on a chair, about to get a lap dance from one of the hottest girls here while everyone clapped and cheered. I figured I'd stay put and watch the show. 

    Kris's coworkers and other friends (many of who appeared to be douches, I'm sorry to say) egged him on with loud "YEAHS!" as the girl rubbed her boobs in Kris's face, before turning around to show the audience that Kris was playing with her nips. I sat next to Uncle Ron and his oldest son Josh, neither of who seemed to have a problem with seeing their son and brother up on stage doing this, even as the stripper took Kris's right hand and slid it down her stomach and into her panties. The cheers only got louder as my cousin fingered the girl. I only hoped that his fiancée Mia, who was currently in Mexico for her own bachelorette party, was having just as much fun with a male stripper down there.

    As one song faded into another, slower one, the girl started to grind, rubbing her ass against what I could assume was my cousin's hard cock by now. Years and years ago, I'd seen a buddy of mine get a blowjob from a stripper on stage, and I wondered if that's where this was all going. Sure enough, the girl started to kneel and rub the bachelor's bulky crotch, as his buddies raved and wolf-whistled.

    Next to me, my 59-year-old uncle adjusted his bulge, and I pondered if he had an erection as well, just like his son on stage. I could only hope to have Uncle Ron's sex drive at his age. Or maybe he's popped a pill before coming here, intending to fuck some of the girls at some point?

    And then it happened: the girl on stage had pulled down Kris's zipper, taking out his hard cock and putting it in her mouth. I only caught a quick glimpse of it – after all, you were expected to focus on the girl's body and not the bachelor's dick – but it only made me curious for more. The blowjob went on for about five minutes, as the music kept getting faster and faster. The loudest cheers yet came when Kris tilted his head back and pumped his fist in the air, which everyone took as a sign that he was cumming in the girl's mouth. A few seconds later, the girl turned around and wiped her lips in an exaggerated way to show that, indeed, my cousin had just blown his load.

    I hadn't expected to see any of this tonight, but here we were. A short while later, Victor, the party planner, had joined our table and sat next to me.

    "Can we talk for a minute? Maybe in the back?" he asked me, and I wondered if he was inviting me to do something sexual in one of the backrooms. Did he think I was gay? I mean, I wasn't offended by that, and Victor was a really attractive guy. Then again, maybe I was just jumping to conclusions. The way Victor had asked the questions wasn't flirtatious in the slightest. "Just because someone's gay doesn't mean they wanna suck your cock," I reminded myself, and accepted his invitation to talk in the back where it was quieter.

    "I'm V," he said when we sat down in a small room with padded walls, just the two of us. 

    "Excuse me?" I asked, confused.

    "V. With the gloryhole. It's me."

    Holy shit! That's right, that was the same voice! And he was the right age as well. Oh my fucking god, what a coincidence.

    "Hey! Oh wow, nice to meet you!" I said and gave him a big hug. "Wow! When did you know that it was me?"

    "When you first opened your mouth tonight," Victor smiled, "but I needed some time to wrap my mind around it and find the right time to tell you. I didn't wanna make this party all about me."

    "No, I'm happy you told me! And the party... it's crazy, man! I was just thinking about you and how I wanted to tell you all about it next time I'm in your garage. Now, it seems like I won't need to."

    "Aww, you were thinking about me?" Victor asked.

    For the next hour we talked, ignoring all the ruckus in the rest of the club. Finally, Victor had another invitation for me.

    "Listen, when the party's over, Kris is coming to crash at my place. I have a couple of guest rooms so if you want... you can come too."

    "I'd like that," I said, since I didn't have any plans for tomorrow anyway. "Besides, I already know how to get to your house," I winked.

    I stopped drinking and switched to water since I would be driving, which put me in much less of a party mood than most of the other men. Victor and I went back to the main area of the club. A couple of the girls offered me blowjobs, but I declined and they moved on to more interested partners. Finally, around 5 AM, the place started to clear out, and Victor and Kris were in the backseat of my BMW, laughing and recapping the party. At Victor's house, I pulled up in the all-too-familiar driveway, but this time I went in through the front door instead of the garage. After all these years, it felt weird to be going in this way – both familiar and new at the same time.

    We all had one last drink in the kitchen before going upstairs. Kris seemed kinda drunk (or potentially high, I had no idea what he'd taken tonight) but Victor was barely tipsy. Soon, the groom-to-be disappeared to one of the guest bedrooms, leaving Victor and me alone.

    "There's another spare bedroom over there," my host said, "or, if you want... you can sleep in my bed tonight."

    "Oh, to hell with it!" I told myself, before stepping forward and planting a passionate kiss on Victor's lips.

    For a long while now, I'd known I had feelings for V. Whether they were romantic feelings I wasn't 100% sure, but I was certain that I was very fond of him. Seeing his face for the first time tonight, it didn't hurt that he was cute as a button as well. It had been a VERY long time since I'd kissed anyone, and I delighted in the bolts of pleasure that Victor was sending through my whole body with his tongue. He and I had fucked so many times through the gloryhole, but this, this was our first kiss.

    "It is kinda chilly tonight," I said, even though it wasn't. "Wouldn't hurt to have a cuddle buddy to sleep with."

    A few minutes later, Victor and I were both naked in his bed. For a moment there I felt self-conscious about stripping in front of him, which was ridiculous since he'd taken countless of my loads inside his guts already. I kept in decent shape, and I was happy to see how much my body turned him on. For the first time in my life, I was looking at a naked man's body with lust, running my hands all over Victor, kissing his lips and moving down his neck and behind his ears.

    Victor seemed even more turned on than I was. He laid me down on my back and started to go down my body as well, kissing my neck and down my chest until he got to my nipples and took one of them in his mouth. My cock was rock hard, with V's hand wrapped around it, stroking it like it had done so many times before. I even recognized his technique. 

    His lips continued to travel down my hairy stomach and then my crotch. Next, my dick was in Victor's mouth. I moaned out a loud "Fuck, yeah!" Hearing it echo around the house, I only just realized Victor's bedroom door was open. I wasn't sure if my cousin could hear us or not, but honestly, I didn't care. I just watched him get his cock sucked and bust a nut in front of half his friends and family. So what if I was getting head from another guy? Kris wouldn't care even if he did catch us.

    Victor sucked my dick for about fifteen minutes, bringing me close to the edge before slowing down. The longer he went, the more difficult it was for me to hold back from grunting out loud in ecstasy. I felt like I was floating on Victor's bed. And then, incredibly, a voice came from the doorway.

    "Mind if I join you?"

    It took me a moment to realize what I was hearing. My cousin Kris was standing at the door, stark naked, looking at his best friend suck my cock.

    Victor took my dick out his mouth and looked at the door, before looking up to me.

    "Do you mind?" he asked.

    "No," I said, and moved to sit on the bed with my feet on the floor. I imagined Kris would come sit next to me and Victor would service both of us. Was this something the two of them did? After tonight, I thought nothing could surprise me.

    But I was wrong. I was VERY surprised to see my cousin get on his knees on the floor next to Victor, rather than sitting on the bed next to me. When he'd said "Mind if I join you?", he... he meant as a sucker?!

    Victor held my hard cock like a microphone to Kris's lips. I was taken aback for a moment. Before I had a chance to say anything, my cousin's lips were wrapped around my cockhead and he was continuing where his friend left off. I felt bolts of pleasure through my whole body again, and I knew now that I didn't want them to stop.

    I had no idea if this was my cousin's first time sucking a cock or not. He didn't move as slickly and confidently as Victor, but he didn't strike me as a complete amateur either. Just hours after getting a blowjob on stage at his bachelor party, Kris was down on his knees, milking my cock and getting ready to swallow my babies.

    "Fuck!" I swore out loud again. Victor had brought me close to the edge already, and having Kris here only made it hotter. I don't know if he knew just how close I was to cumming. Would he be willing to swallow when that happened? Was he looking to drink his older cousin's sperm?

    I looked down and noticed Victor jacking both himself and Kris. Judging by the speed at which he was doing it, they both seemed close. This was so fucked up, and I couldn't believe how this night had ended. To think that three years ago, I replied to V's ad and now here I was, about to cum down my own cousin's throat, just a few days before his wedding...

    "AAH!!! AAAARGH!!!!" I moaned out loud to announce my upcoming load. Kris didn't pull out. Instead, he swallowed my cock even deeper. I felt my cockhead hit the back of my cousin's throat as I started to unload. I'd been teased by so many girls at the party, but I didn't cum with any of them. Now, here I was doing it in the bachelor's mouth, and he obediently swallowed all my seed. His body convulsed, and I realized he was shooting his own load on the floor, right next to his best friend who seemed to be cumming as well. Three simultaneous cumshots, to wrap up an incredible evening.

    "Mmm," Kris moaned as he finally took my cock out his mouth. He wiped his lips, reminding me of the stripper who'd done the same thing on stage. "Thanks, man," he said to me, as if I'd just bought him a beer or something. Without much of a scene, he went back to the guest room, leaving his load behind on the floor by Victor's bed.

    "Let's get some sleep," V said to me. "We can talk in the morning."

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