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Honeymooners, Pt. II

Read Part I here



    Back when I was planning the wedding with my dad David, this hotel came up on pretty much every site about Hawaiian weddings, and it came with glowing reviews. Now that we were here, it seemed like more than half of the people here were couples to be wed and their guests. Every morning, we saw parties of elegantly-dressed people heading out for their big day. Today, one of those people was our new buddy Elliott.

    "Look over there," I told my husband. Will looked up, and for a brief moment we made eye contact with Elliott on his way out of the hotel. He was surrounded by groomsmen and we got to see his kids bouncing around him, who he was on the phone with last night while getting fucked by my husband.

    "You think my cum's still inside his ass?" Will asked me across the breakfast table. 

    "Fuck, yes."

    I leaned in and put one hand on my husband's bare leg, giving him a kiss. It was fairly early in the morning. We'd gotten an excellent night's sleep last night, fucking a couple more times after Elliott had left. Now, we were enjoying breakfast, and I was fighting the temptation to get down on my knees and suck my husband off right here at the restaurant.

    "Mmm. I wanna suck your cock," I whispered in between kisses, my hand creeping closer to the seam of the short shorts he was wearing under the table. The place was packed at this hour of the morning.

    "Ooh, I'd love that. Let's go upstairs, because I'm already getting hard."

    Quickly, we had a couple more bites of food before getting up and heading to the elevator. 

    "Walk in front of me. My boner's literally popping out," my husband requested. In the elevator, I prayed that no one else would walk in as the doors closed. Thankfully, I got my wish.

    I was down on my knees as soon as the elevator doors were shut (maybe even a second or two sooner), taking Will's cock in my mouth. We'd had sex so many times, and done so many hot, kinky things over the past three years. Yet now that he was my husband, everything felt fresh and brand new. I sucked his dick vigorously until, unfortunately, a few floors up, we heard a ding. 

    I quickly got up and stood in front of Will, whose cock was still out of his shorts. A straight couple who looked to be in their 40s got in the elevator. We nodded a polite hello, and they turned away and started talking to each other in a language I couldn't understand.

    With my back turned to Will, I reached back and wrapped my fingers around his dick. While the elevator continued to go up, I stroked his cock as fast (but as quietly) as I could. Soon, the other couple had left and it was only Will and I again, but we didn't have any time; we were already on our floor.

    "Let's finish this up in our room," Will said and tucked his cock away, just in case there was somebody in the hall. Turns out: there was. Housekeeping was here, cleaning up the room right across from ours and getting it ready for its next occupants.

    I glimpsed inside the room through the open door, to see that it was identical to our honeymoon suite. Once inside our own room, my husband pinned me against the inside of the door and started kissing me like a savage. A minute later I was down on my knees, and shortly thereafter I had Will's cum flowing down my throat.

    That evening, Will and I were trying to decide whether to go out and do something. On one hand, we wanted to make the most of our time in Hawaii. On the other, we had such a nice evening staying in last night, and after a long day of hiking this afternoon we were tempted to just stay in again.

    A knock on the door spared us from having to make a decision.

    My husband and I looked at each other as if to say "I don't know who that is." We were cuddling in bed in our underwear, and I got up to answer the door.


    This time I was surprised to see him here as well. He was still wearing the nice suit he had on this morning; the suit he got married in. His tie was undone and he looked a bit rosy in the face, after probably having a few drinks at the reception tonight.

    "Congratulations!" I smiled at the groom and gave him a friendly hug. Elliott smiled back and accepted my embrace. 

    "How did the wedding go?" I asked. 

    "Very well, thank you. It was really nice. I just thought I'd say hi, because apparently we're neighbors for the night."

    Elliott pointed at the suite across the hall.

    "My... wife and I," he continued with a smile, possibly using that word for the first time, "we were staying in another room with the kids, but just for tonight we thought we'd book one of the honeymoon suites. What with it being our wedding night and all. And turns out, we'd booked the one right across from you! I didn't even know that last night when I was here."

    "Wow, that's amazing!" I said. By now, Will had joined me at the door, and he gave Elliott a congratulatory hug as well.

    "Do you guys wanna see what I did with it?" Elliott asked us, smiling eagerly.

    "Umm, sure," I said. I grabbed our keycard, and we all walked a few feet to Elliott's room.

    "Wow! Did you do all this, or was it a staff member?" Will asked when we saw the inside of the suite.

    "All me," Elliott answered.

    The inside of the suite was straight out of a clichéd romcom. There were red rose petals leading from the door all the way to the bed. On the bed itself, more petals were arranged to look like a giant heart. There was champagne by the bed, and candles burning all around the room.

    "Your wife isn't 14 years old, is she?" I couldn't hold back from teasing.

    "Fuck off," Elliott laughed. "I think it looks nice."

    "So when is the missus coming over?" Will enquired.

    "In twenty minutes. I thought it might take me longer to get everything ready but I was done early."

    "Good. Gives me enough time to check on something," Will said next with a deep voice. He walked closer to Elliott and put one hand on his ass. "Still got my spunk inside you?"

    "I think so. I could definitely feel it this morning. I was so hot, having it inside me."

    "Let's see."

    Upon hearing that, Elliott started to unbuckle the nice belt he had on. Making eye contact with my husband, and then with me, he slowly started to push down his trousers. He had on a fresh pair of boxer briefs, identical to the ones he wore last night. His bulge seemed to be growing already, just at the mention of my husband's cum.

    Elliott turned around and showed us that nice ass of his, tightly hugged by the material of the boxer briefs. He pulled them down and exposed his cheeks, before slowly leaning down on the bed, poking his ass out.

    Will put his left hand in between Elliott's asscheeks. On it, he wore the wedding ring I'd given him just a few days ago. With his index, middle, and ring finger, Will pushed in, until he was touching Elliott's hole.

    "Now push," he commanded. 

    Elliott pushed, and Will's cum starter to dribble out of his tight hole and onto my husband's outstretched fingers. There wasn't too much of it left, but Will had managed to bury some of it deep enough so that it was still there.

    I was tempted to reach for Will's hand and slurp his jizz up, but I decided to offer it to Elliott first. Sort of like a wedding present.

    "Turn around," I said to him. "You wanna eat it?"

    Elliott stared into Will's hand nervously. 

    "I– I've never tried..." he stuttered.

    "That's okay, you don't have to," Will said reassuringly. "But do you want to?"

    Elliott licked his lips, before diving in and licking the cum off of Will's hand.

    "That's right. Eat my babies, you fucking perv," Will grunted. Watching the scene gave me a hardon.

    As soon as he was done swallowing, Elliott quickly turned around and poked his ass out in the air again.

    "What? You want more breeding?" Will asked.

    "Yes, please. I need one more," Elliott said, almost desperately. 

    My husband looked at me, and noticed the boner that was filling my briefs. 

    "You wanna do the honors tonight?" he asked.

    I nodded, gave Will a quick kiss, and got in position behind Elliott. I let down my briefs and gave my cock a few strokes, looking around the room. We didn't have much time. In about fifteen minutes, Elliott's wife would be here, so they could spend their wedding night together.

    "Mmm. Ouch!" Elliott squirmed as I started to push my dick inside him. We didn't have lube tonight, so spit and precum would have to make do. I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my cock, before going in again.

    "Just relax," I told our fuck buddy. And indeed, his hole started to relax, giving me easier access to his insides. Luckily, I was horny as fuck. The time pressure made it that much hotter. I started to fuck Elliott's ass roughly and aggressively, in stark contrast with all the romantic cutesy shit all over the room.

    "Yeah. You gon fuck your missus in this bed tonight?" I grunted.

    "Fuck yeah. We're gonna fuck right after you fuck me," Elliott moaned, his face buried in rose petals.

    "This is your first fuck as a married man," I said, going even harder on his ass. 

    The minutes went by, and I fucked faster. I had to cum soon. Next to me, my husband was fully hard by now, stroking his own cock. 

    "Load him up, baby," Will encouraged me, and gave me a kiss. Then, with my tongue inside Will's mouth and my cock inside Elliott's asshole, I felt my orgasm coming up.

    "Mmm, fuck. MMM, YES! Fuck, yes!!!" I started to shoot my load inside the groom, filling his guts. 

    "Let me in after you're done," my husband panted next to me. Watching me cum had brought him to the edge as well.

    A few more thrusts inside Elliott's hole, and I was done depositing my seed. I quickly moved to the side and let Will step in.

    With Elliott's hole already lubed up with my cum, my husband had no problem slipping in. Seconds later, Will was swearing and shouting as swell, cumming inside Elliott's hungry hole.

    "Fuck yeah!" I said to Elliott. "You're gonna fuck your wife tonight with both of our loads mixing inside your hole."

    "Fuck yes, I will!" he shouted. I noticed his cock was hard as well, but he was making no effort to cum. He was saving it for someone else, after all.

    As soon as Will was done unloading, we both pulled our underwear on and headed for the door. Elliott got up and started buckling up his pants in a hurry. We exchanged a quick kiss, and on our way out we saw him arranging the petals on the bed again, trying to make a heart.

    Across the hall, Will and I got into our suite. Just as we shut the door, we heard the clicking of stilettos headed our way from the elevator. They stopped at Elliott's door, and there was a knock.

    "One second, honey," we heard Elliott's shout. A moment later, their door opened and we could hear the newlywed couple kissing, just as my husband and I exchanged a kiss as well. 

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