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Don't Wake Marty Up

    "Hey honey," Duncan walks up from behind you just as you've finished getting dressed. You close your eyes and let him embrace you. By the smell, you can tell he's fresh out the shower.

    "Mmm. I thought you said we don't have much time?" you say slowly with your eyes closed, as he starts kissing the back of your neck.

    "Nevermind all that," he whispers in your ear before giving it a nibble and continuing to go lower.

    "He'll be here any secooond," you tease, and you put your hands on the sides of his naked body. You start gliding them down his wet torso, feeling him twitch for a second when you hit his ticklish spot.

     As if you'd predicted it, there's a loud knock on the door downstairs. 

    "Shit!" Duncan quickly pulls away and runs to get dressed.

    "Don't worry, I can go answer the door."

    "No, I gotta do it," he says, hopping on one leg, trying to put a sock on.

    Another knock, making him move even more frantically. 

    "Okay," he says once he's put his clothes on, "I'll go let him in, and you come down in a few minutes. Or d'you want me to text you when it's safe to come down?"

    "'Safe'?! What is he, armed and dangerous?"

    "No, d-don't be silly. I j-just… You're right. I'll see you in a few."

    He gives you a quick kiss before turning to head out the room, but you hold him back by his hands. You can feel them sweating a bit already.

    "Don't worry. Everything's gonna be alright," you reassure him, and seal it with a proper kiss. 

    "Don't get me boned up," he smiles at you and adjusts his bulge in his pants, before rushing out the bedroom.

    You hear two loud "heys" echo from downstairs, followed by a quieter, unintelligible conversation. You pace around the room, feeling silly that you have to wait before going down.

    "Ah, I'm sure he's told him by now," you think impatiently three minutes later and head downstairs. 

    "And there he is," Duncan jumps off the couch when you walk into the living room. He introduces you to the boy sitting next to him, before turning to you and adding, "and this is my son, Marty."

    "Nice to meet you, Marty," you say, offering him your hand.

    "Well, you weren't kidding when you said you got a surprise," Marty says after the three of you all sit around the table.

    You are the first male lover Marty's dad has introduced to him. You sit and smile, unsure how much Duncan has already shared.

    "Yeah, it just felt like the right time to tell you," Marty's dad says to him while pouring a drink for everyone. "You'll be staying here for the summer, and… well…"

    "And what? Don't tell me there's more," Marty laughs.

    You and Duncan look at each other, sitting together on the couch.

    "Your father asked me to marry him," you take Duncan's hand as you speak to his son, "and I said yes. We'll be getting married later in the summer."

    "Th– This summer?!" Marty stutters, reminding you of his father when he gets nervous.

    "Yes," Duncan squeezes your hand. "It's not gonna be a big wedding or anything, just family. So we… We wanted to do it while you're here, before you go back to college."

    It takes a few seconds for this to sink in; you can clearly see the shock on Marty's face as he tries to pull himself together.

    "Well… Congratulations!" he finally reacts, doing his best to act nonchalant. He puts his drink in the air and says "to you two." You lift your glass and lock eyes with him, making intense eye contact as you clink glasses.

    The remainder of the evening is spent mostly talking about Marty's time in school. At the dinner table, you catch him looking down at you holding his father's hand several times. 

    "And are you seeing anyone, Marty?" you ask coyly.

    "No," he looks down at his food as he answers. "My girlfriend and I broke up earlier this spring."

    "Oh well," you add, "maybe it's for the best. Leaves room for a summer fling."

    Marty finally looks up and makes eye contact again. You shoot him a wink, and get a smile in response. 

    After dinner, Marty announces he's gonna take a shower and go to his room for the night. Duncan insists on being the one to clean up the kitchen. After a few minutes, you get up and you go up to…


… the shared bathroom

… Marty's bedroom

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