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Fuck Me, Daddy!


    I barely remember stumbling into bed the night of Dad's party. The whole night was a rollercoaster ride. Dad having a boyfriend caught me by surprise. Not only was he seeing someone, but it was someone close to my age! I had too much to drink after that. I'd never been at an event with adults where I was not only allowed to drink, but no one seemed to care how much. 

    The highlight of the evening was probably meeting Greg. We only got to talk for a few minutes, but he seemed so nice, and had a lovely, kind smile. He worked as a lawyer, but he could've easily been a model himself; he was one of those next-level beautiful people my dad surrounded himself with.

    Unfortunately, I lost track of Greg and he seemed to leave without saying goodbye. I had one last drink and hobbled off to bed, and passed the fuck out.

    I woke up in the middle of the night. I had no idea how long I'd been asleep, but I was dying of thirst. I grabbed my phone to use as a flashlight and made my way to the kitchen, naked, as I had no clean underwear anyway.

    Halfway down the stairs, I thought I heard something. Moaning. The sounds of two bodies against each other. It sounded like someone was having sex.

    I switched off the flashlight on my phone and went down a couple more steps. Luckily, the stairs made no sound. 

    "Ahh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me."

    The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't quite place it. I was still half-drunk and half-asleep, I wasn't even sure if this was just a dream.

    I kept going and got to the bottom of the stairs. The noise was coming from the living room. 

    "Mmmm, yeah. Fuck me, Daddy."

    "Yeah? You like that?" came a second voice. It was my father's.

    I was in a daze, but slowly started to come around. This was really happening, wasn't it?

    "Yes. Ah-ah-ah-ah," I heard a smacking noise as Mateo's voice whined in pleasure. "Give it to me, Daddy."

    I wanted to peek around the corner so bad but I didn't dare. That's when I realized I was holding my phone in my hand. So I instinctively did what everyone does when something weird happens: try to record it. I turned on the camera, and making sure the flash was off, I pointed just the tip of it toward the living room, hoping it catches whatever was happening.

    Meanwhile I breathed deeply and listened to the moaning and grunting. I knew I shouldn't be doing it, but something kept me in place. Before I realized my dick was hard and leaking precum on the stairs.

    A couple of minutes later, the noise intensified. The fucking was getting faster and stronger.

    "Ah! Ah, fuck!" Mateo yelled out loud. "Fuck, Daddy. We're gonna wake up your son."

    "I don't care."

    Hearing that was almost enough to make me shoot right there and then. I had no idea why, but it was a turn-on to hear that. My free hand grabbed my dick immediately. 

    The fucking intensified again, as did Mateo's moaning. I could hear my father grunt as he was fucking him. I started to stroke my cock in the beat of their fucking. 

    Even though I'd never had sex, or successfully taken anything up my ass, I imagined myself to be a bottom. It's something I felt self-conscious about, and wanted to meet an older, experienced guy to teach me how to do it. As I listened to Mateo being fucked by my dad, I wondered what that might feel like.

    "Fuck. Breed me, Daddy. Breed me."

    "Yeah? You ready for some daddy seed inside you?"

    "Yes, please. Please!"

    I bit my lower lip to remain quiet. A few seconds later, my dad and I started to cum at the same time.

    "Ahh, fuck! Fuck!!" he shouted out loud, while I bit my lip harder and shot my pearly cum all over the floor. 

    As soon as I was done I started to freak out. What if they headed upstairs? I needed to get away. I made my way up the stairs as quickly and quietly as possible. It wasn't until I got to my room that I realized I'd left my cum splattered on the bottom of the stairs.



    The morning after the party I was exhausted, but determined to get my workout done. Mateo and I woke up extra early. I wanted him out of the house before Sam was up. Mateo wasn't too thrilled about it but he complied.

    "We still on for tonight?" he said, giving me a puppy-eyed look, as I stood naked in the open front door saying goodbye. "You promised me, remember?"

    "Alright," I said and gave him a passionate kiss. His hand slipped down my body and gave my balls a squeeze.

    "I love you."

    "Love you too," I said and I closed the door.

    I went up to put on a pair of underwear before heading down to the gym. I usually worked out either naked or in a pair of undies, just to keep my balls from bouncing around. Today, I had a feeling Sam wouldn't be joining me, after all he had to drink last night.

    An hour later, I was surprised to see him down at the gym. 

    "Good morning!" I said. He was wearing sweat shorts and a T-shirt, which made me think he was ready to exercise. My gray briefs were soaked in sweat by this point. "I didn't think you'd be joining me."

    "I said I'll take this seriously. Just, let's take it easy today, okay?"

    "No problem, champ," I got up and gave him a pat on the back. We spent half an hour doing benchpresses, with me spotting him. After that, he headed upstairs to take a shower. 

    "Bring me that dirty laundry you wanted to do," I reminded him and went to take a quick shower in my locker room, then grabbed the sweaty briefs off the floor and went upstairs.

    In my room, I was still naked, fumbling around for everything that needed washing, when suddenly Sam showed up again.

    "Oops, sorry," he said.

    "That's okay, you can come in if you want," I said.

    "Here's my laundry," he said and handed me a bag filled with mostly underwear and socks. 

    "Cool. It'll be done in a couple of hours."

    "Thanks, Dad."

    As he said that, I could swear I caught his eyes go up and down my body, as much as he was trying to be discreet. I could understand. I knew my body drew looks, which is exactly why I kept it in tip-top shape. Still, as fit as I was, I knew there was a slew of other guys, many of them much younger than me, capable of putting me to shame if I slipped.

    But the one thing I was particularly proud of was my penis. It was the kind of dick that was really long even when soft. A real attention grabber whenever I was nude in public (and I was no stranger to places like nude beaches and public saunas). It shocked quite a few people who'd never seen one that big before. I wondered if it shocked Sam.

    Sam headed out of my room, then stopped in the doorway. 

    "Mateo seems nice," he said with his back turned to me.

    "Yeah, about that. Can we talk?" 

    I sat down on my bed and waited for Sam to join me. He came and sat on my left.

    "Listen," I started, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Mateo earlier. I was so nervous about meeting you, as I'm sure you were at first. And then I didn't know how to bring up the fact that I was also into guys, and everything... it just sorta happened."

    "No, it's fine," he said, nodding his head, "really."

    I patted his knee and he gently patted mine.

    "How long have you guys been together?" he asked.

    "A few months. He's also a model, that's how we met."

    "Of course he is," Sam rolled his eyes.

    "How about you? Were you seeing anyone back home?"

    "No," he said quietly and looked down all of a sudden.

    "Well if you wanna meet some guys while you're here, that's fine. I don't want you cooped up in the house all day, it's not supposed to be a gilded prison."

    "No, that's fine," he mumbled and I sensed his insecurity.

    "Hey, what's wrong? Is there anything you wanna talk about?"

    When it came to teenagers I knew how awkward talking about sex was, especially with their parents. But even with all the resources available online, when it came to gay sex the information could get really confusing. I myself spent years trying to figure some things out, and I didn't want my boy going through that.

    "I'm not gonna push it," I said calmly, "but if there's ever anything you wanna talk about, please, please feel free to talk to me, okay?"

    "Okay," he said to his lap.

    "Hey," I grabbed his chin and turned his head till we made eye contact. "Okay?"

    "Okay," he smiled and nodded.

    I gave him a hug, and we remained that way for a few seconds.



    Everything that happened last night seemed like a dream. The party. Going to bed. Waking up and catching Dad and Mateo fucking...

    I woke up and wasn't ready to think about any of it. I looked at my phone with the video on it, but didn't open it. Instead I went down to the gym to clear my mind.

    Later on, when I went into Dad's room he was naked. It's funny how big of a deal this would normally be for me. But now, with him acting like it's natural, it was no big deal and we had a nice little conversation that made me feel better. I went back to my room and texted with Mom and Lamar for a while, before going to Dad's room to see if there was anything he wanted to do tonight.

    His door was open, just like earlier, so I walked in.

    "Still naked, I see," I commented. He was naked, folding the clothes that had just come out the dryer.

    "Yeah, you don't mind, do you? It gets pretty hot here so I normally walk around naked when I'm by myself. But if you want I can stop."

    "No, that's fine by me," I said.

    "When you start modeling you get used to being naked around all these people and them putting makeup on you and taking your photo, it stops feeling awkward real soon."

    "Oh you're a model? Huh, I didn't know, you never mention it."

    "Fuck off," he laughed.

    "So what movie do you wanna see tonight?" I jumped on his bed, making the folded laundry bounce.

    "Actually, buddy, is it okay if you hang out by yourself tonight? I have some plans and --"

    "No, no, that's fine," I interrupted because I could see he felt bad about it. "Absolutely fine. I got the wifi password, I can keep myself entertained."

    "Thanks a bunch. It's just that Mateo wanted to go clubbing, there's some drag queen performing he keeps nagging me about... I'd invite you to come but it's 21 and over."

    "No problem."

    "What we usually do when we go out is we get a room at a hotel right by the club. It's simpler than getting a ride all the back here, and we'll be drinking."

    "Oh, okay."

    "But I'll be here first thing in the morning. We can still do our workout. Okay?"


    That night, I realized just how unused to being alone I was. With all the kids at Mom's house, I wanted nothing more than a house of my own so I could have peace and quiet and do whatever I want. Now, after a couple of hours alone at Dad's, I felt like shooting my brains out.

    I reached for my phone. I still hadn't watched the video from last night. The temptation was rising, but there was something in me preventing me from doing it. What I did was wrong! I should've never spied on Dad! 

    It would be nice to have someone to talk to. I could talk to Lamar, but FaceTime never came close to having someone there, next to you, to talk to. I thought of Greg. Greg, with his beautiful smile, and his big hand resting on my leg. 

    What the fuck was I doing, he had no interest in me?! Just like Dad, he lived surrounded by beautiful, rich people, and I was just some scrawny kid he was being nice to because I'm his friend's son.

    Just then, I got a text from an unknown number.

    "Hey there. Greg here. Any hangover today? Hope you're having a nice evening 😉✨🥂," it said

    I didn't remember giving him my number, but I must've done it at some point during our conversation.

    "Hey! 😁😁 Slight hangover but I'll survive. Just hanging out at Dad's, watching a movie all alone ☹️."

    "Want some company?"

    I thought about it for a sec. Dad never said don't have anyone over, and he and Greg were friends.

    "Sure. Do you like sweet or salty popcorn?" I typed.

    "Sweet. Just like you."

    I smiled and blushed.

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