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My Uncle and My Dad's Secret, Chapter 12: Uncle Austin's O-Face


    Words couldn't describe how I was feeling, and just how turned on I was in this moment. I stood here with my uncle and his fiancé in their living room, while my boyfriend, Juan, was on his knees with all three of our dicks in his face. Juan and I had done a lot with each other, but this was really blowing me away. The look on his face was both eager and submissive; I knew he was going to get off on this memory for months.

    I could vaguely hear the countdown to midnight from the TV, but I was more concerned with busting my load. As I looked down at Juan's face, I couldn't help but also stare at the other cocks right there with me – Uncle Austin's and Rodney's. Rodney's was obviously the biggest, but I wasn't that far behind him. Then, I focused on my uncle's prick for a moment. It was dripping wet with Rod's saliva as well as my uncle's own precum.

    As the New Year's countdown finished and the crowd started cheering, one by one the three of us splattered Juan's face with our thick loads. Juan had his eyes closed and I knew he was in heaven. While he hungrily licked at all of the spooge he could reach, I looked down proudly at his cum-soaked face. In this instant, more than ever before, I realized I loved sharing my boyfriend with other men. Juan was such a slut; I knew he was enjoying this even more than I was, especially when the people I was sharing him with were Rodney and Uncle Austin.

    I looked up at my uncle for a few seconds, getting a close-up view of his O-face. I knew it was wrong for me to feel this way since we were related, but DAMN my uncle was one hot motherfucker!! When I looked back down, I noticed a stream of jizz running down my boyfriend's forehead and I wondered if it was Uncle Austin's. With my fingers, I scooped up all of the cum on Juan's handsome face and fed it to him. My boyfriend greedily sucked on my fingers, slurping it all down. Seeing him eat our jizz only served to keep my dick rock-hard. 

    "Yum. What a way to start the year. So, what's next?" Juan said, making all of us laugh.

    The next thing I did was pull my uncle into a hug, pressing our naked bodies together without a care in the world.

    "I love you, Uncle Austin. Happy New Year," I smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks again for having us over."

    If he was at all bothered by our nude embrace, my uncle didn't show it.

    "Happy New Year, kiddo," he smiled back, patting my bare butt before turning to Rodney and giving him a New Year's kiss.

    I helped Juan to his feet, his knees a bit stiff from kneeling for so long. He immediately started kissing me and even managed to push some of the cum cocktail into my mouth. My dick started to pulse as I savored the flavor of my uncle's seed along with my own and Rodney's. It made my kiss with Juan that much more passionate. Next to us, as if we were competing, Rod and Austin began making out more and more fervently as well. Even though the three of us had just cum, the sexual tension in the room wasn't going down. Indeed, all three of our cocks were still rock hard!

    After a few minutes, while still kissing our partners, Rodney and I made eye contact. Each of us started manhandling his own partner, almost trying to see who could be more passionate. I had Juan in a tight embrace with my hands firmly grasping his thick ass. I pivoted just enough so I knew Rodney could see before I spread Juan's cheeks and started teasing his asshole with my fingers. 

    Before anything else could happen, Juan had wriggled out of my arms and jumped onto his knees on the couch. Over his shoulder he shot me his very familiar "come-fuck-me" look. Rodney and Austin stopped kissing for a movement. They stood next to each other, jerking each other off. They both looked at my boyfriend's exposed ass, then at me as if to ask, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

    "Come fuck me, baby," Juan purred, swaying his hips.

    He used one hand to balance himself on the back of the couch, and the other to spread his cheeks, showing off his hole to all of us. He penetrated himself with the tip of his forefinger and moaned loudly. I stepped up behind him and slapped my fat cock on his cheeks. Juan's hole looked so hot and inviting, and I was clearly still raging. I spat onto his hole and worked my saliva in with the tip of my dick. Then, I lined my tool up, held onto his hips, and plunged inside him going straight to the hilt. Juan groaned and his head lolled back. His hole hadn't even loosened its grip before Austin was next to him, kneeling on the couch in the same exact position.

    "C'mon babe, we can't let these boys show us up," my uncle teased Rodney. "Come show them how to really fuck."

    Rodney wasted no time and got on his knees behind Austin, his tongue probing my uncle's hole. Uncle Austin moaned while Rodney rimmed him, only making me hornier. I watched the two of them while slowly pumping in and out of Juan.

    "Ahh, ah fuck, get in there with your tongue," Uncle Austin moaned, writhing in pleasure. 

    I had to fuck Juan slowly as the scene next to me was already making me want to cum again. Rodney got up, and just as I did, spat on the hole in front of him before slamming his massive 9-incher inside my uncle's hungry ass. Seeing my uncle get fucked again made me even hornier! I didn't care if I came too soon, but I started fucking Juan like there was no tomorrow. Spurred on by each other, Rodney and I pounded into our bottoms while they moaned and whimpered. I felt like I was in a porn movie, or some sort of competition of who can fuck his partner stronger and rougher! 

    Both of our bottoms were utter pros as they received our anal assault. The ferocity of our thrusting had us all getting warm with effort and the living room started to feel like a sauna, smelling of sweat and sex. The shininess from the moisture only made Rodney's body look even more ripped, all his muscles flexing while he pounded my uncle like a jackhammer. Uncle Austin's asscheeks bounced with each thrust, clearly having no trouble at all with Rodney's massive pole. 

    Rodney seemed impressed that I was keeping up with him. He kept smiling and looking at me and Juan go at it, all while maintaining his pace. He put one of his big, muscled arms around my shoulder, almost encouraging me to fuck Juan as hard as I could. The smell of Rodney's armpit was intoxicating, reminding me of all the public fun Juan and I have had in our hockey team's locker room. Wanting to impress Rod, I kept at it, somehow managing to go even faster!

    Meanwhile, Juan and my uncle were getting knocked around like rag dolls. Their heads hang limply and swayed with each pound and thrust. Eventually, they were turned face-to-face, maintaining intense eye contact as they were skewered. Almost as if Rodney and I had the same thought, we both reached forward with one hand and pushed our partners' faces together. The two instantly started kissing, their tongues wrestling while they shared simultaneous prostate pleasure. 

    Rodney and I looked at each other and smiled while our partners made out. Soon, Rod's smile turned into one of lust and desire. Without needing any further encouragement, we followed suit and leaned into each other, our lips meeting. Top made out with top while bottom made out with bottom. This set me over the edge. I moaned into Rod's mouth and fucked my second load of the night into Juan's asshole. Seconds later, Rod pulled away and slammed his hips into my uncle's ass with a grunt. When he pulled out again, his cock was covered in his own spunk. 

    Having bred our lovers, we both pulled out, our dicks coated with cum. Juan spun around, plopping on the couch, his hand furiously jerking himself off. He took my cock into his mouth and cleaned off all the fresh cum. Austin did the same, sitting next to Juan, shoulder to shoulder. After my boyfriend was finished with me, he took the same care and attention with Rodney, polishing off his meat that was soaked in jizz and my uncle's ass juices. As he took Rodney all the way down his throat, Juan's cock erupted, splattering himself.

    "Now it's your turn, babe," Rod encouraged Uncle Austin. "Let Brett see you shoot that load at. C'mon, let your nephew watch you cum!"

    I'd already seen my uncle blow his load earlier tonight, when he shot his spunk all over my boyfriend's face. But this time around, as Uncle Austin and I stared deep in each other's eyes, it felt even more intense. Maybe it was because of Rodney's verbal encouragement; he kept whispering to Austin, "Do it. Do it for Brett. Cum for your nephew, babe."

    This type of pervy talk was obviously something Rodney enjoyed. Meanwhile, my uncle and I continued to stare at each other, as if we were the only people in the room. A few seconds later, Rodney addressed me, saying, "Your uncle's got one hell of a dick, doesn't he, Brett?"

    "Fuck yeah," I said loudly and unabashedly. "My uncle's got an amazing dick. I fucking love it!"

    Just then, I got to watch that same dick explode with jizz right in front of me. Even though it was his second load of the evening, Uncle Austin shot like a geyser, clearly turned on by my attention – not to mention Rodney's and Juan's. All eyes were on my uncle's tool, cumming for us as if he was being paid to perform. I could stay here and watch the show all night.

    Unfortunately, shortly after he was done shooting the last wad of sperm, my uncle quickly got up and announced that he needed to go to the bathroom. When he returned, he was no longer naked.

    We stayed up until 4 AM that night. Finally, Juan and I retired in the guest bedroom, falling asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. We weren't wasted, but we had a nice buzz that helped us fall asleep. I woke up at some point – I had no idea what time it was – because I was too damn dehydrated. Still a bit tipsy, I walked toward the kitchen silently so I wouldn't wake anyone up.

    As it turned out, I wasn't the only person awake. My uncle and Rodney were already in the kitchen, drinking coffee and talking in hushed tones. Before they saw me, I heard them mention my name.

    "I told you, when Brett is around, don't push it!" my uncle scolded Rodney. I wasn't used to the two of them fighting so I stopped and hid behind the door, listening in.

    "I know, I know, he's your nephew," Rodney said. "But c'mon babe… it's so fucking hot. And he LOVES having this kind of relationship with you, can't you tell?"

    Aha. So they were talking about all of our mutual sexperiences over the last few months. My uncle's conscience was clearly telling him he shouldn't engage in sexual acts in front of me – his own nephew. But Rodney was right: I LOVED how close Uncle Austin and I had gotten lately. I was always fond of our relationship, but now more than ever I felt so connected to my uncle in a way that meant so much to me.

    "That's just it…" Uncle Austin continued whispering just loud enough for me to hear. "Brett's not… Brett's not just my nephew. Very few people know this but… Brett's my son. I'm Brett's real dad."

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