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    When my brother Charles and his wife went to Arizona for a few days, I was thrilled to receive an invitation from Brett to spend a night or two over at their house. This was a clear sign that Brett was no longer mad at me. After all, we got together for Easter because we "had to" – the whole family was getting together. But now, Brett was extending an invitation that was meant for me only. He wanted to spend some intimate time together, just like we did before the big secret came out.

    Little did I know, just how intimate things would quickly become. Brett's boyfriend Juan was also there, and it didn't take the two teenage boys long before they began fucking in front of me. This was nothing I hadn't seen before, but things were a bit different now: Brett was fucking his boyfriend in front of me while fully aware I was his dad instead of his uncle. Clearly, he didn't see this as a reason to start hiding his sexuality from me. Or maybe he was doing it for Juan's sake, who was clearly loving it.

    I spent the night in the guest room, having dreams of Brett saying "You like me fucking you in front of my dad? … You want my dad to cum on your face, baby?" I woke up in the morning with a raging boner, feeling harder than I'd ever been in my life. But my morning wood wasn't the reason I'd woken up. Brett had barged into the room to say, "Okay, we're off to school. See you in the afternoon."

    "Uh? Huh. Okay," I mumbled, still in a state of half-sleep. It took me a few seconds to realize Brett was standing in the doorway with a smirk on his face, looking at my fully naked body sprawled on the bed, my rigid cock pointing up like a flagpole.

    "You have fun now," Brett winked at me as he left.

    I spent the day raiding my brother's pantry and doing some work on my laptop. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten to charge the battery or bring a charger, so my computer died while I was halfway through writing an important email. I saw another laptop on the kitchen counter, and I assumed it belonged to my brother and that he'd have no problem with me using it. I opened the computer… and realized it belonged to Brett rather than Charles. The reason for that: there were a bunch of tabs open, all of them containing gay porn. 

    I smiled as I tried to ignore the porn. Instead, I opened a new tab and focused on finishing up my email. When I was finally done, I made myself a cup of coffee and paced around the kitchen. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to check out what kind of porn Brett was looking at. I opened his laptop again… and I was surprised to read the words "father" and "son" over and over again. 

    Switching through the tabs, all of the videos seemed to feature porn actors pretending to be related. Just as I was trying to wrap my mind around this, the landline rang. I decided to let it ring, still staring at the selection of incestuous X-rated flicks that Brett seemed to favor. A few seconds later, the answering machine came on and a gruff male voice said, "Hello, this is Coach Kovach, calling from Brett's school. I need an adult to come pick him up today. He's okay, but—"

    "Hello? Hello? Is everything okay?" I picked up the phone immediately and asked in panic.

    "Hello. Who am I speaking to?" the man asked.

    "I'm Austin Thompson. I'm Brett's da– uncle," I said. For a brief second, I'd almost let it slip and said "dad" instead.

    "Brett is fine. He just got into a bit of… trouble let's say. Is his father there?"

    "No. But whatever you need to tell his dad, you can tell me," I insisted.

    "Okay. Could you come have a word today?"

    "Sure, yeah, I'll be there soon," I promised.

    "Great. Just ask to talk to Coach Kovach when you get here."

    Half an hour later, I arrived at Brett's high school and was directed to Coach Kovach's office next to the gym. There, I was greeted by a strikingly handsome muscular man, who looked to be in his mid-40s. 

    "Please, take a seat," Coach Kovach offered after giving my hand a squeeze so powerful that it hurt.

    Just then, my cell phone rang and I saw that it was my fiancé Rodney. Rather than decline the call, I picked up and quickly said, "Hey honey, can I call you later? I'm in the middle of something. Okay. Love you too. Bye."

    I sat down, smiled at Brett's coach and said, "Sorry. That was my fiancé."

    "This will only take a minute," Coach Kovach smiled back. "You can call her back soon. I don't want you to get in trouble with her."

    "Him, actually," I corrected the coach.

    "Sorry," Coach Kovach said before cutting to the chase. "Like I said, Brett is fine, he's back in class. But earlier today I caught him doing something he really should NOT be doing. Now, I understand it's only a matter of weeks before he graduates so he doesn't care about what goes on around here anymore, but he needs to understand that we have younger students as well and if one of them had walked in on this—"

    "Walked in on what? What did Brett do?" I asked impatiently.

    "I caught Brett and his boyfriend having sex in the locker room showers," the coach said bluntly.

    "Oh," I raised my eyebrows.

    "And this is not the first time this has happened," the man added. "Two years ago, I caught Juan sucking Brett's dick in the same locker room." (I was surprised by his explicit choice of words, but I liked that he didn't beat around the bush.) "I talked to Brett's father then," the coach continued. "I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I understand how teenage boys might get. But this really isn't the place for it. Like I said, we have younger students as well, and we could all get in a lot of trouble."

    "Say no more," I chimed in. "I agree, they need to find a better place. I don't know what the hell the two of them are thinking. Especially since they're free to do whatever they want at the house."

    "I don't think they're thinking with their heads," Coach said. "At least not the heads on their shoulders."

    "Like you said, it happens when you're that age," I noted, looking up at Coach Kovach who was licking his lips and smirking at me.

    "Happens at any age," he added. By now, I had no doubt he was flirting with me. Was Coach Kovach gay? He seemed like the stereotypical macho sportsman, but I knew better than to draw conclusions solely based on that.

    "It happens to me all the time," I said, allowing myself to flirt back with the fit hunk. 

    "I didn't tell the principal about what Brett and Juan did. Just please, tell them to stay out of trouble for the next few weeks," the coach said, and I found myself looking for ways to extend this conversation.

    "I will. I'll tell them to save it until they get home. Or at least until they're somewhere a bit more discreet than the school locker room," I grinned.

    "Yeah. They might get a kick out of doing it in public," Coach Kovach said, letting his right hand drop onto his crotch.

    "I wouldn't blame them," I said, licking my lips and maintaining intense eye contact with the muscled man.

    "Does this count as being in public?" Coach Kovach suddenly asked. "Because that door locks, so we would be pretty safe here."

    "Safe to do what?" I continued to grin.

    "Safe to take care of this," the coach replied, pulling down the waistband of his sweatpants and exposing a gorgeous, rock-hard cock.

    Coach Kovach had a gorgeous penis. It wasn't quite as big as Rodney's, but it was thick and girthy. Instantly my mouth started to water, desperately needing to taste this man's junk. He smirked when he saw the lust in my eyes. He stood up and locked the door, pulling off his T-shirt a second later. Then, he leaned against the door, still with that smug look on his face.

    "On your knees, now," he commanded.

    I loved the coach's dominant attitude and I immediately jumped up from the chair only to end up on my knees in front of him. His fat sausage loomed over me. He used his meat to slap my cheeks and traced the head around the outline of my lips. We held eye contact the entire time as he started to slide his cock into my mouth. I pulled his sweatpants down to the floor so I could hold onto his thick, muscular thighs. 

    Coach Kovach just leaned back and let me do all the work – a true dom giving the privilege of his cock to his sub. I relaxed into my position and easily deep-throated this beast of a man. His chest was wider than a tree trunk, pure muscle, and hairy. As I swallowed his dick, he closed his eyes and started playing with his rigid nipples. I moaned on his cock, making my vocal cords vibrate around his glans. 

    I let his dick out my mouth with a loud pop and started licking his hairy ballsack. He spread his legs, giving me full access. He even reached down, pushing my face into his sweaty taint.

    "Ah fuck yeah, get your tongue in there deep," he groaned… when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

    "Coach Kovach?" came the sound of Brett's voice. 

    "Yes, Brett?" the coach grunted while shoving his dick back down my throat. 

    "Is my uncle in there? He texted me saying he's coming to see you."

    "Open the door," I told the coach.

    "You sure?" he asked, looking down at me.

    I nodded, moving back a bit to make room to open the door and I took his cock in my mouth again. Kovach shuffled to the side to unlock and open the door, admitting Brett. When the teen was inside the office, Coach Kovach locked the door once more. For a brief moment, Brett seemed shocked to find me on my knees with his hockey coach's dick down my throat. However, the teen was excellent at maintaining his composure.

    "I see you two are getting acquainted," Brett chuckled, rubbing his crotch through his pants.

    "Your uncle's got one hot mouth, kid," Kovach growled, not letting up on my throat for even a second.

    "Fuck me, Coach," I gasped, taking his cock out of my mouth. "Fuck me in front of Brett."

    "Fucking hell," Coach Kovach said, looking down at me and then at Brett. He was clearly in disbelief.

    "Well, you saw me fuck Juan today," Brett chimed in, "so it's only fair I get to see you fuck my uncle."

    "That's strange logic, but I'll take it," the coach agreed. "But I don't have any lube."

    "Don't worry, my uncle's a champ. He can take it," Brett assured him.

    Coach Kovach growled in response. He picked me up from under my arms and had me bent over his desk in seconds. I fumbled with the zipper, and he tugged my jeans down to the floor. He must've really been feeling the macho fantasy, as he ripped a hole in the seat of my underwear, exposing my hungry hole.

    I felt the coach spit on my hole and then he shoved his dick inside me in one thrust. I grunted, but Brett was right: I could take it like a champ. Kovach pushed down on my back so my torso and face were pressed against the cool wood laminate of the desk. Brett stood next to the desk, taking his own dick out. He started jerking off next to me while watching his coach rail my ass.

    My face was turned towards Brett, so I was able to watch him in return. I had a flashback to the incest porno vids I stumbled on earlier while using his laptop. Images of fathers fucking their sons flooded my mind. In some of those scenes, it was reversed, and the son was the one fucking the dad. All of these fantasies flashed before me as Coach Kovach manhandled my ass while Brett was close enough that I could have even reached out for his cock with my hand, or mouth...

    The coach was completely oblivious to all of this and just kept fucking, unaware of the fact he was fucking me in front of my son and not my nephew. The slaps of his thick hips slamming against my ass got louder and quicker. Within a few minutes, he began flooding my guts with his hot cum. At the same time, Brett shot his load all over the desk, some of it even landing on my face. Pushed over the edge by the sensation of my son's sperm landing on my skin and the coach's cum flooding my ass, I shot handsfree all over the front of the desk and onto the floor.

    After we were all done, we cleaned up and sent Brett back to class. I wrote down my number on a sticky note for the coach, hoping I could add him to my rotation of regular fuck buddies. "Here's my number," I said, handing him the piece of paper. "Let me know if Brett ever gets detention. I'd be happy to serve it for him."

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