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    Finding out the man you're engaged to actually has a son is a pretty wild revelation. Normally, I'd call that a deal-breaker; I'd expect full honesty much earlier in the relationship. But in the case of Austin and Brett, I had some understanding. After all, Austin was merely the sperm donor. Charles and Anne were Brett's parents – biology be damned. Still, thinking back to all the sexual things I'd done with Brett… At the time, I thought I was doing them with my fiancé's nephew, which felt transgressive enough. But now, the fact he was really Austin's son… It messed with my mind a little bit, even though I tried to ignore it.

    It took a few months after the big revelation for Brett and Austin to find their way back to each other. Now, they seemed to be getting along again. They seemed to be getting along REALLY well by the sounds of it. Just last week, Brett spent the night in Austin's and my bed while I was away. When I came back, my fiancé revealed that the two of them had jerked each other off to sleep. "One thing led to another and it just happened," was how Austin put it.

    "But… Brett's your son. And he knows that now. And you guys were okay with it?" I asked Austin in awe.

    "Yeah. Brett was the one who initiated it. He's a horny teen," Austin chuckled. "Gets it from me."

    "I mean, as long as you two are getting along, I'm happy for you," I shrugged. "And I'm sure we'll see much more of him once he starts college in the fall."

    "Oh, no doubt. He's already talking about getting a fake ID so he can go clubbing with us."

    "Oh, I'm sure he'll be REAL popular at all the parties," I said confidently.

    "Speaking of parties: it's Brett's prom next week, and he still doesn't have an outfit," Austin said. "So he's coming over tomorrow and we're going shopping."

    "Oh wow, talk about last minute. I'm free tomorrow, so I can join you if you want," I offered.

    "Sure. The more the merrier," Austin said and he smiled, making me realize he and Brett looked very much alike when they were smiling.

    The following day, Brett drove down to the city and met us at a department store  where we would be looking at suits for him. We shopped around in the formal menswear section with Austin happily picking out several options on Brett's behalf. I merely trailed along like a puppy dog, just happy to be included.

    After a while, we made our way to the men's fitting room in the far back corner, which was surprisingly empty. There was a rather large fitting room with the door wide open, and Austin and Brett headed for it. Once inside, and without bothering to close the door, Brett started taking off his clothes. He kicked his sneakers to the side and quickly slipped off his gym shorts and T-shirt. 

    I had to admit, he was an absolute stud, especially for his age. His athletics and added weight routine were definitely showing some great progress toward real muscle mass. I watched attentively as he stripped down to just his underwear and calf-height white athletic socks. I was a little surprised to see he was wearing a jockstrap, but it gave me a great view of his plump ass. It was the kind of ass I would love to get up close and personal with. What was I even thinking?! I shouldn't be checking out my step-son… step-nephew, whatever – like this!

    Austin seemed completely unfazed by Brett's near nudity. He started laying out the separate pieces of the outfit, handing them to Brett one at a time. The pants went on first, followed by the shirt. As Brett started to do up the buttons, Austin started tucking the shirt flaps into the pants. It sort of reminded me of when I was a kid shopping for clothes with my mom. 

    After trying on a few different suits – with me adjusting my bulge each time Brett got practically naked – Brett settled on a classic tuxedo. The pants needed to be hemmed and the jacket needed to be let out a bit in the shoulders, so we left the department store and took Brett to a tailor Austin had used several times in the past. 

    The shop wasn't too far away, and we arrived within ten minutes. The tailor, who was the owner of the store, was younger than us in his early 30s. He was a short, slim kind of guy; extremely good looking with tight-fitting clothes that seemed to accentuate his ass as much as possible. When we walked in, his eyes lit up at the sight of Austin. His look turned to that of desire when he spotted hunky Brett, which I couldn't blame him for.

    "One of my favorite customers," the tailor greeted us, giving Austin a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    "Morris, you already know my fiancé, Rodney. I'd like to introduce you to my nephew, Brett," Austin said. "We need to get his tux fitted for prom next week." 

    "Well you've come to the right place, we'll get him sorted out in no time," Morris continued with a flirty tone, even going to the front door to lock it and turn the closed sign around.

    Morris led us to the back of his shop where he had a small podium that was partly surrounded by mirrors and lighting. Austin and I took a step to the side after Morris instructed Brett to get onto the podium. Once there, he had Brett take off his clothes. All three of us were silent as we watched him get almost naked, down to his jockstrap again, looking like a Greek god standing on a pedestal.

    When Morris saw the studly teenager strip down to a jock, his eyes grew big and his lips curled in a smile but he didn't say anything. He immediately started taking measurements with a cloth measuring strip. He used a step stool and started with Brett's shoulders and chest. He made no moves to hide the fact he was taking his time and making sure to really feel up Brett's muscled pecs and arms. In the mirror I could see Brett's face, looking smug and satisfied with the attention he was getting. 

    Next, Morris crouched down at Brett's feet, dragging the measuring tape up the inside of Brett's leg. He went all the up until he got to Brett's taint, making a note of the numbers. He jotted something down and said with a smirk, "I better double check the inseam, just to be sure."

    Brett shrugged, probably assuming the tailor actually needed to double check, but Austin and I knew exactly what was happening. As Morris repeated the measurement, he "accidentally" dropped the tape, but kept his hands right at Brett's groin, palming his bulge through the pouch of the jockstrap. Austin and I exchanged grins, trusting Brett to handle this however he wanted.

    It didn't take much of the tailor's attention to bring Brett's easily-arousable cock to a full erection. Morris looked up at Brett, who nodded in permission, and Morris used both hands to pull down his jockstrap, freeing the horny teen's cock. He gingerly reached for Brett's throbbing member, giving him a tight squeeze. I looked at Austin, whose eyes were glued to his own son's reflection. I also noticed Austin was starting to sport an erection of his own. 

    Morris was just about to take Brett's cock into his mouth with the shop phone rang, accompanied by an annoyed "Fuck!" from the tailor. Morris rushed off, leaving the three of us alone. Brett turned around to face us with a feigned look of innocence and a shoulder shrug. At that same time, I turned to Austin, knelt in front of him, and pulled down his pants to reveal his rock-hard boner. Without waiting for Austin to do or say anything, I took his cock into my mouth.

    Brett, intrigued by the fact I was openly blowing his biological dad in front of him, stepped forward and came to stand next to Austin. The teen wagged his dick in my face, offering his meat to me as well. I hesitated briefly, but I couldn't control myself. I swapped over to the teen and devoured his dick, all while maintaining a firm grip on Austin's. 

    I switched back and forth on Austin and Brett's dicks, savoring both father and son at the same time. Never in my wildest, most perverse fantasies would I have imagined this to happen, but it was one of the most exciting and erotic experiences of my life. Brett even put one arm around Austin, bringing them closer together. 

    I had a hand on each of their asses, making sure I could deep-throat them as much as possible. Austin was more reserved, as he normally was, and was content to let me bob my head up and down. Brett on the other hand, used his turn to pump his hips so that his cock fucked my mouth, and his balls slapped my chin. 

    Soon, Brett held onto my head even tighter, and his thrusting got faster. Seconds later, I felt his hot teen sperm splatter the back of my throat as he groaned overhead. After countless spurts of teen jizz, I felt Austin pull me to his cock and shoved it in my mouth before I even had time to swallow. Austin's load quickly followed Brett's, pooling on the back of my tongue. As soon as he was done cumming, my fiancé pulled me up by the shoulders and kissed me, his tongue swirling through the cum cocktail in my mouth. As we made out, Austin sucked most of the cum out of my mouth, getting a taste of his load as well as the one of his own son.

    "What'd I miss?" Morris the tailor asked as he walked back into the room.

    "Ah, not much," Austin shrugged with a smirk, swallowing down the jizz in his mouth.

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