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    "I need your dick, baby."

    "Mmm, bet you do. I love fucking your boy-pussy." …

    "Baby, I wanna play with your ass again."

    "Okay, but only a few fingers, just like we practiced." …

    "Fuck, I'm getting close. Let me dump it inside your ass."

    I stirred myself awake and jumped up. It took me a moment to realize that it was only a dream: I wasn't in my son's dorm room, listening to him fuck his boyfriend. I was in my living room, napping on the couch. Half of the blood in my body seemed to be concentrated in my cock and balls. I was rock hard, my dick throbbing so powerfully that it was painful. My wife was at the office, so she couldn't take care of me. Not that her sex drive was anything like it used to be. Once again, I might need to take care of this on my own. 

    I began to reach down for my erection, when I was interrupted by the sound of my phone ringing next to me. I wasn't going to answer, but I quickly changed my mind when I saw my son's name on the screen.

    "Hey, buddy. How's it going?" I asked Brett.

    "Hey, Dad. What you up to?"

    "Not much, I was just working. I took a break for lunch and I ended up dozing off," I said. Absentmindedly, my free hand continued to slide down and grasp my throbber, giving it a few strokes.

    "Oh. Sorry to wake you up," my son apologized.

    "No, no, it wasn't you, it was…" I looked down at my cock, which was the reason I'd woken up. But I couldn't admit that to Brett. "It was something else. Anyway, what did you wanna talk about?"

    "I'm done with classes!" Brett said cheerfully. "So I'm officially on Thanksgiving break. Uncle Austin's gonna drive me up this afternoon, just like we planned. He's gonna spend the night with me in my old bed, that's no problem."

    Tomorrow was Thanksgiving, and Brett and my brother Austin were coming together. Apparently, they were also spending the night together, sharing my son's bed. 

    "Are you sure you're gonna be comfortable? It might be better for Austin to sleep on the couch," I suggested.

    "Nah, we'll be fine. I think we're gonna leave in an hour or so, is that okay?"

    "That's fine," I said, still stroking my cock slowly. I was imagining Austin and Brett in bed together. Would they sleep in their underwear? Would they wake up boned up, like most men did? Wouldn't that be a problem?

    "Okay, Dad. See you soon. Love you," my son said.

    "Love you too, son," I said before hanging up. I was tempted to continue jacking off, but I decided the best thing to do was get back to work. I'm sure I'd get a chance to cum later in the day.

    A couple of hours later, my brother Austin showed up at my house. To my surprise, he was by himself.

    "Brett's at Juan's house," he filled me in. "I drove both of them, and dropped them off there."

    "Ah, okay. Come on in," I said invitingly. "Is that all you brought?" I asked, pointing at Austin's backpack.

    "Yeah, I'm only staying until tomorrow. I'll probably leave after Thanksgiving dinner," he said. "Sorry, I didn't bring any food."

    "Ah, don't worry about that, there's more than enough," I assured him. 

    "Do ya mind if I take a shower?" my brother asked. "I didn't take one this morning, and the boys kept making fun of me in the car, telling me I stink."

    I could definitely smell a strong musk being emitted from my brother's body, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a stink.

    "Sure," I said. "You know your way around the house."

    My brother headed upstairs and a moment later I heard the shower start running. I went downstairs to my office to send off one last email before shutting down. Then, I grabbed some fresh towels from the laundry room and headed back upstairs. I made my way to my son's room and left two towels on the bed. When I turned around, there was my brother fresh out of the shower. Austin was completely naked, practically glistening from the water droplets. He didn't even bother covering up.

    "I uhh… brought some fresh towels," I said, pointing at the bed and trying not to blush.

    "Thanks. I found this one in the bathroom," he replied, casually running the towel over his head to dry his hair.

    My brother continued to dry off in front of me and I couldn't help but to stare at his body. I had to admit, for a guy his age he looked great. He had all the muscle tone that I used to have in my 20s. His ripped arms flexed with every movement. His chest was smooth, as were his legs, which seemed to emphasize the rock-hard muscle. 

    I got so caught up that I realized I was openly staring and wasn't bothering to be discreet about it. As he started toweling his taint, making his cock and balls bounce, Austin finally noticed me staring. I quickly turned away, and he raised an eyebrow at me.

    "Are you sure you're gonna be okay sharing a bed with Brett?" I asked, trying to avoid any awkwardness.

    "Why wouldn't I be? I mean, we're big boys, so there won't be a lot of room. But we'll be okay, we'll just cuddle up."

    "I just figured you might want some... privacy," I said nervously, stealing another glance at my brother's cock, which seemed to be growing. Maybe he got off on being naked in front of others?

    "Brett told me last time you were in the city you asked to crash in his dorm room," Austin continued, ignoring my looks at his crotch. "You know you can always come sleep at our place, right?"

    "Yeah. I was drunk, I didn't even think of it. Plus, you and Rod just got married recently, so I didn't wanna intrude," I replied.

    "You're never an intrusion, bro," Austin said before chuckling. "Ha, remember the time you walked in on Rod fucking me on the couch at our place?"

    I was a bit taken aback that my brother brought this up, especially in such a crass way. I even noticed his dick twitch and start to chub up a little bit.

    "Yeah... I remember," I nodded. It was hard to forget. Rodney had the biggest dick I'd ever seen! The fact that my brother was able to take it all was awe-inspiring. By now, for some reason my own cock was stirring in my pants.

    "The look on your face was priceless!" Austin continued while absentmindedly tugging on his balls. "Anyway, the day after you crashed in Brett's room, he came over for dinner and he asked me a funny question. He asked… if you and I had ever jerked off together."

    "Why would he ask that?!" I said, shocked my son would bring up something like that.

    "I dunno. He's young. He's an only child. Maybe he heard about another set of brothers masturbating together and wondered if that was a common occurrence," Austin suggested.

    "What did you tell him?" I pressed, feeling a bit paranoid.

    "I didn't tell him about what happened at his graduation party," my brother assured me. "But… I did tell him about camping together when we were boy scouts. You remember that?!"

    "Yes. Yes, I do," I said. My brother and I never talked about it, but we had done it quite a few times.

    I sat on the bed, surprised by where this conversation had gone. I now noticed that my brother's dick was rock hard as he stood directly in front of me. Again, I couldn't help but to stare, almost feeling entranced. As if to emphasize it, Austin's hand moved from his balls to his shaft, giving himself a few quick strokes. 

    "Wanna do it again?" he suggested, dropping the towel to the floor.

    I didn't answer. Instead, I stood up and whipped out my own cock. It felt like an immense relief after being cramped in my pants. Austin and I stood face to face, about a foot apart. Looking my brother in the eyes, I started to slowly jerk my cock. It seemed like the whole world went silent save for the soft sounds of our breathing. 

    The tension between us was thick, but not awkward. As if we both had the same thought, we broke eye contact and our gazes went south. We checked out each other's cocks as we continued stroking. Austin's pubic hair was neatly trimmed in contrast to my more unkempt bush. The tip of his cock, I noticed, was already shiny with precum.

    My eyes scanned his body up and down, while my brother seemed laser-focused on my dick. He was now using both hands to jack off: one was wrapped tightly around his shaft, while the other was used to fondle his smooth nutsack. Even though he was my brother and we'd jerked off together before, the whole scene felt incredibly erotic this time around.

    I decided to push my pants all the way down, including my underwear. I stepped back and sat on my son's bed with my pants around my ankles. My brother joined me seconds later and sat on my right, our thighs just barely touching. Side-by-side, we jerked off, him fully naked. Suddenly and without warning, my brother reached over with his left hand. His hand moved slowly, headed towards my cock, almost like he was giving me time to stop him if I wanted to. I couldn't move, or speak. Something in me decided to let him proceed. I moved my hand out of the way, letting go of my dick, only to be replaced by my brother's hand. For the first time in my life, I had a man touch my erect dick.

    Austin gripped my cock gently and he started giving it slow, deliberate strokes while he gauged my reaction. It was a bit mind-blowing to have my brother jerk me off. Even more so… when I realized I liked it! I must have been incredibly horny to let this happen, but I was actually okay with my brother giving me a handjob.

    Sensing that I was into it, Austin rubbed more strongly on my cock, causing a dribble of precum to escape the tip. His hand briefly retreated and he spat in his palm. Using his saliva, he slicked up my shaft. This new sensation caused me to moan, which seemed to encourage my brother to stroke me more aggressively. I leaned back, supporting myself with my forearms. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the attention he was giving me. 

    In my head, I tried to picture it was my wife doing the work, but I couldn't seem to shake the fact that it was my brother all along. With my eyes closed, I was surprised when I felt a second hand. Austin was now using his right hand to play with my balls – something my wife never did. He even went further and started massaging my taint, which was a completely new feeling. I moaned again, more loudly, practically whimpering. 

    My brother continued to work my cock, ignoring his own. He was an expert, seeming to know exactly how I liked it. Austin must've felt my nut sack tighten as he started going faster and faster. My breath became more ragged as he raced me closer to orgasm. I clenched my jaw and groaned as he worked my load out of me. I erupted, shooting cum all over like a geyser. 

    "Shit!!!" Austin yelled suddenly, startling me. He sounded upset. I thought maybe he was mad that my cum had landed all over his freshly-showered body.

    I opened my eyes… and realized why my brother sounded so panicked. My son Brett was standing in the doorway, his jaw dropped to the floor.

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