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    My dad, my uncle, and I spent three nights in Canada. The blowjob from the first night did not repeat itself, unfortunately. On our second night, we stumbled upon a bar with an amazing happy hour and we returned to the hotel so drunk that we all passed out immediately. The third night was the complete opposite. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and we were in bed by 9:30, since we wanted to be up early the following morning to avoid traffic at the border.

    My parents' house was empty when we arrived. Mom was at work. Uncle Austin said goodbye to us and he left for his apartment in the city, where he could finally reunite with his husband. Dad and I just sat on the couch, exhausted from the long drive.

    "So, how long has it been going on?" my father asked me out of the blue, after sitting in silence for ten minutes while looking at our phones.

    "How long has what been going on?" I asked, genuinely confused.

    "When your… when your uncle sucked your cock at the hotel," Dad said, struggling to get the words out. I could tell he was still not fully at ease talking to me so explicitly, despite everything that's happened between us by now. "I got the impression that it wasn't the first time Austin sucked you off."

    "No. No, it wasn't," I admitted. "But it only started recently. Like, a couple of months ago."

    "Really? So it was after… after you knew he was your dad."

    "YOU are my dad," I reminded him, placing my left hand on his right knee and giving him a reassuring squeeze. "But yeah, it was after I knew Austin was my biological dad."

    "That's kinda crazy, getting your dick sucked by your own dad," my father chuckled.

    "Not like getting sucked off by your own brother is any more normal," I laughed. "Remember, that's what happened at the hotel as well?"

    "Yeah. Yeah, that was the first time," Dad assured me. "The first time I let Austin suck me off."

    "He's good, ain't he?" I said with a smirk, maintaining my hand on dad's leg, moving it up from his knee to his thigh.

    "Yes. Yes, he is," Dad said dreamily, his eyes looking a bit hazy, as if he was reminiscing about the expert blowjob his brother gave him just a couple of nights ago.

    I noticed something stirring between my father's legs. My hand continued to wander closer and closer to his crotch. My sweatpants were starting to tent by now, pushed up by my growing semi.

    "That was a long drive today," I said, moving my hand up until my pinky was making contact with Dad's balls over the fabric of his jeans. "We ought to… relax."

    "We could sure use it," he agreed, splaying his legs wider, which I took as a welcoming sign.

    "Wanna pull these out?" I asked with a grin, rubbing his bulge with my left hand while doing the same to my semi with my right.

    "Go for it," Dad smiled.

    I grinned, hardly able to contain my excitement. I unbuckled my dad's belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and tugged them down to let his dick spring free. Even though this wasn't my first time seeing it, I was completely mesmerized by my dad's cock. It was quite a bit bushier than mine, with his balls being pretty hairy as well. I thought it made him look more masculine. My next instinct was to reach out and hold it, but I held back since I didn't want to freak him out.

    "You wanna return the favor?" I suggested, winking at my dad and motioning to my crotch.

    My dad gulped, but nodded. He reached for the waistband of my sweatpants and grabbed hold. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so as he pulled down, my cock easily popped out in all its erect glory. I was leaking precum already, getting so incredibly turned on by having my cock out right next to my father. I was a bit sweaty from being in the car for so long and I could instantly smell my own musk, but Dad didn't seem to mind one bit.

    Without saying anything, we started simply jerking off side-by-side. My eyes kept going down to his cock. I couldn't help myself. I was so turned on watching him jerk off that I absentmindedly pushed my thigh against his. Instead of recoiling, he did the same, meeting the pressure with his own. We rubbed our hairy quads together as we continued stroking. 

    At first, Dad kept his eyes closed or focused on his own cock. Gradually, he started looking over at my crotch. Whenever I noticed him staring, I held my shaft tightly at the base so he could get a full look at my boner. I even slapped it on my palm a few times for emphasis, and to let him know I was okay with him watching. Truthfully, it was getting me super horny to have him stare at my cock while jerking off. Feeling frisky, I wanted to see if I could push this a little further.

    "You were right when you said it was crazy, getting my dick sucked by my own dad," I stated, hoping he'd get where I was going. "And like I said... YOU are my dad as well."

    He looked at me incredulously. He definitely took the hint. He looked down at my cock again, licking his lips. He didn't move or say anything. I could sense his anxiety and hesitation, making me regret bringing this up. Maybe my father simply was not prepared for pushing the boundaries like this. It was stupid of me to suggest he suck my cock. After all, he'd never done this before. How could I expect his first time would be him blowing his own son?!

    But then… I let out a sigh of relief when my dad slipped off the couch, onto his knees on the carpet. He pulled my sweatpants off from around my ankles and tossed them to the side. He shifted to get in between my legs and started to lean forward. Right before my cock was about to touch his lips, he looked up at me with innocent eyes and softly said, "I hope I do this right."

    With that, my own father started going down on me. I gasped softly as my shaft slipped past his lips and along his warm, wet tongue. His teeth barely grazed my shaft and I flinched, hoping he didn't notice since I didn't want to discourage him. I remember my very first blowjob, given to me by a classmate who'd never done it before either. At the time, I felt the need to encourage and guide him. Now, I felt the same way about my inexperienced father. 

    "Open your mouth wider, cover your teeth with your lips," I suggested. He did as I said, which gave immediate relief. Then, he started working down my shaft, about halfway before he gagged and coughed. "Easy does it, Dad, no need to go all the way yet," I chuckled, nonetheless impressed by his enthusiasm.

    This was certainly an odd experience. The man who'd taught me so much in my life was now listening and responding to every word of mine as I guided him through his first blowjob. I made sure to moan and gasp while he experimented with the level of suction, letting him know I was indeed enjoying his mouth. 

    "Fuck, Dad, you're a natural," I added encouragingly as he worked more and more of my shaft down his throat. "Play with my balls, too."

    His hand instantly shot for my nutsack. I loved how quickly he took my suggestion, pulling on his son's balls with gusto. I took it even further, telling him to lick my nuts, which he did! Gingerly, he flicked the tip of his tongue along my sack. I pulled on the back of his head, making him suck my balls into his mouth one at a time. As they left his mouth, he licked up my shaft to swirl the tip with his tongue before repeating the process. Fuck, he really was doing a great job!

    "Use your hand on my shaft while you go up and down," I said.

    Once again, my father listened and wrapped his hand around my cock while he bobbed his head up and down. I was pleased to see his other hand was being used to stroke himself off. It was hot knowing he was enjoying this as much as I was. He worked up a good rhythm, bobbing his head up and down while fisting my cock at the same time. Seeing his handsome, bearded face swallow my cock over and over again was probably one of the hottest experiences in my life.

    "Fuck, Dad," I gasped, running my fingers through his hair. "You're gonna... you're gonna me cum!"

    I pushed down his head onto my cock more forcefully. He gagged, but accepted it as I started shooting down his throat. I was feeding my load to my own father! Holy shit, this was so hot! As I shot off several more ropes of teenage jizz, my father swallowed every drop of it. I was left breathless and dizzy from my incredible orgasm. Finally, my dad sat back on his heels, wiping spit and sweat off his face. I couldn't help but notice… he was still rock hard.

    "So, Dad, want me to do you next?"

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