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    I'm not ashamed to admit that when Brett moved out of the house to go to college I shed a tear or two. After all, my only son was leaving the nest. Thankfully, the summertime meant that he'd be back, at least temporarily. He got a summer job at a nearby camp, and his schedule was one week on, one week off. That meant I'd get plenty of time to spend with him, which I was extremely happy about.

    "How was work?" I asked Brett after his first week-long shift. I decided to treat him to lunch so we were walking through the food court of a mall, trying to pick a place to eat.

    "It was fun! Didn't really feel like work that much. More like summer camp with extra responsibilities," he said, pointing out a pizza place he liked. While we waited in line to order he whispered to me, "And speaking of camping: I heard what happened with Uncle Austin a few days ago."

    I smiled and looked at my son, who winked at me with a shit-eating grin on his face. There was no need to ask what Brett was referring to. Obviously, he was bringing up the fact that I fucked my brother during our brief camping trip recently. I couldn't say anything, since we were next in line to order, so we had to wait until our food was finished and we were sitting at the furthest, most isolated table we could find.

    "So how was it?" Brett asked me, leaning forward.

    "I'm sure your uncle already filled you in," I said coyly. 

    "But I wanna hear it from YOUR perspective. This was your first time fucking a guy, right?" 

    "Shhh," I urged him. Even though the table we picked was pretty private, I was still paranoid when it came to talking about stuff like this in public. "Yes. It was my first time."

    "And? Was it everything you thought it would be?" my son pried.

    "To be honest, I never thought about it that much. Not until recently, that is," I admitted.

    "Huh, yeah, I guess your case is different," my son said. "For me, as soon as I knew what sex was I knew that I wanted to do it with other guys. So I couldn't stop thinking about it."

    "And… Juan was your first, right?" I asked.

    "Yup," my hunky son nodded and took a large bite of his pizza. I was amazed that we were here, talking about this so casually like it was the most normal conversation in the world. 

    "And the first time you did it… did you… fuck him, or did he fuck you?" I asked next.

    "Oh, I fucked him. For the first couple of years that's all we did. He didn't fuck me until after we started college," Brett revealed. 

    "Oh really?"

    "Yeah. I remember the first time it happened. Remember that night after the hockey game, when you came and crashed in our dorm room? And—"

    "And you fucked Juan while I was in the room," I finished my son's sentence. "I remember."

    "Well, the following day we went to Uncle Austin's house. And I told everyone that I wanted to try to bottom for the first time. It was actually Uncle Austin who guided us through it. He helped me relax while Juan was fucking me."
   "Wow, your… uncle really did that for you?" I said in awe. This was after Brett knew that Austin was his biological dad. It was technically a father coaching his son how to take cock. 

    "Yeah. I really appreciate having him there. Your first time is always nerve-wrecking," Brett said. "How about you? Were you nervous when you were fucking Uncle Austin?"

    "Um, sure, but it wasn't the main thing I felt. I was more excited than nervous," I said. "Your uncle has a way of… making people feel at ease. Especially when it comes to sex, it seems."

    "Yeah, he's awesome. And when I talked to him about it he told me you did an excellent job," my son complimented me with a wink, making me blush. "Made me wish I was there."

    "Don't worry about it. I'm sure there'll be moments like that in the future," I said.

    "Maybe… we can have a moment like that as well," Brett suddenly suggested. "You and I."

    "You mean you want us to… You want me to…?" 

    "I want you to fuck me," this time it was Brett's turn to finish my sentence. "What do you say, Dad?"

    My jaw dropped. I waited to see if Brett would yell "sike!" Was he being serious?

    "I mean, obviously you don't have to," he added after an awkward moment of silence. "I just thought it'd be fun. We have the house to ourselves this afternoon and everything."

    "I'm just a bit taken aback, son, that's all," I told Brett. The last thing I wanted was for him to feel rejected. "But I agree. It probably would be fun, if we… if we did that."

    We finished our food, and I drove with a boner the entire way home. Brett wasn't helping it go away either, constantly reaching over from the passenger seat and rubbing my bulge. While waiting at a red light, I actually had to swat his hand away. I was so aroused, thinking about the prospect of fucking Brett's ass, that I was at risk of cumming in my pants before we even got home.

    When we arrived at the house, Brett took my hand and led me to his room, as if I didn't know the way there. He closed the door behind us and I looked around the room, which hadn't changed at all in the past year since my son graduated high school. This was the same room where Brett and his boyfriend used to have sex all the time – I know, because I would often hear them going at it. Juan's mom was more strict and allowed no hooking up at her house; but the boys were allowed to do what they wanted here. At times, even though I knew it was inappropriate, I would stand on the other side of the door and eavesdrop on my son fucking Juan's ass. And now… Brett wanted me to fuck him, right here in the same bed.

    "That thing hasn't gone away," my son said, pointing out the hard-on tenting my pants. "Impressive, for a man your age."

    "Hey, watch it! Or I'll show you what a man my age can do," I said.

    "Is that a threat… or a promise?" Brett asked, stepping closer to me and planting a kiss on my lips at the same time as he unbuttoned my pants. 

    I closed my eyes, overwhelmed with sensations: my son's tongue in my mouth, his fingers on my hard cock, extracting it from my underwear, stroking it gently as my pants dropped to the floor. 

    "Take my clothes off," Brett whispered. I opened my eyes and smiled, our faces mere inches from each other. I realized my hands were shaking, and I did my best to act with composure. Brett wasn't wearing much: a tank top and basketball shorts. Judging by the dick print in his shorts, he was going commando today. Fuck, he looked so hot! I squeezed his biceps and delts before pulling his top off, revealing a muscular torso which was fully covered in body hair by now.

    "I remember the day you got your first chest hair," I said, rubbing my hands through my son's furry pecs. "You came running to show it to me."

    My hands slid downward, my fingers caressing Brett's six-pack abs before going down into the waistband of his shorts, finally tugging on them until they were around my son's ankles. It took a few seconds to pull them down, however, thanks to Brett's boner which was in the way.

    "You look so much like Austin," I said, stroking my son's smooth, freshly shaved nutsack.

    "And am I gonna get the same treatment Austin got?" Brett asked, turning around and sticking his ass out. My hard cock was now wedged between my son's meaty glutes, dripping precum on his hamstrings. We were really gonna do this.

    "I love you," I told Brett, grabbing his chin and giving him a kiss over his shoulder.

    "I love you too, Dad. Now fuck my ass."

    With the tip of my dick I could actually feel Brett's hole pulsing invitingly. With my left hand still on my son's chin, I brought my right hand down to Brett's ass and fingered his hole for a few moments, amazed by how loose it already was. And I knew of a way to loosen it up even more: stick my tongue in it.

    "Mmm, fuck!" Brett yelled as I dropped to my knees behind him and started rimming him. I could feel some of his sweat on my tongue, but to my surprise it didn't taste bad. My hands were kneading Brett's ass, which was way too big to fit in them. I had to put in work, spreading my son's cheeks open so my tongue could get to his pucker. 

    "Ready?" I asked as I stood back up. Brett's hole was so loose by now that we probably wouldn't even need any lube.

    "Fuck me, Dad!" he requested, sticking his ass out even more. Unable to say no to my boy, I did exactly what he told me. I felt the tip of my dick penetrating Brett's ass, and with surprising ease my shaft started to go in as well. 

    "Holy shit, you're sucking me up," I said, impressed by my son's skills as a bottom. Clearly, Austin had coached him well. 

    "That's it, Dad. Fuck me," Brett begged. Now balls-deep in him, I began thrusting back and forth, holding on to my son's shoulders. Doing this standing up was giving my legs a good workout. For several minutes, I fucked Brett in this position before pushing him face-down onto the bed.

    "That's my boy," I said, slapping Brett's ass as I got on my knees behind him, all without pulling out. Fucking doggy-style gave me a great perspective of my son's body – a muscular jock taking it up the ass, from his own father of all people!

    "Let me turn around," Brett requested after a while. Slowly, still skewered by my cock, he rotated his body until he was lying on his back. Now that I could see his face, I began fucking him even harder. I was being a tease – I wanted to see him squirm for a little bit. I choked his throat carefully and twisted his nipples, but Brett took it like a champ. The only expression on his face was one of pure ecstasy. The roughhousing seemed to turn him on even more.

    "You like that, don't ya?" I growled, choking his neck a bit tighter. 

    "Mhm," he nodded his head, all while maintaining eye contact as if to say "go harder."

    So I did. With all of the power I could muster, I fucked Brett's ass aggressively. The sound of my balls slapping against his ass echoed around the room. The sweat running down my body now felt like a waterfall. I slapped, pinched, and clawed at Brett's body, doing very little damage. His firm muscles were like an iron suit of armor.

    "I'm gonna cum inside your pussy," I said suddenly, surprised by my own choice of words.

    "Do it, Dad," Brett whimpered, opening his hole even wider for me.

    So I did: I shot my load straight up my son's ass. With a loud "FUUUCK!!!" I began to unload, breeding Brett's hole while watching his cock erupt at the same time, shooting jizz all over his torso and even reaching his face. 

    "How's that for a man my age?" I said finally, spanking Brett's ass as I pulled out of him. 

    "Not bad. But it'd be even more impressive if you could go for a round two," he teased, winking at me with his eye as well as his freshly-fucked, cum-filled pucker.

    "You're insatiable," I noted. "Give me a few minutes… and I might take you up on that."

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