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My brother Dan and I have always been close and still are. He's only 14 months older than I. We shared a room, shared friends, socialized together. He has been my friend as well as my brother.


This occurred when I was 14 and Dan was 15. In retrospect I realize that I was struggling with knowing my sexuality though at the time I don't remember even thinking about it in any concrete way.


One summer weekend, Dan and I and a bunch of our friends camped out on the bluffs over the Mississippi one night. We did this a lot, spur of the moment, just a bunch of guys hanging out. This particular camping night was different, though. I don't remember exactly how it started but soon enough after we'd set up camp a lot of the guys started pulling out their dicks and beating off. We ranged in age from 14 to 16, and hormones took over the night. Nothing like this had happened before or would happen again. We'd showed each other our dicks before, stripped without giving it a second thought, but those had been incidental moments. Nobody touched, there was no circle jerk, nothing like that. I was shocked and excited and the feelings I had scared me. I didn't join in the public fun though I couldn't keep my eyes off what was going on.


Best of all, though, was that I saw my brother Dan's dick hard. I'd seen him before and though I didn't admit it to myself, I sought out chances to see him, which wasn't all that hard since we shared a room. But this time, he was hard and stroking like so many of the other guys were doing and I was mesmerized. And hard as a fucking rock.


This was a one off event. It never happened again. But I couldn't stop thinking about it and especially my brother's hard, beautiful cock and his hand working up and down his shaft. I wanted it to be my hand. Or mouth. I'd been able to shut down my instincts before but never again after that night.


In the days after that camping trip I couldn't think of much else than my brother naked and hard. One night not long after, I couldn't sleep thinking about my brother and his sexy fucking body and cock sound asleep in his underwear with nothing but a sheet over him just on the other side of our shared bedroom.


I'm not proud of what I did next but I did it. When I was sure he was asleep, I slipped out of my bed and knelt on the floor next to his. I slipped the sheet down until his bulge was right in front of me, covered only in a pair of white jockeys. I could see the outline of his cock, see his fat balls filling out that pouch and FUCK he smelled fantastic. I put my face right over his crotch, not touching and kept checking to see that he was still asleep. Finally I grazed his dick and balls through the underwear, letting my tongue lightly lick on the fabric. I very, very slowly put my fingers in the waistband and I was just about to pull them down when I looked up and his eyes were open, watching me. It was the shock of my life and I turned and jumped back into bed and kept my face to the wall for the rest of the night. He didn't say anything, not then and not in the morning or any time after that. He didn't treat me any differently at all but I felt so ashamed. But not ashamed enough to deny, if only to myself how much he turned me on.


The next day it was if nothing had happened. Dan was no different with me, so much so that I convinced myself he didn't know what had happened. He did, and we addressed it recently as adults, but that's a story for another day.

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