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I hope everyone enjoyed Part I. As promised, here's Part II.


I returned to my family's business the next summer. Why wouldn't I? What teenager is going to turn down the opportunity to spend the summer at the shore, even if you have to work some of the time. 


A little background is needed to put everything in context. This shore town is seasonal. There are so many people there between Memorial Day and Labor Day that you think the island is going to sink. Come October, it's a ghost town. Businesses close for the winter and traffic lights blink yellow constantly. It's also one of those communities where several generations of family will live, never move away, and due to geographical constraints, reside not far from each other. My family was no exception. My aunt and uncle's two older children were already married to their respective spouses and living "on their own" in a duplex owned by my uncle less than a quarter-mile away. 


When I returned this summer, my cousin and I were thick as thieves again and hung out at the arcade most nights as we did the prior summer.  This, however,  was the summer my cousin turned eighteen. He was excited about it and couldn't wait to "spread his wings." That spread included getting his own place. He rented a  one-bedroom bungalow about a month before his birthday. The living area was one room combining an efficiency kitchen and living room. It was small, but when you're eighteen and moving out on your own, it was the Four Seasons. Oh yeah, one final detail. This bungalow was next door to his married siblings duplex. I told you, they don't venture far. I would spend most nights at my aunt and uncle's, but some nights I would crash at his place on the pull-out sofa. I should also mention that my cousin, now being an "adult" and on his own, slept in the nude, so when I crashed there, I did the same, which always gave me a hard-on.


The night of his eighteenth birthday, his siblings had a party for him at their duplex after the "family" festivities were finished at my aunt's. They had a keg of beer and some stronger liquor. Several friends were over and let's just say, there wasn't a sober person there by the time it ended. The least sober was the birthday boy himself. I don't think I ever saw anyone put away so much beer. I was staying there that night, so I walked him next door to his apartment and tried to direct him into his bedroom, but he needed to make a pit-stop in the bathroom first where he pissed for a good ninety seconds while leaning against the wall next to the toilet. Thankfully, his aim was on the mark so he wasn't pissing all over the floor. When he finished I walked him into his bedroom where he kicked off his flip-flops and dropped his nylon shorts. 


There in front of me stood my totally hot, naked, inebriated cousin. He flopped onto his bed and was passed out before his head hit the pillow. Most of these places didn't have air conditioning because you rarely needed it since you always had an ocean breeze, but tonight was one of those rare times. I left him uncovered, went into the living room and turned on the TV. From my seat I had a clear view of him so I was able to keep an eye on him if he got sick and started choking in his sleep, which luckily he didn't. 


I tried to concentrate on the TV, but my eyes and mind kept wandering back to my naked cousin sprawled on his bed. I stood and walked over to the bedroom door a couple times just to gaze at him as he slept. My cock was throbbing in my own shorts. He shifted position a couple times which caused me to make  hasty but stealthy retreats back to the living room.   


I waited until he stopped moving and walked back to his bedroom door where he lay on his back, legs spread open, arms splayed above his head, and his flaccid cock resting on his right thigh. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. My cock was still pulsing away in my shorts. This is when teenage hormones defeat caution and the little head does the thinking for the big one. I couldn't even claim drunkenness since I didn't have that much to drink. Sure, I was buzzed, but not wasted.


I moved closer to his bed trying to regulate my own breathing and stop my heart from beating out of my chest. I wanted a closer look, that's all, or so I thought. As I approached, my right hand reached out and I gently grazed his shaft with my fingertips. It felt like a bolt of lightning passed through my body. I retracted my hand and waited, but there was no reaction. He didn't awaken nor stir. I waited another minute and repeated, only this time, I let my fingertips remain on his shaft. I could feel the heat from his body and the warmth of his shaft on my fingertips.   I became more brazen. Rather then pull my hand away again, I gently used my thumb and index finger to move his cock and watched it flop onto his other thigh.  He remained asleep, but his dick looked a little bigger. I didn't know if it was my imagination or if he was starting to chub up when I saw it move on its own. I had my answer. I watched in slack-jawed amazement as his cock continued its dance. It seemed to lengthen and harden with each pulse. I don't remember if it was ten seconds or two minutes, but I watched his prick rise to full mast. 


If seeing him soft was making my hormones rage and throw caution to the wind, this was throwing them into overdrive. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his throbbing member. The heat radiating from it was incredible. I slowly moved my hand up and down his shaft, still trying not to awaken him but caring less as this progressed. 


He stirred and let out a soft moan. I froze, not sure whether to make a bee-line out of the bedroom or just wait. I waited with my hand still wrapped around his rock hard cock.  He settled back down and I continued slowly manipulating his member. I'd been jacking off since I was eleven, so I was very familiar with how a hard cock felt in my hand, but this seemed different. Maybe it was the excitement of the moment or just grasping it from this angle. Whatever it was, I liked it. 


I continued stroking him, but started picking up speed. I was beyond caring if he woke at this point. In for a penny, in for a pound. I leaned forward over his body getting my face closer to his cock. I was hypnotized. I wanted to taste it. Although still a virgin, I watched enough straight porn to pick up blow job pointers. Cover your teeth, relax your throat kept going through my hormone addled teenage brain as I wrapped my lips around his mushroom head.  It tasted a little salty but I was loving it.  


I moved my lips further down his shaft, feeling his head rub against the roof of my mouth and my tongue flicked against the underside. He moaned. I didn't stop. I slowly bobbed my head up and down his cock and glanced up to see if he was still asleep. His eyes were closed, but he was obviously enjoying what was happening to him. In his inebriated state, he may have thought he was dreaming. I don't know. 


He moved his hands down to his crotch. Maybe he expected to feel his hard on. Instead he found my head. Still not knowing whether he was awake, he placed his hands on the back of my head as I worked his shaft with my mouth. He wasn't stopping me. He let out the occasional sigh or moan but never attempted to push me from his cock, so I had to believe he was either still passed out or didn't want to stop me. 


This continued for a few more minutes, my pace quickening as I continued giving my first blow job. I was so turned on that my own cock, which was still in my shorts, was throbbing like it had its own pulse and I felt myself getting closer without ever touching it. 


His sighs and moans increased in frequency and I felt his cock become even more rigid. Thankfully, I picked up enough pointers while watching my dad's straight porn that I knew what was about to happen. I loved watching guys nut in the girl's mouth. I always thought it looked so hot and wanted to experience it myself. I glanced up again to see my cousin's eyes still closed and his rate of breathing increase. Just a few seconds later I felt my mouth flooded with his jizz.  I couldn't even describe the taste. All I knew was that I just got my cousin's nut in my mouth. That pushed me over the edge and I blew my load in my shorts without touching myself. 


My cousin's breathing returned to normal and he still never opened his eyes. I slowly withdrew from his cock, still with his load in my mouth and swallowed. I carefully stood and exited into the bathroom where I tried to clean the jizz out of my shorts as best I could. I returned to the living room, taking a last peek into my cousin's room where he was sound asleep and his deflated cock rested on his thigh again.


I hung my wet shorts over the back of a kitchen chair and climbed onto the pull-out sofa.  This is where the reality of what I just did hit me like a ton of bricks. What if he was awake? Is he going to tell my aunt and uncle? I went from total euphoria to absolute panic. I couldn't sleep and just replayed the entire night in my mind until the sun rose. I needed to get up for work so I was up and out before my cousin awoke. 


I spent the day wondering if he was awake. Even if he was, maybe he wouldn't remember given his inebriated state,. When he finally showed up at my aunt's house in the afternoon he acted normal and looked surprisingly fresh for someone who was so drunk the prior night. When we were alone we talked about the party and what he remembered, which he said was basically up until the time I walked him over to his apartment. The rest, he said, was "foggy."

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