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I started at a new gym recently, and since the steam and sauna are co-ed I'd pretty much written it off as "action unlikely," but they do have nice indoor and outdoor pools. I went for a quick swim one day and afterward I went to shower in just my towel. Cockring on underneath, of course – I like to have a nice bulge showing when working out and swimming. As I walked up, there was another dude walking to the showers holding his towel and wearing a cute jockstrap. We made eye contact and grinned. We had to wait a bit but we both ended up jumping into in the mostly-secluded last shower stall and traded blowjobs. I got his load down my throat. The next day I had a new message on a hookup app from a local guy I'd chatted with briefly in the past. We shared similar kinks (including incest) and had traded cock pics. The message said: "Did we hook up at the gym last night?" He'd recognized my cock. 😆 We haven’t met up again yet but we're both looking forward to it.

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