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Staying with Uncle Stan




    "Fuckkkkk. Aaah fuck. Swallow it all, baby, that's right, fuckin' swallow my cum."

    "Thanks for that, Daddy. I haven't swallowed a load in a while. I really needed it."

    I replayed the audio recording several times, still lying back in my recliner, one hand holding my phone and the other stroking my erect cock. My chest and belly were drenched in my cum, but my boner wasn't going away. My young nephew's voice seemed to echo in the room. "I really needed it. I really needed it. I really needed it."

    Without bothering to clean up my jizz, I opened a different app on my phone: Grindr. It had probably been weeks since the last time I checked it. I was too busy with work and I had no time for hookup apps; what little sex I had was with people I had met in person, not on apps.

    Sure enough, the first person in my grid was less than 1,000 feet away. A smiling teen face with the username Desperate4Dick. I tapped it open to see a full-screen photo of my shirtless nephew, his account stating he was 18 – the little liar.

    "Just moved here from NYC and sooooo bored. Into fun with anyone. Can't drive, so you'll have to pick me up," Nash's profile said. I scrolled back to the photos and started flipping through them. The second pic showed my brother's teenage son wearing red boxer briefs and nothing else. The underwear hugged my nephew's bulge tightly, showing off pretty much every detail of his cock. In my right hand, my erection throbbed.

    Pic three was Nash in a jockstrap, his back turned to the camera to expose his bare butt. He was arching his spine for maximum effect but there was no need to try so hard: his perky ass looked perfect no matter what. Ever since Ray and Nash moved here, I'd noticed how good my nephew's ass looked in his jeans and sweatpants, and now this photo of Nash in a jockstrap really proved it. Without thinking too much, I took a screenshot of it and moved on to the next pic.

    The fourth and final photo featured Nash completely nude. His back was turned to the camera once again, showing off his ass without even the minimal coverage of the jockstrap. My hard cock throbbed once again; I gripped it tighter with my fist… and before I knew it I was shooting another load. My toes curled and three or four wads of jizz erupted out of my prick, landing on my lower belly. This cumshot wasn't as strong as my previous one, but it felt just as good – and not to mention: just as perverted. 

    Now soaked in two loads of cum, I got up from my recliner and walked to the bathroom, dripping sperm onto the hardwood floor. In the bathroom, I used a towel to wipe my jizz off. I brushed my teeth and I dragged myself to bed, feeling exhausted after two nut-emptying orgasms. 

    Even though it was early in the evening, my body clearly needed rest and I slept soundly through the night. I woke shortly after dawn. Ignoring the low temperature, it was a perfect Sunday morning. I enjoyed a hot shower and I got dressed, ready for a little hike to start the day off. Once outside, I bumped into my brother Ray, who was smoking in front of the main house.

    "Morning," I said and waved at him.

    "Morning," my big brother replied. "You going anywhere?"

    "Just for a bit of a walk in the woods. Wanna come?"

    "Sure," Ray nodded, finishing off his smoke and discarding the butt in a bucket on the porch. "Nash seems excited to finally have his driver's permit," my brother said a few minutes later as we walked through the forest. "He wants to get comfortable driving as fast as possible. He asked me to go with him today, cuz he needs to have an experienced driver in the car with him, but I don't think I can do it."

    "Why not?" I asked.

    "I've got a date. With Kelly, the waitress from that diner nearby."

    "Ah yes," I smiled. I'd had sex with Kelly a few times a few years ago, but I didn't feel the need to tell my brother that right now. Instead, I said, "Speaking of dating… Do you know if Nash was seeing anyone in New York?"

    "No. As far as I know he didn't have a steady boyfriend," Ray answered.

    "A boyfriend? So Nash is into boys?" 

    "Yeah. You don't think that's gonna be a problem round here, do ya?" Ray asked.

    "Nah, he oughta be okay," I said. "I don't think anyone will give him any shit over it. He might just have trouble meeting other guys."

    "That's probably for the best. He needs to focus on school and work for now," my brother said.

    "I dunno. Remember being that age? I don't think anything could keep your mind off sex," I noted.

    "You're one to talk. How many girlfriends did you have in high school, like twenty?" Ray teased me.

    "Hardly," I chuckled.

    "Oh yes you did," my brother persisted. "You were gone every single weekend, probably hooking up with some chick or the next."

    I smiled and hiked in silence, withholding the fact that half of those weekends, I was at The Adult Arcade, sucking dick or getting my dick sucked by a guy.

    Later that day, while my brother was out on a date with his waitress, I agreed to accompany Nash for a drive. He wasn't a good driver but the roads in our area were wide and had pretty much zero traffic, at least until we started approaching the nearest town.

    "I have a few errands to run, so I'll drop you off at a coffee shop in town," I told Nash. "It's popular with college kids from the local university. Maybe you'll meet someone there," I said, in covert hopes that my nephew might get to know some more age-appropriate hookup buddies, rather than cruise for daddy dick at the DMV.

    "Oh, okay. What time you gonna pick me up?" Nash asked, struggling to navigate the truck through traffic.

    "How bout 5 PM?" I suggested. "You can pull over on the right, that's the coffee shop right there."

    Nash got out of the car, said goodbye, and walked off as I went to sit behind the wheel. I drove to a couple of stores to do some shopping. My final destination was the hardware store, where I spent over an hour. Once I was done, I loaded all of the purchases into the truck, and then I walked back into the store, this time sprinting straight to the men's room.

    Those who were "in the know" knew that this men's room was infamous for the anonymous understall action that took place here. I was still feeling wicked horny after receiving that audio recording and was hoping I might be able to score a handjob from someone. I found the bathroom empty, unfortunately, but I still sat in a stall to wait around a bit. I checked Grindr and saw my nephew's profile not too far away. It showed he was online five minutes ago, and the new headline read "In town right now. Anyone want a bj?"

    I was about to browse to see if anyone else was around when someone walked into the men's room. By the sounds of it, there were two sets of footsteps. This was confirmed when I heard my nephew saying in a nervous voice, "Are you sure this place is safe?"

    "Yeah, it's known for this kind of stuff. Let me just check there's no one else here," replied an unknown voice. 

    I quickly raised my feet so they wouldn't see me. As luck would have it, the pair walked to the stall next to me. The door locked and I heard a zipper being undone. From what I could tell, the mystery man sat on the toilet seat with Nash facing him.

    "You offered the bj, my man. Ready when you are," he whispered.

    "Promise to drive me back to the coffee shop when we're done?" Nash asked.

    "I promise," said the stranger.

    Nash quickly sank to his knees. From under the stall, all I could see was my nephew's knees and the stranger's shoes, but my dirty mind did the rest. I pictured every detail, just like I did when I listened to Nash sucking off my buddy at the DMV. 

    Here we were: my teenage nephew was once again on his knees, sucking off a guy in a bathroom. The thought of it drove me wild. And now that I was right next to them as it happened, my cock responded. I was glad I had already unzipped so I was able to free my boner without making any noise. I didn't have the strength to keep my legs up anymore so I gently set my feet back down, hoping Nash and the stranger couldn't see me. 

    My nephew sounded like he was going to town! He must truly be desperate for dick. I started stroking myself while eavesdropping on my teen nephew swallowing this man's cock. He must have a mouth like a hoover, as all I could hear was wet slurping intermixed with the soft moans and grunts from the guy. I could clearly picture Nash greedily bobbing his head up and down that cock, hungry for the stranger's cum.

    I stroked my rock-hard dick, feeling horny like a motherfucker. Then, without even realizing it, I moaned out loud. The pair next to me stopped what they were doing, panicking for a sec.

    "Hello? Is someone there?" the unknown voice asked.

    "Um, just enjoying myself," I grumbled, doing my best to disguise my voice.

    "Keep going, boy. Told you it was okay here," the unknown voice said to Nash, before speaking to me again. "You know man, I bet if you got on your knees, this kid would give you a handjob under the stall.

    I froze, both from fear and the fact I was thoroughly tempted by his suggestion.

    "Would you jerk off our buddy next door?" the stranger asked my nephew, who replied with a gargled "mmhmm."

    I knew I shouldn't even be thinking of doing something like this, but it was exactly what I had been looking for when I came into this restroom. As if on autopilot, I stood up and turned to face the partition separating us. I went down to my knees and lowered myself enough so that I could get my dick under the stall. My heart was racing, and I was half expecting to hear Nash cry out with recognition.

    I obviously couldn't see what was happening, but I felt a hand wrap itself around my throbbing meat. My teenage nephew – my brother's son – started jerking me off and he didn't even know it was me! The thrill was exhilarating, and not just for me, but for the unknown man as well, who now began moaning louder and louder.

    "Fuck yeah, kid! Swallow my load!" the stranger's voice groaned as he fed his cum to my nephew. At the same time, I lost it and shot my own load onto the tiled floor, directly in front of Nash. Seconds later, a second load landed on top of mine as my nephew unknowingly mixed his sperm with that of his own uncle.

    The man thanked Nash and helped him to his feet. They redressed and left, respecting my privacy and anonymity. I sat there for a few minutes, letting my cock soften as a few more ropes of cum dripped into the toilet. This was by far the hottest understall experience I'd ever had, but something else was on my mind: how do I help out Nash with his insatiable hunger for cock?

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