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Staying with Uncle Stan


Eric & Will's Suggestion


    When I first moved to Maine, I occasionally helped out my uncle with a few of his construction jobs, but every time I did I felt like more of a liability than an asset. I just wasn't experienced with it, and it was the type of work that could be very dangerous if you didn't know what you were doing. When summer started and school was over, I decided to get a full-time job somewhere else. 

    Coincidentally, one day while I was unsuccessfully cruising the men's room at the local hardware shop, I saw a sign that they were hiring. That's how I got my job as a shelf stocker. At the end of my very first shift, I headed right back to the men's bathroom, where I sucked off a sexy stranger to completion. Following that, I finally got my very first taste of Uncle Stan's cock.

    If I had my way, my uncle and I would be hooking up every day. Getting off together with him was a lot of fun – and I just loved the way his cock felt when he was blowing a load. Alas, Uncle Stan often worked seven days a week, so he was out a lot. When he was at home, we usually hung out together with my dad, all three of us watching a movie or hiking in the woods, which left no room for me to kneel down and get another mouthful of my uncle's cum.

    One weekend in July, I had the day off work so I headed to the Adult Arcade to see if there was any action in the back room there. Now that it was the peak of summer, there seemed to be more tourists in town, so I hoped to see a few fresh faces at the sex shop.

    I parked my truck in the lot across the street – a habit I'd developed recently thanks to Uncle Stan's advice. I walked to the Arcade, noticing a car with Massachusetts plates parked right by the door.

    Once inside, I saw two handsome men in their 20s holding hands, and I could tell they were out-of-towners. My eyes immediately spotted their matching wedding rings. I'd sucked off plenty of married men at this very venue; but usually they had wives and kids back home. These two seemed to be married to each other. 

    "You guys ain't from around here, are you?" I said to the gay couple, who was browsing through some old erotic calendars. 

    "No, we're not," one of them replied. They both eyed me up and down and then they looked at each other. Silently, they both seemed to express interest in hooking up with me – at least that's what I hoped. "I'm Eric, and this is my husband Will," the man continued, and they both shook my hand. "We're from Boston, just driving through New England for a few days while my parents take care of our son."

    "Well, welcome," I said flirtily. "Did you check out the back room yet? Cuz that's where the real fun happens."

    I led the young married couple to the back of the store, through the gay section and down the hall to the last video booth which always had gay porn playing. The pair seemed like this was a perfectly normal place for them – clearly not their first sex venue. 

    In unison, each of them placed a hand on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. Their shorts quickly followed, and I was treated to a face full of cock. Will had a gorgeous dick that I couldn't wait to get in my mouth. As for Eric, he had something I'd never seen before: a shiny Prince Albert piercing going through the tip of his cock.

    Their dicks became rock hard in seconds, and I latched onto Eric's with one hand while I swallowed Will's tool right to the hilt. I raised my eyes to look at the two studs and found they were making out with each other. Even though I just met them, I could feel the strong love and passion they had for one another. I was happy to play third wheel and do my favorite thing – sucking dick. 

    I slurped on Will's cock, until I felt Eric pull my head off his husband and guide me toward his own pierced member. I didn't know what to expect when I felt the metal in my mouth. It was a strange feeling, but it didn't stop me from deep-throating Eric. If anything, it made me curious how it might feel if I was to get fucked by him. The thought was quickly dashed when I choked upon feeling his piercing at the back of my throat. I pulled off to look up at both of them, stroking their cocks as they continued to kiss. These guys were fucking hot!

    I loved being able to swap back and forth, always keeping one dick down my throat and one in my fist. At times, I placed the tips of the cocks together, kissing them both at the same time. Eric was now guiding me to his balls and I gladly sucked his nuts into my mouth. While doing this, I noticed a fourth person had joined us in the room, standing just a few feet away at the edge of the light so I couldn't really tell who it was. I heard the sound of pants being unzipped, and the newcomer started to jerk off. I may not have been able to see his face yet, but I took one look at the man's dick and I recognized him immediately: it was my uncle.

    "Hey, Uncle Stan," I greeted him mischievously. I figured Eric and Will were tourists, so our secret would be safe with them. My uncle stepped into the light so we could all see him, his hard cock pointing at my shoulder just a few feet away.

    "Hey," my uncle replied with a smirk. Both Will and Eric seemed shocked, but not at all put off.

    "Are you two... real uncle and nephew? No judgement if you are," Eric asked.

    "Yup," Uncle Stan confirmed. "I'm the one who showed him this place, as a matter of fact."

    "That's fucking hot," Will exclaimed, the lust clear on his face.

    Now that the introductions were over with, I continued to suck on the married couple's dicks while my uncle looked on. I sucked and slurped as best I could, putting on a show for my uncle. It seemed just watching wasn't enough for him. Uncle Stan stepped closer until he was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Eric. His cock now hovered in front of my face, the tip glistening with precum. I could tell the two husbands were holding their breath in anticipation… so I gave them a show as well by kissing the tip of my uncle's cock in front of them. 

    When I pulled away, a thin trail of his precum connected my uncle's cockhead with my lips. That small taste of Uncle Stan wasn't enough. I wrapped my lips around his cock and slowly sank down until my nose was in his bushy pubes. I inhaled deeply, letting his musk wash over me. Overhead, I heard both Will and Eric gasp as they witnessed a teenaged nephew orally pleasing his uncle. I hadn't forgotten about them; now, the double blowjob had turned into a triple. I worked all three cocks like some sort of professional, making sure to deep-throat each before moving to the next.

    "Fuck yeah, suck your uncle's cock," Eric encouraged me verbally. Being in the middle of the three, he took it upon himself to force my mouth from one cock to the next. The blond hunk had a firm grip on a fistful of my hair as he moved my head from dick to dick. He gave me just enough time to catch my breath in between, before another cock was rammed down my throat. I was in heaven!

    As exciting as it was to have these two new dicks to suck, I was more thrilled to be blowing my uncle for the second time. The taboo of it made the act so much hotter, especially now that I was doing it openly in front of strangers. My uncle seemed equally spurred on by our audience. He took over from Eric and held onto my head, pumping his hips so his cock slid in and out of my mouth. Eric and Will both started jerking themselves off, watching as my uncle fucked my throat mercilessly.

    "What do you say we give your nephew the best facial of his life?" Will suggested to Uncle Stan.

    Uncle Stan stopped his motions and grinned. I sat back on my heels as all three started to furiously jack off in front of my face. Will was the first to shoot. He aimed for my tongue and I caught most of it. He was quickly followed by Eric, who splattered my cheeks with his hot sticky sperm. My uncle was the last to blow. His load was the one I was looking forward to most. As soon as his first spray of cum erupted and landed on my lips, I latched back onto his cock with my mouth, not wanting to miss a single drop.

    "Mmm, that's right, swallow your uncle's load!" said Eric. After I pulled off, Eric used his still-hard cock to push the cum on my cheeks back into my mouth, making sure I finished it all. 

    "So, Stan, have you ever sucked off your nephew?" Will asked next. "Cuz he seems to be pretty hard right now, judging by that bulge in his shorts."

    "Actually… I haven't done it. Yet," Uncle Stan admitted with a smirk.

    "Well that doesn't seem fair," Eric notes. "Go on. Do it now."

    I held my breath, expecting my uncle to say something like, "Not today, boys." But Uncle Stan just looked down at me… and smirked even wider.

    "Well, boy, would you like your dick sucked by your uncle?" Stan asked me while looking directly into my eyes.

    "Y– Yes, sir," I nodded, still kneeling down on the floor, rubbing my boner through my tight shorts.

    "Let's do it, then," Uncle Stan licked his lips.

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