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Naked Nightclub

ERIC | 3 AM:

    "Just a bottle of water, please," I asked the bartender, who was just as naked as I was. He looked at the number sharpied on my upper arm, and gave me my drink.

    "You okay?" a familiar voice asked, shouting over the techno music. "Switching to water?"

    I turned to my left and saw my dad David stand right next to me, naked just like each of the hundreds of other men there. His bare chest was glistening. Whether it was sweat or something else, I wasn't sure.

    "Yeah, I think I've had enough to drink," I answered.

    "Wanna go outside for a minute?" 

    "No, I think I'm gonna walk around. Check what Will's up to."

    "Okay, have fun. Let me know if you wanna head home and we'll jump in a cab."

    "Okay, Dad." We patted each other on the back, and headed in opposite directions.

    The cold water helped sober me up a bit as I walked across the dance floor. Not that reality around me seemed any less crazy sober. I scanned everyone in the crowd, trying to spot Will, but constantly getting distracted by all the goings-on.

    I walked to one of the rooms in the back. It was even more action-filled than the dance floor. The smell of poppers was overwhelming.

    I made my way through dozens of men until I saw him. Even just looking at his back, I could recognize him. Will was on his knees, sucking a man's dick. I knew who it was before I even looked up: my dad Sven. His eyes closed, both his hands on the back of Will's head.



    "Frank, this is my son Eric. And this is his boyfriend, Will."

    We'd just landed at the airport in Berlin after a couple of hot days in Spain. My father Sven was introducing us to an old friend of his, there to pick us up and "show us a good time," according to him.

    If I didn't know better I would've guessed my dad and Frank were cousins.[1] Their eyes and smiles were similar, but their firm handshakes and confident walk even more so.

    "Welcome, welcome," Frank said with a German accent my dad had lost over the years. "All these years, and only now I meet you," he gave me a strong pat on the back.

    We struggled to fit our suitcases in the trunk, and Will, David, and myself in the backseat.

    "So, your father tells me you want to explore the gay side of Berlin?" Frank asked, making eye contact with me in the rearview mirror as he drove. 

    "Yeah, that was the plan. Not a lot of gay clubs or anything close to where we live, and apparently the ones here are like super hardcore."

    "Oh, you have no idea. But are YOU hard enough for it?" He winked at me in the mirror.

    "You bet I am," I said with fake confidence, when I wasn't even sure what he was trying to say.

    "Your dad and I basically grew up in places like that," Frank smiled and patted my dad on the knee as he drove, "before becoming the respectable gentlemen that we are today."

    "Speak for yourself," Sven said. "I'm just as twisted as I ever was." It wasn't unusual to hear him talk like this, but it seemed even more amped up now that we were here.

    "So any idea where you want to go?" Frank addressed me again. 

    "Well, I've been doing some research. There's some place called Lab.Oratory..."

    "Oh! And you want to go there, huh?"

    "Well, I've read a bunch of reviews online, people saying you gotta check it out..."

    "Und du hast nichts dagegen?" he turned to Sven, with a serious tone in his voice for the first time.

    "Maybe. We'll see what's on tonight," Sven said coolly, looking at the traffic in front of us.

    "I need to take a nap if we're gonna be going out," David chimed in from my left.

    "No problem," Frank said. "Nap, dinner, then party."

    Frank's apartment was in the dead center of the gayborhood. It wasn't too big, but it was very nicely decorated. It had a guest room, which would be occupied by my dads, and a sofa bed in the living room for Will and me.

    "Mind if we do some laundry here?" Sven said, coming out of the guest room stark naked, just a few minutes after we'd gotten to the apartment.

    "Of course," Frank said, without blinking an eye. If he and Dad go way back, I'm sure this was far from the first time he'd seen him naked. Frank led him to the washer and Sven followed, his heavy pierced dick swinging back and forth as he walked.

    "So do you want to nap?" Frank asked us in the living room a couple of minutes later. Everyone was there except David, who was already in bed. "Or we can go downstairs for a drink and catch up?"

    "I could go for a drink," Sven nodded his head. "We got enough time, I can nap after that."

    "And you, boys?" Frank asked Will and me.

    "Maybe we should... just stay in and get some shuteye?" Will looked at me with some hesitation.

    "Yeah, you guys go," I said. "I'm sure you wanna catch up, and you won't have to talk in English just for us."

    "You sure? It's a gay bar," Frank said, as if that's all it took to persuade me.

    "Yeah, you guys go," I said. Sven put on some clothes and he and Frank went downstairs, as Will and I got ready for bed.


WILL | 6 PM:

    I wasn't much of a napper, but everyone kept hyping up tonight as if it was so much more than just a night out, so I felt pressured to make sure I didn't crash while everyone was still trying to party.

    I'd gotten used to all the nudity at David and Sven's, but it felt weird to get naked in a stranger's living room. Still, Eric dropped his boxer briefs on the floor before getting into bed, and I figured what the hell, and did the same.

    We cuddled for a bit before drifting off to sleep. I have no idea how long we'd been asleep, when we were both suddenly woken up by someone jumping in the middle of the bed between us.

    "Dad?!" Eric mumbled. 

    Sven was lying on his stomach, an arm around each of us. He was naked, as per usual for him. "Just wanted to give my boys a hug," he said.

    "Are you drunk?!" Eric asked.

    "Now, why do I have to be drunk to want to give you a cuddle, huh?"

    "I mean, you don't, but I can smell it. Come here." Eric lifted the cover so Sven could get underneath.

    He crawled in and lay on his back, putting his arms under our necks. 

    "Now let Daddy nap a little bit," be said slowly, with his eyes closed.

    I don't know what made him get in bed with us instead of his husband, but no one said anything. All of a sudden I had a déjà-vu of Sven and me lying naked together in their backyard, right after I'd moved in. That was such an emotional moment for me, I couldn't believe it was only a few weeks ago. I remembered the kiss, and how comforted I felt at that moment.

    I looked at Sven lying on my right, his son on the other side of him. I turned to Sven and put my left hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

    "I love you, Daddy," Eric whispered, his eyes closed as well. Sven ruffled his hair.

    "I love you too, Dad," I dared to say out loud. Just like that night in the backyard, it felt stronger than me.

    Eric opened his eyes and looked at me. I was nervous about what he might do next. He reached out to me and pulled me in for a kiss, in the middle, over his dad's chest. We kissed softly for a few seconds before lying back down. All three of us were naked under the cover, and I was starting to get hard, my erection poking Sven's leg.

    "I love you too, boys," Sven said with his eyes still closed and gave us a tight hug, before starting to snore softly. Eric closed his eyes and seemed to go back to sleep as well. I couldn't sleep but I wouldn't get up for the life of me. I stayed in bed and looked at Eric and Sven for over an hour, gently stroking Sven's big chest.



    I'd needed that nap even more than I thought. I slept longer than everyone else, and it was already time to head out for dinner when Sven came in to wake me up.

    We walked around the neighborhood, which to me seemed to have changed very little in the two decades I'd known it. The boys were in awe at all the sex shops and porn theaters everywhere that advertised openly. "This is legal here?!" Will said as we passed a billboard the length of a building, with a topless woman with ridiculous boobs on it.

    We settled on fancy burgers for dinner. Three quarters of the people at the restaurant were gay men; one of them sporting a T-shirt that said "Horny Pig," sitting next to a family with a young girl, who didn't even look twice at him.

    After dinner we walked back to Fuggerstraße, Frank's street. It was way too early to go clubbing, so we decided to go for drinks at the same bar he and Sven had gone to earlier. By now, the place was packed. We grabbed the only table available, and Frank insisted on getting us all drinks at the bar.

    I'd met Frank many times before, but I usually let him and Sven have their alone time and we rarely talked too much. It was only now that it started to hit me just how nice and funny he was. The conversation flowed smoothly, and the boys loved talking to him and asking him all sorts of questions about what it was like living here.

    I smiled, and put my right hand on Sven's thigh, next to me. If he had to wear clothes, he would settle for as little as possible, and was out wearing tiny shorts and a barely-there tank top. I squeezed his thigh a couple of times and went to retract my hand, when he grabbed my wrist and put it back on his leg.

    I got the hint. I tried to hold my glass and drink with my left hand, as I chatted with everyone at the table, while my right hand crept higher and higher up my husband's leg.

    Sven spread his legs wider, giving me access to his balls through the leghole of his shorts. His balls were freshly shaved, and even more sensitive. Even Sven, who was so good at remaining in control, flinched when I touched them. As I stroked them, the action wasn't even sexual to me, it was affectionate. I leaned in to my right to give Sven a passionate kiss.

    The table wasn't big, and it didn't really hide what we were doing. I noticed the two men sitting at the table behind our son point to my hand in Sven's lap, and smile and raise their glasses to me. I smiled back and winked. 

    "Let's go downstairs," I whispered in Sven's ear. 

    "We'll be right back," he announced to the rest of the table and got up.

    I'd been to this bar before and knew my way around. We walked through the restroom, past a man in head-to-toe leather taking a very loud piss in one of the urinals, and headed downstairs to the basement. The dark room.

    The room was completely empty at this time. It was still too early (by Berlin standards) and there were plenty of other sex clubs and bars within a 5-minute radius. After all, this was a "casual" bar, one that just happened to have a dark room in the basement.

    Sven banged my back against the wall and we started kissing aggressively. The upstairs music was barely audible here. After a couple of minutes, I brought my knees down to the sticky floor and pulled Sven's hard dick out of his shorts.

    "Sir, can I please suck Your dick, Sir?" I begged.

    He put his fingers on my chin and looked down at me. He spit in my face and said, "Yes, pig!" and I went to work.

    I feasted on his dick and played gently with his balls, until he grabbed the back of my head and started face-fucking me. I struggled to breathe and my eyes started tearing, but didn't want him to stop. His precum mixed with my saliva and I treasured every drop of it.

    A few minutes later, Sven did something he didn't do too often, and pulled out before cumming. He started jerking himself off as I whimpered, eager to swallow his cum. I tried putting his dick back in my mouth, but he smacked my face away.

    "I'm cumming on your face," he announced authoritatively, "and you're going back out like that, like the deprived pig that you are."

    Fuck, this turned me on even more.

    "Yes, Sir," I nodded.

    Half a minute later he was ready. His dick started shooting his precious seed that I loved so much, landing all over the left side of my face. A big pearly load, as if he hadn't cum in months. When he was done, he slapped my face with his heavy dick, shaking off the last droplets of cum. His big Prince Albert glistened in the dark room.

    "Thought I'd find you here," I heard a voice and turned around.

    Frank was standing at the bottom of the stairs. I hadn't heard him come down and had no idea if he just got here or if he'd seen the whole thing. I got up off my knees, careful not to let my husband's cum drip off my face.

    "Your son wanted to know where his dads went," Frank said. "I wasn't sure whether to tell him you were in the bathroom, or if it's okay for him to know there's a dark room here."

    "You can tell him bout the dark room, no big deal," Sven said, putting his dick away. "Let's go back," he said and the two of us followed him up the stairs. 

    "I'm just gonna grab a piss," he announced back upstairs in the restroom, which was now empty. He walked to one of the urinals.

    "Do you want to do me a favor?" Frank interrupted him. "You know it's my favorite."

    I'd just noticed Frank was still holding his empty beer glass. Sven smiled and nodded his head, and Frank put the glass in the urinal. Sven filled it to the brim and Frank thanked him, and picked it up and took a hearty swig. 

    "There you guys are!" Eric said when the three of us got back to the table. He smiled at me as we made eye contact, and he noticed his father's cum on my face.

    My son was usually very good at maintaining a poker face, he got that from Sven. But in that split second, I saw it in his eyes: the realization that the thing dripping down my face was jizz. 

    Sven and I had done this plenty of times; he would cum on my face and make me go out in public. The submissive side in me loved it. At first the humiliation when anyone noticed was overpowering, I only dared do it when Sven was right next to me (with him being as big and burly as he was, no one ever said anything). Overtime, the humiliation faded, and I learned to wear his cum on my face like a badge of honor. We'd done it often, but never in front of our son.

    As we sat back down, the conversation continued on as normal. There was a fresh round of drinks Frank had gotten for everyone. His beer sat unattended, as he drank Sven's piss in front of everyone. It smelled especially pungent, and was probably as obvious to everyone around us as the cum on my face.



    I didn't have many other friends I went back over 30 years with. Some had fallen off the radar. Some, like Sven, had moved away. Some had passed away, the wild lifestyle we had back in the day catching up with them.

    In many ways, I was a different man now. No one was more surprised than I was when I started making a good amount of money in my 40s. All of a sudden I had to pick: partying, or working hard while I can so I could retire more comfortably than I'd ever before imagined.

    Still, no one's life had changed more than Sven's. Never, ever, would I have imagined him with a kid. I had to hand it to David, he did one hell of a job at cleaning up Sven's act.

    Of course, they were both far from "all clean" now. Whenever they came to Berlin, they were here for three reasons only: to party, drink, and fuck around. There were boys in their 20s envying them, for how good they looked and how easily they could get anyone in bed (or anywhere else they wanted to fuck).

    This was the side of Sven I knew. I couldn't, for the life of me, imagine him as a dad. Not that that was particularly unusual. At work, everyone thought of me as a "respectable businessman," as did everyone in my large family. Having a double life was nothing unusual for people who ran in Sven's and my circle.

     Except, Sven didn't seem to have much of a double life, at least not where his family was concerned. He was completely comfortable letting his son know that sex was a big part of his life. And still, the kid didn't grow up to be some sort of weird sociopath. Frankly, he seemed more grounded than most other adults I knew.

    One thing I understood even less than Sven's desire to have a family was him and David choosing to live in the middle of nowhere. Eric was 21, his prime dick-getting age, and had only ever been to a couple of gay clubs ever. No wonder he was so eager to go crazy now that he was here. He was just like so many other small-town gay boys, from Germany and abroad, coming here to explore. I just hope he wasn't biting off more than he can chew. The club he wanted to go to could get pretty extreme. After so many years it was like a second home to me and I was completely desensitized to the goings-on there, but take my brother there and he'd have a heart attack on the spot. I wondered if Eric and Sven were the first father-son duo to go there together. Fuck, probably not.

    At the bar on my street, everyone got drunk before I did, probably because every other drink I had was a freshly refilled glass of piss by Sven in the bathroom (and once, right there under the table). Eric kept nagging that we head to the club, and when I said it's finally time for us to leave, he jumped up and hustled us to the street.

    One good thing about being there early was that we didn't have to wait in line too long. After walking in, we were each handed a black trash bag, as per usual, to put all our clothes in. 

    "If you wanna get a drink, just show the bartender this number," Sven explained to the boys, as we each got a number written in Sharpie on our arms. "We pay when we leave."

    After all the talking they did at the bar earlier, Eric and Will finally seemed to go quiet as we went in and they saw the inside of the club. The place was slowly filling up, hundreds of naked men, mostly 30-50 years old, drinking, dancing, and at times, fucking right there and then. I started to register vaguely familiar faces. I was no longer a regular, but some things never change.

    "Hey," I said loudly to Eric, walking up from behind him. We were both looking at the same thing.

    "Hey, hi," he answered.

    It'd been a hot night. Our group dispersed as soon as we'd finished our first drink at the club, we'd decided it best if everyone explore the place by himself. I headed straight to the urinals and got down to my knees, taking men's piss before sucking a few of them off. I took a quick shower (the club had a room with several showers) and went back out to fuck a few guys and unload in two of them. I'd lost all track of time, but I eventually bumped into Eric.

    "So is this everything you expected it to be?" I asked, looking straight forward.

    "Um... I try not to have too many expectations. You never know what might happen."

    "Indeed," I agreed. I continued to look at Sven, standing a few feet in front of us, vigorously face-fucking his son's boyfriend.

    I put my left hand on the back of Eric's neck. "What's going through your mind?" I asked.

    "How fucking hot this is," Eric answered. 

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[1] Frank is the main character and narrator of "Wet Wednesday"

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