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    Moving back in with my dads was undoubtedly the best thing I could've done after college. Lying in my big comfortable bed with my boyfriend in my arms, while the smell of breakfast lofted from downstairs. No more noisy suitemates. No more crappy cafeteria food.

    A lot of my friends who had to move back home after school were bummed out about that. But I got along great with my parents. I just hoped Will would feel comfortable and welcome as well.

    "Aww, aren't you cute," I heard my dad David whisper. I was still half asleep, cuddled up next to Will, both of us naked under the cover. "There's breakfast downstairs if you boys are hungry."

    "Thanks, Dad," I said with my eyes closed, and heard him walk out and shut the door.

    "Was that your dad?" Will mumbled next to me.

    "Yeah. They have a tendency to let themselves in. On the bright side there's breakfast if you're hungry."

    "Starving," he said and got out of bed, his morning hard-on pointing forward as he walked to the bathroom. I heard him piss with the door open. I followed him in the bathroom and nuzzled on the back of his neck while he brushed his teeth, my hard dick resting between his ass cheeks. I took a piss, washed up, and threw on a pair of boxer briefs before heading downstairs.

    When Will joined me a few seconds later, he was fully dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. I hope he wasn't uncomfortable with both my dad and I eating in just our underwear. At the dorm, Will and I were usually naked in our room, and wore underwear round our all-boys suite. I guessed he was just on his best behavior for now and would feel more comfortable around the house soon.

    Apparently he wasn't the only person on their best behavior. Dad always liked to cook, but today he seemed to go out of his way to make every breakfast food there is. We ate and chatted. Dad let me know that if I want I could easily get a part-time job at the bar a friend of his owns. I figured it's a decent gig, at least until I find something else.

    My other dad Sven joined us 15 minutes later, back from his morning run. Dripping sweat, he said a quick hi then headed straight to the shower.

    "I have to show you the shower in their room, it's amazing!" I told Will.

    "It better be," David chimed in, "cost us an arm and a leg."

    A few minutes later Sven rejoined us, naked as usual, still dripping, only this time it was water from the shower.

    "Thanks for making breakfast, honey," he walked over to David and gave him a kiss. 

    "C'mon, you gotta see the shower," I turned to Will.



    Living with Eric's family felt simultaneously weird and like the most normal thing in the world. Like the fact everyone seemed to walk around in underwear or naked. Nobody in my family would dare do it even if you paid them. But Eric and his dads didn't seem to think twice and they were perfectly chill about it. I guess it's to be expected in a house full of dudes, but it was still a culture shock for me.

    And it's not just the fact Eric headed to breakfast in his underwear, but it was the kind he did it in as well. Today, they were a tight pair of white boxer briefs that hugged both his package and his ass (he knew I was crazy about them!) Even though it was a cheap H&M pair they fit him perfectly, and left very little the imagination.

    His dad wasn't any more conservative in that department either. He served us breakfast in a pair of bright-green briefs that made his bulge look obscenely large. I tried not to look, but there is literally no resisting it when somebody wears that in front of you, no matter who they are. The head of his cut dick was clearly outlined. I recognized the brand name written on the colorful waistband. All of the other gay guys I knew were broke college kids, but David seemed to be the type to blow money on underwear designed by people who knew exactly what they were doing when they made it show off your assets.

    When Sven walked in, he was in nothing but a pair of short shorts (shorter than some boxers I own). He'd been out running. It was a sparsely populated area, but I still was taken aback by his boldness to go out in the street like that, especially with his pierced nipples drawing even more attention. I couldn't help but imagine his big, pierced dick flop out of his shorts as he ran, which I am sure happened frequently. 

    When he came out of the shower and walked over to kiss his husband, it was more than just a quick peck. I knew they'd been together longer than I'd been alive, but they still seemed to really be into each other (and weren't afraid to show it). Their kisses were long and audible. They allowed themselves to hug and let their hands run up and down each other's bodies in a way in which I never felt comfortable doing it with Eric in front of people.

    When he whisked me over to show me the infamous shower, I got why he seemed so into it. We walked through David and Sven's room to get to their en-suite. The shower had two shower heads, and could easily fit eight people. 

    "Check this out," Eric said and grabbed a little remote. The lights around the shower switched on, changing colors, making it feel like a nightclub. 

    "I can't wait to get you in here," Eric said and kissed me, squeezing my ass with both hands.

    "Eric! Do you wanna call the bar and see if they'll have you do a trial shift?!" we heard David yell out from the kitchen.

    "Hold on!" Eric yelled back and walked out of the bathroom, leaving me alone.

    I switched off the shower lights and dared to look around for a second before leaving. The shower was full of fancy products, the only thing I recognized was the bottle of K-Y Jelly mixed in with the shampoos and face scrubs. Sven's discarded sweaty shorts were on the floor next to the shower.

    Walking out and through their bedroom, I was surprised to see it was much darker than the rest of the house, and even more surprised to see clothes and other everyday items on the floor. The rest of the house was meticulously tidy, so it was weird to see any sort of mess. Right before I went out, an open drawer caught my eye.

    I know you're not supposed to snoop, especially when people have been nice enough to let you live at their house for free. But I also know, from talking to friends, that lots of people go through other people's stuff if they can get away with it, whether it's a medicine cabinet or stuff on people's shelves. 

    The drawer stood out because of how colorful it was, compared to most things in the room which seemed to be black. I walked closer and saw dozens and dozens of pairs of neatly folded underwear. I recognized all the brands, stuff worn by hot Instagram guys that I jerked off to. A drawer like this would be one of the first things I get when I have the money, I thought. Without really thinking about it, I tried to gently go through the drawer to see what's in there. Seemed to be mostly briefs, many of them in bright colors. Some boxer briefs. And there, behind them: dozens of jockstraps. Some of them basic and white. Others with a special pouch to make your dick look bigger. Some that looked brand new, others that looked like they've been worn and used for decades.

    "Fuck," I thought and made sure to leave everything just as I found it. My dick was fully hard, so I had to adjust it in my shorts. 

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