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Birthday Boys

    "Ah! Fuck yeah. Fuck me, Dad."

    "Yeah? You like that?"

    "Fuck yes, Daddy!"

    "You like Daddy's dick fucking your ass?"

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy. It's so big."

    "All for my boy. The sweetest ass I ever fucked."

    "I love you, Daddy. I love you! You and no one else."



    I woke up in a flash, feeling like someone had splashed a bucket of ice-cold water over me and punched me in the gut at the same time. I sat up, cold sweat dripping down my face. I looked to my right and saw raindrops hit the window pane. I turned left and saw my husband's beefy body, sleeping and snoring lightly, his big chest expanding and retracting as he breathed in and out. 

    "Third time this week," I thought, letting my head hit the pillow again. Third time I dream of my husband fucking my son. In the pit of my stomach I felt fear. Fear of what, I couldn't explain. And to make things even more confusing: I had a raging hardon, pulsing against my stomach under the cover and begging to shoot cum everywhere.

    Like the previous two times this had happened, I lay in bed for over an hour, unable to go back to sleep. After a while, I picked up my phone and started browsing real estate in Boston. Our agent had made a shortlist of properties, now all Sven and I had to do was take a trip there and check them out before deciding to buy.

    By the morning, with everyone up, the anxiety, fear, and nervousness were all gone. The memory of the dream had faded, as if it never even happened. There was something else to distract me that day, something big: it was our son's birthday.

    "Happy birthday, sweetie!" I said, giving Eric a hug and a kiss as soon and he and his boyfriend walked into the kitchen, both still in their underwear. 

    "Someone got some this morning," my husband chimed in from the kitchen table, noticing the boys' glowing faces. He was naked, having his morning coffee and reading the news. "Happy birthday, son!" he got up to give Eric a hug as well.

    "Do you want your present now or tonight?" I asked, pouring coffee for everyone.

    "Let's leaving it for tonight," he replied, grabbing a seat next to his father. "Is Brady coming?"

    "Yup. You sure you don't wanna invite anyone from the bar?"

    "Nah. I've only been working there part-time for a few months, so I don't really know anyone that well. Plus, we're moving in a few weeks, so no point trying to make friends now."

    "Thanks Dad," Eric's boyfriend Will said as I passed him a cup of coffee. By now he'd gotten into the habit of calling us "Dad" as well. "Speaking of moving, how's the search going?"

    "Pretty good," I replied, "I'm happy with the list we got from the agent. We're thinking about going there next week, but Will... honey, that means we would have to miss your birthday."

    "That's okay," he said quickly, too quickly. It didn't manage to disguise the disappointment that flashed on his face for a brief second.

    "We're really sorry," Sven said, gently putting his hand on Will's across the table. "But with the open-house days, we don't have much choice. And I gotta be here the week after that for work..."

    "Listen, it's fine. You guys said you wanted to get it over with before the holidays, and there's not that much time. I'm sure buying property's a pain in the ass, so don't worry about my birthday. We'll celebrate some other time. Besides, I'm sure your son here will show me a real good time."

    Eric grinned and he squeezed his boyfriend's crotch, as the two leaned in and kissed.



    🎶 I put the na-na in naughty

    Begging for it got you on your knees

    Didn't make it to the bedroom

    We can do it there too

    Whatever's your fantas– 🎶


    I took my headphones off and knocked on the door when I got to David and Sven's house. I checked my reflection in my phone while waiting, making sure this damn weather wasn't making my hair too frizzy.

    "Hey! Happy birthday," I said when I saw the birthday boy open the door himself.

    "Thanks. Come on in," Eric gave me a hug and let me in. The house was drastically warmer than outside. No wonder in a household of men who liked to walk around in their underwear or naked.

    "This is for you," I handed Eric a colorful gift bag.

    "Aww, you shouldn't have."

    We walked to the living room where David was setting snacks and drinks on the table.

    "Dad, for fuck's sake, sit down. It's just us," Eric laughed.

    "Where's Sven and... Will?" I asked, happy it only took me a second to remember his name.

    "Outside, smoking," Eric nodded toward the backyard.

    "Ooh, don't mind if I do." I went to give David a kiss, then headed outside.

    As soon as I opened the door, Sven and Will stopped talking abruptly. It felt awkward.

    "Am I interrupting something?" I asked, closing the door behind me.

    "No, Boo," Sven leaned in to give me a cigarette-flavored kiss. I only tolerated it from him. "We were just talking about Will's birthday."

    "When's your birthday?" I turned to Will and accepted the blunt he was smoking.

    "Next week," we said while I inhaled.

    "Oh shit," I coughed. "I didn't even know."

    Sven and Will exchanged another awkward look.

    "As I was saying, I'm sorr–"

    "I told you it's fine," Will interrupted Sven. "You really don't have to keep apologizing.

    "I just feel guilty that we're all getting together for Eric's birthday but we won't be here for yours."

    "Don't be ridiculous. Eric's your son. And you just met me a few months ago." 

    Sven finished his cigarette and discarded the butt in the ashtray. 

    "I don't want you saying that," he said with a serious tone, making direct eye contact with Will. His left hand was on Will's shoulder and his right finger was pointing at Will face. "You're a part of the family now."

    Sven looked at Will and me, then smiled, and headed inside.

    Will and I looked at each other, and I passed him back the blunt I was hogging. He took a hit right away.

    "They're something, aren't they?" I asked.

    "Yeah, no shit."

    "Is your family anything like this?"

    "Fuck no!" he shook his head, taking another hit. 

    He passed the blunt to me.

    "I never knew my dad," I confessed. "That probably explains my daddy issues and my thing with David and Sven." 

    Will and I looked at each other knowingly.

    "How bout you?"

    "He and my mom aren't together, but I know him," he broke eye contact and looked at the dark yard. "'Know him,' what does that even mean? I know he likes fixing things and fishing. How fucking generic does that sound? I've learned more about David and Sven in half a year than a lifetime of knowing him."

    "Well, they make it easy. They put it all out there. Quite literally," I laughed.

    Will chuckled.

    "It's special, what Sven just told you," I added. "That you're a part of the family."

    I'd known him for almost a year now and he'd never said that to me. Hearing it made me realize how much I was yearning for it myself.

    "Yeah, I guess it is," Will agreed, before we killed the blunt and went inside.

    "I can't believe you're fucking serious!" I laughed out louder than necessary. By this point we'd all had quite a few drinks. Eric had already opened the headphones I got him ("I'm always listening to music, so it's the first thing that came to mind," I told him). From his dads, he got a steel cockring inscribed "HAPPY 22ND. LOVE, DADS" on the inside.

    "They did, they got me a stripper for my 18th birthday," Eric said. We'd been talking about his previous birthdays and of course this came up. "What was his name, Thi..?

    "Thiago," David chimed in, with me bouncing on his lap. "He'd done several of our friends' parties."

    "Yeah well your friends weren't teenagers. Mine were, and they were in absolute shock!" Eric laughed.

    "What did they do?" I asked.

    "The girls all cheered. Some of the guys left the room."

    "I wanna know more." I was on the edge of my seat. Or, David's lap, rather.

    "Picture this. Pretty Ricky's 'Grind On Me'..."

    "Oh my god," I rolled my eyes. Even I knew that song and I was like four when it came out.

    "All the lights were off except for those two lamps," Eric pointed. "He starts off in all his clothes and I'm sitting on a chair right there, in the middle of the room. Eventually he gets down to these tight black boxer briefs. Huge bulge swinging in the front, amazing muscles, I thought that was it. Then, he pulls them down and he's wearing a red thong. Whole dick outlined perfectly! He's grinding it all up on me, basically rubbing it in my face. Whilst this is happening, my dads are cheering from the side with a couple of their friends that were here. Then they pull out a stack of cash and start putting it in his underwear and giving it to me to do the same. I was kinda shy, so I just tucked it in the side. Then this asshole," he pointed at David, laughing, "comes up and rubs the bill all over the stripper's body, pinching his nipples, rubbing his abs, and pulling down the front of the thong to put the money in. By this point, the guy was starting to get hard and half his dick and all of his pubes are in my face. I'm pretending not to look when let's be real, I wanted to put it in my mouth right there and then."

    "Why didn't you?" Sven chimed in. "It wouldn't have been the first party where Thiago's dick ended in someone's mouth."



    When they came back from their first trip to Boston, my dads showed Will and me the couple of apartments they liked most. He and I were just happy David decided to do this that we weren't picky when it came to the decision-making. While they were gone, we'd spent Will's birthday fucking and drinking my parents' expensive liquor.

    A few weeks later, as November turned to December and the air started to smell of snow, my dads went back to Boston to check out their favorite place again and maybe sign the papers if everything went well. With Will off to work and it being my day off, I found myself home alone.

    I opened my laptop, excited to check my fan mail for the day. In the past few months, I'd continued to update my blog, even though my parents were worried about me posting sexual content online. My number of followers had skyrocketed, and I was too hooked on all the attention and compliments I was getting on the daily.

    But messages from fans weren't what I was focused on after I logged in. Tumblr, the platform I was using had suddenly decided to get rid of all porn, giving people just two weeks to migrate somewhere else.

    "What the fuck?" I said out loud, reading posts from people who were just as confused as I was.

    I looked at the number of followers I was so proud of, frustrated that I'd have to start from zero again. I went to the kitchen to calm down and have some water.

    "Are you making money off of it or something?" I remembered my dad Sven ask me when we were in Spain, talking about my blog.

    "What if I did start charging for it?" I thought, toying with the idea for the first time. As generous as my parents had been, I was starting to feel like a real leech mooching off them.

    I went back to the computer and typed out a short message to announce I was moving to a paid platform, then I took all my clothes off and started jerking off. I wanted to post a new vid with the post I was about to make. With my parents gone, I decided to shoot it in the sexiest room in the house: their bedroom.

    I jumped on my dads' bed, that still smelled of them. I started jerking off and caressing my body, making sure my phone was recording everything. I rolled around in the unwashed sheets, that smelled of male sweat, whiskey, cigarettes and sex. I put some of my precum on my finger and put it in my mouth. A few minutes later, stroking faster and faster, I started to shoot out my load. Cum splattered all over the bed, landing on the cover and David's pillow behind me.

    I smiled and winked at the camera, then got up to turn it off. I noticed a towel on the floor that my parents were probably using as a jizz rag, and I used it to wipe the cum off the sheets. It would stain, but David was probably gonna throw them in the wash anyway.

    I posted the video, and went for a piss. By the time I was back, I already had a new message.

    "I'm so happy you'll continue to post," it read. "Your content is so hot! I'll subscribe right away. Your number one fan, Ken from Australia."[1]

    I didn't usually reply to every message from a fan, but I had nothing better to do.

    "Thanks Ken 😉," I wrote back.

    "Did you redecorate your room?" Ken responded right away.

    "Nah, it's just my dads' room."

    "Your dads, plural?"

    "Yeah, I got two gay dads. 👨‍👨‍👦"

    "Wow! Lucky you. And them! Do you ever fool around?"

    I laughed, then I thought about it for a few seconds. What was an honest answer to this question?

    "Maybe. 😜"

    It took Ken a longer while to reply this time. After a few minutes, I thought he'd lost interest, when I got a message from him.

    "If you don't mind me sharing this, male incest is my #1 fetish. Adult, consensual, stuff like that. I've been obsessed with it for years now. As you can imagine, it's nearly impossible to find real content, I'm not interested in porn and role playing. I don't know your relationship with your parents but if you were willing to... perform some things for me on camera, I'd be willing to pay good money for it."

    My first instinct was to say "How much are we talking?" but I didn't wanna take it there just yet. 

    "I'll think about it and I'll let you know."

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[1] Ken is the main character of Obsessed With Incest 

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