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Good Boy


    It was the first week of April, and the long Boston winter showed few signs of slowing down. I found myself staring out the window, thankful for the melancholic weather, because it at least matched my mood.

    The move last year had made me quite literally dig up some things from my past. Objects that were buried out of sight in the house we'd lived in for 23 years were now fresh on my mind, and neatly stored in my closet like friendly skeletons.

    I slowly walked away from the window and opened the closet door. I reached for a photo album which I hadn't opened in years, decades maybe. Even last year, when packing, I couldn't get myself to go through it.

    I slowly ran my finger down the edge of its pages and flipped it open on a random page. It was pure kismet that it was exactly the page with the photo I was thinking about.

    "N+D," stood in a child's handwriting under a photo of an old man and a little boy.

    "Is that you?" my husband's voice came from behind me, startling me. I was so deeply engrossed in the photo I hadn't heard Sven's bare feet walk my way.

    I took a couple of seconds to catch my breath before answering his question.

    "Yes. With Grandpa Nate."

    "I see," my partner said, squatting down behind me and putting his strong arms around me. "This your handwriting?" He traced his fingertip along the letters as if he were reading Braille.

    "Yes," I smiled. "It's… it's the 35th anniversary of his death today."

    Sven didn't say anything, just squeezed me tighter.

    "The… the whole family's getting together in the house he used to live in," I continued, trying my best to keep my voice from breaking.

    I looked at my grandfather's photo, certain now more than ever that he was "one of us." As bad as I felt about myself being cut off from my family, at least I got to live my authentic life. Unlike…

    Grandpa Nate always seemed cheerful. Indeed, the smile on this photo is exactly how I remembered him. And maybe he really was happy; I truly hope he was. But I knew now that if he was indeed gay like I suspected, there would've always been a part of him that felt empty. If only I could talk to him about it… It would make both of us feel so much better. We talked about everything when I was growing up. Everything, but this…

    "D'you wanna be alone for a bit?" my husband asked.

    "Yes, please. I'll be out in a minute."

    Sven gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek and walked back to the living room.



    "Morning, son," my dad Sven said, coming out of the bedroom naked, his pierced dick swinging back and forth as he walked. "I got a favor to ask."

    "Let me guess: a blowjob?" I stuck my tongue out.

    "No," he said, otherwise ignoring my joke. "Your dad's not having the best day today. Maybe you can do something to cheer him up."

    "Can't you just fuck it out of him?" I turned the conversation to sex again. Unlike me, Will had to work today, leaving me horny as fuck at home.

    "No. It's more serious than that," Sven said. 

    "Oh, shit, sorry," I said, switching up my tone immediately. "Sure. Actually, I have the perfect thing in mind."

    "That's my boy," Dad finally smiled and came to give me a kiss before getting ready to go to the office.

    "Okay, what's all this about?" David asked, sitting next to me on the dining table an hour later, setting down two cups of coffee in front of us.

    "I love it when we match," I said, pointing out the fact we were wearing the same kind of white briefs again. My dad smiled, and patted my bare back.

    "So…" I said, getting ready and pulling out my iPad.

    "Is that new?"

    "Yup. I got it with the money from the cam show."

    Dad just smiled at me again. A few weeks ago, one of my online followers finally got his wish: a web cam session where my two dads and I jerked off side by side.[1] Fuck, that was hot! 

    I remember how awkward I felt asking them. I went to Sven first, and I should've known he would just laugh and say yes in a heartbeat. I approached David more delicately. He seemed less enthusiastic, but like a good daddy, he wanted to make me happy. After some whining and begging, he said yes.

    Honestly, I didn't care about the money: I just enjoyed the fact there was someone out there who was so turned on by my family. Like I'd once told Will: "For me, it's the most normal thing in the world. It's all I've ever known." Yet, other people found it insanely hot that I had two gay dads. And, well… I liked turning people on.

    Ken, the man we performed for, definitely got his money's worth. The show ended with the three of us all shooting our loads right next to each other at the same time, after which I scooped up the mixed jizz and put it in my mouth, swallowing it as Ken came twice, his pervy fantasy finally fulfilled.

    "So…" I said to David again at the dining table, putting my iPad down and taking a sip of coffee. "There's something I need your help with."

    "Jerk off on stage with you for an auditorium full of people?"

    "Not yet. But good idea. I'll write it down. That's how we can pay for the wedding."

    Dad shook his head as we both laughed. I was happy to see that in spite of what Sven had told me this morning, David seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

    "Actually," I continued, "that's what I wanted to talk to you about. The wedding. We need to start planning, and I have no idea where to start."

    "Okay, good!" Dad snapped his fingers, visibly happy to have a project to plan. "So. First thing's first: who's doing the planning? Are you and Will doing it together or do you wanna do it by yourself?"

    "If 'by myself' you mean with your help, then that. We've talked about it and Will's happy to be kept out of it for the most part."

    "Okay, good. Second: date. When are we thinking?"

    "Well, he and I met in September, so we were thinking around then. It'll be three years since we met. The weather will still be nice. And it gives us a few months to plan, without it being forever from now."

    "Done. Location? Do you wanna get married here?"
    "Actually… I was thinking Hawaii."

    Dad raised his eyebrows. 

    "It's one of the places Will's always wanted to go. And isn't it perfect for weddings?"

    "As long as I don't hear anyone say you're 'getting Maui'd.' Now, fire that thing up and let's start looking at some options and prices."

    After a couple of hours of looking at hotels and flights, I needed a break from it all. The first part of the planning went like rapid fire; but when we actually started looking at places is when it got complicated.

    My dad got up to make us some more coffee, and I got up to walk to the window to rest my eyes.

    "Dad! Come see this!"

    I laughed out loud.

    "Hurry uuuup!"

    "Calm down, for fuck's sake," David yelled from the kitchen, walking toward me. "What's up?"

    "Dad, check this out."

    I pointed out the window, at the apartment across the alley. There, two men were fucking on the couch in their living room.

    "Holy shit," my father said.

    By this point, I've seen many men fuck; and I'm sure my father had seen many, many more. Still, it was always fun catching something like this unexpectedly. It didn't hurt that both of the men were hot and fucking like the world were about to end.

    "I think their names are Foster and Angelo," I said, getting hard in my tight briefs.

    "How the fuck do you know that?"

    "Will's met them. They're a couple."

    "I didn't know we had gay neighbors so close," my father said, letting his hand drop down to his crotch absentmindedly, and adjusting himself. "We should have them over some time."

    I dropped my right hand as well, slipping it in my underwear and starting to discreetly rub myself, watching the two men across the street fucking. Next to me, Dad was doing the same exact thing I was, enjoying the show.

    After a few minutes, my dad and I were both hard. I was the first one to pull out my dick and start stroking openly, followed a few seconds later by Dad.

    This went on for a while, until the men flipped positions and saw us.

    Normally, I might panic and hide when caught red-handed. But now, with my father by my side, I felt more confident. Plus, I had a very strong feeling the men across the street wouldn't mind…

    "Hello," my dad waved his left hand at them friendlily, while still stroking himself with his right. The men smiled and waved back at us, in good neighborly fashion.

    "Those fuckers," Dad chuckled. The two men had gotten off the couch and were now walking toward their window, their boners bopping up and down, pointing our way.

    Just like ours, theirs was a floor-to-ceiling window. We were high enough that pedestrians in the street weren't likely to spot us; but we were just yards from each other across the narrow street. 

    The bottom, a white guy who looked a few years older than his Asian partner, leaned his forearms against the window.

    "Holy fuck!" I exclaimed. "Are they gonna fuck right there?"

    "Looks like it," my dad replied, stroking his dick faster and faster.

    A couple of seconds later, the top approached from behind. He and his partner looked at us, turned on by us as much as we were by them. As his dick started to penetrate his partner's asshole, the look on the bottom's face was priceless.

    "He's loving it," I said to Dad, stroking my cock faster as well.

    "They both are."

    We jerked our cocks, enjoying the show, like this were the most normal thing to do together. Hell, if either of us had caught this show by himself, this is exactly what he would do: jerk off while enjoying the view. This time, it just happened to be that Dad and I were side by side.

    "This reminds me of Berlin," I panted, finding it hard to talk with all the pleasure I was feeling in my dick.

    "How come?"

    "After you guys left, I met this guy. American guy in his 30s. He took me back to his hotel room and fucked me against the window pane, just like this."

    "Yeah? You liked it?" Dad asked me, in the same tone my college buddies and I had talked to each other in when talking about sex.

    "Fucking loved it. There was a guy across the street watching us, just like this."

    "Holy shit, son," my father switched the hand he was jerking off with, and put his right arm around me. I could feel his precum drip off his warm fingers onto my shoulder. "You're getting quite adventurous."

    "I learned from the best," I winked at him, acknowledging the impact my parents had upon me. 

    "Holy shit, he looks like he's about to cum," Dad pointed to the bottom across the street. His arm was still around me as he jerked off with his other hand.

    "More importantly: I'm about to cum!" I announced, and stepped closer to the window, wanting to spill my jizz all over it. 

    "Aw, fuck son!" Dad said and stepped closer right next to me, aiming his dick in the same direction.

    "Let's go, Daddy. Let's do!"

    We weren't looking at the neighbors anymore; we were busy looking down at our own cocks. Both of them side by side, similar except for the Prince Albert I had on. 

    "Holy fuck! Shit!!"

    My father was the first to shoot his load, beating me to it by mere seconds. Just as he was coating the window with his cum, I was right there to add my own to it. We both moaned out loud while shooting our cum onto the window; until it looked like someone had thrown a whole cream pie against it.

    As I was done cumming, I immediately got down on my knees and started licking the sperm off the window, unconcerned which part of it was mine and which was my own father's. 

    Looking up, I noticed the neighbors' window covered in cum as well. 

    "Good boy," my dad said, scratching my ear as I knelt beside him like a puppy dog.

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[1] Read about the webcam show in Obsessed with Incest: "The Webcam Model and His Dads"

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