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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads


Every Last Drop


    "Hey, Uncle Dave."

    I still needed time to get used to being called that.

    "Hi, Nate," I got up and gave my nephew a hug. 

    We sat down at our usual table at our usual Chinese restaurant. This had become somewhat of a tradition over the past couple of weeks. Nate still hadn't gotten a job so he had quite some time on his hands. And me… well, I wasn't getting too much work done either lately.

    "How's writing going?" Nate asked after we'd placed our order. 

    "Not too well."

    "Uh-oh. Writer's block?"

    "I guess you can say that."

    "What made you hit a wall?"

    I thought about it, then sighed.

    "I just… have no idea how I want my book to end."

    No wonder I was hitting a wall right about now. The main character in the book I was writing was based on my own son, Eric. And lately, my relationship with him was… well, not quite predictable.

    Luckily, the food came just in time to distract me. As I stirred my sweet-and-sour chicken, my phone started to go off with one notification after the other. Brady and Sven were talking in the group chat, making plans to do something this weekend. I flipped my phone on mute and put it away.

    "Sorry about that," I apologized to my nephew.

    "No worries. I get what it's like. I mean, you have a big family, I'm sure there's always something going on."

    Ha! If he only knew.

    "How is everyone?" Nate enquired.

    "They're good. Brady's thrilled to be living with us for the summer. Sven's been busy at work since we came back from San Francisco."

    "How bout Eric and Will?"

    "They're… they're okay, I think. I haven't seen much of them to be frank."

    "Ah, they must be busy planning the wedding. Are they still gonna live with you guys after they're married?"

    "I… I don't know," I admitted. "How's the job hunt going?" I was eager to change the subject.

    "Good. I'm thinking of enrolling at the police academy. Becoming an officer."


    The rest of lunch was spent talking about Nate's new potential career, which was just what I needed to get me to stop worrying about the goings-on at home.

    "Are you sure you don't wanna come?" 

    "I'm sure, honey. You two have fun."

    My husband and Brady were going to spend the day shopping, and I was hoping I'd manage to get some writing done in the meanwhile. After our trip to San Francisco, and Pride, and the Fourth of July, this was my first weekend home alone. Or so I thought.

    After a couple of hours at my computer, I heard someone coming in. At first I thought it might be Sven coming back. I went to the living room to see our son Eric walking in.

    "Hey," I said. "I thought you and Will were out for the day?"

    "We decided to come back early. We just weren't feeling it."

    I knew Eric too well: there was something he wasn't telling me.

    "You okay?" I prodded.

    "Yeah. Just tired. Gonna go take a nap."

    I let him retreat to his room, but I just knew something was wrong. I made us two cups of coffee and went to my son's bedroom to find him still awake, sprawled naked in bed.

    "They grow up so fast," people always tell you about your kids. I always knew my son would grow up, but to see him now, getting almost bigger than Sven and me, made me take a second and admire Eric's body. He'd stretched his Prince Albert piercing a few times since he'd gotten it. That too was now almost as big as his dad's. 

    "In case you couldn't sleep," I said to Eric. "I figured you might want some coffee instead."

    "You're not gonna leave me alone until I tell you what's wrong, huh?" he smiled.


    Eric patted the empty space next to him, and I went to lie down next to my boy.

    "Will and I had a fight."

    Oh boy, there it is. I couldn't say I was surprised. Just recently, Will caught Eric and me fucking. Granted the two of them were in an open relationship, but almost everyone would agree that didn't include fucking your parents! Will had opened up a lot the past couple of years while he was with us, but this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    "I'm sorry," I said, and put one arm around Eric. "Is it about what happened between us at Pride?"

    "What? No! It was about the wedding. The closer it gets the more stressful it is."

    Now I was surprised! 

    "So… so everything's okay otherwise?"

    "Yes, Dad."

    "It's just that… I haven't seen either of you much since Pride. And I thought maybe you were avoiding me or each other or something…"

    "Ah, there we go, you're going off the rails again. Dad," Eric turned to look me in the eyes, "what happened was hot. And Will's okay with it. We talked about it and he's fine."

    "R– Really?"

    "Yes. The reason you haven't seen us is because we wanted to talk, just the two of us, and that's what we've been doing. The very next day, as soon as we sobered up, I told him everything. I told him about what happened with Sven when I got back from Europe. And what happened between you and me on Valentine's Day. And everything since."

    "And how did he take it?"

    "About how you'd expect. He was shocked for a while, but he knows us so it wasn't completely out of the blue. Besides, he was there taking that video, so he knew what was coming."

    "Still, I can't even imagine…"

    "He also had some confessions to make, which made things easier."

    "Like what?" I asked.

    "He – I hope he's okay with me telling you this – he said he's had feelings for you and Dad for a while now, which made him feel confused. He loves you, and he never expected to feel that way for someone else's parents. You were father figures to him, but at the same time he thought you were sexy, and then things only started to escalate between us…"

    Suddenly, I remembered using my son's computer a couple of years back, and finding a list of "father-son" searches. Somebody had been searching for fathers and sons kissing and being naked together. At the time I assumed it was Eric but now I realized it must've been Will. Those early days of living with us must've been such an emotional time for him, a total mind-fuck. 

    "Are Will's parents coming to the wedding?" I asked.

    "No. I don't think anybody in his family is."

    After he said that, my son climbed on top of me. Clutching my body with all four limbs, he looked like a koala holding onto a tree.

    I ran my hands down his naked body, slowly and tenderly. We lay that way, cuddling for a few seconds, until he started to nozzle up against my neck and left ear. Feeling his nose sliding across my cheek, I turned my head until the tips of our noses were touching and I could feel Eric's breath on my skin. 

    From there, it was in no time that our tongues found their way to each other's mouths. 

    "Thank you," Eric whispered after kissing me for a full minute.

    "What for?"


    Silly boy. I was I who should be thanking him! He'll never know how much he changed my life. Instead of words, I decided to continue showing my appreciation with a kiss. I quickly took off the T-shirt and shorts I was wearing, and put my lips back on Eric's. 

    We lay in bed kissing and cuddling for almost half an hour. We'd both gotten erections in that time but we ignored them; it felt even nicer to touch each other everywhere else. We didn't stop until we heard Will coming back home.

     "Oh. Hey," he said, surprised to see me in his bed.

    "I'll leave you boys alone," I said, starting to slip of out bed, until Will stopped me.

    "Wait! Stay. I just wanted to say sorry to Eric. We had a little fight earlier, so I thought we could put it behind us with some cheesecake?"

    Will held up a box from a well-known local bakery. "There's enough for three," he added.

    I stayed in my son and his fiancé's bed the whole afternoon. Will took his clothes off and joined us for some cake and a relaxed conversation, followed by a big cuddle pile.

    Just like after the Pride parade, it was the three of us again (only this time, their bed smelled a lot nicer than that public bathroom). Without any hesitation, we all started to kiss. Soon enough, we were sporting boners again, and this time instead of ignoring them we kept reaching down to stroke them.

    "I can't wait until you two are married," I said to Will with my hand on his cock, "so that you're officially a part of the family."

    "Me too, Dad," he smiled and planted another kiss on my lips.

    As Will and I kissed, my son went down and soon his face was between my legs. He took turns sucking me off before taking his fiancé's dick in his mouth, and then coming back to mine. 

    Will hadn't shaved his face in a couple of days, so he had an unusual amount of stubble. Feeling it scratching my skin as we made out, I realized Will was growing up and changing as well. He did indeed feel like a second son to me by now. We stopped kissing for a few seconds so we could make eye contact, just as I felt Eric's mouth move from Will's cock onto mine.

    "Fuck!" I bit my lip, a strong tingle of pleasure shooting from my cock all over my body.

    "Yeah," Will licked his own lips, watching me squirming as I got a blowjob from Eric. "Make Daddy cum," he told my son.

    It was clear by now Will was more than happy to be an enabler and an encourager when it came to Eric hooking up with Sven or me. As good as it felt to be getting a blowjob now, I felt even better knowing that I was making my son and Will happy by doing this with them.

    And just like that, it hit me! Writer's inspiration is a funny thing. It comes out of nowhere at times, and it feels as exhilarating as going down on a rollercoaster. I knew exactly where I wanted to take my book next.

    "Fuck, yeah. Yes!" I shouted, squeezing my son's head tightly with my thighs. Feeling that I was close, Eric took my cock out of his mouth and started stroking it rapidly with his right hand, while sucking on the tip. 

    "Fuck yeah. Get Daddy's cum," Will continued cheering Eric on from the sidelines. Will's fingers found their way to my nips, pinching them as I approached my orgasm.

    "Mmmm, yes!!!" I closed my eyes and let go, all in my son's mouth. I could feel him sucking and swallowing my cum. 

    A flashback took me twenty-five years back.

    "There we go, two sample cups. Each of you please take one and deposit your semen in it," the nurse at the fertility clinic instructed us.

    "Fuck!" I shouted again, my fingers entangled in Eric's hair, stroking it as he sucked my cock and swallowed every last drop of my semen.

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