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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads


My Husband's Nephew, Pt. II


    Around six o'clock the following morning, I was the first person up. I listened for any sound coming from my uncle's bedroom; at first I was just curious if Uncle Dave and his husband were awake. Then, I remembered the noise last night, my uncle sucking Sven's dick with me in the next room, so I strained my ears to check if they might be in the middle of a morning romp. Alas, they seemed to be sound asleep.

    "I'll be good today," I told myself. No more thinking about my uncles – both of them! So what if they did it while I was on their couch? They were adult men, and there was no need for me to sexualize them. We were family, for god's sake!

    Still, the image of Sven flaunting his body in front of me right after they were done was hard to get out of my head. And judging by his posture and his attitude, he wanted to be sexualized. He would have never come out in just those tiny briefs otherwise, basically shoving his bulge in my face…

    Or was I just imagining things because I was constantly so horny? Sure, Sven was hot, but he didn't even know I was gay. Why would he be showing off in front of me? Did he suspect something?! My paranoia kicked in again: was something giving me away? Could people tell I was gay?

    My hard cock continued to pulse in all its morning glory as images of my uncles flew through my mind. "This is normal," I told myself, "it happens every morning, even before I met David and Sven." And their son, my newly-found cousin, who had the unbelievable fortune to grow up with two dads that were not only openly gay but hot as fuck as well. Lucky bastard.

    Ignoring my boner until it went away, I waited until Uncle Dave came out of the bedroom in a robe, greeting me warmly as if he'd known me all my life. He went straight to the kitchen and got started on breakfast for everyone, while I got dressed and tidied up the couch all neatly.

    Looking at my uncle, I couldn't keep my thoughts PG even though I tried. I wondered if he was naked under his robe (he almost definitely was) and if his body was as impressive as his husband's. Even now at 25, I already found it so much harder to keep in shape than I did just a few years ago, so the fact that my uncles managed to stay so fit was awe-inspiring. One thing Uncle Dave had that was even bigger than his husband's was his thick ass. Even with the robe loosely tied around him, I could tell how much his bubble butt stuck out. I had to adjust the bulge in my jeans; I was starting to get hard again.

    A short while later, we were joined by my cousin Eric and his fiancé Will. Will and I could barely look each other in the eye: the previous night, Will had come home drunk and thought I was Eric when he started making out with me. Sleepy as I was, I didn't know where I was or what I was doing, until I was sucking Will's precum off his fingers and woke up to the shock of my life. I didn't know if Will had told Eric anything by this point, but one thing I knew for sure: I needed to get the hell out of here! Temptation was everywhere in this apartment and it was just too strong.

    "Any plans for today?" Eric asked me at the breakfast table, looking as friendly as always. He and Will were in their underwear, and I was starting to wonder if this family all lived at the gym. They were all incredibly fit.

    "I'm gonna start looking at places to rent," I answered. "That couch is nice, but I really need to find a more permanent solution. I was on my phone earlier today, there's this studio right around the corner here in Chinatown. I think I'll go check it out."

    As I spoke, we were finally joined by Sven. I remembered calling him "Uncle Sven" last night and I wanted to greet him that way again today, but I was too embarrassed to do it in front of the rest of the family.

    I half-expected to see him in his tight white briefs again, so I was somewhat disappointed when I saw him in a pair of boxers. Even though they were baggy, they were extremely short, and showed off his large, manly thighs. 

    Uncle Sven kissed his husband and sat right across from me, manspreading on the chair as wide as he could. My eyes instantly darted to his crotch, to see if anything was peeking out. Sure enough, an inch or so of his smooth ball sack was coming out of the leg of his boxers. Whether he knew, or whether he knew I knew, Sven didn't seem to care, and he continued sitting with his legs spread open, making himself comfortable.

    While everyone else engaged in a conversation, I sipped my coffee and checked out Sven's crotch whenever I got the chance. The more he made himself comfortable, the more of his cock and balls seemed to come out. Soon enough, I could tell that just like his nipples, the tip of Sven's dick was pierced and had a large metal ring hanging off it. Even as I drank, my mouth felt dry. I was thirsty, and it wasn't for coffee.

    I'd managed to get the Chinatown apartment that very same day. Even though the building it was in was old and semi-run down, it was available immediately and only a few minutes' walk from my uncle's place, so I took it. It was a tiny, basic studio, but it was all that I needed for now. 

    A week later, I was already starting to feel at home. All of Boston's most historic spots were nearby, so I spent my days exploring the city, since I didn't have a job anyway. The rest of the time I spent at the gym. My uncles managed to get me a half-priced membership at the gym they went to; since their entire family went there they were some of their favorite clients. The discount came in quite handy, as from what I could tell, this was the nicest and priciest gym in all of Boston.

    Since I had all the time in the world, I tried to avoid the crowds when going to the gym, and usually went right after lunch time. There were still a few people around, but I'd found this was the best time to go. 

    After changing into my workout clothes, I decided I'd really go hard on the cardio today and maybe see if I could work on getting an ass as nice as Uncle Dave's. I had a long way to go but I had to start somewhere. I noticed that one of the cycling rooms was empty, and the schedule by the door said there wasn't another class until five. So I popped in my headphones, jumped on a bike, and lost myself in the music.

    Every time I got tired and wanted to stop, I pushed myself harder. By the time I finally let myself quit, an hour had passed and I was dripping sweat all over. As I left the small room, which was in one corner of the gym, I looked out across the main floor. A few more people had shown up but it still wasn't that busy. And then I froze in place. David and Sven were here.

    They were on the other side of the wide floor, at a weight bench. Sven was in a tanktop that barely covered anything (of course) and some extremely small and tight shorts. He was spotting his husband who was doing some incline bench presses. Uncle Dave was dressed slightly more modestly, but his tank and shorts still showed off every muscle as he lifted the weight away from his body.

    Next to them, a couple of other guys stood chatting with them. All of them were very attractive, and dressed to impress at the gym. Indeed, they looked like they were on a runway rather than the gym. I knew that I should probably go and say hi, but I didn't want to meet Uncle Dave's friends looking like this! I looked down: I was covered in sweat. My raggedy gym clothes were soaked. No. I chose to return to the locker room and avoid the whole situation.

    I stripped down and went to get a much-needed shower. The stalls at this gym were luxurious, just like everything else. Floor-to-ceiling tile, deluxe shower head and enough room for two. The only issue was, they didn't offer a lot of privacy. For some reason, the stalls were separated by glass dividers, but they didn't have a curtain or a door you could close. I wondered why; after all, it's not like they were cutting corners.

    After I finished up, I was standing in front of the stall drying off and I heard some voices echoing in the locker room area. There was no mistaking the bellow of Sven's laughter and I could hear lockers closing. Sven was here, and so was Uncle Dave, probably. And then I panicked! I don't know why. It might've been irrational, but I felt the urge to hide. Instead of going back to my locker, I closed myself in the sauna. It was empty, and Sven and David were probably going to head to the showers first, which would give me time to go back to my locker without being noticed.

    I felt good about my decision and got settled. A moment later, Sven passed by the glass sauna door, naked and carrying a towel in his hand. I wasn't surprised to see he was one of those guys that walks around the locker room totally exposed. Uncle Dave was right behind him, just as naked. And his ass looked so perfect and round, the cheeks jiggling as he walked.

    I was right: Sven walked into the shower area and chose the stall that happened to be directly in my view. I watched as he put his towel on the hook and turned on the water. As he turned, I finally got a full glimpse of his shaved, pierced cock. It was just as amazing as I'd expected, and bigger than I imagined. It seemed heavy, like the thick ring at the end was weighing it down. His dick literally swung from side to side a little as he moved inside the shower stall, waiting for warm water to start running.

    "Is the universe trying to torture me?" I thought. What were the odds that Sven would pick the spot where I couldn't get out without him noticing me; but also, the one spot where I could watch him without being noticed. I was certain that in a couple of seconds Sven would turn his back to me, which would give me a chance to slip away. So I stood at the door of the sauna, looking out like some sort of pervy detective.

    But then, my jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw my uncle join his husband in the same stall. No way! The showers were certainly big enough for two people to share one comfortably, but it seemed a little questionable, especially since there was no curtain to pull or door to close. Were… were these showers built this way on purpose?! I just realized how popular this gym seemed to be with gay men. Were the showers a part of "the attraction"?

    While these thoughts were going through my mind, my two uncles got their hair wet and rinsed off, and then David reached for the liquid soap dispenser. That's when I realized I was going to be treated to the sight of both my uncles showing together. I couldn't get away even if I wanted to; at any given time now, one of them was facing my way.

    David soaped up his hands and put them on his husband's chest, rubbing it sensually. Was this really happening? It was like the secret fantasies I'd have in the communal showers in the military. Well, minus the "uncles" part. It was incredibly hot to see these two confident, muscular men in such a sensual moment. I loved how bold they were, how they probably didn't care what anyone else thought about what they were doing. If another guy came into the shower area, would they stop even then?

    I continued to watch as Sven got his own handful of soap and started on Uncle Dave. They were both smiling and looking into each other's eyes as their hands kept moving around one another's bodies. David casually took a hold of his husband's cock and got everything down there soapy. Even with the suds I could see Sven responding, getting hard as the scrubbing slowly turned to stroking. David's other hand was on Sven's impressively large ball sack, no doubt making sure that area was also extra clean.

    I saw Sven do a motion with his head, and then David grinned and turned around. Sven's soapy hands went to his husband's back but quickly moved lower, down to that perfectly round ass. My uncle put his arms up against the shower wall and leaned forward slightly, poking his ass out further behind him. I could see one of Sven's hands moving in between David's ass cheeks, still seeming like he was scrubbing things clean. Then I suddenly realized what was about to happen.

    "Of course," I thought. "Because why not, right?"

    Sven stroked his own soapy cock a few times and then I saw him move into position, steadying himself on those massive legs as he slowly slid himself into his husband's ass, right there in the shower, exposed. Someone could easily come around the corner with no warning and this would be the first thing they'd see. In fact, now I wondered if they chose this particular stall on purpose, because it was so easily seen from outside the shower room. They probably were also well aware they could be seen from the sauna. Since meeting them, it was already obvious that they were exhibitionists. They got off on doing this.

    My own cock was rock hard at this point, but I couldn't bring myself to reach under my towel and touch it. Even after everything I'd seen, somehow it still felt weird to jerk off watching my own uncle – uncles – having sex. Yet here I was, not turning away.

    Their fucking started out slowly but quickly picked up the pace. If it was the setting and risk of exposure that got them off, they were surely in the thick of all that right now. I could almost feel how turned on they both were. I could even see David's erection bobbing up and down as he pushed himself back on Sven's cock. Both of them had their eyes closed and had expressions of intense pleasure on their faces.

    One of Sven's hands was on his husband's waist, and I saw the other one reach up and grab David's hair, pulling his head into a leaning-back position. The motion wasn't violent but there was an animal-like aggression to it, and that continued as Sven bent his own head down for a deep kiss. That was something I felt such a strong desire for. That passion that they shared, driving one another wild even after so many years together. My cock throbbed again as I watched them. Their bodies were hot, and the fucking was even hotter, but what was hottest was the passion they felt for each other. 

    Not much sound made it through the sauna door. I could barely even hear the water running. But I could see that in between bouts of kissing they were saying things to one another. For some reason, at this moment I really wished I could have heard whatever those words were.

    Sven's expression changed and he picked up the pace of the fucking. They returned to kissing. My uncle looked like a Greek sculpture, decades younger than he was. I felt like I could see him using every muscle in his body to stay in that position, but he also seemed perfectly at ease. David stopped moving back and forth and was letting his husband do all the work. When Sven suddenly stopped his own motions, I realized he was cumming. Filling my uncle's ass with his seed, right there in the gym shower. Both their mouths were open and I wondered if they were moaning, if they were loud. I'm sure they didn't care if anyone heard them.

    They were frozen like that for a moment, making only the most minimal movements with their hips. Then Sven resumed his gentle motion and, after about a minute of that, backed up and withdrew his cock from my uncle's ass. David stood up straight again and turned to face his husband. They both had huge smiles on their faces, like two teammates who had just scored a goal. I almost expected them to high-five.

    They both washed up again, for real this time. The water stopped and I saw them both step out and begin to towel off. Sven moved out of my view and I was left with just David to watch. That ass! As he bent over to dry his legs, I thought I might catch a glimpse of his hole between those cheeks, maybe even the cum dripping out. I didn't though, and I was left wondering what it might look like after a pounding from Sven's giant cock.

    For a second I panicked that they might head to the sauna, but they didn't. My uncle and his husband both put their towels across their shoulders and headed back to the lockers. As they passed by the sauna door, I could see they were both half hard, cocks proudly flopping from side to side. I heard loud voices suddenly echo from the locker area, at least two other guys whose voices were then joined by David's and Sven's. Shouts of recognition and greeting. Probably their friends that I saw them with earlier. I had to wonder what those friends would think if they knew Sven had just shot a load inside his husband's ass not three minutes earlier.

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