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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads


My Husband's Nephew, Pt. III


    Even though I had just met my nephew, I was already planning a trip across the country with him. My son, as starry-eyed as only he could be, invited Nathan to join us to San Francisco and it was too late for me to say "I don't know if this is such a good idea."

    I didn't want this trip to be all about Nathan, though. We were going to San Francisco for Pride and out of all of us he was the only one who wasn't gay, as far as I knew. Granted, Nate never spoke about girls, but he never spoke about guys either. Either way, I didn't want to push it, so I kept out of his love life.

    I also tried not to rub my relationship with Sven in my nephew's face. One thing I knew for certain: Nate was not raised to be comfortable with gay people. And Sven and I, we could get pretty… intense. It was frustrating (both emotionally and sexually) to hide our affection whenever Nate was around. 

    The day before the trip, I was in my room making sure everything was booked and ready, when I heard a knock on the door.

    "Come in," I yelled, thinking it's my son.

    I should've known better: Eric didn't knock before entering our room. It was Nathan.

    "Hey," he greeted me with a smile, which changed to a look of surprise when he realized I was in my underwear.

    "Nathan. Hi," I replied as casually as I could. My nephew obviously felt awkward seeing me in nothing but a pair of white briefs, but it's not like there was anything I could do now. "Can I get you anything?"

    "Y-Yeah," he stuttered. "That bag you said I could take to California? My suitcase is way too big."

    "Ah, yes. Hold on!"

    I walked to the closet and had to go down on my knees to find the bag. As I got on all fours and stuck my ass in the air, I couldn't help but wonder if Nathan might be checking me out. After all, my butt was my best physical asset, and when I was in this position I don't think anyone could ignore it if they were standing right behind me. Besides, the underwear I was wearing was small and thin like always, almost giving everything away. I rummaged through the closet a few seconds longer than necessary, before coming back up with the bag.

    "There ya go," I handed it to my nephew, who seemed to be blushing. 

    After taking the bag, Nathan turned around quickly, facing the wall.

    "Whoa!" he reacted when he saw the photos hanging there.

    "Oh yeah. Those," I chuckled. Now it was my turn to blush.

    My nephew was staring at the two naked photos on our wall; one of Sven and me, the other of Eric and Will. The black-and-white shots were artsy, but still pornographic. 

    "Great!" I thought. "I've only just met him and he's already seen my cock." And not just mine; my entire family's!

    "Those are a…" I muttered stupidly, as if Nathan didn't know what a naked photo was.

    "They're very… nice," he spared me having to fish for an explanation. "You guys look very… fit. Makes me wanna hit the gym."

    My nephew smiled and flexed his bicep. He was turning this into a joke, for which I was immensely grateful.

    "I better go pack now," he said and left my room. I reached inside my briefs and adjusted my cock, which was starting to rise.

    On our flight to San Francisco, we sat as close together as we could. Brady, Eric, and Will sat on the three seats across from us; and I sat between my husband on my right next to the window, and my nephew on my left in the aisle seat.

    Even though it was still the beginning of summer, it was already a scorching hot day. Not that Sven and I needed an extra excuse to wear as little as possible. We were in our signature short shorts and tank tops. Next to us, Nathanael looked conservatively dressed, in jeans and a polo shirt.

    For some reason (maybe because we were flying to San Francisco?) the plane seemed full of hot men. Even the flight attendants seemed to be all gay men. Either that, or I was even hornier than usual. I would've definitely preferred to fly with Brady sitting next to Sven and me; that way we could've gotten away with some sexy action during the flight. But I didn't want my nephew to feel like I was trying to get rid of him, so I didn't ask him to switch.

    If I was horny, I should've known that Sven would feel even more so. As soon as we buckled our seatbelts, he put his hand on my bare leg, stroking my leg hair, and going up inch by inch by the minute.

    "Honey, not here," I whispered in his ear when his hand reached the leg of my shorts and started to slip under them. 

    "I know, I know, not within a 5-mile radius of Nathan," he rolled his eyes sarcastically.

    It's funny: Sven and I were always unafraid to do it in front of our son, yet this boy who I've only met recently made me feel like I need to hold back.

    "Is kissing still acceptable?" Sven whispered in my ear as the plane started to take off.

    "Of course."

    I should've known that for Sven that doesn't mean a peck on the cheek. He put his fingers on my chin and turned my head until I was facing him, and he shoved his tongue in my mouth, kissing me aggressively and moaning out loud. The only reason why we couldn't be heard by everyone around us was all the noise the plane was making. The adrenaline of taking off mixed with the sexual pleasure made me almost pop a boner right there.

    "Calm down," I told myself and tried to pull back from Sven's kiss. That is not how Sven played the game, though. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me in even closer, kissing me so deeply that I almost started gagging.

    Right there, with my eyes closed and my husband's tongue deep in my throat, I was removed from the rest of the world. Nothing mattered anymore other than making Sven happy and proving it to him.

    "There you go. Good boy," Sven took my hand, tenderly like it was a child's, and put it on his own crotch. Beneath the thin fabric of the shorts, I felt his daddy dick rising. 

    We took a break from kissing just as the plane reached its altitude. I looked around; Eric, Will, and Brady were busy talking, everyone else was minding their business and no one seemed to be looking at us. Next to me, my nephew was reading a book, an old paperback that looked like it's been well-used and read a few times over.

    "That's it, make Daddy happy," Sven breathed in my ear, his hand over mine, making me rub his growing cock. I wanted to, yet for the first time in a long time, I was scared.

    I looked over at Nate again. With my back turned to him, he couldn't tell what we were doing, right? Even though we were so close?

    "To hell with it!" I said to myself and kissed Sven again. The past thirty seconds without his lips on mine felt like eternity! We made out even more passionately than before, ignoring the cabin crew that was walking up and down the aisle.

    Sven lifted his hand, leaving my left hand alone on his crotch. I continued to rub, feeling his dick rise until it was fully hard and poking out of his shorts, his Prince Albert glistening just like the buckle on seatbelt around his waist.

    "That's it, play with Daddy's cock," Sven murmured seductively. 

    "This is exciting!" I thought. As nervous as I was, it actually contributed to the horniness I was feeling, making me feel like a young man willing to risk it all.

    I spit in my hand as silently as I could, before wrapping it back up around his cock, stroking it up and down while gripping it tightly. 

    "Attaboy," Sven encouraged me, dripping precum which only helped me lubricate his cock.

    Just like that, the game had officially begun. Sven could go for a good while without cumming, and I would drive him to the edge, before stopping again. We went this way for almost half an hour. Halfway through, we paused while one of the attendants was serving us drinks. We chatted with him, Sven's crotch covered by the in-flight magazine. Not that it fooled the flight attendant, who had probably noticed what we were doing and just gave us a wink without saying anything.

    "You alright?" I checked in with Nate and his book.

    "Yeah, all good," he smiled at me, sounding relaxed. He was either a really good actor or he had no idea what my husband and I were up to. "Got my hands full with this," he lifted the book he was holding.

    "Enjoy," I said and turned back to Sven. Pretty soon, I had my hands full as well.

    As enduring as he was, the pleasure was getting to be too much for Sven. He started squirming, which was one of my favorite things in the world!

    "Suck my cock," he said to me quickly with a low voice.


    He nodded his head toward my nephew next to me and I turned to look. Nate seemed to be dozed off, his head bobbing and his book abandoned in his lap. It was a morning flight, so I couldn't blame him for feeling sleepy. This just might be my shot!

    Quickly, I attacked Sven's lap like a ravaged animal. His boner in my mouth tasted amazing! His musk and precum instantly got rid of the taste of nasty airplane coffee. 

    Unable to keep an eye out for Nate or anyone else with my face buried in Sven's lap, I went as fast as I could. I was thirsty for his cum, but also nervous that we might get caught (which made everything even hotter!)

    With my left hand tugging on Sven's balls, I felt his ball sack tightening. He was close, and I knew exactly what to do to drive him over the edge.

    I lifted my right hand and slipped it into his loose tank top. Some patting around, and I found his nipple and squeezed it strongly.

    "Mmmpf!" Sven held back from moaning out, but his seed started shooting in my mouth and running down my throat. I had it! I was so proud and happy I could do this for my husband, but also for myself, especially under these extreme risky circumstances. I reached for my own hard cock poking out the leg of my shorts, and with just two or three strokes I was shooting cum all over my leg and the airplane seat.

    As quickly as I could, I finished the job off and sat back up again. My nephew's head was still lolling between his shoulders. Across the aisle, our son, along with Will and Brady, were all looking at us with wide-ass grins on their faces, giving us the thumbs up. Eric and I made eye contact, just as I swallowed the last of his father's cum that was in my mouth. Eric blew me an air kiss, which I returned with a smile.

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