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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads


Bachelor Party Debauchery, Pt. I


    "Welcome to Sin City, boys!" the person who answered the door said with a thick Brazilian accent. He was wearing a shiny black thong and probably had some oil rubbed on his muscles because his whole body was glistening.

    "Thiago!" my son Eric jumped and gave him a hug, as we all started to file into the hotel suite.

    "I want you to meet Will, my fiancé," Eric continued. "Will, remember when I told you my dads got me a stripper for my 18th birthday? This is him."

    Introductions were made. Thiago met Will, Nathan, and Brady, before coming to my husband and me. I gave him a big kiss and slid my hands down his body, squeezing his exposed asscheeks in front of the kids.

    I wasn't sure if Thiago had hit 40 by now, but either way he looked amazing. We went way back with him, when he started stripping at parties thrown by some kinky friends of ours back when he was 18 or 19. I watched Sven give him an equally big kiss and smack his ass, before Thiago turned back to our son.

    "So your dads called and said they want you to have the ultimate Las Vegas experience for your bachelor party. Both of you," he said to Eric and Will. 

    "I can see that," Eric said. "Whoa, this suite is amazing," he gawked, looking around the luxurious suite with its insanely high ceiling. "Holy fuck! There's a hot tub on the balcony?!"

    "And this wasn't even the most expensive room," Sven said. "I wonder what the rest of 'em are like."

    We all admired the suite for a little bit, until a couple of bellboys appeared with all our luggage. We brought a ton of stuff; after this, we were flying straight to Hawaii for the wedding.

    While Eric and the other boys were out on the balcony admiring the view, Sven and I caught up with Thiago.

    "Thank you for helping us organize everything," I said, patting his butt. I just couldn't keep my hands off it.

    "Anything for my favorite daddies," he smiled.

    "How's everything going in Vegas?" Sven asked. "You've been here for what, five years now?"

    "Yeah, just about. It's good. I don't really dance as much as I did in my 20s, but I got my hands in a couple of other things. I got some younger boys I'm mentoring."

    "So you're a madam?" I joked.

    "A mentor for young entrepreneurs getting into the business. Speaking of, one of them should be here any minute now."

    Indeed, a couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door and a gorgeous young man walked in carrying two massage tables. The tables looked big and heavy, but his bulging biceps showed he could easily handle the load. With Thiago's help, he set up the tables and immediately took his clothes off until he was just in his underwear as well.

    "Eric, Will," Thiago called. "Time for your bachelor party weekend to begin."

    We all gathered around and Thiago served us champagne and some candy. I helped myself to a piece and chuckled when I realized it was penis-shaped.

    "After your flight," Thiago said to Eric and Will, "we wanted you to start with a nice relaxing massage, while the rest of your family has a drink downstairs. Today, you can explore the hotel and have fun. And tomorrow is the grand finale. You'll be the guests of honor at a party in the best gay club in the city!"

    "Wow," Eric said, eyeing the massage tables, obviously eager to hop on. 

    As we finished our bubbly, Eric and Will both took their clothes off in front of us. I noticed my son was wearing a steel cock ring, which looked familiar.

    "Is that the one your father and I gave you for your birthday a couple of years ago?" I said to Eric, pointing to his cock.

    "Yup. I better take it off if I'm gonna be getting a massage," he said, and started to remove the cockring in front of everyone. He turned around, looking for a place to put it, so I offered him my hand.

    "Give it here. I'll take care of it for you."

    "Thanks, Dad," my son gave me a kiss on the cheek, then went to lie down on one of the massage tables, followed by Will. 

    "Okay, boys. Meet us at the bar when you're done," Sven said as the rest of us left the suite. I was the last and on my way out I saw Thiago and the other masseur take off their underwear. I shot them a wink and closed the door behind me, letting them get down to business.



    I didn't know my parents had planned a weekend in Vegas for us before the wedding until the very last minute. Of course, I should've expected something like this from my dads! I was already looking forward to the big bachelor party tomorrow. For now, on our first day here, we were taking it easy and starting with a naked massage was the perfect way to get things rolling.

    Later, we all got dinner together, followed by a few drinks at the bar. We wanted to keep going to one of the legendary Vegas bars, which looked amazing, until Brady's face dropped.

    "It's 21 and up. I don't have my fake ID."

    "What?" David asked.

    "Yeah. I got caught at a club back home a few weeks ago and they snipped it in front of me."

    I tried not to look too disappointed, but the bar looked really good. Plus I was too tipsy to be considerate. Luckily, my cousin came up with a solution.

    "Why don't the rest of you guys go in?" Nathan said. "And Brady and I can go see one of these amazing shows?" he pointed at the large posters behind him for all of the Vegas attractions.

    "You sure?" said David. "And listen, Thiago's organizing the party tomorrow, so he'll definitely let you in."

    "That's fine. You guys go have fun. We'll see you later tonight," Brady came in for a kiss with my dads. The three of them made out as a threesome, ignoring the attention they were drawing from everyone passing by. 

    After Brady and Nathan left, I hit the bar with my boyfriend and my two dads. We got the VIP treatment as soon as we told them it's our bachelor weekend (although that seemed to be the case with half the people there). It was a mixed bar so there were mostly straight people around. It was one of those extravagant Vegas venues that made me giddy to be here, sharing this moment with the most special people in my life.

    "I love you guys," I kept telling everyone, getting tipsier by the minute. 

    After about an hour at the bar, we were told that our table was booked for the next party. 

    "Why don't we take this upstairs to the hot tub?" I suggested, and everyone agreed with a smirk on their faces.

    Back at the hotel, we were the only four people in the elevator going up. I slammed Will against the wall and started kissing him passionately as soon as the elevator doors were closed. My two dads watched us for a second, before indulging in some making out themselves right next to us.

    "Brady and Nathan aren't answering their phones," David said when we got back to the suite. "They must be in the middle of a show."

    "They know where to find us," I said, already naked, much to everyone's amusement.

    "I'm having flashbacks of when you were little, running around the house naked before bath time," Sven chuckled and patted my ass.

    Ten minutes later, all four of us were naked and in the hot tub together. It was a warm evening but luckily there was a bit of a breeze, so the temperature felt perfect to be naked outdoors. I admired the view of Vegas from the balcony, before turning around and admiring the view of my dads and Will even more.

    "I love you guys," I repeated once again, and leaned across the tub to give David a kiss on the lips. After that, I moved on to Sven and did the same, finally landing in Will's lap and making myself comfortable there.

    I played some music off my phone, and we sat and chatted. It felt like the summer after college, when Will and I first moved in with my dads, and we'd chill in the tub in the backyard all together.

    "I miss our old house sometimes," I admitted, and everyone agreed with me.

    Meanwhile, my fathers had their arms around each other as well, stroking one another's bare skin. I ran my hands up and down my fiancé's legs, teasing the insides of his thighs under the water.

    A few minutes later, there was a loud knock on the door, before someone opened it and let themself in.

    "I ordered room service," Sven filled us in, "I told them to bring it out to the balcony."

    A young server appeared pushing a cart stacked with drinks and some nibbles.

    "Good evening, gentlemen," he said, rolling the cart as close as possible to the tub, completely ignoring the fact the four of us were naked and all over each other. I can only imagine what these Vegas servers get to see on the daily.

    "Hi," my dad David replied friendlily. "If you don't mind, if you could please pass me those shorts on the floor, my wallet's in there."

    The server did as he was asked, making eye contact and smiling at me while passing my dad his shorts. While David looked for his wallet, I wrapped my hand around Will's dick behind me and started stroking it while maintaining eye contact with the server. Even though he couldn't see every detail, it was beyond obvious what we were doing.

    "There you go," David tipped the boy, who lingered just a couple of seconds longer before walking away.

    "Don't think we didn't see that," Sven said to me, laughing. "You pig."

    "I learned from the best," I winked at my dad, still jerking off my fiancé's cock.

    "This thing is still in here," David said, still going through his shorts. He pulled out the cockring I'd given him earlier. "Here."

    "My hands are kinda busy, Dad," I said.

    "Okay then," David replied, and moved until he was right in front of me. "Get up."

    Sitting in Will's lap, I only lifted my hips a little until they were above the surface of the water.

    "Let's see," my dad reached down and went to put the cockring on me. I was still mostly soft. Dad started with my balls, before using both hands to try to get my cock through the ring.

    "It's not easy when you do it to someone else, is it?" I said, never missing a beat and stroking Will.

    "No, and it's not helping that you're getting an erection," David laughed.

    After a minute of finagling, Dad had the ring around my cock and balls. I was quickly getting hard by this point, and David gave me a couple of strokes just for fun and gave me a quick kiss, before going to sit back down next to Sven.

    As I lowered my hips back down, this time I took Will's cock, placed it between my asscheeks, and started to sit on it. It took a couple of minutes to truly get comfortable, but pretty soon I could feel it all the way inside me.

    "Is he sitting on your cock?" my dad Sven asked Will, while helping himself to a whiskey from the cart.

    "Oh yes he is," Will replied with his lips next to my ear, making the hair on the back of my neck go up.

    I rode my fiancé's cock while my father handed everyone a drink. We went back to casually talking to my parents just like earlier, except this time Will's cock was inside me.

    "How did you guys enjoy the massage earlier today?" David asked.

    "Ahh, it was great," I replied, going up and down on Will's dick.

    "It was nice," Will agreed. "Was it supposed to be a happy ending massage?"

    "Well, we never asked for that specifically," David answered. "But knowing Thiago, I'm not surprised."

    With Will's dick still inside me, I let myself relax and I stretched my legs out with my eyes closed. I didn't know that my legs would land in my dads' laps. Each of them took one of my feet, and started giving me a foot rub while I was still getting fucked.

    "Aww, that feels so good," I moaned. "I love you guys," I said once again.

    "And we love you too, baby," David said, firmly squeezing my left foot.

    "Enjoy it, son," Sven said, rubbing my right foot even more strongly.

    I'd never gotten a foot massage while taking a dick up my ass, and it felt incredibly hot! My fathers' hands send shivers up my legs all the way up to my ass, making me squeeze my buttocks and clench my hole tighter around Will's cock.

    "That's nice," Will said, feeling the sensation himself. I relaxed as much as possible, letting him become the more active party. It probably wasn't easy, fucking me in this position, but Will was doing an excellent job. Which is precisely one of the reasons why I was marrying him!

    My fathers' touch moved up to my calves occasionally, and then even up to the inside of my thighs, sending even stronger shivers all over my body.

    "Fucking hell!" I squirmed.

    Dozens of floors down, we could hear the noise of the Strip, the traffic, the Vegas partygoers. Up here, I was the center of attention in this hot tub. I felt on top of the world.

    "Umm, I'm gonna cum," I started to moan. I wasn't even touching my cock, but the ring that my dad had put around it was giving it a firm squeeze, making my balls pulse.

    "Let it out, honey," David said, still rubbing my foot.

    "Shoot it out, big boy," Sven encouraged me.

    Will picked up the speed, fucking me deeper. 

    "That's it! That's the spot," I panted, feeling the tip of his dick deep inside me while my dads' hands were still on my legs. "Ahhhh!!"

    I started to blow my load, my dick sticking out over the surface of the water, pointing up and shooting cum all over the hot tub. "Fuuuck!!"

    Multiple spurts of cum shot up high in the air, before landing back, raining down on us and mixing in with all the water.

    "Well that puts the Bellagio to shame," Sven joked as soon as I was done cumming. "Good job, son," he patted my leg as if I'd come home with a good report card.

    "Fuck, that was hot," I said, barely able to speak. 

    "Oh, you just wait until your party tomorrow," David added, as I opened my eyes. Both of my dads had a smirk on their faces and winked at me, just as Will started to unload and shoot his own cum up my hole, filling my guts right in front of my dads. 

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