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CUMpetition, Pt. II


    At Yale, I was surrounded by other young men I'd known my whole life. Yet in a few short months, David had become my very best friend.

    I found it incredibly easy to talk to him, more than any other person I'd ever met. We spent time with each other's friends as well but somehow, I preferred it when it was just he and I. David seemed most relaxed at those times, and I felt the same. I could let my guard down. Which was bizarre, because I hadn't realized that my guard was usually up in the first place.

    David's family was in Columbus, so he didn't get to see them much throughout the school year. On the other hand, I was at my parents' almost every weekend, even though lately I'd been using schoolwork as an excuse to stay at school and spend more time with David. 

    "I have something to show you," I told David excitedly one Sunday night after returning from my parents' house. I pulled out a small box and showed it to my friend.

    "What is that?" he asked.

    "It's my mother's engagement ring. She wants me to ask Claire to marry me."

    David's usual joyful expression disappeared in a split second, as if flushed away.

    "And what are you going to do?"

    "Well, I'm gonna do it. We've basically been promised to each other by our parents since birth. And we've been dating for three years now, I think it's about time. Don't you?"

    David looked uneasy, as if he knew some horrible secret. I was surprised to see him react this way; I thought what I was sharing was good news. My friend had something to say, but he just couldn't get himself to do it. Instead he hesitated, clutching my mother's ring, until he finally leaned over... and kissed me.

    It was then that I realized just how meaningless all of my kisses with Claire had always been. She and I had kissed for the first time when we were six, and to this very day there was the same lack of passion in our kisses as back then. I just assumed it was supposed to feel that way. But it didn't feel that way with David. With him, I completely lost myself in the moment. I couldn't breathe. My heart was thumping so strongly that it was almost painful.

    "I love you," David whispered to me as he broke off our kiss a minute later, his trembling hand still holding my face. From that moment on, my life would never be the same. 



    "Morning, Dad," I said as I walked into the kitchen. 

    "Morning, honey," David replied. "Surprised to see you up so early. No hangover after Sam's party last night?"

    "Nah," I said, helping myself to some coffee. "Can't speak for Will, though. He's still passed the fuck out."

    "Yeah, Sven and Brady are fast asleep as well," my dad said, sipping his own coffee by the window. I went to sit next to him, and I realized he was looking at our neighbors across the street. The two men were naked, and giving each other kisses in between making breakfast.

    "Remember when we watched them fuck and we jerked off?" I asked my father.

    "I do. What did you say their names were?"

    I had to think about it for a while before answering. "Angelo and Foster, I think."

    "No way!" Dad exclaimed.


    "Remember the kid who fucked me last night? The one who dumped his load in me and put me ahead in the CUMpetition?"

    "Yeah, yeah, rub it in. What about him?"

    "Well he goes by Junior but his first name is Foster. That's why he looked so familiar! I think his dad is our neighbor across the street."

    "Hmm. Will you look at that?" I said, smirking. I just got an idea how to get ahead of my dad in the CUMpetition.

    About an hour later, my dad David was doing some writing and everyone else was still asleep, so I said I was going out for a while. I headed to our neighbors' apartment (after counting windows and doing math in my head to see what their apartment number was). Foster Senior was the one who answered the door, wearing a pair of tight boxer briefs.

    "Hey," I introduced myself. "My name's Eric, I live across the street. You've met my husband, Will."

    "Eric, come on in. So nice to finally meet you. We've been living across the street from each other for so long, it's really a shame that we haven't met. Especially with... you know, all of us being gay and all," the man winked at me.

    Foster invited me in and served me another cup of coffee. 

    "Too bad my husband just went out for the day," he said. "He would've loved to meet you."

    "Oh, is he out?" I asked, disappointed.

    "Yes. My son is coming over for the day, and Angelo thought he'd give us some alone time."

    "Oh really?" 

    This was much better news. I'd come here hoping to get two loads. I was aiming for our two neighbors, but I just might be able to score a father and son instead.

    "You know, I think I know your son," I said, "if I'm not mistaken. 18 years old, named after you? If that's the case, we just met at a party last night."

    "Yes, indeed! What can I say, Boston's a small place," Foster laughed. I wondered how much he knew about his own son.

    "If you don't mind me asking," I said carefully, "I was wondering at the party last night... is your son gay or straight?"

    "Haha. Well, for all I know Junior's as straight as an arrow. Then again, I thought the same exact thing about myself when I was his age and met his mom. So you never know," the handsome older man winked at me.

    "No, you don't," I smirked.

    Twenty minutes later, Foster received a text saying his son will be here any second now.

    "Do you want to join us?" my neighbor offered. "Since you and Junior have already met. I'm sure he'll be surprised to see you here."

    "Oh, he'll be surprised alright!"

    And we were right. Junior's jaw dropped when he saw me in his father's apartment. Soon, we were all sitting in the living room. Junior and I were fully dressed, but his dad stayed in his underwear, unperturbed by his son's presence. When Foster went to the kitchen to make more coffee, I got a chance to talk to his son alone.

    "Well, last night was fun," I said flirtily.

    "It was," the boy said, sounding a bit nervous. "Listen... um, my dad doesn't know that I fuck around with guys as well. So, I'd appreciate it if you didn't..."

    "Tell him? I won't. Not if you're not ready. But see, I was hoping to... maybe have some fun. All three of us. Today."

    "What? That's crazy. My father would never say yes to that!"

    "You sure?" I raised my eyebrows. "He seems real comfortable in front of you. He's hot! And you are as well. C'mon, you don't have to do anything to each other. You can just share me."

    Junior continued to look at me nervously, as his father came back into the room, put down the coffee mugs, and came to sit next to me on the couch. 

    "What're you boys talking about?" asked Foster.

    "Oh, I was just telling your son how hot his father is," I said, putting one hand on Foster's bicep. "Very nice."

    "Thank you. That's always nice to hear. Especially coming from someone as young and handsome as you."

    I looked over at Junior, who licked his lips as I continued to slide my hand up Foster's arm and then down to his chest. I cupped one of his pecs and then continued to go lower.

    "What's going on?" Foster asked. He sounded confused, but he didn't stop me from what I was doing. My hand was now going down his stomach, dangerously close to his bulge.

    "I just wanted to get a feel," I said. "And I don't think Junior minds watching. Right, Junior?"

    Both Foster and I looked at his son.

    "N– No," Junior shook his head. It was cute seeing someone as big and strong as him look so nervous. But I could tell he enjoyed what he was seeing. Foster seemed pretty comfortable as well. I knew for a fact he was an exhibitionist (after watching him fuck his husband against the floor-to-ceiling windows) and maybe he didn't mind showing off in front of his son as well.

    "Do you mind him watching, Dad?" I asked Foster, turning my head back to him. My fingers teased at the waistband of his boxer briefs as I slowly rubbed his lower abs. The older man answered me but continued looking across the room at his son as he said,

    "Nothing he hasn't seen before. He's walked in on me and Angelo enough times when he lived here with us." 

    I glanced over at Junior after his father said that. He looked down at the floor for a moment and my heart swelled as I saw him blush. A second later he lifted his head up, looked back at his father, and cracked a smile.

    "And there was that one time," the college kid said in an amused tone, "when I came home early from school and found you guys right there on that couch, with that blonde twink." 

    Now it was Foster's turn to blush, which surprised me, but then he tried to hide it by sipping his coffee and laughing a little. I moved my hand to his bulge and felt his cock starting to swell up under the thin fabric.

    "Blond twink, huh?" I asked playfully as my fingertips traced along the head of his cock. "Is that your type?"

    "Mmm, more like I'm their type," he said seductively as he looked into my eyes. "You daddies' boys can't seem to get enough of guys like me."

    I was stunned for a moment. Was he referencing my tattoo or was that just a coincidence? I didn't expect Foster to have seen it, but maybe he liked watching Will and me fuck across the street. All of a sudden, I could even picture him with a pair of binoculars, zooming in close enough to be able to read my tattoo. Maybe it was all just in my head, but the thought still turned me on.

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    I decided to respond by leaning my head forward and taking Foster's nipple gently between my lips. As I parted them and let my tongue make circles on the sensitive skin, the older man let out a soft moan. My hand was still resting on his cock and I felt it throbbing through the material of his underwear. Without removing my lips from our neighbor's chest, I glanced over at his son. Junior was sitting back in his chair, looking relaxed but with a hesitant expression on his face. I could see that he was hard in his tight jeans.

    The teenager was looking in our direction but he was definitely not focused on me. I couldn't see Foster but I had no doubt that the father and son were staring into one another's eyes right at this moment. The air was thick with sexual tension and my cock was already rock hard and starting to leak precum. My hand grabbed the waistband of Foster's boxer briefs and pulled it, quickly hooking the material behind his smooth and ample nut sack.

    My eyes were closed so I didn't see Foster's erection bounce up into the air as I freed it, but I heard a soft gasp from where Junior sat, so I figured it must have been quite a sight. I preferred to find out for myself with some of my other senses, and I kept my eyes shut as I grabbed the daddy cock that I knew was in front of me and guided it quickly to my open mouth. The thickness of the head surprised me; it was more than I expected. I enjoyed the feeling of it filling the whole space for a moment, massaging it with my tongue, before pushing my head lower. That fat cockhead hit the back of my mouth and pushed its way down my throat with ease.

    "Jesus!" Foster cried, as his arm moved across my back while I leaned forward even more, taking almost three-quarters of his cock in one plunge. He was big, and I impressed even myself in that moment. My throat felt nice and relaxed today, ready to take whatever I put into it. Having seen Junior's cock the night before as he pounded my father's ass, I knew he was packing just as much as his old man, and I was eager to compare them up close. As Junior stood up and walked toward us, I saw I was about to get the chance to do just that.

    I pulled my lips off of Foster's cock and slid down onto the floor, directly onto my knees. I kept a hand around the older man's cock the entire time, and when I got comfortable on the floor, I tugged up on the shaft slightly.

    "Stand up, daddy," I said softly. "I want to be able to do both of you together." Foster looked a little dazed, but also eager. He looked down at me on my knees and I felt his cock throb. Foster stood up quickly, grabbed the sides of my head and shoved his cock down my throat. I moaned loudly as my nose pressed firmly onto his trimmed pubes.

    "Damn, that looked hot," I heard Junior whisper. I was able to glance over with one eye and saw that he was dropping his pants. A second later, he was rock hard and jerking himself very close to my face. My mouth and throat were still full of Foster's cock as I reached out to stroke his son.

    My right hand was still wet with my spit from stroking Foster's cock, and I heard Junior hiss softly as my slick palm made contact with his shaft. Slowly, the older man let up on holding my head down, and I pulled off him and took a breath. A moment later, I turned my head and deep-throated Junior, prompting him to let out a few half-whispered obscenities. I worked his cock for a few minutes, stroking Foster with my left hand. Whenever I looked up at the father and son, one of them had their eyes closed, and the other was staring down at me playing with their fat and nearly identical cocks.

    I started to move my head rapidly back and forth between the two of them, taking one in my mouth and then going back to the other. I was tempted to press their cocks together and try to get both of the swollen heads in my mouth at the same time, but I thought the better of it. Junior was hard as fuck, and he was getting worked up fast – I knew firsthand how powerful an experience this was for him, and I was both happy and incredibly turned on to have made it happen. I knew that if Junior felt his wet cockhead pressed up against his own father's, he'd almost certainly drop his load then and there.

    Normally I'd happily take that on my face or tongue, but I couldn't forget my original mission. I backed off a little, still stroking each of them with one hand, making sure to go a little easier on Junior. 

    "We can do this however you guys want," I said coolly. "I have one condition, though. You both have to cum inside my ass."

    "Sounds like a good deal to me," Foster said as he ran his fingers through my hair. "What do you think, Junior?"

    "I think I want to watch you fuck Eric," Junior said, sounding more sure of himself than when we started. "Let me have his mouth." Junior reached out to grab my head from the other side, and I felt their fingers touching on my scalp. Both their hands were there for a few seconds, before Foster's pulled away and the older man changed position to come stand behind me. He bent down and reached around my chest with impressive strength, guiding me to the couch, where I got on my hands and knees.

    The father and son stood at either end, and I quickly took Junior's cock back in my mouth as the elder Foster used one hand to undo my pants and the other to tug them down all the way to my knees. I hadn't bothered to put on underwear before coming over here. Shortly after that, I felt him sliding his dickhead up and down my crack, and then nudging right at my hole. I clenched reflexively and then relaxed to let him slide inside.

    Less than a minute later, a sigh of satisfaction came from deep in Foster's chest when he'd managed to work his whole cock inside me. Giving me only a moment to get used to it, he started to pull back out and I knew he'd push back in even faster. I timed my sucking so they'd feel themselves pushing me into the other one.

    The two men worked me over like that for a while; the only sounds were our quick breathing and the wet smacks of fucking and sucking. Soon, I could feel Junior getting close again and I needed to give him a break. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I massaged his balls and looked up at him.

    "Go stand by your daddy and watch him breed me," I told him. "You need to be ready to give me your load right after."

    Junior looked down at me and bit his lip softly, then stepped away and stood behind me, closer to his father. I braced myself better against the couch and pushed back harder so Foster would know he could really pound me. He got the message and really let me have it. He seemed very turned on to be fucking a guy not much older than his son, all while his little boy was watching.

    "You want me to blow my load in his ass, son?" I heard Foster say through gritted teeth as he slammed repeatedly into me.

    "Fuck yeah, fill him with your cum, Dad," Junior replied with a horny tone to his voice.

    Half a second later, I felt Foster's cock explode inside me. It was like the suddenness of it even surprised Foster himself. I felt him shift his weight to maintain balance and he softly said "Oh god!" as the pleasure rippled through his body. As Foster stopped thrusting to let the rest of his load spill out deep inside me, I wondered if hearing Junior say "fill him with your cum, Dad" was what put him over the edge. We all rested for a moment, Foster's cock slowly throbbing as he unloaded completely inside me and we all caught our breath. 

    "Oh, fuck, that looks hot," I heard the teen boy say while his father slowly slid his cock out of my hole. I knew it was probably gaping wide open, with Foster's load inside it, and I relaxed as much as I could to keep it that way. Their cocks were so similar in size, I figured Junior could just slide right in if he was quick enough.

    "Fuck, son," I heard Foster say aggressively, "get your cock in there and give him another one of our loads! Two-for-one, the family special," he said as he slapped my ass and stepped back.

    Junior quickly and obediently walked up behind me, and I felt his hands replace his father's on my hips. I was still opened up so much that I didn't feel his cockhead until he got a little way inside me. As I expected, he was able to push all the way into me with little resistance. As I slowly released the right muscles, my ass began to tighten around Junior, and he started moaning as it did. The sound got louder as I squeezed him more, and he started to thrust in and out to further enjoy the sensations. He was fucking a hole full of his father's cum, and I knew he was at the peak of his pleasure. It wouldn't be long.

    "Oh god, I'm gonna shoot!" Junior shouted, sounding out of breath. "Oh fuck! Dad, I'm cumming!" I couldn't see them, but I could hear Foster's low voice whispering to his son. I wondered if he might be rubbing Junior's back in a fatherly way.

    "Give it to him, son," the older man said softly. "You heard how much he wants it. Give it to him to take home to his husband." 

    He'd said the last part a little louder, as if he meant me to hear it. I knew that he wanted me to know he'd been watching me and Will! I smiled at the thought of the fun we could have showing off in front of the windows, now that we knew for sure we had an interested audience.

    As Junior came inside me, his entire body went rigid and I felt him squeeze my hips tightly. That helped me push back into him hard, taking advantage of all the leverage to get him as deep inside me as possible. I could feel it was at least as far as his father had gone. He gasped with each pulse of his cock, as he emptied out his balls. After a moment, he pulled out quickly and I think he must have staggered backward. When I stood up and turned around, his father had an arm around his back, looking like he was holding him steady.

    I stepped aside as the younger man collapsed down onto one end of the sofa, looking back and forth between me and his father. I hadn't cum and I was rock hard from the family fucking I'd just received, my pants still bunched down at my knees.

    With a casual speed, I re-dressed myself, as Foster sat down on the sofa right next to his son, recovering from the intensity of what just happened. Both the men's cocks were still pretty chubbed, and both had a few drops of cum still oozing out of the tip. Junior's shaft glistened with more wetness, covered in both his own load as well as his father's. Part of me wanted to stay and hear some of what they were about to say to one another after all this, but that special moment belonged to them.

    "I'll show myself out, guys," I said as I finished putting my jacket, flashing them a smile. "See you around."

    "Are you gonna tell Angelo?" I heard Junior nervously ask his dad as I stepped out into the hallway.

    "I can't wait to see how hard his cock gets when he hears this, son," was Foster's laughter-filled response, and I smiled as the door clicked shut behind me.


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