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New Year's Eve Orgy


    I didn't cook too often, but Christmas was the one time of year when I really made my mark in the kitchen. Everyone was always impressed by what Daddy could cook up; my Christmas feasts were Eric's favorites ever since he was a little boy.

    This year, we were joined by Will, as well as our nephew Nathan. Brady had spent Christmas Eve with us, but then left the following morning to spend the rest of the holidays with his mom.

    "So what're you up to on New Year's Eve, Nate?" our son asked his cousin.

    "I... got invited to a party at Sam's place. So I'll be headed there."

    Nathan's response was followed by a couple of minutes of Eric teasing him about how close he and his friend Sam seemed to be getting. 

    "What about you guys?" Nathan asked, meeting my eyes.

    "We're going to New York," I said, speaking on behalf of all four of us, "just for a couple of nights."

    "Ooh, cool! What're you doing there?!"

    "We're just visiting some friends who have a house in Queens, and staying with them on New Year's Eve," I answered kinda vaguely. Truth was, even though our nephew knew that my husband and I weren't exactly "vanilla people," he still didn't know about the full extent of our sex lives. And this year, we were invited to a New Year's Eve orgy by old acquaintances. An orgy we invited our son and his husband to as well.

    Early in the morning on the last day of the year, the four of us walked the few blocks to Boston's South Station, where we'd get on the train to New York. As Eric walked in front of me, even though he was wearing a large winter coat, I couldn't help but notice how sexy he looked. He'd picked a pair of skin-tight jeans that were almost bursting at the seams in the back with how thick his ass was. It caused me to give him a smack with my hand even though we were in public.

    My son always picked clothes like this, no matter the time of year. Even when he went to the office, he tried to pick slacks that left a very visible penis line, so much so that you could perfectly make out his cockhead in some of them. Then there were the pants that hugged his ass like a second skin, or the tight dress shirts that accentuated his pecs and biceps. And that's not even mentioning the fact he sometimes liked to add a cockring underneath it all, just to make his bulge even more conspicuous. 

    I'd actually had a conversation with my son about all this. I wanted to make sure he was taking things seriously at work, and I didn't want him to get into any kind of trouble.

    "Dad, I'll be fine," he'd said, "it's not like I'm parading around naked. It's just... I love being a sexual person. I know there is a time and a place for everything, but this is my way of staying true to that part of myself, as discreetly as I can."

    "I wouldn't call that discreet," I'd laughed and pointed at Eric's bulge, clearly outlined in his slacks.

    "See, that's your own fault for looking! Besides, I've seen you wear stuff like this to the office my whole life."

    Touché, I had to give him that. All in all, I was proud to hear how self-aware our son was. He knew he was a sexual person – probably more than most – and the way I saw it, it was our job to help our boy become just the person he wanted to be.

    On the train to New York, some people had already started drinking, as early as it was, making me wonder if they'd even stay conscious until midnight. David and Will were still tired so they fell asleep in their seats. Not wanting to disturb them, Eric and I decided to go to the bar and give the coffee a try.

    As we made our way through the train, my son walked in front of me again, wiggling his ass from left to right and almost taking up the entire aisle. When the train suddenly shook for a second, Eric's ass basically hit a man in the face, who was sitting with what I assumed were his wife and kids. Eric apologized, and as we walked away, I noticed the man turn around to continue looking at my son's behind.

    "You'll poke someone's eye out with that thing," I whispered in Eric's ear from behind and patted his ass a couple of times.

    When we got to the bar, we were served by an uninterested bartender who couldn't wait to get back to looking at his phone. We decided to stay by the bar and finish our coffee here. The car was empty, and very few people showed up to get something from the bar. One of them, however, was the dad who'd ended up with a faceful of Eric's ass just a few minutes ago.

    "Hey," the man nodded at us as he asked for a bottle of water at the bar. When I noticed the way he was looking at us – and especially Eric – I immediately wondered if the man was really thirsty or if he just needed an excuse to follow us to the bar, possibly feeling thirsty for something else.

    He looked to be in his early 30s, probably married young judging by the age of his kids. His clothes and his figure were perfectly average, but I knew from experience men like this could be above-average fuckers, especially if they'd been going through a dry spell in their marital bed.

    As far as I was keeping track of my husband's and son's CUMpetition, I knew Eric was still one point behind. Feeling mischievous, I decided to give him a leg up right here on this train.

    "Hey, quick question," I said to the stranger, who was still standing by the bar drinking his water. "What do you think of these jeans? Do you think they're too tight?"

    I pointed at Eric's crotch right next to me. My son looked surprised for a second, but he rolled with it. It was a weird question to ask a stranger, but it was just the icebreaker that was needed.

    "No, yeah, I think they're great," the man replied with a smile. He seemed grateful that we'd struck up a conversation. "Then again, I don't think I could pull them off. It's all about the wearer." 

    "Jeez, thanks," my son smiled and turned around, poking his ass out and giving the man and me a show. Eric seemed to have quickly picked up on where I was going with this. "I'm happy with them as well."

    My son reached back and rubbed his asscheeks with both hands, making them jiggle up and down. Meanwhile, the bartender was still busy on his phone and even though there were people nearby they weren't THAT close.

    "Wanna cop a feel?" I offered my son's ass to the man and watched his eyes go wide in surprise.

    "Sure," he said, putting his water bottle down and taking a few steps forward. He looked around, and when he realized that no one was watching he reached for Eric's ass with his left hand, a wedding ring gleaming on his finger. 

    "Nice," he said, squeezing my son's asscheek while I stood nearby and kept watch for them. With my large body, I was blocking them from view from the rest of the train. Eric was probably aware we didn't have too much time, so he reached for the man's crotch right away, squeezing his bulge through his cargo pants. 

    "Wa-wanna go t-to the bathroom or something?" the man stuttered. 

    "No need," my son quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the back down under his ass. He was wearing a white jockstrap, which framed his cheeks perfectly. With the jeans pushing them up from below, his asscheeks looked even juicer than normal.

    The man looked at us like we were both crazy, but his hand couldn't help but wander to Eric's bare ass and start kneading it. "Fuck," the man swore. Looking down, I realized he was already hard in his pants. 

    Eric acted like he'd done this countless times before. Without missing a beat, he unzipped the man's pants and pulled his cock out. I continued to stand guard. Even though I was somewhat blocking them from view, this was still pretty fucking risky and intense. I looked at the bartender, who had his back turned to us. I gestured with my hand, telling Eric and the man "Go for it!"

    I heard the faintest moan coming out of Eric, and when I looked back down I realized he was pushing up against the stranger's cock, taking it up his ass with no lube. 

    "Shhh," I put my hand on my son's face, trying to comfort him. His eyes were shut in pain, but then he opened them and made eye contact with me and smiled. I smiled back, and watched the ecstasy on my son's face as he took the cock further and further, until it looked like it was all in.

    "Can you cum quickly?" Eric asked his new buddy. As hot as this was, we had no idea if there were security cameras around and if anyone was watching them.

    "Are you kidding me? I haven't fucked in six months," the man replied and started to thrust faster, fucking my boy right in front of me, as I kept my hand on Eric's cheek. Less than five minutes later, the stranger's thrusts were so intense that I knew he was about to shoot his load inside Eric.

    "Cum inside me. Breed me," my son begged, showing me just how much of a slut he'd become. I was rock-hard in my pants but I was ignoring that for now; this was all about Eric.

    "Fuck," the man swore under his breath and started to blow his nut inside my son's willing guts. A few more thrusts and he was pulling out, putting his cock back in his pants. I reached back with my free hand to make sure Eric's hole had been bred. It was warm and squishy, and sure enough, wet with warm, sticky cum.

    "Thanks," my son thanked his latest cum donor. "And thanks for keeping an eye out for us, Dad."

    "Dad?!" the man, who'd probably assumed we were a couple, looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

    "Oh yeah, didn't I tell you? This is my father," Eric replied casually, before pulling his jeans up and heading back to our seats with me.

    We arrived in New York early in the afternoon. Since we didn't have any significant luggage with us, we walked around Manhattan and had lunch before heading over to our friends' house in Queens. We didn't have a hotel booked; we would be spending the night in one of their spare bedrooms. 

    Our hosts were collectively known as "the Berts." Albert and Robert were a couple about our age. David had known them even longer than he knew me, back when he first came to New York as a lost gay boy. The Berts used to live in Manhattan, where they occasionally threw sex parties in their elegant apartment which my husband and I would frequent whenever we could get a babysitter to look after Eric. As they got older, the Berts decided they needed more space and bought a house in Queens and now I expected an even bigger party, seeing as it was both their housewarming and New Year's Eve.

    Our friends knew that Eric was our son, but had agreed not to divulge that information with any of the other invitees. We were one of the first people to arrive in the early evening. Al showed us around the house which was set up to have four playrooms for the night, one of which had a sling. After the tour, we sat around the living room and had a very "normal" everyday chat, as more and more guests started to arrive. Soon, clothes had started to come off, and people were coupling up or forming small groups.

    "If you excuse me. I'm a man on a mission," my husband said, and disappeared to one of the bedrooms with several strangers. Now that Eric had evened the score by taking that load on the train, David was even more determined to take more loads than our son at this party. 

    Will had also disappeared somewhere, and I wasn't sure if he was out smoking or hooking up with anyone. So once again, Eric and I were left to our own devices. I'd decided to wear a black leather jockstrap, which attracted a lot of attention with how big it made my bulge look. My son was still wearing the white cotton jock he had on on the train. I know I am biased since I'm his parent, but... Eric was probably the best-looking boy in here. Everyone's eyes darted straight to him as soon as they walked into the room and soon, men were circling him like hungry wolves.

    Eric, meanwhile, seemed to be flirting with our hosts. I guess he figured a good way to thank them for the invitation was to let them spit-roast him right there in the living room, which is exactly what ended up happening. Rob took Eric from the back, while Al shoved his cock in Eric's mouth. I stood right by my son's side, as if I were his bodyguard, and looked over the action while getting my cock sucked by several kneeling men who practically fought over it.

    As far as I knew, with the exception of the sex club we'd all gone to in Berlin, this was Eric's first sex party. It's funny how my parental instinct kicked in even at a time like this and I wanted to watch over him and make sure he was alright. After all, house parties could get even more dangerous than clubs with all the unsupervised drug consumption. I just wanted our slutty son to have all the nasty fun he wanted, without making some of the mistakes his father and I made when we were his age.

    Not that Eric needed supervision when it came to taking cock from both ends. The Berts were having the time of their lives, fucking my son fast while leaning forward and kissing each other occasionally. Eric only took Al's cock out of his mouth for a few seconds to tell him that when he's ready to cum, he should do it in his ass.

    Rob was the first to bust his nut inside Eric, followed shortly by his husband. By now, there was a crowd of men circle-jerking all around us, and several of them clapped and cheered as the Berts shot their loads.

    I pulled my dick out of the mouth of the man who was sucking it and I thanked him for his service. I didn't want to cum just yet; the night was still young. I pulled my son aside and led him to the backyard so we could get some fresh air. Since I couldn't stuff my hard cock back inside my jock, it just bobbed up and down as I walked, its sensitive head rubbing against my son's arm and marking it with my precum.

    "Having fun?" I asked Eric out in the backyard, while taking my cigarettes out of the inside of my leather boots and lighting up. There was an awning set over us, so none of the neighbors could see in. Our hosts had even set up a large heat lamp, that my son and I huddled around for warmth.

    "Fuck, yeah I am! Thanks for bringing me, Dad," Eric leaned over and gave me a hug. I felt all the sweat on his body, some of which probably belonged to the Berts. 

    "Careful, you're gonna make me cum," I said and moved my erection, which was rubbing in between our bodies as we hugged, "and I don't wanna cum just yet."

    "Oh, you don't, do you? It would be a reeeeal shame if that were to happen." 

    Eric, being the little shithead that he is, wrapped his wrist around my cock and started stroking it, bringing me close to the edge when I told him damn straight that's exactly what I didn't want. We play-fought like this for a few moments, until he finally let go and licked my precum off his fingers.

    "This party's huge," Eric said, looking back inside the house. "There's gotta be like what, fifty guys here?"

    "Not quite, but close. Maybe later."

    "Think I can take all of them?" he winked at me.

    "Now THAT would be an accomplishment, even for a Hillbecker."

    This was not the kind of conversation I ever thought I'd end up having with my own son some day, back when David and I first decided to have a child. Yet, I wouldn't change it for the world.

    "So is this what you and Dad did on your trips to New York when I was little?"

    "Sometimes. Most of the times," I admitted.

    "Tell me about it"

    "Tell you what?"

    "What was it like when you were my age?"

    I took a drag of my cigarette before answering. 

    "Well, when I was your age, I hadn't met your father yet. I'd just moved to Berlin; that was about the time the Wall fell. There was this... excitement in the air that I can never explain. And when I tell you I grew up in a village before that; I grew up in a VILLAGE! Berlin seemed like the biggest city in the world to me in comparison. I was kinda aimless for a while. I sold drugs to get by –"

    "Whoa, I never knew that."

    "Yeah. Did some porn a few times –"

    "You did porn?! And to think you gave me shit for doing the same thing, ha!"

    "I never gave you shit, I just told you to be careful," I corrected him.

    "What kinda porn? Can I see some of it?"

    "I wish I still had it. You gotta understand, back in those days everything was cheap magazines and VHS tapes. It was all very underground, as if it were illegal. Which, I guess it was in some places."

    "Did you have a porn name?"

    "Nope. Just went by Sven."

    "Wow. It's like you had this whole different life."

    "I did. I hustled for a while as well."

    "I did, I needed the money. I didn't have a job."

    "That's crazy, just cuz... you have this really good job now and everything, that I never thought..."

    "Yeah, well, things change. I met your dad when he was visiting Berlin. He was so wide-eyed and optimistic about everything. So fucking American. It kinda... rubbed off on me, I guess. I signed up for English classes and business lessons. We moved here, and then a few years later we had you."

    "Yeah, that's all nice but my original question was about all the orgies," Eric laughed.

    "Oh, there were plenty of orgies. Back in Germany, and in the States. Before and after we had you."

    "Hope I wasn't a little cockblock."

    "You were, at times. Kept us up and too tired to do much of anything. But that's why we had our little getaways. And then when you started college and moved out, it was like a sexual renaissance for us."

    By now, I'd long finished my cigarette, but I was still holding on to the butt. I got rid of it in an ashtray.

    "I wonder what things will be like when I'm your age," my son suddenly said.

    "Who knows. Maybe you'll be at a party like this with your own son."

    With this, we both laughed and hugged again. 

    "Dad, one final question."


    "Did you take a pill or something?" Eric pointed down at my cock, still glistening with precum. "Cuz we've been standing here for a while and you're still hard as a rock."

    "I'll have you know I'm a very virile man. But also, yeah, I did pop a pill earlier."

    With our arms around each other, we walked back into the house, where I watched my son take four more loads that night.



    By our third year in Yale, David and I spent all of our free time alone in my bedroom. We kissed, and held hands, and lay in bed together; and I could no longer pretend like we were "just friends." Especially after...

    One night, as we were kissing, David started to unbutton my pants. It was the first time either of us had dared to reach down, even though we'd been kissing for a year. I always told myself that I wouldn't "go there." I had a girlfriend, and a family that was already planning my wedding. And yet, as David pulled out my cock, I let him. As he started to kiss down my torso and wrap his lips around me, I moaned in pleasure. 

    "Wait! Claire and I... we've never done this," I admitted.

    "You've never had sex with anyone?" David asked in surprise.

    "No. You?"

    He smiled, and came back up to kiss me. At first I squirmed, unwilling to feel the taste of my own cock, but when I did... I admit I enjoyed it.

    "Let me teach you a thing or two then..." David suggested, and that night, we made love for the first time. 

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[*] The Berts also make an appearance in Model Dad: Trophy Boy

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