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Pool Party Threesomes, Pt. II


    "Wanna do it, Pops? From what I hear, you and David had fun on New Year's. C'mon, I'll let you choose: back or front?"

    My son's words rang in my head, repeating over and over again as if we were in an echoey cavern. In fact, we were outdoors, on the rooftop of a fancy building in Boston's South End, higher than any of the surrounding buildings so as to allow ample privacy for parties such as this one. All around us, guys were beginning to suck and fuck, inspired by Sven's fuck-performance with the younger men, one of which was his very own son. 

    I was in no position to judge Sven for spit-roasting (that was the term, right?) a guy together with Eric. After all, wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago that I received a blowjob from Eric – my son's husband! – at the same time as my son, our two cocks occasionally rubbing against each other while Eric played with them? Will and Eric's sex life was like something I'd only heard stories about. Back when I was younger, and my buddies and I were more candid when it came to talking about sex, we would exchange stories about guys fucking two sisters at the same time, or going to orgies, or getting their cocks sucked in the movie theater. Rarely first-hand, those stories often came from "a friend of a friend," and we debated their veracity. They were fun stories to hear, but no one actually lived like this, did they? Well, now, looking around at this pool party I could confirm: they most definitely did.

    I smirked. I'd done the right thing. Gotten married, tried to be faithful, raised my kids right – even though I'd certainly committed many mistakes with Will. Now here he was, out of everyone in my life, introducing me to what I had missed over the years.

    "I'll take the back," I said to my son, reaching down with my right hand to grab and knead David's left buttock. Facts are facts: that man had an amazing ass, made only more admirably impressive by the fact he was up there in age. In that moment, I couldn't help but let my fingers wander to David's hairy hole, teasing it just a little bit with my fingertips as we all still stood in the pool.

    "Let's get out of here," my son said, holding hands with both David and me, and leading us out of the pool like he was our dad. We squeezed through the forest of naked men, every single one one of them hard as a rock. Up until a few months ago, I'd hardly ever seen another man's penis; now, they were literally swinging at me and rubbing against my thighs.

    "Get on the chair," Will said to David as soon as we were out of the pool, pointing at a chaise lounge with a snap of his fingers. The dad in me wanted to say "Mind your manners, Son." I let Will lead. He was clearly more a part of this world than I was; he'd told me multiple times that he'd learned "a lot" since moving in with David and Sven. Now, it was time for him to show just how well he'd mastered the material.

    "Get behind him, Dad," Will said to me once David was on the chaise with his ass poking out in the air. While addressing me, my son sounded slightly less domineering, but it was an order nonetheless. The men around us who'd heard him call me "Dad" didn't even blink an eye; they were either super tolerant, or just assumed he was using that word figuratively, like I'd learned a lot of gay men were prone to do.

    "Yes, Sir," I said to my boy semi-jokingly… but I also kinda meant it. I followed directions and got behind David, placing my hands on his hips and raising them even higher, as high as they would go while he knelt on the chaise. I looked down at his ass, which looked so fucking appetizing! I was feeling ravenous, and it was as though Will could read my mind through some father-son telepathic connection. He turned to a hot, 30-something-year-old naked guy next to us, who was holding a cone of strawberry ice cream.

    "Would you mind if I had this? I'll make sure to get you one later," Will said to the stranger.

    "No problem, Will," the man said, revealing that he was no stranger but a friend of Will's I'd never met.

    My son took the ice cream cone and tipped it over right at the top of David's ass crack. David yelped; the ice-cold sensation must've been a shock at first. Still, with the sun as hot as it was, I'm confident it began to feel nice for him to have the ice cream melting down his ass-cleavage.

    "Well, whatcha waiting for? Eat it," my son said to me. I took my sunglasses off, squatted down, and commenced licking the frosty dessert off David's behind. "Really get in there, Dad. Right theeere," Will said, fingering his father-in-law's asshole with his middle finger. I led my tongue to David's pucker, tasting the strawberry-sweat cocktail, and I began licking right around – and even inside! – David's hole. What had always struck me as an incomprehensibly nasty activity, now felt… nice. The chlorine from the pool was the only thing in David's ass that tasted bad. Undoubtedly, he'd come ready for the party, doing some extra cleanup in anticipation of something just like this.

    While watching me eat David's ass, Will stroked his hard cock, just inches from my face. I tried not to look at my boy's member too much; not only because he was my son, but also because the fact he was significantly more hung than me filled me with a pang of envy. Despite that, I was happy for my well-endowed son – and even happier for his husband Eric, who I'm sure appreciated my son's tool.

    About five minutes later, after all of the ice cream was licked clean off David's ass, I stood back up, acutely aware of how many eyes were on me. The only other people attracting more attention than us were, Eric and Sven, who were still fucking young Brady from both ends across from us. "You like watching a father and son spit-roasting a guy?" David had asked me earlier, and I had to admit… this was fucking hot! It didn't hurt that Sven and his son were both jacked, looking like two oiled up bodybuilders with all that sweat running down their bodies. Eric looked like a younger version of his dad, especially with both of their cocks pierced. It was funny to see Eric play this role, which was so different from him kneeling down in public and sucking me and my son off. Now, Eric looked dominant – almost violent – as he mercilessly thrusted inside Brady's throat, which seemed to be just what the young man enjoyed.

    "Ready for some spit-roast, Son?" I asked Will, redirecting my attention to the task at hand: letting David have the same thing Brady was having. 

    "You first, Old Man," Will teased, stroking his long dick and watching me about to plunge mine inside David.

    "Let's do it at the same time," I suggested, and my son agreed to humor me. He walked around the chaise lounge, holding up his hard prick in front of his father-in-law's face, all the while maintaining eye contact and smirking at me. 

    "Ready, Dad?" 

    "Time to go in," I said, pressing my cockhead against David's ass lips, penetrating his hole slowly, inch by inch. Unlike me, my son grabbed David by the hair like some sort of toy, and then shoved his entire hard cock down his gullet in one move.

    "Holy shit!" I said, in awe of David's ability to take that whole thing without gagging. This was CLEARLY not my son's first time violating David's throat! Will knew just how much David was able to take, and he was all too willing to let him have it. 

    "Mmmmpf. Mmmmpffff," David finally started gagging as Will began to throat back and forth violently. Across the pool, he and his husband made eye contact and gave each other the thumbs-up, encouraging one another to go even harder on the mouths they fucking.

    Inspired by my son's style, I quickly plunged my cock up David's ass until I was balls-deep inside of him. The pressure of his hole around my tool was PERFECT: he was tight enough to give a good squeeze, yet loose enough to let me thrust backward and forward with speed and without worry that I might be hurting him. He sure as hell didn't seem to be in no pain; he was grunting in pleasure like a happy pig, and I was certain that the only reason he wasn't shouting at the top of his lungs was because he had a mouthful of my progeny's cock down his throat.

    "That's right, Dad, now you got it! That's the way this fucking pig likes it," Will smiled broadly. "Now fucking drill that ass and give it what it needs."

    "You got it, Son," I said, all too eager to comply. With sweat running down all of our bodies, Will and I spit-roasted his father-in-law, soon attracting even more attention than Eric and Sven were getting. Fifteen minutes later, I decided to be magnanimous and let my son get a taste of David's sweet ass, so I said "Let's switch."

    "Fuck yeah," said Will, pulling his throbber out of David's mouth and almost running to take my spot. I moved more slowly, extracting my dick inch by inch, just the way it'd originally gone in. Once I was all out, my son was standing next to me. With the sun possibly going to his head, Will asked me the most brazen question yet. "Wanna help me put it in?"

    "What?" I mumbled, just loudly enough for Will and no one else to hear me.

    "Help me stick my dick in him, c'mon," he said, wagging his prick next to me and hitting my hipbone with it. 

    I looked down at my son's turgid penis, glistening with saliva and what must've been precum. It looked slippery, like a whole bottle of lube had just been squirted all over it. While maintaining eye contact with Will, I slowly placed my right hand around his bone, and felt it throbbing in my fist. Holy shit, this was what my son's dick felt like!

    "Ahhhhh, fuck me!" David shouted, hungry for more cock. He wasn't looking at us, and couldn't even tell I was holding on to my boy's precum-leaking prick. Before doing anything, I let my hand move back and forth a few times, gently stroking my own son, before leading him to the hole between David's glutes.

    "Give him hell, Son," I encouraged Will, patting his back before walking around the chaise to shove my cock in David's hole.

    For the next ten minutes, my son and I worked together on screwing David – a fun father-son's project on a nice, sunny day like this. Around the pool, the attention was shifting to Eric and Sven again: they were grunting louder than ever, announcing their upcoming cumshot.

    "Fuck yeah, load him up!" someone yelled. A minute later, people were cheering and clapping – (quite a comical sight) – while Eric and Sven shot their cum inside of Brady's two holes. Once they were done shooting in synchronicity, the hunky dad-son duo high-fived one another.

    "That's my boy!" Sven announced proudly. 

    While fucking David's face, I looked at my son's husband and smiled. Eric pulled his pierced dick out of Brady's mouth, helped Brady stand up, and then gave him a gentle kiss, all while Sven's cock was still buried up Brady's ass. Then, Eric left the two men to cuddle and make out on their own, and he walked over to us, to watch his other dad getting spit-roasted. 

    "You just had to one-up me, huh, Dad?" Eric said jovially. "You heard that I sucked both of their dicks and you had to go to new extremes."

    David, unable to answer, just gagged on my cock. Instead, it was Will who said,

    "Ahhh, is my hubby jealous? Did you want to be the first to get spit-roasted by me and Dad?"

    "Yes. But I'm happy to see you doing it," Eric replied, shooting me a wink. "And hey… I'll be happy to be second."

    "I'm sure we can make that happen," was my son's reaction.

    In that moment, as I looked in Eric's blue eyes, I began to blow my load down his father's throat. My son's spouse had just proudly admitted that he wanted to get spit-roasted by me and Will, and my son said yes!! The marriage these boys had was unlike anything I'd ever imagined, especially for my son. Will, the introvert who always kept to himself. How things change with time…

    "Fuck, you feeding him your cum, Dad?" my son asked when he saw the expression on my face and heard me grunting while filling David's throat with my jizz. At the peak of my orgasm, I was unable to say anything so I just nodded my head in response to my son's question. "Way to go, Pops!" Will added approvingly, smiling at me more proudly than ever before. Next moment, however, his expression changed, as he began to unload up his father-in-law's ass, making David grunt with even more pleasure as he took our family seed from both ends.

    "Fuck, Dad," Eric said, his cock still hard. He patted his father's bare back with one hand, while stroking his own cock with the other. Only at that age could a man cum twice in five minutes, but that's what Eric did. Watching his father get loaded by his husband pushed Eric over the edge, and he shot another load of cum, landing it right on David's sweaty back. It was an impressive load, especially considering Eric had just nutted down Brady's throat mere minutes ago. 

    "Yeah. This pig's in heaven," Will said, rubbing his husband's sperm onto David's back like lotion, while David squealed pig-like on my cock. Finally, when we were done cumming, we all took a step back, except for David, who just plopped down on the chaise lounge and lay down on his back. 

    "This is a memorable Memorial Day, that's for sure," he chuckled. 

    "No shit," David's son agreed. "Now, when's it my turn?" 

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