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Sven's Present


    Our son Eric was 15 when he "officially" came out to us. My husband had suspected it for years, whereas I felt ambivalent about the whole thing. I figured if Eric wanted to talk to us about anything, he knew that our door was always open. If he wanted to keep his sex life private, well, that was his prerogative. 

    As it turns out, our son was horrible at keeping secrets. During a summer trip to Berlin that year, my husband walked in on Eric jerking off with his cousin – my nephew Tobi. "Jerking each other off," my husband had made sure to point out when he told me about the scene he'd walked in on. Although David was kinda freaked out by what the two teen boys had been doing, I didn't think it was a big deal. I'd had my fair share of "experiences" with cousins as a boy (hey, I grew up in the middle of the country, pre-internet) and as long as they were safe, Eric and Tobi could do whatever the fuck they wanted as far as I was concerned.

    A few months later, our son turned 16 and pretty much declared himself an adult. He got his driver's license, and his first job – as a towel boy at our gym, of all things. That's where Eric met his first boyfriend, Braxton. Brax was 21, and he was the kind of guy most parents would probably keep away from their teenage kids. He was gritty, rough; but I cut him slack for it after learning his story. Brax's parents were (to put it bluntly) trailer trash, but he got out of that cycle and got a job at a lumber mill, which he took very seriously. Besides, there wasn't much I could do to get in the way of his relationship with Eric even if I wanted to. It was legal in our state, and I knew telling kids "you can't have this" only made them want it ten times more. 

    One thing that I realized after meeting Brax was that my son was a bottom. All it took was a couple of seconds in the room with him and Brax to be able to tell who was fucking whom up the ass in that relationship. That's why years later, when Eric went to college and started dating Will, I wasn't surprised to learn Will was mostly a top. However, ever since then – ever since Eric and Will graduated and moved in with us, to be more precise – both of them were growing and evolving sexually. In recent years, Eric had all the makings of a leather daddy, which made me proud since it meant he might be taking after me.

    "Dad, can I borrow one of your harnesses again?" Eric asked as we got ready to go out to a party one weekend. It wasn't just any party either – it was my 56th birthday celebration.

    "Son, when are you gonna get your own fetish gear? I thought you had plenty of harnesses by now?" I said to Eric as I toweled myself dry. I was just out of the shower, and I'd walked into my bedroom to find my son just as naked as I was, kneeling on the floor and rummaging through my closet. 

    "I do, but they're all too small on me now!" Eric said from inside the closet, his ass sticking out with his hole winking at me. Between my son's thighs hung his heavy cock, pulled down by a large Prince Albert ring that by now was the same size as mine. It took over half a dozen stretching sessions for Eric to be able to wear something so big. It's funny – when he was a kid, I would take him to the dentist and hold his hand; now, I took him to the piercing parlor and held his hand while he got his penis jewelry.

    "What do you mean they're too small? They're adjustable," I said, feeling my cock get harder while I stared at my son's asshole.

    "Yeah but my chest's gotten so big, they can't even be adjusted anymore. I need a larger size," said Eric.

    "Speaking of large…" I growled, dropping the towel, "how's THIS for size?"

    Then, I knelt down, and in one slick move I pushed my hard cock up my son's ass. As loose as Eric's cunt was, he still squirmed and struggled to take me with no lube.

    "You… motherfucker," Eric grunted. "You coulda given me a warning first. Fuck! I'm gonna get you for this. No, don't stop!" – Eric protested when I started to pull out – "Keep going, now that you're in. Fuuuuuck."

    With one hand on my boy's back and the other hand on the closet door for balance, I began thrusting back and forth, fucking my son's ass without restraint. The thought of him going to my birthday party with my cum up his ass turned me on like crazy. Judging by Eric's moans, I wasn't the only one who was super horny, either. I reached down between his legs to check, and sure enough, his dick was now hard as a rock, leaking precum from its pierced tip. With a milking motion, I stroked my son's cock while deep-drilling him; fucking him for less than five minutes before we both blew HUMONGOUS loads, his landing inside my closet, and mine safely inside his welcoming, cum-soaked hole.

    My party took place at The Falcon, an unsurprising choice of venue for anyone who knew me. It was a Saturday night, two days before my actual birthday, and the fetish bar was fucking packed! The worst part was having to wait almost 20 minutes for the coat check – they had a new guy working it and we weren't able to skip the line like we usually do. When we finally made it to the front of the line, I got down to my leather jockstrap and leather cap that matched my boots. As a joke, some friends had bought me a bright pink sash that said "Birthday Girl" on it. It made for one hell of a juxtaposition, hanging between my pierced pecs.

    One upside to the sash was that more people offered to buy me drinks than ever. Then there were those who instead of buying me alcohol, treated me to other things like a blowjob right on the dance floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my husband and Will disappear to one of the darkrooms, and I knew they were about to have some fun there. I had no idea where Eric was, but I wouldn't have been surprised if he was already in the back, bent over and taking loads. Or was he the one breeding others tonight? One thing I could certainly say about my son these days was that he was versatile.

    After going down the throats of about half a dozen strangers on the dance floor, my dick was hard as a rock, but I ascetically held back from cumming. Then, the random jock-clad twink who had been sucking me decided to crawl around me and get to my ass. Next thing I know, he was spreading my cheeks and burying his wet tongue right up my dad hole.

    "Arrrgh, that's right, eat Daddy's ass," I grunted, reaching back and pushing the twink's head deeper between my glutes. He was an excellent rimmer, and planned on rewarding him by fucking his ass as soon as he was done rimming me. However, I never got to go that far. Suddenly, the ass-eating stopped, and I felt the twink pulling away. Feeling tipsy and somewhat overwhelmed by the dense crowd, I didn't even register what was going on. Then, before I knew it, something wet was going up my smooth asshole again, but it wasn't a tongue. It was much bigger, thicker, longer… with a metal appendage dangling from the tip of it. 

    "Ahhhhhhh," I moaned loudly as someone's pierced cock made its way up my ass. I turned my head around, and illuminated by the strobing lights I saw…

    "Eric?!" I gasped, as my son's dick slid balls-deep inside me, hitting my prostate with the Prince Albert tip. 

    "Told you I would get you back, old man," my son growled over the loud music while thrusting his hips to the beat. "Fuck, you're tight. Way tighter than your husband, that's for sure."

    "Son… ahhh," I moaned as I tried to relax. Then, my son did the thing he knew would turn me on more than anything else: he reached for my pierced tits and squeezed on my nips, twisting them aggressively and making my cock as well as my hole throb.

    "That's riiiiight, open up," Eric encouraged me, whispering in my ear. "I've got your sperm inside my ass, Daddy. I've got your cum inside me as I'm fucking you in front of all these people. And soon, you're gonna have my jizz up your ass as well."

    "Fuck," I yelled, bending my head down to look at my hard cock, sticking out of my leather jock and dripping precum on the floor. Around us, people danced, and kissed, and fucked, most of them unsuspiciously unaware that it was my very own son promising to breed my hole. "You've sure come far, Son," I said proudly, just loudly enough for Eric to hear me while nailing my ass.

    "What can I say, I learned from the best," he smirked. In that moment, the strobe lights turned red, making Eric's face look even more devilish. While grabbing on to my nipples, he went even harder and harder on my hole, plunging all nine inches of his manhood inside of me. As if he was in on it, the DJ played a faster, more upbeat song that only made Eric fuck me faster. "Now who's acting like a cumdump pig, huh, Dad?"

    "I'll be your cumdump whenever you want to, Son," I said, arching my back. "You know Daddy's always here for you."

    "Yeah?" Eric grunted, rubbing my sweaty chest with his hands.

    "Yes, boy. That's a promise. Whenever you need to unload, we'll make it happen."

    "Fuck. I can feel your cum running down the back of my legs right now, Dad," said Eric. "I've been tryna keep it in but some of it is getting away."

    "Don't worry, Son. There's plenty more where that came from," I promised Eric, already looking forward to the next time I'd get to breed him.

    My son let go of my nips and placed his hands on my shoulders, balancing himself better so he could fuck even more aggressively. My nipple rings were now free to swing back and forth like a pendulum as I got fucked, tugging down on my nips and sending bolts of pleasure all over my body. Eric kissed the back of my neck, giving me goosebumps as he sucked off the sweat that was on there. His hands started to go down, into my armpits, before gliding down my torso until they reached my glutes.

    "Fuck, Dad, your ass is amazing," Eric said as he tucked his fingers into the straps of my jack and began kneading my cheeks. "With an ass like this, you really oughta get fucked more often."

    "And with a– aaahhhhhhh! – with a dick like this you really oughta fuck more too, Son," I replied, closing my eyes and opening up my asshole.

    "Fuck, Dad, I'm getting close," Eric panted, piston-fucking me even faster. "I'm getting close. I'm getting close…"

    "That's right, breed my hold. Cum inside it."

    "Yeah? You want your slutty hole bred, huh?" my son barked. "Well you're bout to get it."

    With that, Eric exploded, flooding my guts with his sperm. As I took my son's semen, I began to blow my own load, landing it all over the dance floor, which was getting dangerously wet with alcohol, sweat, and jizz by this point. Eric put his hands back on my shoulders, pumping deeper than ever, hitting my prostate with his pierced cockhead. I shouted in pleasure, my voice ringing over the loud music and attracting the attention of dozens of voyeurs. I opened my eyes to see almost everyone around us looking at us. Some men were just smiling in amusement; others were jerking off and blowing their own loads. And then there was one familiar face rushing to get to us…

    "Will…" I panted, too weak to say "your husband's cumming inside my ass." I knew my son-in-law would find this scene insanely hot. But instead, Will looked sort of… panicked. He hurriedly tucked his hard dick into his white jockstrap, looking at me and then Eric and saying,

    "We gotta go! The surrogate is giving birth. We're having a baby."

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