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Family Jewels


    My Sunday at work was off to a decent start but business completely died off by mid-afternoon. I spent the last couple of hours watching porn on the iPad, trying to kill time. Until they walked in.

    I was surprised and thrilled to see Sven show up to the store. We hadn't seen each other in what, close to a year? Fuck, I was so infatuated with this man. Out of all the men my husband and I occasionally played with, he and his husband were my favorites. 

    Of course we knew David and Sven, they probably knew every gay man within a 100-mile radius. They used to throw legendary sex parties when they first moved here[1]. Booze, drugs, swings, sex toys, the whole shebang; it was as good as it gets in an area like this. They would've made a fortune if they charged for it. And maybe most importantly of all they weren't just hot, but they were super friendly to everyone as well. Before everyone retired to have sex (either privately in one of the several bedrooms or publicly in front of everyone there), a lot of people would sit around having coffee and chocolates like this was some fancy affair. More than one long-term relationships got started between men who'd met at David and Sven's.

    Unfortunately it didn't last too long. They shocked everyone (certainly me) when they announced they were having a baby. They still managed to throw a smaller party occasionally, when their son was away, and I was happy to see David and Sven hadn't completely changed their ways.

    When this all started we were all in our early 30s. Time had caught up with us in the two decades since, especially with my husband and me. We'd both gotten chubbier, not too bothered with how we look. Sven and David aged more gracefully, they never stopped working out and trying to dress to impress when it mattered. Although we never stopped being cordial, we never hooked up anymore. They'd moved on to much younger fuck buddies. The parties had made a comeback as soon as their son moved out to go to college.

    When I saw Sven walk into the store with a very handsome young man, I assumed he was one of their latest conquests. Maybe Sven was taking him out shopping to buy him some sexy new underwear? I've heard through the gay grapevine (gaypevine?) he and David have been entertaining a younger boy on the regular for a while now. Some people jealously called them his sugar daddies. But I knew that with a dick like Sven's, you didn't need to be anyone's sugar daddy to get them to beg to be fucked by you.

    To my surprise, the guy in the store wasn't a fuck buddy but their son Eric! Last time I saw him he was a kid, and now here he was standing taller than me! And the surprises kept coming. Just as I started to wonder if he's as hot as his dads underneath those clothes, Eric mentioned his boyfriend, announcing he was gay as well.

    Well what are the chances of this? A gay father and son walking into my store, shopping for underwear and stuff to wear to the beach. "Tell you what, I said, "I was gonna close shop in half an hour anyway. Let me lock up now and you guys can shop in peace. The VIP treatment."

    "Sounds good," Sven said and shot me a wink. Fuck, he was just as much a flirt as always.

    "Take your time," I said, locking the door and flipping the Open/Closed sign. "And feel free to try on anything you like."

    Sven and I chatted while his son walked around, picking stuff out and putting it a small shopping basket. I let Sven do most of the talking while I focused on his gorgeous smile and beautiful blue eyes. He was wearing a tight white T-shirt with his pierced nipples poking through. I thought of his other piercing, on the tip of his long dick.

    "Are you looking for anything in particular?" I asked his son a few minutes later.

    "Mostly stuff to wear to the beach. I don't like any of the swimshorts I have anymore, they're too long." 

    "So something shorter? Why don't you try these on?" I offered, pulling out a couple of pairs of bright colorful briefs. Although not the skimpiest we had in store, they were still pretty small and left little to the imagination.

    "Uh, sure. What's the price on these?" Eric asked, looking at the label.

    "Don't worry about that," Sven chimed in from across the store. I saw him looking at some of the underwear. "I said I'm paying for this trip and this is a part of it. Pick out a couple of things and they're on me."

    "Thanks, Dad," Eric said and walked over to give Sven a hug before heading to the fitting room. Not sure if I'd ever seen a 20-something-year-old act so affectionately with a parent, especially a boy.

    I'd kept the fitting rooms as sexy as possible on purpose. The curtains barely closed and there was a huge gap between the curtain and the floor. There was also no mirror in the booths themselves but a huge one out next to all of them, so guys would have to go in and out when trying stuff on to look at themselves. Some tried to be as modest as possible, but others just didn't give a fuck or liked showing off and kept the curtain open when trying stuff on.

    Eric closed the curtain, and I watched his legs from the other side as he took off his shoes, socks, jeans, and underwear. He let everything drop to the floor, followed by the T-shirt he was wearing. A few seconds later he came out wearing one of the items I gave him, a pink and orange pair.

    My doubts had been confirmed: Eric was just as hot as his dads! His body was muscular and sparsely hairy, you'd think he was just going through puberty. He looked handsome with his clothes on but seeing him in nothing but a pair of speedos made me wanna drop to my knees right then and there.

    "Do you like them?" I asked, smiling. Eric adjusted the waistband and turned around a few times, checking himself out in the mirror.

    "I like the pattern, it's really... catchy. But they make my butt look kinda flat."

    He cupped his asscheeks through the fabric and pushed them up in the mirror.

    "Let me see," his dad appeared out of nowhere. "They're not bad," Sven said, checking out his son up and down, "but if you don't like them you should try on something else." 

    Eric went back to the booth and closed the curtain most (but not all) of the way. He came back out a few seconds later wearing another pair, a blue Hawaiian pattern.

    "These are great," he said more enthusiastically, "but do you have a smaller size? This is a medium."

    I got him a size small and he went back to the fitting room to change.

    "They're awesome," he said, coming back out to look at himself in the mirror.

    "The got special straps in the back, they push up your butt to make it look bigger," I talked up our merch.

    "Oh do they?" Sven asked curiously, looking at his son. "They do. Your ass looks great in those."

    Even though I was drooling over Eric, I was acutely aware he was my friends' son, so I went out of my way to not sound inappropriate when referring to his "butt." Of course, I should've known this is Sven we're talking about, he never gave a shit about being appropriate and he wasn't about to start now.

    "Hand me the other pair you had on, the medium," Sven asked Eric.

    Sven didn't need a fitting room to change. He took off his shirt right there, and a second later he was out of his flip-flops and cargo shorts. And there it was: his gorgeous dick, longer soft than some men were hard. I swallowed saliva, thinking of the last time it'd been up my ass and down my throat.

    Eric handed his dad the speedos he'd asked for and Sven put them on. He definitely needed a size larger, maybe two. His ass was barely covered by the fabric, but the front was literally busting out, leaving an obscene gap between the waistband and his shaved pubic area.

    "What do you think, can I get away with wearing these to the beach?" he asked with a smirk.

    "Depends how family-friendly of a beach," I joked and readjusted my own dick, now getting hard in my jeans.

    "You're family, son, what do you think?"

    "I think you look great, Dad," Eric answered.

    "If... If you like those," I was starting to stutter, "I have some similar ones." I left and came back with a few pairs. "These also push up your behind. And these... these work the other way, there's a pouch to push up everything in the front."
    "Ooh, I wanna try those on," Eric said, sounding like a child excited to discover a new toy.

    He dropped the speedos he had on right there in front of the mirror, in front of his father's watchful eyes.

    "Does my dick go in this hole here?" Eric asked, looking at the discreet pouch on the inside of the speedos.

    "At least buy a guy a drink before asking that, son!" Sven joked. I couldn't tell if his chiming in made me more or less nervous... or excited.

    "Um, yes. Yes, it does. Or... or you can put your balls there as well, then everything really stands out."

    Eric did as I said. By the time I saw him in the latest, green pair he had on, my dick was painfully hard in my jeans. The speedos showed off every detail of Eric's dick. You could obviously make out its length, girth, and its mushroom head through the fabric. It was exactly something his dad David would wear.

    "Looks awesome. Makes you look even bigger," Sven said from the side, crossing every line of what I considered appropriate. "Everyone at the beach will be staring at you."

    "Not if I'm next to you," Eric smiled, pointing at his father's overstuffed crotch. "You don't need a pushup pouch."

    Of course this is what sex perverts Sven and David's son would end up to be like! Especially since he was gay. Lucky fucking bastard.

    "Yeah, they're nice," Sven commented, looking at himself proudly in the mirror, probably turned on by the way he looked. I could swear I saw his dick pulse inside the speedos he was wearing. "But they're a but too restrictive."

    He dropped the speedos in one swift move, stepping out of them. I was right: his dick looked slightly bigger than a couple of minutes ago. Fuck, was this man on some testosterone pills or something? Even at his age he could start to get hard at the drop of a hat.

    "I don't think I'm gonna get 'em," Sven added. "We'll see. Lots of nude beaches in Spain as well." 

    (What I'd give to join them on this trip, I thought.)

    Sven remained nude as his son tried on a few more pairs. Eric's own dick started to chub up as he took stuff on and off, looking at himself in the mirror, flexing his abs and glutes, impressed by the way he looked in the swimwear.

    "Fuck, I look hot," he said while flexing his muscles in a tiny red pair. He seemed shy when he first walked into the store, but seemed to lose all modesty when admiring his body in the mirror. Although far from a professional bodybuilder, he seemed to be on a good way to getting there.

    "Looking good, son," Sven said proudly and fist-punched Eric's abs a couple of times while he flexed. Sven's dick bounced back and forth as he did it.

    "Let me just try these on before we get ready to leave," Sven said and reached for a basket he'd left on the floor. "I picked out some undies as well," he said, looking at me.

    "I didn't think you wore any," I said, trying to sound cheery and nonchalant.

    "Well, just in case," he said. I noticed the basket was full of cotton jockstraps; giving me a flashback of Sven in a leather jock and a Muir cap, his fist deep inside my husband's ass back in the day.

    He tried on a blue jock and looked at himself in the mirror. I couldn't decide if he was hotter fully naked or in a jock. The jockstrap still managed to show just how big his dick was, and it made my mind wander even more.

    "He's right, I don't remember the last time I saw you in any underwear," Eric chimed in from the side. "But those look good on you."

    "They're nice, right?" Sven said. "Wanna try 'em on? I got a pair here in a smaller size, I wasn't sure which one would fit."

    Eric dropped the speedos he was wearing and grabbed the jock his dad offered him. He put them on and I finally found it in me to be a bit bolder.

    "The straps in the back are twisted, let me fix that for you," I offered and dropped to my knees.

    I ran the fingers on my right hand against the right strap, several times more than necessary. During this my left hand rested high on Eric's thigh, almost touching his bubble butt. It was inches from my nose, I could see the fine peach fuzz on it. I repeated the same thing on the left side, all the while feeling Sven's eyes watching me.

    "Are mine okay?" Sven asked, turning his ass to me. They were, but I went to "adjust" them anyway. This time, instead of resting my hands on his thigh I rested them on his asscheeks. From the side of my eye I could see Eric look at us in the mirror.

    "Front okay?" Sven asked, turning around and putting his crotch in my face. Fuck.

    It took all my willpower not to put his dick in my mouth right there, in front of his kid, through the thin fabric of the jockstrap he was wearing. Instead, I ran my fingers up and down the sides of the pouch, pretending to adjust it. The backs of my fingers felt Sven's warm balls. With my left hand, I felt his dick, pulsing in his jocks and taunting me.

    "Perfect thanks," he said and turned away like this was the most normal thing in the world. He looked at Eric. "Look at us! We look like twins, huh? Let's send a photo to Dad."

    Sven handed me his phone and asked me to take a picture to send to David. He put his right arm around his son, who hugged him back. The lighting was made to make everyone look good in front of the mirror, and in nothing but matching blue jocks, both father and son looked beautiful.

    They smiled as I took the picture, kneeling in front of them.

    "One more from the back," Sven asked as they turned around.

    Before I had a chance to snap the pic, Sven dropped his arm and gave Eric's asscheek a playful, but meaty squeeze. Instead of smacking it away, Eric laughed and dropped his own hand and grabbed and squeezed his dad's thick ass.

    It was like that I snapped a photo, that Sven sent to David seconds later with a bunch of emojis.

    Eric put aside the stuff he wanted to buy, including the jockstrap. Sven took his jock off and handed it to his son to add to the pile, and I had to resist the temptation to grab it and sniff it before they left. They both got dressed, and I started to get ready to blow the load of my life as soon as they leave the store.

    "I need to take a piss before we go," Sven announced. 

    "There's a small employees bathroom there," I said, pointing to the door.

    "Mind showing me?" he asked and I got the message. I led him to it and he held the door open behind me, basically blocking me from leaving. I went inside the closet-sized restroom with just a toilet and sink. He closed the door behind us.

    "Thanks. I needed a relief," he said unbuttoning his shorts, acting as if he was talking about his bladder when I knew he didn't ask me here for that. I got to my knees.

    "Can I help?" I asked trying to "act sexy," something I'd given up years ago.

    "Well for old times' sake," he said with a smirk and let his shorts drop to the grimy floor.

    I started sucking him, making sure to cover my teeth and futilely attempting to control my gag reflex. I hadn't sucked anyone off in months, including my husband, and I wanted to make this a blowjob Sven would remember. As his dick grew in my mouth I started to choke, eyes watering and tears rolling down my cheeks, but I was determined to keep taking it.

    Sven saw this and started to fuck my throat faster. "Grab my ass if it gets too much," he said and I nodded. This gave him permission to thrust harder, hitting the back of my throat to the point where I worried I might throw up, but then pulling out and making me whimper, asking for his dick back.

    I played with his balls as he mouth-fucked me. The term "family jewels" came to mind. Sven's own family was on the other side of this door as I was getting ready to receive his sperm. I never found out who Eric's biological dad was but there was a 50/50 chance it was Sven. I thought of swallowing the same sperm that had made the handsome young man on the other side of the door and for some reason that turned me on even more.

    "Do you want my cum?" Sven grunted from above me.

    "Mhm," I nodded my head as violently as I could while choking on his dick.

    "Under one condition," he said and suddenly slowed down his pace. He was barely thrusting now. I tried to look up and make eye contact. "I cum on your face and you leave it there. Then you go back out and say goodbye to Eric."

    Fuck. This man is a fucking freak!

    "Yes, Sir," I said, somehow feeling the need to add that last word.

    Sven started thrusting in my throat back and forth again, getting himself close to the edge then pulling out. He started jerking himself off, his eyes closed and head tilted upward, his low-hanging balls hitting my chin.

    "Aaah!!! Ahh! Uff. Yeah," he yelled out loudly enough for the sound to spread through the entire store. Spurts of white cum started shooting out of his dick, as I stuck my tongue out hoping to catch at least some of it. It went all over the left side of my face, making me close my eye. I managed to catch a few drops in my mouth as well, as the rest of it shot on the floor behind me.

    Just like that, seconds later it was over. I got up off my knees. Now that we were done, the shame started to kick in. Sven's cum was dripping down my face, going from the left side of my forehead down to my chin. I almost reached for the toilet paper. I wondered if Sven was for real, and still expected me to go through with this.

    "After you," he said pointing to the door with a smile after pulling up his shorts.

    Honestly, the only reason why I didn't wipe the cum off my face was because I hoped to see Sven again. To see him and have him fuck me, or my husband, to have David join or watch us. To be a part of their world again. 

    I opened the bathroom door.

    Eric stood next to the register, scrolling through his phone. He perked up when he heard us approach and put his phone away.

    "Ready to go, champ?" Sven asked and pulled out his wallet.

    I went to the till and started scanning the items. I didn't say a word, my head bent the entire time. Still, I felt Eric's eyes on me. Could he tell what was on my face was cum? He must: it was fresh and there was plenty of it. And I highly doubt he missed his father's grunts and moans from the bathroom.

    I held one of the blue jockstraps in my hand, the smaller one that was to be Eric's. Just then, a large drop of cum dripped from my chin straight onto the jock.

    "These are on me," I said and added both jockstraps to the shopping bag without scanning them. "Hope you guys enjoy your trip."

    "Thank you, George," Sven said as I looked up to him and saw him smile.

    "Thanks, George," Eric added. We made eye contact and he was also smiling. I felt his father's cum drip down my face.

    I gave them the price for the speedos and Sven paid cash. I walked to the door and unlocked it.

    "We should have you come over some time," he said, holding the door open for Eric.

    "Nice to see you," Eric said and waved, reminding me of an enthusiastic child again.

    "Enjoy your holidays," I said and locked the door after they left. I walked to the large mirror next to the fitting rooms again. And I looked up at the surveillance camera.



    I came back home eager to talk to my boyfriend Will and tell him about my day out with Dad. As soon as I walked into our room though, I could tell he was still acting weird and moody, just like this morning.

    "Okay, out with it, what's wrong?" I said, sitting next to him on the bed. He took my hands in his and for the first time I started to grow concerned.

    "There's something I need to tell you." The words I hated more than anything.

    "Please, just spit it out!" I shouted, probably louder than necessary.

    "Last night when you were asleep, I got up in the middle of the night. I needed some water, and then I bumped into your dad out in the yard."

    "David or Sven?"

    "Oh sorry, Sven."

    I listened attentively and Will continued.

    "We talked for a bit, I don't even remember all of it cuz I was still kinda wasted. And then... before we said goodbye and goodnight... we... kissed."

    I burst out laughing, from the bottom of my belly, for about 15 seconds.

    "I'm... not kidding," Will said, looking confused as fuck.

    "IS THAT ALL?!" I said, tears of laughter running down my face.


    "Oh darling. I'm sorry for laughing, sorry," I hugged him, still chucking. "I was worried you were gonna tell me you had cancer or something. Oh my god. So funny."

    "You... You're not upset?"

    "Upset about what? Over you kissing someone else? We said that's fine."

    "Yes, but that someone's your dad. And he's married!"

    "Pshh, I doubt David would care. I know for a fact they're not exclusive. He probably knows by now."

    "But... So... you're okay with me having kissed your dad?"

    "I mean, he's an adult. And it doesn't sound like you drugged him or anything."

    I looked at him and felt his apprehension. I could tell he would've preferred if I shouted at him, that was the reaction he was used to growing up.

    "Will, honey, would you like me to get upset?"

    "No! But... it's weird."

    "You say that like 'weird' is a bad thing. Okay, why did you do it, why did you kiss Sven?"

    I could feel the wheels turning in his head. "I... don't know."

    "Okay. Well if you wanna talk about it I'm here, any time you want. And if you wanna figure it out on your own, that's also fine. And if you think there's nothing to figure out and everything can just stay the way it is, that's also fine. I mean, out of all the bad things that could happen to us," I knocked on the wooden bed frame, "this is really low on the list."

    We hugged and I gave him a kiss.

    "Now, let me show you the speedos Dad got me! I can't wait for this trip! It can't come fast enough..."

    A few weeks later, we were boarding our flight to Barcelona. Time had gone fast indeed. I started bartending at a small local bar, picking up all the shifts I could. David introduced Will to some of our elderly neighbors who paid him to garden and help them with small maintenance jobs. Sven worked even more than usual before taking time off work. David worked on his writing and chauffeured us around whenever we needed a lift.

    The flight went by without incidents (excluding my dads flirting with our flight attendant shamelessly). We all managed to get some shuteye and landed in Spain just before noon. David ushered us into a cab that would take us to the train station.

    "So we're not staying in Barcelona, where are we going?" Will asked during the ride, sitting to my left in the back.

    "Sitges," David answered from my right side. "It's a small town close to here, it's only gonna take us half an hour on the train. Sven and I have been there a couple of times before. I figured since we're only here for a few days we might as well stay in a smaller place where everything's walking distance, we won't get to see anything in the city anyway."

    "Plus, everyone there's gay," I said sotto voce. 

    "Not everyone's gay," David answered. "But it is very popular with gay tourists and locals, so there'll be a lot of that."

    About an hour later we were getting off the train. Even with our suitcases, it only took us round 10 minutes to walk to the apartment Sven had booked.

    "So how's everyone feeling, anyone jet-lagged?" David asked during our walk.

    "Nope," "Not me," Will and I answered.

    "Just give me a Red Bull and an iced sangria and I'm ready to hit the beach!" Sven answered, walking shirtless through the small cobblestoned alleys.

    "Okay, so I suggest we all take a shower," David continued, "and leave the apartment immediately. We'll go out to eat, maybe have a drink, and go straight to the beach. We're not here long and I wanna get all the beach time we can before heading up north."

    The apartment had everything we needed but still seemed basic. White and blue dominated everywhere. There was a small kitchen next to a living room with a pull-down sofa and an old TV. The small, windowless bathroom had a shower even smaller then the one in my bathroom at home. I walked to the only remaining door.

    "There's one bedroom?!" I said in surprise. The room I'd walked into had two queen-size beds and just enough room to walk around and in between them. 

    "We're here during prime tourist season and we only started planning a few weeks ago," Sven shouted from the living room. "What'd you expect?"

    "This is gonna be interesting," I said to myself.

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[1] One of Sven and David's parties: "The King of Saturnalia" and "Submissive Sven"

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