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Off to an Interesting Start

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich

June 2002


    "Located 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Phoenixville is a small, all-American town that didn't expect to be breaking any world records anytime soon. Yet this is the home of 10-year-old Brandon, who in a few short months is expected to become the world's youngest father.

    'I'm looking forward to the baby and I… I'm excited,' said Brandon when we interviewed him next to his parents.

    'Do you want it to be a boy or a girl?'

    'I want it to be a boy so we can play together!'

    Brandon spends most of his free time reading comics or playing soccer with his friend Cory. The two boys are best friends and often spend time at each other's houses. It is during one of those instances that Brandon got involved with Cory's sister, 13-year-old Sarah.

    'We were absolutely shocked,' says Brandon's mother of the day they found out about the pregnancy. 'We didn't think it was possible!'

    Sarah is about to enter her third trimester. Even though there are some complications due to her age, the doctors say the baby and the young mother are in good health and excellent condition.

    Brandon and Sarah's families plan on raising the child together. 

    Even though there are many known instances of girls younger than Sarah giving birth, currently the youngest father in the world is an 11-year-old boy from New Zealand. Which means that come September, the boy from this small town in Pennsylvania, might be a world-record breaker. For WPVI News, this is Phyllis Ramirez."


September 2020



    🎶 Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday, dear Ethan

    Happy birthday to you! 🎶

    Cheers and applause followed the birthday song, as my son blew out the candles in front of everyone in the crowded living room.

    "Ma, enough with the pictures already," I nudged and whispered to my mother who was shoving her camera in Ethan's face. "Look at him, he's blushing."

    "Oh, shush. This is his last birthday in this house, I want to remember it."

    "You have plenty of photos to remember him by. He didn't even want a party, he's too grown for this. He only agreed to humor you."

    "Brandon. I've raised three kids and one grandchild in this house, and he is the last one to move out. Let me have this day. Starting next week: he's all yours!"

    I squeezed my way through a few aunts and uncles in the living room, on my way to the upstairs bathroom to take a piss. I passed Ethan's room (which also happened to my old bedroom). It was now full of boxes. He seemed to be done packing for the most part.

    I took a piss and went outside for a smoke. Even though it was only the first day of September, autumn seems to have started and it was raining outside. Instead of smoking on the porch, I ran to the large oak tree in the front yard and lit up. Even at 28, I still didn't want my mother to come out and catch me smoking pot. 

    A couple of minutes later someone did come out, but it wasn't Ma. It was my son.

    "Hey," I said to Ethan as he jogged through the front yard in the rain. "How's the cake?"

    "It's alright," he ducked under the tree next to me. He was barefoot, wearing sagging basketball shorts and a T-shirt. I fought the temptation to say "you'll catch a cold."

    "Can I have some?" my son asked me cheekily, eyeing my joint.

    "Sure," I replied and passed it to him. "I didn't know you smoked."

    "Here and there," he said, taking a drag. We chatted as we passed the joint back and forth.

    "For how long?"

    "A couple of years, I guess. Sophomore, junior year? That's when everyone got started."

    "Yeah, I think that was about the time," I reminisced. I should know; it wasn't that long ago that I was in high school either.

    "I see most of your stuff's in boxes already," I continued.

    "Yeah. I had nothing to do all summer so I packed."

    "Ready to get the fuck out of here, huh?"

    "Fuck, yeah!" he said, blowing out smoke and spitting in the grass before passing me back the joint.

    Just like Ethan, I'd moved out shortly after my 18th birthday. Except in my case, I moved in with some friends. This time, he would be moving in with his father. With me.



    I only had vague memories of growing up around Dad. Many of my friends had older siblings that were close to his age, and that's how I viewed him more than anything back then: an older brother. At our house, matriarchy ruled, and it was Grandma that had the first and last word.

    When I was very little, I was shuffled back and forth between the two houses where my parents lived. Eventually, I ended up settling down at the same house as Dad, purely because it was bigger. I never got too close to my mom. She went away to college in Texas when I was four, and I hardly ever saw her after that. 

    I spent a bit more time with my dad. He ended up going to a community college in Philly, which meant he drove back home quite frequently. Although I had memories of us playing together as kids, as soon as he grew up he had to be responsible and focus on school and work, which didn't leave him too much free time. 

    As I was about to graduate high school myself, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and apply to the same college. I got accepted, and as luck would have it, my father's roommate Joel was just about to move out of their Philly apartment. So it was settled: Dad and I were about to live together again, for the first time in ten years.

    "Bye, Grandma! Enough crying now, okay? I'll see you soon!"

    I gave my grandmother one last hug before getting into my father's car. Dad turned on the engine, and we were off! I continued waving at my grandparents from the passenger seat until we'd driven out of sight.

    "Phew!" I sighed loudly.

    "Finally free, huh?!" my dad shot me a conspiratorial smile. 

    "Fucking finally!" I added jubilantly. I loved my grandparents, but I couldn't even say "fuck" in their house. They treated me like a little kid, and I wasn't a kid anymore! It would all be different at Dad's.

    Most of my stuff was already at his place, we were just driving with the last of it. His apartment was small but comfortable. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small living room and kitchen area on the second floor of a three-story townhouse in Queen Village. As soon as we got there, we carried the final boxes upstairs and Dad offered me a beer from the fridge.

    "We’ve smoked pot together. I’m supposed to believe you don’t drink beer?" he said in response to the confused look I gave him.

    I grinned, and accepted the beer.

    "But I do have one rule," Dad added. "If you wanna drink or smoke, you do it here. I don’t need your 18-year-old ass getting arrested and having to come bail you out of jail."

    "Deal," I agreed, and clinked beer bottles with him to seal the deal.

    Dad turned the TV on, just for some background noise, and took his shirt off. 

    "I'm sweating from carrying those boxes. I'm gonna go take a quick shower," he announced and disappeared into the hallway.


    I made myself comfortable on the couch and looked around our bachelor pad. It wasn't anything special, but it felt like the fucking Four Seasons to me! I continued to grin like an idiot, sipping my beer and already enjoying adulthood.

    From the bathroom, I heard my father taking a piss in the toilet, and judging by how loud it was I realized he'd left the bathroom door open. Even that made me smile. I would've gotten a slap in the face from my grandma if I ever did that in her house. Now, it was just us guys. It was cool. Whatever. No big deal.

    The door closed and I heard the shower running. I lay on the couch and started scrolling through my phone. My feed was full of images of hot girls, showing off as much skin as they could get away with on this app. My cock started to chub up in the cotton shorts I was wearing. I reached down and gave it a squeeze through the fabric. "I wonder if I have enough time to jerk off real quick?" I wondered. It'd been almost 24 hours since I last did it, which was an eternity for me these days.

    I continued to rub myself through my shorts, before slipping my hand in and grasping my bare cock. I tried to keep one ear out for the shower. Dad had said it would be a quick one, but he seemed to be taking his time, so I took advantage and enjoyed a nice edging session. I got myself close to the edge a couple of times, before slowing down and starting up over again.

    Unfortunately, before I had the chance to cum, I heard my father get out of the shower and walk toward the living room. I quickly pulled my hand out of my shorts and tried to hide my boner. I stretched my shirt as much as I could to cover it up, just as Dad walked in, a white towel wrapped around his waist.

    "Hey," I said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

    "Hey," my father walked to his beer and took a swig. "You alright?"

    "Aha. All cool."

    I looked at Dad as water dripped down his hairy torso. He was in good shape. Maybe not as good as me, after all the sports I did in high school, but he was definitely not bad. The biggest difference between us seemed to be that he was significantly hairier.

    "Listen, what do you say about pizza for dinner?" he asked.

    "It sounds perfect!"

    Dad ordered food on his phone, before sitting down to roll up a joint. 

    "Yo, put your legs together when you're wearing a towel, man!" I teased him. He was sitting down with his legs spread wide open and I could almost see up his towel.

    "You're one to speak!" he said, rolling the weed.

    "What do you mean?" 

    "What's that in your pants?" he shot me a shit-eating grin.

    Fuck! He could see my boner.

    "I don't know what you mean," I acted dumb. "I'm just... well-endowed."

    "Haha. Of course you are," Dad laughed and lit up the joint.

    "You can smoke inside here?" I asked incredulously.

    "Who's gonna stop me?" he blew out smoke, passing me the joint.

    I grinned even wider. I knew my dad was cool, but I wasn't expecting this.

    After a few minutes of smoking together, Dad's phone rang.

    "Is it the pizza?"

    "Nah, it's your Uncle Cory," Dad said.

    Uncle Cory was my mom's brother. He also lived here in Philly now with his wife and kids. Growing up, he and my dad were best friends.

    "I'm gonna go take this in my room," Dad said, still in his towel. "Keep an ear out for the pizza."

    With that, Dad left me alone on the couch again. After a few tokes, I was even hornier now! I immediately reached for my phone and picked right back up. My cock had started to go soft, but I stroked it until it was rock-hard again. I took a quick swig of beer, and then I kept going. I looked at the weed my dad had left on the table. I was so turned on by the fact I was doing this right here on the couch. I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts and I kept jerking, getting closer and closer to the edge, when…


    I jumped up, startled, when I heard my dad clear his throat in the living room. I must've been tipsy from the beer and weed already; I hadn't heard him walk back in. Quickly, I tried to stuff my erection back in my shorts. I probably looked like a fumbling fool, because when I looked at Dad I realized he was silently laughing at me.

    "Your uncle wants to talk to you," Dad said and passed me his phone.

    I accepted it, my hand still wet with precum. 

    "Hey, Uncle Cory. Yeah, everything went well…"

    I talked to my uncle for a few minutes while Dad stood towering over me, grinning. Just as I hung up the phone and passed it back to him, we heard the buzzer ring.

    "That's gotta be the pizza," Dad said. "You've got thirty seconds to finish that up," he pointed at my boner. "And don't make a mess or I swear, I'll make you lick the couch clean."

    Dad went to answer the door, and I was left alone again. Third time's a charm! I pulled my dick out and jacked off like I was in a race. There was a buzzing in my head, and I could hear my dad answering the door and talking to the delivery person. I went even faster, and then, finally…

    "Aah!!" I bit my lip as I started to cum. I pulled my shirt up with my free hand and watched my spunk land all over my shorts and my stomach. I kept going, curling my toes, as I heard the front door closing. Quickly, almost in a panic, I scooped up my jizz off my stomach and licked it off my hand, swallowing. I'd never done this before, but I wanted to be done before Dad came back in the room, which he did just two seconds later.

    "You ready?" he said, holding two steaming-hot pizzas. 

    "Yup," I said casually, still enjoying the effect of my orgasm all over my body.

    "I hope you didn't get anything on my couch."

    "Man, what is it with you and this fucking couch? It's dirty as fuck anyway."

    "I'm just messing with you. You're right, it is dirty. To be fair, I think I might have landed a few loads on there myself over the years."

    "You're fucking gross," I said, taking one of the pizzas. 

    Dad quickly changed into a pair of boxers, brought us two more beers, and we ate and drank and smoked in front of the TV. He stayed in his boxers all evening, I was still in my cum-stained shorts. So far, life in our bachelor pad was off to an interesting start.


June 2002



    "Even though there are many known instances of girls younger than Sarah giving birth, currently the youngest father in the world is an 11-year-old boy from New Zealand. Which means that come September, the boy from this small town in Pennsylvania, might be a world-record breaker. For WPVI News, this is Phyllis Ramirez."

    It felt so weird, watching my best friend being interviewed on TV. Luckily, no one asked to interview me. I would've been so embarrassed!

    My entire family was gathered in the living room to watch the news that day. As soon as the segment was over, I stormed out of the house.

    "Cory! Where are you going?!" Dad yelled at me from inside.

    "I'll be right back!" I shouted, picking up my bike and riding to Brandon's house.

    Once I got there a few minutes later, I dropped my bike on the lawn and hid behind the large oak tree in their front yard. It was our favorite tree because it was big enough to hide behind. Brandon came out a few seconds later. He must've been keeping an eye out for me from his window.

    "Did you watch the news?" I asked, trying to catch my breath after cycling here so quickly.

    "I did. Did you?"

    "Yeah. It was weird."

    "Yeah, it was," Brandon agreed. "What did they say, your sister and I 'got involved'?"

    We giggled for a good two minutes after that.

    "How is Sarah?" Brandon asked next.

    "I dunno, fine I guess," I shrugged. "Her girlfriends think it's cute that she's going to have a baby."

    "Eww. That's gross," Brandon squirmed.

    "Brandon? Can I ask you something?"

    Here, hidden behind this tree, I felt safe.

    "Of course."

    "Do you love Sarah?"

    "I dunno. She's okay. It was fun while we were playing. But I don't like girls."

    "I don't like girls, either."

    And there, behind our tree, I gave my best friend a kiss.

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