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The Best is Yet to Come

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    Walking up to the restaurant, for the first time in my life I felt like a nervous schoolgirl about to go on a first date with her crush. Which, except for the schoolgirl part, was pretty much precisely what was going on.

    So much had happened in the past few weeks, that it was difficult to wrap my head around. Kayla walking out on Cory had come as a shock to everyone. Fortunately, there seemed to be no bad blood between them as they dealt with the upcoming divorce. At first, Kayla and the kids were staying at her parents' house, but Cory had suggested that they move back in their home, and he would be the one to leave. So, my lifelong best friend needed a place to stay... which is how he ended up moving in with my son and me.

    Ethan was thrilled to have his Uncle Cory as our third roommate. Even though there was so much drama between us a couple of months ago, that was all water under the bridge by this point. We all felt partly guilty for what had happened, but more than anything, we were dedicated to putting it in the past and starting afresh. The atmosphere in the apartment was now much more relaxed and fun, which I couldn't be happier about.

    As I arrived at the restaurant, I checked myself out on the reflective window. It had been difficult to schedule a haircut on Valentine's Day, but I was fresh out the barbershop and I felt like a million bucks. I smiled and saw my reflection smiling back at me, before heading inside.

    "Hi. Table for two, Brandon Caruso," I said to the young hostess who accompanied me to the table. The place was packed, and I felt proud that I'd managed to snag us a reservation. The restaurant was dark and decorated with red roses, which gave off a nice aroma without being too strong.

    I was early, so I sat by myself and waited for my date. I fixed my tie, which I didn't enjoy wearing, but I'd wanted to make tonight special. "Should I've gotten flowers?" I wondered, looking at the women around me, some of which had bouquets on their tables. But then, my attention was distracted by something else, and I only had eyes for one person who'd just walked into the room.

    "Cory," I said, smiling and getting off my seat.

    "Brandon," he teased, making fun of my air of formality. Led by the hostess to our table, he stopped and smiled at me before leaning in for a kiss. A real kiss, in public. The two of us!

    "Enjoy," the waitress said politely and left Cory to take the seat across from me.

    "New haircut?" he asked, taking off his jacket. 

    "Yes. I just got it today."

    "Looks nice."

    "Thank you. You look great as well," I said, unable to stop smiling.

    "Oh, c'mon now. This is what I always wear to work."

    "Yes, but you look extra nice today," I insisted, and took Cory's hand in mine across the table.

    After a lifetime of being best friends and fuck buddies, tonight was finally our first date. After so many years of sneaking around and fucking behind locked doors, it felt even better than I could've imagined, to be sitting here surrounded by other "ordinary" couples. The fact that it was Valentine's Day only made it more formal and special, which I enjoyed.

    Our first topic of conversation was work. Since Cory had to work every other weekend now until taxes were due, he'd just come from the office, even though it was a Sunday. He complained a bit about all the work and I let him vent while squeezing and rubbing his hand gently, hoping I could offer him comfort.

    "You're very affectionate today," he noted, and pulled my hand up to his lips and gave it a kiss. "How's Ethan? Is he out on a date tonight?"

    "No, not tonight," I answered. "He says he doesn't wanna give any girl the wrong impression by taking her out on Valentine's Day."

    During the past few weeks, my son had brought home at least ten different girls. More often than not, Cory and I were treated to the sounds of my son fucking his dates on the other side of the thin wall that separated our two bedrooms. Ethan seemed to enjoy playing the field and didn't commit to any one person for the time being, which was why he was currently home alone, probably watching TV and getting high.

    I will never forget what Ethan told me the first night that Cory came to stay with us: "Dad? If you want to invite him to spend the night in your bed that's... that's fine by me." It was Ethan's way of granting us permission to be ourselves, to fuck whenever we wanted to. It was a complete 180 from how he reacted when he first found out about us, and I felt thrilled and grateful about his change of heart.

    "I talked to Kayla this afternoon, during my lunch break," Cory said after our appetizers arrived.

    "Oh. What about?"

    "The kids. They're staying with her parents tonight. She's got a date with that... with that guy she's been seeing," Cory said, trying to sound as composed as possible. "She wanted to assure me that she won't introduce him to the kids anytime soon. She also told me that she knows about you and me."

    "WHAT?!" I asked in shock.

    "You know that a few weeks ago I told her that I'd been having an affair with someone. She asked if it's a man or a woman and I admitted that it's man. And I'm staying at your place, so she put two and two together."

    "How does she feel about it?" 

    "Alright. She's not judgmental about it. I just don't know if that's how everyone else will react."

    In most people's eyes, Cory and I were still just "best friends." Coming out as gay wasn't even the biggest obstacle; it was the fact that I had a kid with Cory's sister!

    "I think we should tell my parents," I said, squeezing Cory's hand tighter.

    "How do you think they'll take it?"

    "I think they'll freak out and make a scene. And then eventually they'll calm down and make peace with it and we'll go back to some kind of normalcy."

    "I'm worried," Cory admitted, and I wanted to get up, walk around the table, and give him a hug.

    "Don't be. The most important people to know the truth are Ethan and Kayla. And they already know, and they're okay with it. The worst is behind us, I promise," I said, and this time I pulled Cory's hand up to my lips and gave it a kiss. "The best is yet to come."

    Dinner was wonderful. We were both stuffed and had enjoyed a couple bottles of wine. I'm glad we didn't have to drive and I ordered us an Uber while waiting for the check. A part of me still felt bad about not getting flowers for Cory. As we walked out of the restaurant, there was a vase filled with at least two dozen red roses at the hostess' station. Maybe it was the wine or maybe finally being out on an honest date with my life-long best friend, but I discreetly lifted one rose from the vase as I followed Cory out into the cold February night. 

    My Valentine's date turned to give me another kiss once on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, only to find me holding up the rose to him.

    "Happy Valentine's Day, baby," I said grinning, while I seductively looked in his eyes. 

    "Happy Valentine's Day. I love you Bran," he smiled, almost tearing up as he took the rose.

    I leaned in and gave him another kiss as our ride pulled up. The cute driver didn't look surprised and in fact, gave a subtle but noticeable smile. We climbed in the back and continued our makeout session during the short drive home. I noticed the driver adjust the rearview mirror to get a better angle of us and glance at it often. I'd never been much of an exhibitionist until recently when I got my cock sucked in the steam room at my son's school gym with Ethan watching. Now, I was getting turned on knowing the driver was trying to watch us getting hot and heavy in the back of his car, so I played it up and put on a little show for him. I pulled Cory into me, unbuttoned his coat, and rubbed my hand down his chest and abdomen. I then moved it to his crotch where I rubbed his hardening cock. 

    Our curious driver craned his neck to get a better look in the mirror when my best friend let out a soft moan. I continued to rub his cock while our tongues wrestled with each other and Cory reached for my crotch and squeezed my rock-hard dick.

    "Fuck yeah, babe," I grunted loudly enough for the driver to hear. We continued that way until we arrived in front of my apartment. 

    I grinned and winked at the driver through his mirror as we came to a stop.

    "Have a fun night, gentlemen," he wished us as we left his vehicle. 

    "I'm sure we will!" I said and gave him a 5-star rating and a $10 tip through the app on our to the door.

    Cory turned and began passionately making out with me as soon as we entered the building, pushing me against the wall. His body was grinding against mine as his lips sucked on my neck and nibbled my earlobes, which drove me crazy. 

    We broke apart long enough to make our way up the stairs to our (I still couldn't believe it was "our") apartment with our hard cocks straining in our pants.

    Once inside, we found my son stretched out on the sofa wearing nothing but sweatpants and a pot-induced glaze in his eyes watching TV with the remote in one hand and a half-empty beer bottle in the other. 

    "Awww, it's the love birds. How was dinner?" Ethan asked as we removed and hung our coats and my suit jacket.

    "It was awesome. I'm so stuffed," Cory replied as he walked over to the sofa where my son adjusted his position to allow his uncle to sit. 

    "It was really good," I added as I made my way to the sofa to join them. Cory scooted closer to Ethan to give me some room to sit. I placed my right arm around my best friend-slash-lover's shoulders, feeling my semi-erect cock still straining in my pants. 

    "What have you been up to tonight?" Cory asked his nephew.

    "This is it," my son replied as he held up his hands with the beer and remote as I nuzzled Cory's neck with my lips. 

    He turned his face towards mine with such a seductive look that my cock immediately responded. I moved my hand from his shoulder to the back of his head and pulled him into me. Our lips met and parted, allowing our tongues entry into each other's mouths. I moved my left hand to Cory's thigh and slid it up to his crotch where I cupped his bulge, which made him moan in my mouth.

    We continued our makeout session with the same intensity as the car ride home. After over a decade of hiding my sexual relationship with Cory, I wanted to show it off as much as possible. A few minutes ago, our audience was the cute Uber driver. Now, it was my teenage son, sitting right next to us on the sofa.

    I glanced at my son just as he looked away from the TV towards us. We held each other's gaze as an amused smirk appeared on his face.

    "Don't mind me. You two just carry on," Ethan said casually. 

    Cory didn't even react to my son's comment; he just continued making out with me. I fully intended on doing just what Ethan had said. I pulled away from my kissing partner and moved my mouth to his ear, where I whispered just loudly enough for him to hear: "Suck my cock, baby."

    Cory moved to stand up, thinking I meant for us to take it into the bedroom, but that wasn't what I had in mind. I grabbed his hand, stared into his eyes, and slouched further down on the sofa, communicating with my body what my intentions were. It was almost as if a switch flicked on in Cory's head. A mischievous grin appeared on his face, indicating he understood. 

    Cory leaned in and kissed me again while he loosened my necktie, unbuttoned my dress shirt, and ran his hands over my chest. He moved his right hand over my crotch, pressing my hard cock through my suit pants. I felt myself leaking precum into my underwear. I looked over at my son whose eyes were glued to the scene of his uncle undressing his father, which turned me on even more. 

    My lover moved down to my chest and sucked on one of my nipples, which caused my cock to throb. He moved his hand from my crotch long enough for me to see the obscene bulge in my pants, which my son had also noticed based on the look on his face. 

    Cory deftly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my suit pants with one hand, continuing to suck one nipple while he pinched the other. He slowly pulled down the zipper and exposed my precum-soaked red bikini briefs – it was Valentine's Day, after all – which failed to contain my stiff, pulsing cock.

    I closed my eyes, leaned my head back on the cushion of the sofa, and enjoyed the sensations which ran through my body. Just then, I felt movement on the sofa. I opened my eyes and saw my son reposition himself and absent-mindedly grab his crotch, as he watched his uncle work his father's nearly naked body just a couple feet away. 

    Just like I got turned on being watched by the Uber driver, I was getting even more turned on knowing that Ethan was watching this, right next to me. He wasn't hiding like I did on New Year's Eve, watching him get blown by my ex.

    Cory worked his mouth down my body, rubbing his face across the pouch of my briefs, making me leak even more. He hooked his index finger into the waistband of my briefs and started to pull them down. My rock-hard cock sprung up and slapped my abs with a thud, smearing precum on me. 

    I glanced back at Ethan, who dropped any pretense of being inconspicuous as he openly rubbed his hand over the crotch of his sweatpants and squeezed his growing teenage cock. 

    I felt the warmth and wetness of Cory's mouth wrap around my dick and slide down the shaft until his nose was buried in my trimmed pubes. His throat tightened around my cockhead making me moan.

    "Fuck yeah, suck that cock baby," I groaned.

    He pulled up and flicked his tongue against my cockhead, lapping up my precum as he rolled my foreskin back. I put my hands behind his head and pushed his mouth back down on my cock until my balls were against his chin. 

    I looked back over at Ethan, whose hand was wrapped around his now completely hard cock through his sweatpants. I glanced up and met his eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed like ages, even though it was only a few seconds. I redirected my gaze down to his crotch and then back to his eyes. My son understood my silent instructions perfectly. He raised his ass from the sofa and pushed down his sweatpants, which unleashed his throbbing, leaking cock.

    I felt myself grin ear-to-ear as I looked back at Cory, who continued to work my dick in his mouth. He now had his fist wrapped around the base and stroked it each time his mouth moved up and down. Although he was diligently working my member, Cory's eyes grew wide when he saw the movement from Ethan's side of the sofa. He paused for just a second and watched as his nephew's cock sprung out in the open. Then, my cocksucker moaned and picked up the pace of the blowjob he was giving me.

    Cory was obviously as turned on as I was, watching his nephew so brazenly pleasuring himself in front of us. He continued to keep an eye out on my son while sucking my cock. Meanwhile, Ethan's dick was leaking precum like a broken faucet. He wrapped his fist around it and pumped up and down. The sound of his naturally lubed cock competed with the sound of Cory's mouth working mine, permeating the apartment.

    I felt my nut sack tighten as my best friend worked my cock and I watched my son jerking off next to me. Ethan intensified his strokes and increased the pace. Cory's head was bobbing up and down in my lap, and I grabbed his hair and started to fuck his mouth more aggressively. I looked back at my son and saw the muscles in his abs and thighs flexing, as he approached the edge at the same time as his daddy.

    I reached the point of no return and pushed Cory's head all the way into my crotch as I drove my cock down his throat.

"Take my fucking load!" I growled as I released my seed down my best friend's throat. I felt Cory swallowing my cum as I shot down his gullet.

    "FUUUCK!" Ethan yelled out as several ropes of jizz started to explode from his cock, hitting his face and chest, with the last few pooling in his cum gutters.

    Cory released my cock from his mouth as my son and I both recovered from our intense orgasms. He moved up and kissed me tenderly on my lips, letting me taste some of my own sperm as he said, "Happy Valentine's Day, Bran."

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