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Is This How My Father Used to Fuck You?

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    After being mad at my friends for a couple of weeks for bailing on our spring break plans, we were all cool once again. After all, I ended up having the most fun break out of any of us! And the fact that it brought me even closer to my uncle and my dad was an added bonus.

    This Friday night, my friends were going out to a club in Philly, BUT it was a party open to people under 21, which meant there would be no alcohol. On the other hand, my dad's ex, Joel, was celebrating his 30th at a bar in Jersey, and Dad and Uncle Cory were going there. I had no doubt which party I wanted to join.

    By the time we got to Jersey, we were all tipsy after drinking in the cab. My fake ID came in handy once again to get into Joel's party and as soon as we were in, Dad and Cory started making out, leaning against the bar. I was happy that they felt free to display their affection for each other openly now, but it left me with no one to talk to, since I couldn't see Joel anywhere. I hung out at the bar for a while, until I realized I needed to take a piss so I headed to the men's room. There, I finally came across the birthday boy, who was on his way out.

    "You came," Joel said, quickly pulling me back into the bathroom, which was a single-occupant stall, and locking the door.

    "I did. Happy birthday," I smiled. "You look great."

    Joel smiled, and it was enough for me to tell he was flirting with me. Next thing I know, his hand was on my shoulder, stroking the peach fuzz that was on the back of my neck. Just a few seconds in, and he was already going for it! Maybe now that he was 30, he was eager not to waste any time. 

    "Dad and Cory are at the bar," I said, making no effort to move Joel's hand from my neck.

    "Mhm. I'll go say hi in a minute," Joel continued to smirk. "You know, your dad told me you fucked a guy in Miami."

    "Oh he did, did he?" I laughed.

    "Yes. I'm a bit upset I wasn't your first," Joel said without beating around the bush. He'd already sucked my cock twice, so I couldn't blame him for getting his hopes up that something more might follow. "Wanna fuck me here?"

    Turned on by his directness, I leaned in for a kiss. It was a first for me, but after my recent experiences of spit-roasting a couple guys with my dad and jerking each other off, my inhibitions were at an all-time low. Joel was an attractive guy; I could see what Dad saw in him. Even the fact that he was my dad's ex was kind of a turn on!

    The kiss took Joel somewhat by surprise, but he didn't miss a beat. His lips parted and sucked my tongue into his mouth while I wrapped my arms around his waist and grabbed his tight ass, which made him grind into me.

    Our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths as we continued to make out and I was surprisingly aroused. I'd never been homophobic, but if anyone had told me a few months ago that I would be getting head from guys, be involved in all-male threesomes with my dad, or that my father and I would be jacking each other off while watching gay porn together; I would've thought they were crazy! Yet, here I was. In a bathroom stall making out with my dad's ex-boyfriend. 

    "Who would've thought I'd be making out with little Ethan Caruso one day?" Joel said quietly into my ear.

    "There's nothing little about me, or have you forgotten New Year's Eve already?" I replied, squeezing his ass with one hand and pulling his hair with the other. 

    "Oh, I haven't forgotten. I can still taste you in my mouth. You tasted just like your father."

    Comparing me to my old man was obviously a turn-on for Joel. His hands moved down my chest to my crotch and squeezed my now rock-hard cock through my jeans. I moved my hands to the top of his ass and worked them inside his jeans. I grabbed his bare cheeks which caused him to moan in my mouth and grind against me harder. 

    Next thing, the birthday boy pushed me back against the wall, squatted in front of me, and rubbed his face over my hard cock through my jeans while wrapping his hands around my ass and squeezing my hard glutes. 

    I placed my hands on the sides of his head and pushed him back. He looked up at me hungrily and I gave him a slight nod, which indicated my approval. Joel wasted no time and immediately unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and lowered the zipper. Since I was going commando tonight, my hard cock sprung out and hit Joel in the face. He didn't seem to mind, especially when he opened his mouth and deep-throated my throbbing dick in one gulp.

    "Fuuuck," I hissed as I put my hands on the back of his head and held him there.

    I heard him breathe through his nose while his tongue worked the underside of my cock. I've had some great head, but quickly came to realize the rumor is true: men are even better at sucking cock. Joel worked my dick with his mouth for a few minutes until it was covered in his spit and my precum. I pulled him back to his feet and spun him around so his back was against my chest. 

    "Get those fuckin' pants down," I growled in his ear. Even though he was older than me, I was an inch or two taller. Joel quickly had his pants unbuttoned and down to his ankles, along with his designer underwear. Back when I was in high school and Joel lived with my dad, I remembered going to their apartment and seeing Joel in his sexy underwear a few times, even admiring his bubble butt. Now, I would be getting inside of it! 

    I placed my left hand on Joel's shoulder and my right around his waist, and I pushed him forward. He placed his hands on the wall in front of him and stuck out his bare ass. I bent down behind him, spit directly onto his hole and worked my index finger around it before sliding it inside. I heard Joel inhale deeply as I probed his ass for a few moments. His reactions made me hornier, so I probed deeper with each thrust.

    I stood back up and spit once more on my own cock for good measure, mixing my saliva with Joel's, as well as the precum that was oozing profusely from my piss slit. I gave my cock a couple more strokes before I took aim at the birthday boy's hole. I felt my head press against his opening and pushed forward until I felt myself enter.

    "Fuck!" Joel exclaimed loudly as his ass opened to accommodate my dick. 

    I continued pushing until I was balls-deep in him. Joel's hole started pulsing around my dick, contracting tightly and then getting looser and looser with every second. I moved both of my hands to his hips and pulled out, until just my cockhead remained in his ass, and then I slammed it back in.

    "Aaarrrgh!" Joel cried out. 

    "Is this what you want, birthday boy? You want that tight hole pounded out?" I growled in his ear as I started to withdraw my cock again.

    "Yes!" he cried.

    "Is this how my father used to fuck you?"

    I hadn't even planned on saying those words; they just sorta came out. Either way, it was a huge turn-on for Joel, who let out a loud "Oh, fuck yeah!" and loosened up his hole wider than ever.

    I plunged my dick back in his hole and pulled it back out.

    "Take it!" I commanded. "Take it like you took it from my daddy."

    Joel moved his right hand from the wall and wrapped it around his own leaking, hard cock and started stroking it. 

    "How many times did my father cum inside this ass?" I asked, since I could tell this topic was driving Joel nuts. 

    "Oh, hundreds," he moaned out, barely getting the words out.

    "Stroke that cock, fucker! Jack it while I get ready to cum inside you just like he used to."

    Joel's hole felt amazing, especially now that it was loose enough for me to assault it mercilessly. It was a good thing that the music at the bar was so loud, drowning out all the noise that we were making. Going harder and rougher with each thrust, I knew I wouldn't last much longer, yet I did my best. In a weird way, I felt like I was competing with my own father, and I didn't want his ex to think I was a one-minute man.

    Joel and I continued to fuck, exchanging obscenities like "I'm gonna cum inside you just like my old man" and "Fucking breed me, boy!" About fifteen minutes later, I felt the unmistakable sensation of an approaching climax. My balls tightened up and I was nearing the edge. I picked up the pace and felt Joel do the same with his stroking. His breathing became deeper and I knew we were both reaching the point of no return. 

    "Fuck! You're gonna fuck the cum out of me!" Joel announced and started shooting ropes of cum all over the bathroom wall in front of him, which caused his hole to tighten even more, pushing me over the edge. 

    "Aaaaah, fuck!" I bellowed loudly as I filled his ass with my load. My entire body convulsed as his hole continued to spasm around my cock until every last drop was drained. After taking hundreds of loads from my father, Joel's hole was finally getting a taste of my own cum.

    We both remained still and silent for a minute after that as we caught our breath and came down from this orgasmic high. I slowly withdrew from his ass, reached down and pulled up my jeans. Joel did the same. 

    "How are you enjoying your birthday?" I asked the guest of honor.

    "Best birthday ever! Thanks to you," he replied, leaning in and giving me a kiss before we exited the men's room together.



    I desperately needed a drink after my fuck with Ethan. "I can't believe I just had my ex-boyfriend's son breed my ass in the bathroom," I thought as I walked towards the bar, feeling the fresh, teenage spunk inside of me.

    When I got to the bar, I spotted the man who fathered the stud that just dumped a load inside me.

    "Hey," I said, walking up to Brandon and startling him. He spun around and smiled when he realized who it was. 

    "Hey, the birthday boy! Happy birthday!" my ex leaned in to kiss me. 

    "Thanks. And thank you for coming tonight, I'm glad you guys are here. Where's Cory?" I shouted over the music..

    "Outside making a call. He'll be back in a bit," Brandon looked at me curiously and squinted his eyes. I realized I had a shit-eating grin on my face that I just couldn't control. "I know that smile. What happened?" Brandon asked. 

    I leaned in and said in his ear, "I just got fucked in the bathroom." 

    Brandon just laughed loudly. 

    "No wonder! Your ass looks great in those jeans," he added with a smile on his face. 

    "Come with me," I said, taking Brandon by the hand and leading him to the all-too-familiar bathroom. Luckily, it was still empty. I shut and locked the door behind us before I grabbed my ex-boyfriend and started making out with him. I'd been drinking all day and I'd popped some molly with some friends at the beginning of my party, which is partly why I was so direct tonight. But also, since their trip down to Miami, Brandon had told me that he and Cory had decided to be more "adventurous" and experiment some more. I was a self-proclaimed gay slut since forever, and a part of me always knew that it was only a matter of time before Brandon decided to join the club.

    As our tongues explored each other's mouths, I concluded that being a great kisser can be genetically passed from one generation to another, but both of the Caruso men were equally skillful. Brandon wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me into him – just like his son only moments earlier.

    "So, you really just got fucked?" Brandon asked while I started to kiss on his neck.

    "Yes," I replied before going in for another kiss. 

    Brandon's hands moved down to my ass, spreading my cheeks open as much as my jeans would allow.

    "Show me!" he said lustily.

    I spun around and repeated what I'd just done with his son: I dropped my pants and underwear and bent over. Brandon squatted behind me, placed his hands on my ass cheeks and spread them wide open. Suddenly, I felt his breath on my crack as he leaned in nearer, his beard stubble rubbing against my cheeks. Next thing I know, his tongue was making contact with my ass lips, which I'm sure were swollen from the pounding his son had just given me. 

    "Mmm," I moaned in pleasure. I knew I should probably stop Brandon and tell him that the person who'd just fucked me was Ethan; but Brandon barely gave me a chance to speak. A mere second later, I felt his tongue go deeper and my already-stretched hole easily opened. 

    "Push that load out!" Brandon commanded with his face buried in my ass. 

    "FUCK!" I yelled out as I released his son's freshly deposited load into Brandon's mouth.

    I felt him swallowing it down, working his lips and tongue all over my hole while kneading my cheeks. I continued pushing Ethan's cum out, every last drop of it, as his father's tongue darted deeper inside my ass. I'd almost forgotten how good Brandon was at giving rim jobs. He continued until he was certain he had every drop of cum out of my ass. Then, he stood up and licked his lips.

    "Tasty," Brandon said, and I went for a final kiss, feeling the taste of his son's cum inside his mouth.

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