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Role Switch

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    Unlike my ex-boyfriend Joel, I never really liked Pride month. Dragging it out for a full month felt excessive, and it made me feel like all gay and bi people were being painted with the same brush, which I had a huge problem with. Joel had his qualms with it as well, but he used terms like "rainbow washing" to complain about corporations' shallow pandering gestures. He claimed that besides everything, it was a fun way to celebrate and – if you're invited to the right kinda party – to have some sexy fun as well.

    But this year, I was together with Cory. Unlike Joel, who was vocally out and proud, Cory and I were both in the closet to most people in our lives. Now finally, we'd decided to rip the bandaid off and put an end to that. Of course, it wasn't gonna be easy: more than just coming out as gay, we were coming out as a couple. The fact that I had a kid with Cory's sister, as well as the fact Cory had three kids of his own with his ex made everything trickier.

    Having my son around was a huge source of comfort. Ethan reassured his uncle and me, saying he'd be there for us no matter what, and that he knew things would go much smoother than we anticipated. I felt like I owed it to Ethan to be open about who I was, so he wouldn't feel the pressure to keep my secret anymore. 

    So during Memorial Day weekend, we all drove to our hometown of Phoenixville, where I sat down with my parents and Cory went to see his dad. I could tell my folks were shocked, especially my mom, but she adored Ethan and would never lose her shit in front of him. Having him in the room really softened the blow. Eventually, my parents were left with nothing to say but "we wish you the best." We hugged, and I drove to see Cory and check how everything went for him. While I was gone, I was sure Ethan would have a chat with my parents, which would ease things up even more.

    Cory's dad was a widower and the principal of Phoenixville High, the school we had all graduated from. As I drove into the cul-de-sac where he lived, I saw another familiar face in front of #3.

    "Hey, Mr. Johnston," I said to Stephen Johnston, who was out putting up a flag in their front yard. I was friends with Stephen's son Taylor, who was also gay and lived in New York with his husband. I knew the Johnstons had accepted their gay son without qualms, and hoped that one day my parents might be more comfortable with my own sexuality. 

    "Hi, Brandon. What're you up to?" Taylor's dad asked me as I slowed down my car and talked to him through the window.

    "I'm off to see Principal Osborne," I replied. I still liked to refer to Cory's dad by his professional title. Mr. Johnston and I chatted for a couple of minutes, and I decided to put the car in park and come out so we could talk more comfortably.

    "Do you wanna come in? We're having a barbecue," Stephen offered.

    "No, thank you. But… I do have something I want to ask of you."

    Then, I revealed to Mr. Johnston that Cory and I were a couple. I figured word would get around town soon enough, and now that my parents knew I didn't care about what anyone else thought. 

    "I just told my parents about it, and they're a bit… taken aback," I revealed. "So I was just wondering if you and your wife might invite them over some day, just have a chat with them and maybe mention…"

    "What it's like to have a gay son?" Stephen finished my sentence.

    "Well, yes. If that's not a weird thing to ask."

    I didn't know the Johnstons too well, but this was the kind of town where most people felt like friends and neighbors. And of course, I was the local celebrity due to being the world's youngest dad and all.

    "Of course," Mr. Johnston replied with a smile. "I'll have Angela give 'em a call some day. And don't worry; we won't say you brought it up. We won't make it awkward."

    "Thank you," I said to the older man and gave him a hug, and then walked across the street to #10, Principal Osborne's house. I knocked on the door, and it was Cory who answered. 

    "How did it go?" I asked as soon as I saw my boyfriend.

    "C'mon in," he said, but the smile on his face already told me what I needed to know. Cory had told his father everything and it had gone well. The two of us stood in the hallway and talked quietly, while Cory's dad was currently in the kitchen making food.

    "I think all the trainings and seminars he's had to do for school, how to deal with LGBT youth and stuff like that, I think it really helped," Cory said. "I even called my sister in Texas and told her everything as well."

    "Oh. And how did she take it?" I asked. Now that Ethan was an adult, I never heard from his mother, who seemed perfectly happy with having a "more normal" life out of state.

    "She's alright," said Cory. "Honestly, she's so busy with her kids and her family and her life there, that I don't think she's very concerned about what we do here anymore." 

    "So… We're in the clear?" I asked. This felt like we were just being cleared of a crime we'd been wrongly accused of. 

    "We're in the clear," Cory leaned in and gave me a kiss. "Now, why don't you call your parents and Ethan and ask them over? My dad's making enough food for everyone."

    A couple of weeks later, I attended my first Pride parade with my son and my boyfriend. Ironically, it was Ethan – who wasn't even gay – who insisted that we should go. In general, I wasn't a parade kinda person, but there was something nice about being in public with Cory, holding hands and kissing without getting any sort of judgmental looks. We'd been "sweethearts" since we were little, always forced to hide it, and now I definitely felt a sense of pride for making it this far.

    There was no lack of straight girls at the parade either, just looking for an excuse to drink and party, and Ethan had no problems landing one of them and arranging to go to her place. The thought of my son having sex made me horny as well, and managed to talk Cory into going back to the apartment so we could fuck.

    "I wanna switch things up today," my boyfriend said when we arrived back home, kissing passionately as soon as we made it in through the door. "I wanna fuck you."

    "You mean…?"

    "Switch roles," Cory said with a mischievous smirk as he pulled off my shirt. We'd recently fucked our friend Taylor in Miami, which was Cory's first experience as a top. I'd never bottomed, but I was definitely growing more curious, especially after seeing so many gay couples at the parade today and asking myself "which one's the top and which one's the bottom."

    "Okay," I nodded. "But I need to clean up."

    I went to the bathroom, feeling nervous and giddy, like how I imagine a teenage girl feeling before her first time. I'd had sex with Cory hundreds of times, yet here we were doing something for the first time. I reached for my phone and almost texted my son to share the big news with him, but then I realized what a weird fucking text that would be and I changed my mind.

    In our bedroom, Cory waited for me stark naked on the bed, lying on his back and stroking his growing cock. I got on my knees between his legs and crawled up so I could suck him off, until he was completely hard in my mouth. My own dick grew fully erect in the process, and I realized I was getting really turned on by the idea of getting fucked for the first time.

    After a 15-minute blowjob, Cory got me on all fours on the bed and stuck his face in between my asscheeks, slowly teasing my hole with his tongue as I moaned out. The rimming helped me relax, and with every minute I felt my boyfriend's tongue deeper inside me. We reached for a bottle of poppers and I took a few huffs, feeling my whole body – and especially my sphincter – relax even more.

    "How do you wanna do this?" I asked my boyfriend. I was ready to go for the main event.

    "You sit on me. That way you're in control," he said, lying back on the bed with his boner pointing up like a flag pole.

    Cory, an experienced bottom, surely knew the best way to go about this. There was no one in the world I felt safer doing this with. We took some lube from the nightstand and applied it on his cock as well as my ass. As he lubed my hole, Cory massaged it for a couple of minutes, sticking a few fingers in me and demonstrating that I was definitely ready.

    I straddled Cory's body while squatting, and I started lowering my ass onto his cock. The feeling of being penetrated felt new, yet sort of familiar, since I'd done it to him so many times. There's no way to picture it unless you've done it, but I just pictured us in reversed roles and it helped ease my mind. If Cory could take my dick – which was bigger and thicker than his – then I could take him as well!

    After an uncomfortable couple of minutes, I started to relax, thanks to Cory's soothing words. He moved slowly, mentoring me throughout the process. At first my body was perpendicular to his, until I managed to relax enough to bend down so we could kiss while he was fucking me. This turned me on so much more, and before I knew my hole no longer gave any resistance. 

    And just then, we were joined by a familiar voice.

    "Oh wow. You decided to switch it up," my son said. I looked back to see Ethan standing in the doorway. Apparently his sex date with that girl didn't take too long. The door to our bedroom was open and by this point, it was almost a tradition to have him walk in on us. Usually, he walked in on me fucking his uncle. But this time, like Ethan had noted, the roles were reversed.

    "Damn, Dad. I didn't know you were… into that," my son said with a smile as I made eye contact with him. 

    "It's his first time. Popping his cherry," Cory said, taking hold of my hairy pecs and giving them a squeeze. "Hey Ethan, why don't you take a video of this? It's quite a special occasion," my boyfriend suggested next, and I felt his dick get even harder inside as he said that.

    "Sure," my son agreed, taking his phone out. I heard him snap a couple of pics before going into video mode and recording the action.

    "Yeah. How you like that?" Cory growled at me.

    "Feels fucking amazing," I admitted loudly.

    "Yeah? You like having your hole fucked?"

    "Fuck yeah, baby."

    "You like having your hole fucked in front of your son?"

    "Fuck yeah," I grunted, squeezing Cory's dick with my ass muscles.

    "Why don't you turn around so he can get a better view?" Cory suggested.

    Carefully, I rotated my body 180° while still sitting on Cory's dick. Thankfully, there was enough lube up my ass to make everything easier. Now, I was face-to-face with my son, who was holding the camera up to me and recording with a devilish expression on his face.

    "Yeah. Film your daddy as he gets bred for the first time ever," Cory continued, obviously turned on by being in the top position for once. It was a turn-on for me as well to hear him talking like this. This might be our first time switching roles, but I knew it definitely wouldn't be the last.

    Slowly and carefully, I started to bounce up and down on Cory's cock, like he had done on mine countless times. At first it took some getting used to the sensation, but with each bounce I got more and more confident. All the while, I kept my eyes on Ethan, who seemed to be getting quite a kick out of this as well. 

    "Yeah. You go, Dad," he chimed in at one point, looking at me with pride. His encouragement got me to go even harder, bouncing faster on the dick, which also gave my ass a pleasure I couldn't imagine.

    "Fuck!" I moaned out loud, still making eye contact with my boy. It felt so intense to have him here witnessing this. My own cock was hard as a rock, leaking precum all over my and Cory's thighs, bouncing up and down uncontrollably.

    Then, Ethan decided to go from cameraman to participant. Without warning, he wrapped his right hand around my cock, giving it a few short but powerful strokes.

    "Ahhhhhh!" I shouted, driven crazy by the sensation of having my cock stroked while getting fucked.

    "Yeah? You like that?" my son inquired.

    "Fuck! It feels so different. It feels so good," I panted. Ethan's strokes got longer, all the while he held the phone in his left hand, recording the scene.

    "I'm close," Cory said, thrusting up my ass as much as he could with my body sitting on top of him.

    "Fuck yeah, fill his ass with cum!" Ethan suddenly commanded. His eyes on mine, he squeezed my dick harder, determined to get me to cum at the same time as his uncle.

    "Yeah? You wanna see your daddy's ass get bred?" Cory asked, breathing heavily as he thrusted harder.

    "Fuck yeah, dump your load inside him. Fill his guts," my son continued, making my cock harder with each pervy word. He probably felt the effect his words were having on me, which is why he continued.

    "Fill my dad's ass with your cum, Uncle Cory. C'mon, I wanna see you do it."

    Ethan jerked my cock faster and faster; Cory fucked my ass harder and harder. I couldn't take it anymore. I started to blow my load, cumming all over my son's face, just as Cory began to shoot his babies up inside me. Getting hit in the face with the cum that had made him didn't seem to deter Ethan from milking my cock. He continued going, making me burst out with a few more wads of semen. Meanwhile, feeling Cory's jizz filling my ass for the first time felt so good as well. 

    Finally, we started to calm down after a full minute of nutting. His hand still on my dick, Ethan gave it a few more strokes and then stopped recording before leaning in and giving me a kiss on the lips.

    "Good job. I'm proud of you, Dad," he said, as I felt the taste of my own cum travel from his lips onto mine.

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